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by e.s. shankar

What are the most important things that have emerged about the character of Najib Tun Razak - ex-Prime Minister, Finance Minister and 1MDB founder and Chief Advisor/Sole Authority - vis-a-vis his 28th July 2020 conviction on all 7 charges in the SRC RM42 million Corruption (abuse of power), Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT) and Money-laundering (MLA) case?

Imho, they are:

1. He is still in a state of denial despite the fact that he was told subsequently that the money was transferred from SRC to his personal bank a/c.

2. He has not expressed any remorse about spending the RM42 million, much of it for political gain and also personal and family expenses.

3. He has not once mentioned making repayment of a single cent of the RM42 million. That money has disappeared forever. Why should the Rakyat be stuck with the bill?

RM42 million is not peanuts by any standard, anywhere. So, the 12-year concurrent sentence and RM210 million fine seems very appropriate. He's lucky he's not already serving time at Bamboo River Resort!

There is also the larger issue of the missing RM2 BILLION so-called Saudi Royal donation (rubbished by the judge) which he claimed he returned to the donor. But the United States Department of Justice (USDoJ) states in its 2016 & 2017 Statutory Declarations that it was returned to an offshore bank a/c controlled by Jho Low!!!

How did this man ever become our Prime Minister?



by e.s.shankar

Then Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak sacked Muhyiddin as Deputy Prime Minister on:

28th July 2015. CLICK HERE: 

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak was found guilty of all 7 charges in the SRC RM42 million corruption case and sentenced in total to 72 years prison, but effectively only 12 continuous years as the sentences run concurrently, AND fined RM210 million on:

28th July 2020. CLICK HERE: 

Exactly 5 years to the day!!! Scary, isn't it?

Coincidence? Poetic Justice? God at work in mysterious way?🤔🤔🤔S  



by e.s.shankar

“In conclusion after considering all evidence in this trial, I find that the prosecution has successfully proven its case beyond reasonable doubt against the accused. I therefore find the accused guilty and convict the accused on all seven charges,” ruled Justice Mohamad Nazlan Mohamad Ghazali.

Justice at last. 1 down, 4 more to go!



by e.s. shankar

Dear Ministers of #NotMYGovt#NotMyPM @Muhyiddin
@AzminAli @tzafrul_aziz @Mustapa_Mohamed @AnnuarMusa:

Adakah ini merupakan 17% GDP Malaysia berdasarkan anggaran RM1.47 Trillion bagi 2019 yang tidak tercapai? Dan yang tidak akan dicapai pada 2020 kerana harga minyak terjunam ke US$20-30 ppb, kejatuhan harga minyak sawit dan Covid-19?

Selebihnya, pada hari ini, Bank Dunia telah megurangkan sasaran GDP Malaysia bagi 2020 ke negatif 0.1%, bermakna kemungkinan recessi. Tekan di sini -…/world-bank-lowers-malaysia…

Rakyat mesti diberitahu apa yang benar dan bukan yang diputar belit!


Dear Ministers

Does this represent 17% of Malaysia's GDP based on 2019 estimate of RM1.47 Trillion, which was not achieved? And which will likely not be achieved in 2020 due to oil price crashing to US$20-30 ppb, drop in palm oil price and Covid-19?

What more, the World Bank today lowered Malaysia's 2020 GDP target to NEGATIVE 0.1%, meaning recession is on the horizon! Click here -…/world-bank-lowers-malaysia…

The citizens must be told the truth and not be confused with loads of spindoctoring!



by e.s. shankar

The general perception of the Rakyat seems to be that the new govt and its think tank (if there was one) did not deliberate sufficiently in depth on matters. It failed to seal all loopholes and explore all aid packages to employers and employees before announcing on 16th March 2020 its 'Restricted Movements Order' policy under the '1988 Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act'.

