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by you hap me, i hap you , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for feathering your nest affairs

Oh God, how could Maha Firaun Kutty have been so naive as to have been sucker punched by, of all persons, that Goondu from Marudu, that corpulent blubbery porcine greasy, squealing, oily fat pig, Pandi? It was THE sting of 2015!

This tells us two things. One, Maha Firaun Kutty is definitely past his shelf-life and well into the winter years of senility. He should be volunteered (since he's senile, obviously, he cannot volunteer of his own accord) to be put out to pasture, whiling his last days contemplating how, when he meets them in the after-life, he is going to explain to his father and ancestors from Kerala, India, this thing about trying to con all the people all the time, including himself, that he is an alien from the planet of the "Con-stitutional Bumiputra" and not an Indian.

Two, it demonstrates once again that new BUMNO/SCUMNO politicians thrive and excel in that stinking  black hole of toxic ooze and slimy sewerage of  politics, the Parliament Pig Pen. Only these dirty denizens of filth can prosper there since conniving, cunning and conning are their most cherished of human qualities. All new BUMNO/SCUMNO Parliamentarians under PM Grossmajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, have a 4.0 GPA and Ph.D (doctorate) in these traits. 

It's no coincidence that most of them also have fake degrees, usually in Religious Studies, Human Resource or the favourite, Public Affairs and Administration, from world-famous learning centres like Havoxbridge University College School, Black Wood Hills (Bukit Kayu Hitam). That also explains why our education standards and top Unis are said to be exceedingly fine AND superior, other-worldly, featuring nowhere as they do in any known global listing of any repute.

The facts are simple and straightforward. The gelatinous Pandi is close to retirement. True to the identikit of new BUMNO/SCUMNO, where thievery is the common true culture, he probably has "retirement savings" of a paltry $10 million and a $5 million bungalow house sitting on 20,000 sq. ft. of prime land. This, by the new BUMNO/SCUMNO standards set by the $10 billion Grossmajibs, places Pandi in the pauper category. There could be no greater insult. In new BUMNO/SCUMNO, bull shit talks, enabling the party faithful and loyal to walk away with at least $50 million within a duration of 1 term in office; Pandi was approaching two, with seemingly, only his fast withering member in his hand.

Pandi, who only squeals when PM Grossmajib squeezes his lard-laden bottom, is Speaker of the Parliament Pig Pen. For over 5 years, he has been blocking every decent motion for proper debate tabled by the Opposition, such as denying them the right to pose legitimate question to PM Grossmajib on hot items like the $46 billion debt-laden 1GDB, on the grounds that it might be asking the PM to actually engage his amorphous brain and give an opinion.

Why, that wheel-chaired pendatang (immigrant) non-Bumiputra woman politician who jumped ship in Perak alone is said to be worth $30 million. To retire on measly $10 million petty cash? Wobbly breasted Pandi would never live it down in the ulus of Marudu. He might as well commit suicide or be BBQ'd live. What would his little pink piglets say. Sob!

So, blubber belly Pandi hatched a plan. Quite clever of him actually to have lifted 'The Idiot's Guide to Blackmailing Grossmajib, 1.0' from a former Chief Minister who recently milked Grossmajib for $50 million by threatening to defect to the Opposition with all his fellow MP's. Only thing, Pandi went one better. He conned Maha Firaun Kutty into believing that he would actually be tendering his resignation to PM Grossmajib. He also hinted, nude, nudge, wink, wink, he might spill some beans about the fraud and highway robbery at 1GDB and the Altantuya murder. Maha fell for for it hook, line and sinker; a wee bit of nifty paradigm shafting that Maha himself could admire and be proud of!

Maha Firaun Kutty jumped the gun and announced to the world that Pandi was going to resign, believing that Grossmajib would capitulate and vacate office immediately. But, Pandi was never going to resign from a gaji buta (sinecure) $30,000 a month basic pay Speaker of the Parliament Pig Pen post, even if hell froze over. But, Maha Firaun Kutty's premature ejaculation seizures caused just the right Richter-scale 10 seismic tremors in PM Grossmajib's underpants that Pandi had artfully planned for. His goolies shrunk. Pandi hogged the limelight. "Pandi who?" Obama and Cameron might have hollered, but right there was his 15 minutes of fame.

True to character and form, Grossmajib went crawling on his knees to Pandi, with his customary 'You help me, I help you' cheque book in hand. On the brink of achieving international ignominy by being forced out of office, Grossmajib could not afford to lose the support, no matter how crooked, of Pandi and his cohort MPs and trigger off a vote of no-confidence. 

The Grossmajibs shivered and shook at the thought of  losing the right to freeload at the citizen's expense, of their apparent birthright to fly the brand new $650 million Airforce 1 with 300 relatives and close friends to visit their grandchildren in the near future in Kazakhstan. They broke into cold sweat at the thought of flying commercial airlines, and sitting next to BO stinking riff raff. No  more free $200,000 Birkin handbags gifts for his dear wife, Pendek Kata Hippo, from corpo-rat captains and crony fraudtrepreneurs? It would be the thin end of the wedge, the end of civilization! 

The result? Pandi will continue as Speaker of the Parliament Pig Pen with much renewed enthusiasm, frustrate the Opposition and stuff democracy and Parliament up its rear end. 

The clincher? A brand new $250,000 music-playing tankless auto-deodorising bidet washlet toilet imported specially from Japan, Italian marble flooring and wall to wall wild boar skin tiling and curtains for the office as well. Everyone's heard of negotiating for a golden handshake, but a golden buttshake? Only in Bolihland!