It's incredible that 63 years after Independence, 61 of which were under UMNO/BN rule, and despite Nipah and SARS virus deaths, Malaysia is grossly underprepared to tackle Covid19. In 2015, BN announced with great fanfare the formation of the National Disaster Management Authority (NADMA). Now we have a disaster and no idea who's really in charge. The utter lack of a continuous blitz of warnings and advice on Covid19 via the Ministry of Communications & Multimedia (MCMM), Bernama, RTM, TV, MSM and govt websites is a clear sign of ignorance and incompetency.

Regardless, there are 3 areas the Semburit govt needs to address by yesterday:


Many employers, especially those in the retail sector, suddenly have NO cash (or reserves) to pay staff salaries for March or April due to shut down of business premises, shopping malls and shops. The situation will become worse if Covid19 prolongs. The govt has billions of ringgit in reserves arising from TNB's 1.6% monthly electricity surcharge on consumers and Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF), Socso and Employment Insurance Scheme (EIS) contributions.

The normal usage of these funds are restricted by law. But at this moment of a pandemic and local and global emergency, it is simply a matter of an Executive Order by #NotMyPM for govt to release RM10 Billion to start with, to subsidise private sector employees and to bear at least, say, 75% of basic salary for 3-6 months. What else is Employment Insurance for?

Otherwise, as much as 5-10 million workers could be forced to go on no-pay-leave or retrenchment permanently! This could then see the mother of all recession setting in soon, hastened by businesses being unable to pay rent and creditors.

The silence from our new Finance Minister, Minister for MissEconomics and the (un)thinking tank is deafening!


Malaysia apparently has a standing army of 400,000 excluding reservists. Surely, they and their fleet of trucks could be deployed to distribute fruits and vegetables from Cameron Highland to major markets, hypermarkets, supermarkets etc, instead of allowing them to perish?

No doubt it is not the ideal employment of the army. But, dammit, this is a once in a 100-year emergency and will justify that action!


Bank Negara Malaysia has ordered all banks to freeze home loan repayments for 6 months (but interest will still be charged at compound rates on monthly rest). This is good but does not go far enough.

It should be extended to individuals with hire purchase loans. ALL interest should be waived for 6 months as well. The consumer has been ripped off by banks with high interest rates now for years, not to mention ATM and bank charges while paying a pittance on savings account balances. It's payback time for the banks. They can survive even with losses of a billion or two over the next 12 months.

Everyone must badger and bug the PM and MP/Aduns and the govt to act quickly to save the economy and country.

I hope the Semburit PM and (wooden IKEA) Cabinet read and implement my suggestions ASAP. If they run out of ideas, I am available 24/7 for consultancy!😁😁😁

Please share if you agree! Tqvm



'We Shall Never Surrender!' by E.S. Shankar

In 1940 when World War 2 had already started and elitists, upper class politicians, fascists and even some members of the British Royal Family wanted to surrender to Hitler, prime minister Winston Churchill galvanized Britain to fight back, with his stirring 'We Shall Never Surrender' speech in Parliament. British Union of Fascists (BUF) leader Oswald Mosley had campaigned to negotiate peace with Hitler. Ex-prime minister Neville Chamberlain and Viscount Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, favoured appeasement. When he saw that Churchill had won overwhelmingly Parliamentary support not to surrender with his oratory, Halifax was quoted as saying "Churchill just mobilized the English language and sent it to war (against Hitler)!"

What is happening right now on our shores is the same evil fascism and Nazism that surfaced in 1939. Mahathir, Azmin and Muhyiddin had all agreed publicly with Anwar Ibrahim (PKR), Lim Kit Siang (DAP), Mat Sabu (Amanah) and Shafie Apdal (Warisan, Sabah) to join forces under the umbrella of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition to bring down the evil and crooked government of thieves under Najib & UMNO/BN, at the 14th General Election held on 9th May 2018. PH secured victory with Mahathir as the interim prime minister. Many in Mahathir's Bersatu party (PPBM) would not have been elected had not PKR and DAP graciously agreed to drop their own party candidates and allowed them to campaign under their banners!

Two policy cornerstones, again agreed to and announced publicly by the partners in the PH coalition well BEFORE GE14, were:

1. That Mahathir would be the interim prime minister and hand over office to Anwar Ibrahim after two years.
2. The PH Manifesto, which included institutional reforms such as limiting the prime minister's tenure of office to two years, bipartisan Parliamentary appointment of key officers such as the Inspector General of Police, Attorney General, Auditor General etc, and review and repeal of repressive laws.

Almost immediately after securing victory and forming the majority government, Mahathir and Muhyiddin began stonewalling on these reforms. The Institutional Reforms Committee Report compiled by ex-Bersih head Ambiga Sreenevasan, has not seen the light of day after it was submitted to Mahathir in July 2018!!! Other reforms, proposed by the Council of Eminent Persons appointed by Mahathir himself, have been buried under the 1972 Official Secrets Act.

As it is now clear, without a shadow of a doubt, Mahathir has been blatantly lying to the entire world for 21 months that he would hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim. 

More so, he was the main architect behind the conspiracy to destroy the PH coalition from within.

So, the coup d'etat by Mahathir, Azmin and Muhyiddin last Saturday to take over the reins of power and government through the backdoor was a dirty, dark, filthy, cowardly act. The trio dared not ask for a vote of no confidence on the floor of Parliament or for it to be dissolved and go for a snap election. They knew that they would be wiped out in the resulting public anger and backlash. In a desperate last ditch effort after all avenues failed, the evil, nasty trio now propose to join forces with Najib and his ex-government of UMNO/BN thieves, PAS and possibly, Sabah and Sarawak parties to form the new government. 

This is akin to the police, prosecutors and judges forming a cosy exclusive club with murderers, fraudsters, looters, plunderers, kidnappers, religious extremists, racists, thieves and robbers they themselves convicted! It is as disgraceful and shameless as it can get. This naked grab for power has finally exposed the Malay-Muslim supremacist (Ketuanist) aims of Mahathir and his treacherous cabal.

What should we do to stop it? We must back to the maximum Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Hannah Yeoh, Yeo Bee Yin, Gobind Singh, Teresa Kok, M.Kula, Charles Santiago, Xavier Jayakumar and many others from PKR/DAP/AMANAH who are standing up to this tyranny so that the Gestapo and Nazism will not take root here.

Each and every one of you must call your MP who has switched parties in the PH constituency you voted at, and tell them in no uncertain terms that you will kick them out if snap elections are held or anyway in 2023. Voice your protest on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs etc. Do not for one moment think that your voice will not matter and do nothing. Write, email, whatsapp, tweet and sms to your Chief Minister, Sultan, Governor and the Agong. 

Whatever the shortcomings of Anwar Ibrahim and DAP, they do not stand accused of multiple murders, enforced abductions, RM46 billion fraud, signing inflated RM55 billion railway contracts with fictitious scope of works to launder money, state buying of private assets at inflated valuations and flogging sovereign assets later with multi-billion ringgit losses, massive corruption and plundering the Treasury, leaving it with over RM1 Trillion in debt and contingent liabilities. 

Do not be afraid. Remember that Mahathir, Azmin, Muhy and their traitorous followers and partners are afraid of us; they fear the open vote. That is why there have been all these secret plans and cloak and dagger stuff. THEY FEAR US MORE LIKE NEVER BEFORE!

To paraphrase Churchill: Upon this battle depends the survival of our Malaysian civilization!

When thousand of troops perished at Dunkirk, Churchill roused a nation to victory later with his 'This Was Their Finest Hour' speech:

"Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves, that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, "This was their finest hour."

To paraphrase George Bush: We shall not waver, we shall not tire, we shall not falter and we shall not fail. Honor, ethics, morals, principles, truth, justice, peace and freedom shall prevail. 

With one very important exception to Churchill, we shall fight them in the court of public opinion, in the halls of justice and at the ballot box. We shall follow the Gandhian principle of NON-VIOLENCE. 

Remember, "Success is not finalfailure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts."

We shall never surrender! 



by E.S. Shankar, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for maha firaun affairs

In ponzi and pyramid schemes, and in the 1MDB/SRC RM46 Billion fraud, you only have to find out in whose pockets the money finally ended up, to know who was behind it all i.e. where the money trail ends.