Not far way, the $17 billion budgeted PMO and PM Grossmajib are busting their balls over which totally unneeded new $ multi-billion IPP, Water Treatment Plant, "Marginal Oilfield" giveaway contract or 100-year toll highway project they can con the citizens with, an award to a $2 company owned by the totally no-conflict-of-interest Mrs. Porka, wife of Pandi.

And Maha Firaun Kutty? Egg all over the face, shagged to glory and sodomised by a rank amateur. Played out by a low IQ country bumpkin from the boondocks of East Bolihland. But then, he has only himself to blame. He is the new BUMNO/SCUMNO founder who set the bar low, and then lowered it further. You don't need brains to be indoctrinated into that clique, only lard-laden cunning!

Ever wondered why it's called pork-barrel politics?

Donplaypuks® with desperado Speakers of the Parliamentary Pig Pen , man! 



by save justice, shoot a judge, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for rapine affairs

As in my blog post on 23/04/2015 (CLICK HERE) regarding DAP MP Teresa Kok being disgracefully fined $200,000 costs in a case where she was falsely arrested under the ISA, I do not care what the law says. Justice is beyond mere law, and where children are concerned, particularly under-aged ones, it is our duty to protect the innocent and defenceless, and to punish severely the evil and predatory sick and dirty adults who commit rape.

But, where judges do not even have the minimal intelligence to understand and enforce laws, then we should put these worthless men in robes behind bars and throw the keys away. Everyone knows that our judiciary has long been in crisis, that it has been infected and infested with corruption ever since Mahathir manipulated the sacking of Chief Justice Salleh Abas in 1998, as reinforced by the findings of the 2008 RCI into the fixing of the appointment of judges vis-a-vis 'Lingamgate'.

On 7 May 2015, the Court of Appeal set free child-rapist Bunya Jalong, 60, from Sibu, Sarawak. In October 2013, the Sibu High Court had found Bunya guilty on four counts of raping a 14-year old girl in 2011.  

The High Court had imposed a 15-year jail sentence and five strokes of the rotan for the first rape charge, as well as nine years’ imprisonment and two strokes of the rotan each for the other three charges, which were to run concurrently. The court also ordered for RM40,000 in compensation to be paid to the girl. Bunya appealed to the High Court against the convictions, sentence as well as the order to pay compensation. 

What is incredible about Court of Appeal's Judges Datuk Abdul Wahab Patail, Datuk Linton Albert and Datuk Seri Zakaria Sam verdict is that they set free Bunya despite:

1. Bunya having confessed to all 4 rape charges.
2. DNA evidence confirming that Bunya was the father of a child given birth to by the under-aged victim.

The CoA judges wrote that their doubts arose from:

1. Both the complainant and the accused’s names were not in the hotel register, giving rise to the presumption that they had not checked-in or occupied any room in the hotel.

2. Judge Augustine who said that the appellate judges found that the complainant’s testimony was not reliable, and that she was not a reliable or truthful witness:

“The complainant had related the four incidents in the same manner, thus not quite believable and considered not credible. If on the first incident she was forced into sex, why would she follow the accused to the hotel the next three times that followed?” asked Augustine.

3. A specialist obstetrician had testified that pregnancy could occur if freshly ejaculated semen laden with sperm is inserted with a finger into the vagina. In his evidence, the accused (Bunya) testified that he never had sexual intercourse with the complainant and that only once on June 6, 2011, the complainant had asked him to have sexual intercourse with him in a toilet of the YMCA. According to the accused, the complainant gave him a hand-job causing him to ejaculate and then his semen was smeared onto the complainant’s fingers and his own finger, which he later inserted into the complainant’s vagina. 

Firstly, we all know that most cheap sex-hotels never register names of guests, and if they do, certainly not the names of both guests. This is mainly so that they can pocket the cash and not declare their earnings to the Income Tax Department. Often, the names of second guests are not recorded in the register of 5-star hotels. Our judges do not know that?

Secondly, how did the CoA judges who never heard any testimony, conclude the child lied? Normally, they would have relied on the opinion of the High Court judge's who witnessed proceedings. For God's sake, we are talking about a case where the accused had confessed, and a poor but brave 14-year old had to testify in open court in front of her rapist. They expected a mature Oscar-winning performance from the shaken and trembling girl-child?

More than that, if we accept judge Augustine's opinion, then Anwar Ibrahim should be freed today. Saiful claimed that Anwar had sodomised him several times, including during overseas trips. Surely, by Augustine's logic, Saiful lied, since he would not have followed Anwar to the bedroom after the first occasion?

But here, we are not talking about an adult like Saiful, but a girl who was 14-year's old when she was raped. Our judges do not know how a 60-year old man can inveigle, entice, confuse and put utter fear in such a child, and coerce her into having illicit sex?

Lastly, as a layman, I have no idea if a female can be become pregnant via sperm deposited through finger-sex. A doctor had testified that it was possible, but I do not think it was probable. I have not heard or read about any other incidence such as this. I have grave doubts that this is really how the child got pregnant. Surely there was reasonable doubt about finger-sex? Everything points to rape.

Even if the judges were convinced that no penetration had taken place, surely, surely, this vile, despicable monster was at the very least guilty of Statutory Rape, where by definition, even if the under-aged girl had said 'Yes' (unlikely), legally, she could not possibly have given consent? 

When I think of the trauma this girl/child must have suffered from, it brings tears to my eyes.

These errant judges should be whipped publicly.