Similarly, the latest coup d'etat which led, I hope, only to the temporary fall of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition government, which on 9th May 2018, so popularly and stunningly defeated the ogre/beast UMNO/BN which had been misruling, massively abusing power, looting, plundering and defrauding the citizens since 1981, by exploiting the race and religion cards to the hilt.

You only have to see who has benefited most from the coup to know who was behind it all, as things stand today. As they say, who's the last man standing?

At the centre of it all was one-time Anwar Ibrahim right-hand man, Azmin Ali. He was appointed by Mahathir in May 2018 as Minister of the newly created Ministry of Economic Affairs, despite objections from his own party, PKR (Keadilan).

Mahathir's aim in doing this was to first, reduce Anwar Ibrahim's power and influence, second, sow the seeds of destruction in PKR and third, dilute Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng's (DAP) powers by transferring Petronas, Felda, Tabung Haji, Khazanah (national sovereign fund), PNB and many key government linked companies to Azmin's portfolio. 

What other cosy conversations Mahathir and Azmin had and mouth-watering promises were made to him by Mahathir, we'll never know, but can guess at. Almost from that moment, Azmin started publicly undermining a key agreement reached between Mahathir and all component parties in the PH coalition and announced publicly well BEFORE the 2018 General Election. This was that Mahathir would only serve as prime minister (PM) for two years after which he would hand over the office of PM to Anwar Ibrahim.

It was almost as though Mahathir had said to Azmin, "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"#1 Last Saturday's events which culminated with Azmin and 10 others from PKR quitting the PH coalition and triggered the fall of the PH government, certainly had their beginning back then.

Azmin has now been branded in just about every social medium as the world's blackest back-stabber, betrayer, traitor what-have-you, second only to Judas Iscariot. Here is his self-righteous reply to universal condemnation:

"We believe that forcing the PM (Mahathir) to set a hand-over date was an evil plot to make him a lame-duck. We went rogue to halt these efforts. We firmly deny the allegations of those who label us traitors. On the contrary, those who tried to bring down the PM mid-term are the traitors, as they prioritized the agenda to take over the power of the PM, implementation of government policies meant to improve the economy and the people's well-being."

Azmin's selective amnesia about Mahathir having voluntarily agreed to the post-election succession plan, that Mahathir himself had said on numerous occasions that he would honor it and only last Friday confirmed again that he would step down after the APEC conference in November 2020, is astonishing. PH Ministers were more than entitled to demand that Mahathir set a firm date of resignation after extending it to November 2020.

More than that, Azmin's failure to take responsibility for the economy tanking to a record low (since 2008) of 3.6% for the last quarter of 2019 and not coming up with any new policies to "improve the economy and the people's well-being", is strikingly reminiscent of UMNO/BN Ministers who never owned up to bad performances. On the contrary, it was Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng who announced an economic stimulus package which is now in limbo.

Azmin's talk today of "national reconciliation", coming as it does after he and his followers, dubbed the Semburit 11, were sacked on Monday by PKR, sounds as hollow as an UMNO Minister's skull. He does not realize that he looks like a drowning man clutching at straws, unable to accept that his political career is over!

So, where are we right now? Who's the last man standing today and what does he plan to do?

It's none other than Mahathir, who after strangely resigning from office, was appointed by the King (Agong) as 'Interim Prime Minister', a position that is not in our Constitution. Basically, as explained by the Attorney General, that shockingly means Mahathir can be PM forever; in short, a dictator.

His announcement today that, instead of restoring the PH government millions voted into power on 9th May 2018 by linking up with Sarawak and Sabah, he would work out a "Unity Government" forebodes danger and evil intent. CLICK HERE and HERE.

It's ominous that he did DID NOT say:

1. Anwar Ibrahim would be in this new "Unity Government" and he would be appointed Deputy Prime Minister or become PM in due course.
2. That elected MPs from PKR, DAP and Amanah who cut down the evil UMNO/BN beast would be in the Cabinet.
3. What independent check and balances would be put in place to prevent abuse of power, corruption and money politics.

For 22 years between 1981-2003, Mahathir was not internationally dubbed a dictator without some truth to it. Mahathir used to joke that he was a"benevolent dictator". So, one wonders what the King's thinking was in handing monopoly power to Mahathir on a platter!

We started on 10th May 2018, with an exciting coalition PH government fully seized with wiping out corruption, bringing to justice the looters and fraudsters in the previous government and administration and instituting major economic, legal, welfare, social and political reforms. Due to stonewalling by Mahathir and 'I am a Malay first' Home Minister Muhyiddin, institutional reforms and reviews and repeal of repressive laws have been sidelined. Long unresolved major murders and enforced abductions which appear to have elements of serious state-sanctioning, have yet to be solved and perpetrators sent to jail. The grip that the state has on individual liberties, has if anything, tightened. Opposition parties are running riot playing the race and religious cards again. Rogue elements seem to have increasingly crept into the police force, especially its very secretive Special Branch.

We voted down the old UMNO/BN regime under PM Najib which completely destroyed the separation of powers between the Legislative (Parliament), Executive (PM) and the Judiciary. Government servants and legislators in the know, were cowed by Najib and his Cabinet into silence or aiding and abetting blatant fraud and criminality. The rot had of course set in by the time Mahathir retired in 2003.

By last Monday, within 21 months of taking up the PM position in the PH government, Mahathir has overseen:

1. The splitting up of PKR.
2. DAP/Amanah being cowed into silence.
3. The Anwar succession plan thrown into the gutter.
3. The fall of the PH government.

Who's the last man standing tonight? MAHATHIR!

So, does anyone really believe that as Founder and Chairman of Bersatu, with his son as Deputy President, Mahathir DID NOT KNOW that his handpicked agent, Azmin, and Bersatu President Muhyiddin and his 27 MP's had been  planning a coup d'etat with PAS and UMNO for months and not as they claimed, snowballed after the PH Presidential Council Meeting last Friday? Do pigs fly?

Does anyone really believe that Mahathir stayed home last Saturday in protest, and not to set in motion Plan B, if they plotters failed, as they did?

So, right from 2018, Mahathir NEVER intended to follow through with the Anwar Ibrahim PM succession plan. His dithering and refusal to commit to a firm date of retirement is proof of that. His utterances of the last few days seem to confirm that if he were to be forced to hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim, he would set a trap by withdrawing Bersatu support and let it go the floor of Parliament for a vote!

He could have saved PH from collapsing by working out a deal with GPS (Sarawak) and Warisan (Sabah). His refusal to do that is proof of his treachery. His resigning and accepting the Interim PM's position is proof of him planning to go it all alone. His crookedness is evident from the fact that even after GPS and Warisan pledged their 18 and 11 seats respectively to him yesterday, he has refused to revive PH. 

Like Julius Caesar in 44 BC who thrice refused to be crowned king, Mahathir again said on TV today that he was not power crazy. Yet, at 95-years of age, he's not ready to quit and did not refuse to be Interim PM or Unity Government PM! Once a dictator, always a dictator! He's been planning it for over two years. 

Make no mistake. Mahathir's "Unity Government", packed with his cronies and with no independent checks and balances would be a disaster of Quranic proportions for Malaysia. Mahathir has no new vision or policies to revive the economy materially. If he had, we would have heard of them two years ago. He is still stuck in the time warp of 2003. An inclusive economic policy has been ditched in favor of a 'Malay Economic Agenda' and a vague, unexplained 'Shared Prosperity Vision 2030' after the failure of his 1991 'Vision 2020'.

He's lamenting over the sale of Proton to China's Geely, keeping RM1 billion a year loss-making MAS afloat without retrenchments or sale, talking up an unwanted third national car and encouraging bogus "flying cars" and multi-billion ringgit airports in the boondocks. He's burnt out but cannot let go until his son is firmly set on the path to prime ministership.

All this and more is obvious. 