For more detailed reports and reactions on this case:

Can we expect the Attorney General or the Chief Justice to intervene and take some measures to restore public confidence and trust in the rule of law? Not much hope there, I am afraid. They have done nothing to put right a previous incident of statutory rape where the accused was also freed on the flimsiest of pretexts. Religious bias appears to have played a major role in that travesty of justice. (CLICK HERE) and (HERE).

I rest my case.

Donplaypuks® with children and rape, man! 



by the idiot's guide to stealing, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for thieving affairs

You only have to follow the paper and money trail to understand how Prime Minister Grossmeldajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, have skilfully lost at least RM3.5 billion of 1Grossmeldajib Development Bunco (1GDB) artistes scheme money. 

This sordid episode, the end of which is nowhere in sight, clearly demonstrates that this prime minister who never earned a uni degree, but pathetically claims he has a degree in industrial economics from UK and that he is a"trained economist", whatever that means, has not an iota of sense in business, economics or finance, and of course, governing a country. Remember that this is the man who praised ISIL as liberation fighters, and today, analysed that liberalism was the cause of a Malaysian student being sentenced to 5 years in prison in London for paedophilia.

To-date, 1GDB has a paid up capital of RM 1 million and bond debts, bank and other loans totalling RM46 billion (not RM42 billion as is touted about by the uninformed). On top of this, there are RM3 billion in trade and other creditors, giving a total of RM49 billion in liabilities (hutang) vs RM51 billion of assets, most of which cannot be sold quickly to pay for the liabilities. Also, few are clear if these assets are worth their book values, and if sold, can cover the RM49 billion liabilities. If they don't, the government (Rakyat) will have to pump in more billions of ringgit to bail out 1GDB more.

Any business model in which an entity borrows 46,000 times its capital in secrecy, off-shore, in places like the Cayman Islands to avoid central bank scrutiny, is a sure sign of a recipe for financial disaster, and one where thievery, fraud, looting and cover-ups are bound to happen. This thing did not happen by accident, it was planned from the very beginning by PM Grossmeldajib and his close friends. More so, when way above normal market rates of interest are contracted, and stratospheric commissions paid, in complete secrecy, and sealed off from the Rakyat's eyes.

Of the RM46 billion borrowings, 1GDB's actual know investments total a miserable RM15.6 billion as follows:

Overpriced IPP bought from Anak Keling (AK) - RM8.5 billion.
Overpriced IPP bought from Pahang Resorts Casino - RM2.7 billion.
Overpriced IPP bought purportedly from a royal family - RM1.2 billion.
Under & overpriced Land (3 parcels at cost) - RM3.2 billion.

The IPP's were clearly way overpriced, resulting in goodwill write off, some say, RM3 billion in 1GDB's books, i.e. the difference between the NTA of the IPPs acquired and the cash price paid for them. Shortly after the 2013 general elections, it was revealed that at least two public companies controlled by ex-owners of these IPPs "donated" some RM250 million to political parties BUMNO/SCUMNO/DUMBNO/Barang Naik. Do you think these "donations" were altruistic in nature and actually came from the pockets of these IPP owners or, the IPP deals were overpriced to facilitate corrupt and illegal kick-backs to the ruling political party? Hmm?

So, the $64,000 questions are:

1. What and where has 1GDB invested the balance of RM32 billion (46 minus 14) in? 
2. On whose professional advice? Only Jho Paris Hilton? Remember, professional fund managers are liable to their clients for bad and/or negligent advice. 
3. What are these investments worth today? 
4. How are Grossmedajib and 1GDB proposing to repay the RM46 billion in borrowing and service debt interest of about RM2.5 billion a year?

As we do not have 1GDB's detailed profit & loss account, balance sheet and notes to the financial statements, WE the Rakyat, do not have a clear picture. PM Grossmeldajib, 1GDB's Chairman and CEO (past and present) are all hiding this huge elephant behind the Official Secrets Act and threatening those who ask legitimate questions, such as MP's, with law suits and the Sedition Act. WE the Rakyat own 100% of 1GDB which is a 100% (wholly owned subsidiary) of the Ministry of Finance. Yet, the prime minister, whom we elected and gave the power to rule, is deliberately hiding the truth from us and the world. 

The Chairman of 1GDB is linked to a armed forces pension Group fund, which in 2002 bought 2 overpriced Scorpene submarines for RM7.5 billion approved by then Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Grossmeldajib, and also received RM575 million in dubious "facilitation and co-ordination" fees in the Altantuya murder saga. The same group also bailed out a crony senator by buying out for RM160 million, a real estate company given a sweetheart BOT deal for a national defence centre. The senator was being sued by a businessman connected to Grossmeldajib's wife, and who threatened to tell all about this deal and the Altantuya murder!!

So, why are we at all surprised that these people PM Grossmeldajib surrounds himself with and appoints to all these sinecure positions in government and government linked companies, court controversy, mega fraud and financial disasters and mess and even murder?

To secure some of these humongous bonds and borrowings, for reasons we cannot as yet understand, PM Grossmeldajib approved and and 1GDB's Chairman and CEO, signed a legal agreement with companies owned by the Abu Dhabi goverment to:

1. Provide guarantees for the bond redemption.
2. Placed a deposit of RM3.5 billion to secure the guarantees.
3. Gave a 10-year option to buy up to 49% of  the shares of 1GDB's IPPs if listed.
4. Gave an option to share in 49% of the profits if the IPPs were sold.

Following this, the Abu Dhabi government wrote to 1GDB informing it that they would not exercise the two options above in return for compensation for US$975 million or RM3.5 billion. This was agreed to and paid by 1GDB.