We must resist this "Unity Government" as we would the plague (or to be more contemporary, Covid-19). Or else, we will soon see the Constitution consigned to the rubbish bin and the way paved for a 1-man, 1-party rule.

We started on 10th May 2018 with Mahathir as interim PM. Who's now the permanent PM? Who's  the last man standing as of tonight?

Why, it's Mahathir, who planned it all to set us, wittingly or unwittingly, on an evil, destructive path! There can be no benevolent dictatorship any more than there could be a benevolent Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Bokassa, Mugabe etc. Did we vote out Najib for accumulating too much power in his hands, only to transfer it to Mahathir? Like some other leaders in this region, past and present, Mahathir thinks that WE, THE PEOPLE (RAKYAT) are not intelligent enough to be allowed to exercise our rights, that he's cleverer and more intelligent. If allowed, he would rob us of our inalienable and constitutional right to choose our own government through the exercise of the democratic, open and accountable vote.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Kula Segaran, Gobind Singh, Dr.Dzulkefli and PH stalwarts had better get their Plan B going soon. 

We are no longer fighting for the survival of political parties. We are fighting for the very air that we breathe, for the life of a nation. Defeat is not an option!

#1 quote from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare



by E.S. Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Santa Claus and early Xmas

I had already expressed my anger and concern over what was and still is perceived, an unnecessary Taxpayer funded bailout of Tabung Haji (TH - Muslim Pilgrims' Fund)) December 2018, to the tune of RM20 billion, by Mahathir (Bersatu) and new Economic Affairs Minister, Azmin Ali (iffy PKR). CLICK HERE. 

Of course, it needed the collusion of Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng (DAP) and his special aide "advisor" MP Tony Pua (DAP) at the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to raise  RM20 billion via NEW DEBT bonds. Plus, the silence of Anwar Ibrahim (PKR Head), Lim Kit Siang (DAP Founder), Mat Sabu (Amanah) and their MPs in (the wooden IKEA) Cabinet, for the bailout to proceed.

In simple words, TH had been cooking the books for many years under ex-PM Bijan and his government of thieves and paying over-the-top high dividends, despite its negative Group reserves. 

As I suspected, the devil is in the details. On 15 November, MoF cunningly announced that "Putrajaya" would be bearing (at least) RM10 billion of TH's losses. CLICK HERE.

In Malay, we call this 'durian runtuh' (windfall), or in English, Christmas come early!

Of course, the reality is that Ahmad, Ah Chong and Muthu would be bearing this stupendous loss, even though Ah Chong and Muthu NEVER received a single cent in cash or kind benefit from TH since its inception in 1963! So, the deception is complete. Billions of ringgit in profits and cash have been monopolised, while at least RM10 billion of TH losses will be socialised! Who will bear the interest on RM10 billion @ say 3% per annum = RM300 million for 7 years = RM2.1 billion? Mahathir and Azmin?

More than that, there have been allegations of massive fraud, looting and plundering at TH. Yet, to-date no one's been prosecuted for that. No legal action appears to have been taken against TH's then Chairman, CEO, Board of Directors and senior managers for alleged fraud, negligence, breach of fiduciary duty, etc. While the good die poor and young, the thieves ride off into the sunset with bagloads of moola?

Which brings us to the crux of the matter. The 18-month old Pakatan Harapan (PH) government is using the same pathetic bogeyman excuses as UMNO/BN, to basically bailout non-government Muslim/Malay funds and enterprises gone bust, with Taxpayers' money, i.e.:

1. The "natives" are getting restless.
2. The Malays/Muslims in the "heartland" will run amok.
3. Please don't "provoke" another May13.
4. No one must question the (non-existent) 1957 "social contract".
5. Islam is the religion of the Federation.

With Chief Ketuanist Mahathir there as PM again, one could expect nothing less. But, we are entitled to ask how those from DAP and PKR who hold more than 2/3 majority in PH, are representing us in Cabinet and government.

Where exactly is the pre-GE14 roar of Guan Eng, Tony Pua, Teresa Kok, Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah, Sivarasa, Tian Chua and the like? Where happened to the champions of  Pgcat , Selcat and the alleycats (competency, accountability and transparency)?

What happens at Cabinet meetings when Mahathir and Azmin propose such outrageous misuse of public funds? Do they all turn around, drop their pants and ask them 'Do you want dessert as well?'  'Singh is King' is being laughed at privately as "Bendover Singh", such is the disillusionment with DAP and PKR.

Mahathir and Guan Eng daily complain that they have inherited from Najib's profligacy, a debilitating RM686 billion actual national debt plus contingent liabilities and guarantees, resulting in a mind boggling potential exposure exceeding RM1 Trillion. Yet, without blinking an eye, they are prepared to increase national DEBT by RM20 billion?

RM20 billion can easily solve the financial woes of all the poor fishermen in Malaysia forever. We can build any number of new hospitals and schools to improve healthcare and education positively beyond recognition to reclaim the positions we had in international rankings 30 years ago.

But, the audacity and mindlessness of Mahathir and Azmin, coupled with the unbelievable silence of PKR, DAP and Amanah is out of this world. April 2019, Azmin announced a RM6 billion rescue plan for Felda, yet again with Taxpayers' funds!!!??? CLICK HERE.

Why could not a bailout at current market value be organised by a consortium of funds like RM800 billion Employees Provident Fund (EPF) billion, RM300 billion Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB), RM150 billion Khazanah etc? Why should TH's burden be shifted  upon the shoulders of Ah Chong and Muthu as well, when there are viable alternatives?

Why should TH investors not take a haircut, especially the 1.3% (117,000) depositors who have been raking in super dividends for the last 20 years or that single RM190 million depositor? CLICK HERE.

So, it looks like Mahathir and Azmin are being just bloody-minded and taunting us. 

This is exactly why those who voted for PH must re-group and re-strategise. We MUST lay down the law to Mahathir, Azmin and PH, make it crystal clear that if they don't perform and reform as promised, we will shift our votes to the best alternative, come GE15.

AND, if we do the right thing everytime and lose GE 15, so be it. Our self-respect, dignity and integrity are far, far more important than bending over for Mahathir or Azmin, any Ketuanist or PH lion turned mouse.

As Shakespeare wrote more than 400 years ago "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more... or close up the wall with our...dead...then imitate the action of the tiger...". Henry V.


PTPTN and Felda (LKTP) 2017 Audited Accounts for download

by E.S. Shankar

Here are the links for downloading the audited accounts which seems to be so carefully hidden even by PH government and incredibly, not published at PTPTN and Felda (LKTP) websites:

1. PTPTN -

2. Felda (LKTP) -

Download and be sure to open as pdf document using adobe acrobat.



by e.s.shankar

On 3 April 2019, PM Mahathir, deliberately and shockingly, without an iota of shame, dismissed as “hearsay”, Suhakam’s considered verdict that the abductions of activist Amri in Nov 2016 and Pastor Raymond Koh in Feb 2017 constituted acts of “Enforced Disappearances” by the Special Branch (SB) of the Royal Malaysian Police. CLICK HERE.

Enforced Disappearance is defined by the UN adopted International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPPED) as:

Arrest, detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty by agents of the State or by persons or groups acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the State.

I do not know if Mahathir is aware that there are two other missing persons, Malay Muslim convert Pastor Joshua Hilmi and his wife Ruth Sitepu, whose disappearance in Nov 2016, without a shadow of a doubt, falls in the same category of “enforced disappearance” as Amri and Koh. Joshua Hilmi was arrested under the Internal Security Act 1960 in 1987 by Mahathir’s orders and released a few years later. CLICK HERE. Most likely, all 4 are dead, tortured and ruthlessly murdered in cold blood, given there have been no demands whatsoever to-date for money or anything else by their abductors.

That Mahathir was the first to spring to THE SB’s defence is no more than a continuation of 38 years of Ketuanism (Malay Supremacism) and its second tenet that the Malay Muslim face must be saved at any cost. Its first tenet is that the Malay Muslim can do no wrong. As soon as Suhakam’s report was released on the morning of 3 April 2019, there was a twitter barrage demanding explanations from ex-Inspector General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar, during whose tenure these abductions took place and current IGP Fuzi Harun, who was the SB Director then.