What is the logic and thinking behind all this? Grossmeldajib and 1GDB may have reasoned that paying RM 3.5 billion now was "cheaper" than giving away 49% of the IPPs shares or profits on future listing or sale.  1GDB was also forced to defer its IPP listing plan thrice, in view of its serious income, cash flow deficit, debt interest servicing and loan capital redemption problems. This caused it to abandon the 2000 megawatt RM11 billion power plant project. 1GDB had bitten off more than it could chew in a rigged tender. Abu Dhabi got nervous, and decided that RM3.50 billlion (US$975 million) now was a whole lot better and safer than nothing, if 1GDB collapsed and/or Grossmajib got thrown out of office and possibly into prison by his party or public pressure.

The short and the long of the matter is, 1GDB has now lost RM3.5 billion of cash to Abu Dhabi, in a truly dodgy deal. Criminally, 1GDB took a bridging loan to finance part of this pay out. This will have to be written off in 1GDB's P&L as a loss. However, the creative PM and Chairman, Finance Director and CEO at 1GDB may cook the books by classifying the loss as an investment to be recouped from a future IPP listing.

More seriously, 1GDB has apparently utilised RM3.5 billion deposit to secure a loan from a consortium of international banks including Deutsche Bank Singapore, to pay Abu Dhabi, in contravention of loan terms. This, unless PM Grossmeldajib institutes another 1Malaysia bail out soon, will result in 1GDB being taken to the cleaners by its bankers, much, much earlier than planned (Aug 2015). Gloom and doom loom everywhere for 1GDB. The recent MoF RM950 million "standby credit line" so generously extended to 1GDB, and the flogging of its crown jewels, its land bank, to service debt interest, bespeaks of an insolvent, bankrupt company in total disarray and panic.

This Abu Dhabi capitulation is the giveaway of the century, one which could only occur where the leader is a crook and fraudster. Only such a madman, a true imbecile, would agree to Abu Dhabi's guarantee terms with options, where they also earned an annual fee for providing the guarantee. There are any number of international banks and consortias who would have provided the same guarantee on a strict fee deal based on a Malaysian sovereign guarantee. The lop-sided options reveal fraudulent intent. How so?

There must be deals behind deals with Abu Dhabi, where Jho Paris Hilton and other Malaysians like Anak Keling (AK) whose name refuses to go away, keeps cropping up regularly. Recent exposes in Sarawak Report state that Anak Keling (AK) has options to buy back those very IPP assets he flogged off to 1GDB at an incredible premium, assets which would otherwise have zero value when the IPP licence and power buy-back contract forced upon Tenaga expire soon. Yet, 1GDB went ahead with the AK purchase. Who arm-twisted 1GDB? The snouts to the trough, whack the gravy train mentality is all over this crooked deal. We will eventually find out which other 1GDB officers, Grossmeldajib's cronies and  "patriot" thieves had their hands in the Abu Dhabi cookie jar, hiding behind the protective long shadows of well paid "Brazen" nominees in off-shore tax shelters in the the Caymans, Switzerland, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Based on the accounts to 31st March 2014 and some educated guesstimates, we can now account for RM28.7 billion of the RM46 billion loans raised, as follows:

1. Purchase of overpriced IPPs - RM12.4 billion.
2. Purchase of under & overpriced landbank - RM3.2 billion.
3. Operating cash losses to 31/03/2014 masked by paper gains on land revaluation - RM3.5 billion
4. Abu Dhabi options "compensation" cash loss - RM3.5 billion.
5. "Investment" in Mongolian coal-mine venture - RM4 billion (market value is less than RM2 billion!!)
6. Reserve for re-location of army camps contract awarded to LTAT - RM2.1 billion
That leaves RM17.3 billion of cash about which we have no clue what it has been "invested" in, and what is its real value today!!

We should not ask for explanations and answers from the Chairman, CEO and Board of Directors of 1GDB. It would be a total waste of time to expect lackeys, baruas, scrotum and arse lickers and gooli carriers to reveal the truth. They are answerable to the company and Ministry of Finance. 1GDB was mooted 100% by Prime Minister Grossmeldajib, he is the Chairman of its advisors and also the Finance Minister. The buck stops more than once at his door. He is the one who is responsible for this mess and who should come clean to the Rakyat and face the music and go to jail first. It is he who has been stone-walling the Rakyat with evasive answers and talk about "the opposition politicising the issue" and about political conspiracies to bring down his government.

So, Prime Minister Grossmeldajib, do you have the balls to be transparent and accountable to the Rakyat, to own up and take responsibility? Yes, now that the Rakyat is asking for your head, do you have the guts and gumption to resign? If this were Japan, you would have committed hara kiri by now, such is the concept of honour there. If this were China, your head would have been lopped. If this were the USA, you would already, like Bernie Madhoff, be serving time.

Or, are you like so many cowards, chauvinists, scoundrels and con-artistes, trying to wrap yourself around some fake Buginese clap-trap flag of convenience, produce more smokescreens and buy time, hoping that by a miracle, the fraud and misfortunes at 1GDB will reverse and put themselves right? 

In the end, it comes down to this:

Do you have the self-respect of an honest and decent MAN to do the right thing and resign?

Donplaypuks® with fraud, honour and self-respect, man!



by snake oil salesman, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for bail out affairs

They can all deny it till they are blue in the face and then asphyxiate and expire permanently, but the truth will remain the truth. 

Prime Minister Grossmeldajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts, 1GDB and its CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi and the mamak CEO from the cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund, clearly all lied to all Malaysians about why 1GDB sold 1.5 acres of its gifted land for RM189 million. 

In a normal non-bailout transaction, the buyer would have paid only 10% of the purchase price upon signing of the S&P. There is no way a buyer (cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund) would pay the seller (1GDB) 100% of the price (RM189 million) before completion of full due diligence, fulfilment of essential contract clauses, approval of sale and transfer from the authorities (City Hall) and most importantly, transfer of non-encumbered title deed.

In this suspect transaction, the cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund paid out the entire sum of RM189 million within 1 month of the contract signing.

There can only be one reason why this happened:

Cornered rats Grossmeldajib and 1GDB desperately needed the money to service debt interest of about RM189 million. They had no other money since its bank account was barren.

I had reasoned in an earlier blog post that they could not touch the US$1.1 billion parked in BSI bank in Singapore as it must have been pledged to 3rd parties. This was confirmed today by a Malaysia Insider.

BUMNO/SCUMNO/DUMBNO and its worthless supporters decided to mislead the public by saying that there was no bailout since the cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund had forecast that they would make RM178 million profit before tax from a 3-year proposed condominium project they were planning for the site.

Hey, el mega stupidos, we are not talking about a bailout of the cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund, but the insolvent 1GDB which is no longer a going concern since it cannot service its debts and other creditors without the Rakyat's money.

Make no mistake. The land gifted to 1GDB way, way below market price by Gossmeldajib, was given in trust by the Rakyat to maximise profits, for the benefit of the Rakyat (1Malaysia). They are only technically the legal owners. 1GDB was appointed as OUR Trustee, not our sodomist and rapist!

By selling parcels of 1GDB's crown jewels, the land bank, Grossmeldajib and 1GDB have exposed themselves as madcap and incompetent businessmen, and desperate fools. They are selling prime land to service interest cost, a business model favoured by those to whom thievery and ponzi get-rich-quick schemes, are second nature. Therefore, 1GDB will make no real profit from the land bank sold, since the  surplus will go towards paying interest and repaying capital. 

Whatever profit the cash rich Poor Pilgrims Fund and a government pension fund will make from the land sales will not go to 1Malaysia, but to a select few. This was not the original idea behind transferring the land to 1GDB. Land owned 100% by 1Malaysia should be developed, and the profit thereof accrued to, all Malaysian. If 1GDB land is 1Malaysia Rakyat-owned, by what logic is anyone demanding that it be sold only to Bumiputra concerns?

We did not, and do not, need 1GDB to merely sell land. The government can do that with its bloated 1.2 million-strong civil service, without incurring one cent in commission and consultants' fees or 1GDB's hugely overpaid CEO and directors' salaries, bonus and fees. Your and my grandmothers will volunteer to do it for free, as national service.

By hiving off bits and pieces to criminally service debt, not only will there not be a properly planned integrated development, but 1Malaysia in its entirety, will no longer be the full beneficiary of the profits. Just look at Singapore's centrally government planned and brilliantly executed built-up scintillating skyline. Compare that with our pathetic CBD and its haphazard wismas and towers in KL. We have gone astray because we have employed the crooks, the thieves, the robbers, the con artistes and ponzi scheme specialists, the racists, the religious bigots, the lame, the incompetent, the lazy, the low IQ Ministers and the quasimodos. The result - utter chaos, financial ruin and 4th world developments. The Maha Firauns and Grossmeldajib have sacrificed meritocracy on the altar of mediocrity and short-term gains.

We now find that land was also sold for RM1.2 billion @ RM2,400 per sq. ft to a government pension fund, with the justification that they need new self-owned permanent office space as opposed to renting it. This is about13% cheaper than the land bought by the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund. But why is it necessary for a government Statutory Fund to buy land from the government at peak prices? When Putrajaya was built, many government offices in KL and Selangor became vacant. There is no surplus to fit the pension fund's needs? Rubbish!

This madness must stop today! Grossmeldajib had no clear investment plan for 1GDB at its inception. But along came that anal keling (AK) and conned them into buying expiring and old IPP's, on which 1GDB wrote off RM3 billion due to paying grossly and fraudulently/criminally inflated prices. BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik benefited from corrupt and illegal "donations" of at least RM300 million, from the owners of these IPP's.

Then, details of who had subscribed to 1GDB's mega RM46 billion bonds and loans, were deliberately kept secret, because of the financial and political fall out that may have arisen had we known they were strong-arming our banks and cash rich pilgrim and pension funds to bail 1GDB out.

To facilitate this giant ponzi scheme, they paid ridiculous interest rates of between 6%-11% on loans and raised funds overseas to escape central bank scrutiny. Who were the main, real beneficiaries? The Grossmeldajibs, Anak Keling (AK), Francis Yo Pavarotti, Pahang Resorts Casino, a royal family, Jho Paris Hilton, a couple of Arabs and a USA merchant bank which raked in unheard of 12% or US$400 million in fees.

Who are the real losers? 1Malaysia.

We must all act together to pension off the Grossmeldajibs and their mafia gang immediately to Kamunting prison. The Grossmeldajibs, and they alone, are responsible for this financial mess. There is no point in asking the lackeys and baruas at 1GDB for explanations and answers. The buck stops with the prime minister who is also the Finance Minister and who bull-dozed through the concept of 1GDB and maintained tight secrecy over its funding, guarantees, acquisitions and dealings to hide thievery, looting and fraud.