For a while there was no response from either. But later that afternoon, Khalid latched on to Mahathir’s lifeline and pleaded “hearsay”! Three days later Fuzi responded by saying he was disappointed with Suhakam releasing its report as it amounted to “punishing the police”. CLICK HERE. He did not specifically deny the SB’s involvement but added that the police would "take appropriate action", which begs the question as to what exactly they have been doing for the past two years. Fuzi seemed to be hinting that the report should have been suppressed so that a total cover-up could be instituted by the police.

It was apparent to anyone following Suhakam’s hearing that some members of the RMP were doing their level best to be evasive, obstructive and sabotaged Suhakam. The hearing was brought to a halt on Jan 2018 when police planted evidence and framed cock-eyed charges against a purported abductor, a taxi driver. Had UMNO/BN not lost the 2018 General Election, it is a certainty that the Suhakam hearing would have never resumed.

Mahathir’s despicable “hearsay” pronouncement is an act of treachery, given that among the top reasons Pakatan Harapan was voted into power was its promise of justice for murdered and C4’d Altantuya, the Teoh Beng Hock-MACC “suicide” and these “abduction” cases. Beyond that, his undermining of Suhakam Head, Mah Weng Kai, is diabolical and an act of cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face. Mah, a top and highly respected private practice lawyer of 25 years standing, was also a former Bar Council President and a retired Court of Appeal judge. Do people like him blindly or incompetently point the finger at our shadowy SB?

But, you know what is the really low point of this entire episode so far? We have not heard a peep from the Royals, Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Nurul Izzah, Muhyiddin, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Antony Loke, M.Kula, Gobind Singh, Teresa Kok, Hannah Yeoh, Teo Nie Ching, Shafie Apdal, Mat Sabu, Dzulkefli Ahmad, Khalid Samad or any other Minister or MP? Where is Wong Tack who in 2013 famously inspired us with his incendiary 'Let's burn Lynas down'? The sole exception is DAP's Klang MP Charles Santiago who bravely demanded IGP Fuzi be investigated. The rest seemed to have suddenly lost their testicles. 

Why this open spineless display? Because being in power, like possession, seems to be 9/10 (nine tenths) of the law. Principles, ethics, morals, integrity and honour have all been thrown out the nearest window by PPBM, DAP, PKR, Amanah and Warisan, on the altar of power and money. Yes, we all fought long and hard and voted for PH to unseat one of the most evil governments (Najib/UMNO/BN) of the 21st century. But that does not mean DAP and PKR in particular, must kow-tow wholesale to Mahathir and PPBM, the minority party within the PH coalition.

If push comes to shove, they should challenge Mahathir publicly on what he really wants – UMNO 3, continuation of Ketuanism and highway robbery affirmative action policies or to lay the foundation for a lasting united progressive and prosperous nation. Note that when the newly minted Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali talked about re-structuring, he blurted out that he was working on a New Malay Economic Policy. Finally, they have stopped being hypocritical and dropped the ‘Bumiputra’ rubbish under which the Umnoptras from West Malaysia conned native Malaysians, Sabahans and Sarawakians!

This is as pathetic, disgraceful, cowardly and shameful as it can get! Abductors, murderers, rogue police and SB officers and religious extremists must be brought to heel. The government must get to the bottom of what the Mufti of Perlis knows. Would Mahathir have so nonchalantly said he would look into the abductions AFTER IGP Fuzi retires in May if it were his son or daughter who had been abducted?

We must once again stand up and fight for what’s right. It’s OUR Malaysia and we must take it back from the Mahathirs, Ketuanists and other extremists once and for all. Hesitate and the Talibans and death squads and stoning squads will form the next government of Malaysia in 2023! BE WARNED!

NB Suhakam Reports on the enforced disappearances of Raymond Koh and Amri: CLICK HERE.