Otherwise, there will be no choice but to increase GST and Income Tax to fight the recession we will face with an exploding RM46 billion debt and additional RM3 billion in trade creditors. There is also the fraud/ scandal/CBT of another RM30 billion borrowed from pension funds by a private (but 100% public) finance initiative. The MoF (which also come under Grossmeldajib) is lying to 1Malaysia about what the money was really spent on, and who were the real beneficiaries of that stupendous sum of money (almost certainly BUMNO/ SCUMNO nominees to finance GE 2013 and 2018). 

1GDB has been not been royally screwed by a Chinamen, Jho Paris Hilton, as BUMNO/SCUMNO/DUMBNO cybertroopers would have you believe. 1GDB has and is being continually raped and looted by a thieving and cowardly Bugis, Grossmeldajib. Yes, that Bugis descended from that particular sissy bunch that fled Celebes in the 17th century to escape civil war, not those who stayed back and fought for their freedom!

Do not later say you were not warned by me. The biggest losers will be the Malays and Bumiputras. Act now or prepare for some unheard of cold winters in sunny 1Malaysia!

Donplaypuks® with bail outs disguised as proper business and sales, man!



by TRX tricks and treats, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for real estate fraud affairs

The sale of 1.56 acres of 1GDB's (1Grossmeldajib Development Bunkum) land at the proposed TRX financial centre site to the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund for RM188.5 million, constitutes yet another criminal betrayal of the peoples' totally misplaced trust in the government of thieves under the mistress and master of malfeasance, PM Grossmeldajib who wears the pants, and her husband who wears the skirts, respectively.

The indecent haste and secrecy with which this real estate transaction was completed confirms that 1GDB has no other money to service bond debt interest of RM189 million coming up for redemption next week or so. The speed with which land was valued at a staggering RM2,774 per sq. ft. and S&P price of RM188.5 million accepted and paid by the Poor Pilgrim's Fund, betrays the shaking and shivering hands of a desperate and disgraceful cornered rat, Grossmeldajib. 

It is akin to Queen Elizabeth selling off  the crown jewels of England to pay for the overheads of Buckingham Palace.  Mind you Grossmeldajib was only following in the footsteps of his mentor Maha Firaun. During his 22-year premiership Maha Firaun blew the taxpayers' money in several bailouts, among others, $10 billion for MAS,  $2 billion for rescue of Pekapalan, his son's failed Plc, $2 billion on Bank Bumiputra collapse etc.

With this fantasy price tag, which is not supported in KL by any real estate market transaction near this price, it is very clear that the pricing has been worked backwards, massaged, to enable 1GDB to service its debt interest cost. More than that, the pricing has been tinkered with so that, 1GDB will not show a transaction loss in its falsified profit and loss account, since it had previously re-valued its completely undeveloped land bank to mask and mislead the Rakyat into thinking that it had made profits of some RM3.6 billion to cover inexplicable and unexplained operating losses of RM3.5 billion!

With this kind of stratospheric pricing, the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund has no hope of making a development profit unless City Hall gets in on the con job. Permit me to explain this. The Petronas Twin Towers and Suria Mall were ONLY financially viable, AFTER Maha Firaun strong-armed City Hall into increasing plot ratios from the usual 1:5, to 1:20. Otherwise, the project would have been a non-starter from day 1. (The other con job perpetrated by Maha Firaun on the Rakyat vis-a-vis KLCC was in bypassing the Environment Act. He skilfully replaced a massive green-lung comprising some 100 acres of grassed horse racing tracks in the heart of the city, with steel, concrete, glass and a massive increase in traffic which has greatly enhanced pollution and incidences of asthma, emphysema and chronic bronchitis in KL).

My guess is that KLCC paid around, max, RM100 per sq. ft for the 100 acres (4,356,000 million sq.ft.) of land. The price per sq. ft. that 1GDB has flogged the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund for 1.56 acres or 67,954 sq. ft., is nearly 30 times that amount! In order for the project to be financially viable, and for the market to bear the high selling price of condos or office units at TRX, the plot ratios will have to be on the higher side. My back-of-the envelope quick calculation shows that for a development of this size and land cost, they would have to sell units at above RM1 million each, just to break even!!

With this artificially inflated  cost and selling pricing, no ordinary Bumiputra or  non-Bumiputra will be able to afford buying anything in this real estate development. And that is exactly how the rich get richer, and the poor, poorer. All this land gifted to 1GDB at below market price by the Rakyat, will result in upmarket developments beyond the reach of the masses. 

But it is not the business of government to be in business. That is the singular failure of 1GDB. In wanting to outdo his predecessors, the greedy and grasping, incompetent and crooked Grossmajib has broken every law in Malaysia, and then some, no doubt inspired by another crooked man who had a crooked penny and who still wants to build a crooked bridge to start a crooked war. All the Sg. Besi and Imbi Road could have sold by open tender to experienced real estate players, and the huge profits used to build better infra-structure, schools, hospitals etc. for the Rakyat. But, the clueless Grossmajib has now lumbered us with RM46 billion of debt, and is ruthlessly and without a shred of conscience, hocking our future for a fist full of cheap ringgit and to save his face.

No doubt the Chairman and Board of Directors of the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund, 1GDB and Grossmeldajib will all swear on a stack of holy books that they have followed the law, that proper land valuations were made, "sound" discussions and deliberations were undertaken and resolutions passed and contract inked. But, in their hearts of hearts, they all know that when you look at substance over form, one set of thieves has accommodated another in 1st class thievery and highway robbery. There is so much conflict of interest issues here that it would not surprise me if the religious authorities charged the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund and 1GDB' s Board of Directors with incest!

The proof? Today's announcement by the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund that they have been "advised" by the same crook, Grossmeldajib, who ordered them to buy the land in the first instance, to sell it to 3rd parties, and that they already have 3 interested buyers. If this was a kosher deal:

1. You would pay 2% deposit down before signing S&P, 8% on signing and complete the contract 90 days later, AFTER all approvals have been received from the authorities, compliance with other conditions and proof of transfer of title deed, furnished. How was this S&P completed in under a month before approval from the authorities and transfer of title? It looks like the full RM188.5 million was paid to 1MDB in advance!

2. The Chairman of the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund would not have first lied that there was no land deal with 1GDB. He played around with semantics to try and wriggle out of the net. Being a grovelling scrotum licker and 3-way massager and barua, he had to refer to Grossmajib what to say. Of course BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik's first response when caught with their pants down, is to always lie.

3. Why would  the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund sell off land it claims it had bought at a discount so quickly, instead of riding the market?

4. The S&P was classified under the Official Secrets Act. Why? Why are public contracts, such as Water, IPP etc, repeatedly Unconstitutionally classified so? Why should there be a clause in such contracts needing the approval of the other party (non-Government) to disclose salient terms and conditions, unless they are sweetheart crony deals laced with corruption and kick-backs?

5. The Chairman and BoD of the cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund would (should) have worked out their numbers way in advance. No way would they settle for a mere RM5 million 3-month flip-over profit, when the potential long-term profit from developing the land is bound to be in the hundreds of million. There is also a 30% Real Property Property Gains Tax to think of if they sell the land within the next three years. The cash rich Poor Pilgrim's Fund is not a charity; it owes its shareholders, the depositors, a duty of care to maximise profits, not minimise it  to bail out a bunch of con artistes and fraudsters.

This entire episode is as clear a confirmation as any that 1GDB is insolvent. In accounting and audit terms, it is no longer a going concern; in layman's terms, it is bankrupt (pokai). If 1GDB were an American company it would have filed for Chapter 11 protection from creditors two years ago.

With total interest bearing debt of about RM46 billion, 1GDB has an annual debt interest cost of some RM2.3 billion. So, what are Grossmeldajib and new CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi's plans to service debt interest AND retire the RM46 billion debt permanently - why, sell of more of the crown jewels, of course! Only a madman would undermine Tenaga by creating an IPP hydra which depends on and milks Tenaga for its cash flow. A small country like Malaysia does not need two substantially or wholly government owned energy players. Instead of achieving economies of scale by parking these assets under Tenaga, Grossmajib has created a monstrosity which is paid on average three times the cost per kilowatt which Tenaga can generate. More than that, there was fraud in the purchase of these IPP's resulting in goodwill write-offs of some RM3 billion in 1GDB's accounts. The IPP listing has now been deferred twice; not surprising, when its books will not stand up to the scrutiny of a kampong nenek. The IPP's only have value because Tenaga has been raped and Grossmajib renewed their licences and awarded them dirct-nego contracts. Now, one by one, IGDB is being stripped of these joke give aways, and handed back to guess who, why that perennial whipping boy, Tenaga! 

Grossmajib and his new his CEO are desperados. They lied to us last month about RM2 billion being transferred from from 1GDB's bank accounts at the off-shore tax shelters of Cayman Islands to its Singapore bank account, to service debt. It turned out that this money, which was deliberately kept off-shore to escape detection and scrutiny by the central bank for money laundering, payment of illegal commissions, CBT and tax evasion, could not be touched. They had to be bailed out by a "standby credit line' of RM970 million by the MoF. More than that, RM2 billion of debt had to be rolled over, "assisted" by another Malaysian fraudtrepreneur who has his sticky fingers all over 1GDB.  

But given that 1GDB is 100% owned by the Ministry of Finance (MoF), and that sovereign guarantees have been slyly and secretly given by orders of the Grossmeldajibs, in reality it means that WE, THE PEOPLE, have been bamboozled by the Grossmeldajibs yet again. We are stuck with RM46 billion of debts like a blood-sucking leech to the legs of an unwary amazon river swimmer, regardless of whether sovereign guarantees were given or not. If 1GDB ever defaults on its debts, our international credit standing, currency and stock market will be brought down to its knees faster than a frisky Monica Lewinski would to Clinton's orders. Our economy would fold and collapse like a pack of cards. This is the millstone that the Grossmeldajibs have placed so graciously place round the Rakyat's (citizen) neck.

IGDB should not be allowed to sell 1 sq. ft. of the Rakyat's land. Had this land been given to your or my grandmother, they too would have realised the same gains as 1GDB by doing nothing but sweet FA! 1GDB should be forced to return all the land to the government at original cost; it has no experience whatsoever in developing land or construction. Since outsourcing is the name of the game, the Rakyat can always find cheaper and more effective and value-for-money alternatives.

If Malaysia should be sucked into a debilitating stretched-out recession, who would suffer the most? Of course, it would the Malays/Bumiputras. This is why they should wake up and take charge. They should throw the Grossmajibs and their 1GDB team (including the CEO's and accountants who resigned) in prison for ever and take back the reins of government from the crooks, cronies and crooked former and current prime ministers and (wooden IKEA) Cabinet and fake warlords. You fate is literally in your hands. Do not lament when it is too late, and all that is left for us to share and work on is a mountain of debt, while those scoundrels, the Grossmajibs and their cronies holiday and party in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Monaco, Kazakhstan and Sri Carcosa with OUR hard earned money! 

 Donplaypuks® with sovereign land, man!



by sigmund freud jung, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for paedophilia affairs

The conviction on 30th April 2015 of Nur Fitri Azmeer Nordin, a MARA maths scholarship student at Imperial College, London, for downloading more than 30,000 extreme images and videos of child pornography, is a very, very sad case indeed, for the individual, as well as MARA, the Ministry of Education and Malaysia.

Nur had actually been arrested on 20th November last year, at his home at upmarket Queensborough Terrace near Hyde Park. But for reasons known best to our authorities, no news of it emerged until it was reported in the British newspapers on 1st May, 2015. Obviously, MARA and the Ministry of Education must have known about the incident last year, but chose to keep silent. So much for a free press.

Nur pleaded guilty to one count of possessing indecent videos and images of children, and seven counts of creating indecent photographs of a child. He also pleaded guilty to four counts of possession with intent to distribute indecent images of children, and one count of possessing indecent videos, making all in all 13 offences.

Nur was sentenced by the presiding case judge at Southwark Crown Court, to five years in prison, upon the completion of which, he would be automatically deported back to Malaysia.

The London court determined that Nur was not merely a passive child-porn viewer, but had actively participated in the making and sharing of a staggering quantity of child-porn files. Quote from Detective Constable Sara Keane of the Metropolitan Serious Crime Unit:

 "These were some of the most extreme images that have ever been seen by officers working in this field. The volume of images and the alarming content meant that a custodial sentence was inevitable."

601 of these images and videos were classified under category 'A", meaning abuse involving penetrative sex with children. Hundreds more were under categories 'B' and 'C".

Police discovered the material in Nur's laptop and other external hard drive back-up devices, when they raided his home, following an alert from Internet authorities. During the raid, police found Nur in his room, sitting next to a life-size mannequin of a boy!
some of the most extreme images that have ever been seen by officers that work in this field,” DC Sara Keane, of the Met’s Serious Crime Unit, was quoted saying. - See more at:
some of the most extreme images that have ever been seen by officers that work in this field,” DC Sara Keane, of the Met’s Serious Crime Unit, was quoted saying. - See more at:

Nur 23, hails from the small town of Malim Nawar, Perak and complete his secondary education at Sekolah Menegah Science, Teluk Intan, Perak. If we are to go by the 2011 results he achieved at the International Mathematical Olympiad (see above) he is no mathematics genius or proven whizz-kid. But a placing of 492 in the IMO suggests he is well above average in maths and the fact that Imperial College offered him a place, indicates that he must have an exceptional talent.

But where did he go wrong, this young Malaysian who had earned a golden opportunity and had the whole world at his feet? How did an apparent golden goose lay a stinking dross egg?

But before we go into that disturbing area of his psyche, we must first condemn without exception MARA's attitude that they are "prepared to give Nur, and other students like him (??!!), a second chance to complete their tertiary education back home". MARA officials were quoted as saying that Nur could turn out to be a national asset (??!!)! Minister for Rural and Regional Development, Shafie Apdal also made an international fool of himself by saying:

"We can appeal to reduce the length of the sentence. The problem is we are subject to the laws of the country. We have to respect the laws that other countries practise."

Appeal by all means, since that is Nur's right. But, why are the relevant sexual child abuse laws of Britain a "problem" to Malaysia? Are there no similar child pornography laws in Malaysia, or are they applied differently to foreigners as opposed to local citizens? Does he mean that if the case had occurred in Malaysia, Nur would have been treated leniently and, should/would have, escaped prison?

Without knowing how serious Nur's problem is, how on earth could MARA talk about giving a kind of blanket amnesty  to "other students like him"? Are they suggesting that Nur was victimised by London police in a kind of British (colonial bastards) conspiracy? That if Nur had been tried in Malaysia, our brilliant, totally emasculated judiciary would have exonerated him completely? What gives with this blazing stupidity, backs-to-the-wall rhetoric and false bravado? Perhaps in some gross distortion of a Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, or a Twilight Zone episode, a person convicted of child porn could become a prized national assets, even win the Nobel Prize. But a reality check would suggest that MARA is living in a state of total denial.

This is the kind of double standards that is fast causing our nation to sink towards 4th world and police-state status, the 'Tak Mahu Kalah' (cannot-lose face) stance, bordering on, if not actually immersing itself, in the 'Ketunan' (Ethnic Supremacism) garb(age). 

In Malaysia some (so far) have got away with murder and other crimes. A former Chief Justice once freed a man of a crime, pronouncing that a Muslim would not lie, while his partner, a non-Muslim was convicted of the same crime. Fortunately, this bigoted decision was reversed by the Court of Appeal. But the issue here is, how and why was this known bigoted wolf in sheep's clothing promoted to the exalted position of Chief Justice of Malaysia by then PM Badawi??!! After retirement, he joined PAS and is now championing the introduction of Islamic syariah laws for the whole of Malaysia, including all non-Muslims!

A few year's ago, a judge refused to convict a Muslim state bowling exponent of statutory rape, claiming that an under-aged 13-year old girl had given "consent", thereby standing the very definition of statutory rape on its head. Which law college could this disgraceful judge have graduated from to have primed his sub-par faculties to decide that a 13-year old girl could ever given any kind of consent to sex? Where was he when God gave out brains? The judge even had the audacity to observe that a conviction might deprive the nation of a bowling champion, a destiny which was never remotely achieved! The AG and Chief Justice refused to interfere and put right this abomination of verdicts. Another charge of statutory rape was withdrawn when an under-aged girl "agreed" to marry the Muslim rapist, and in about a year, the marriage ended in (surprise, surprise) divorce.

A man sacked for the loss of RM 30 billion on forex speculation losses at the central bank in the '90's, today sits as deputy chairman of our national sovereign wealth funds and as Minister without portfolio in the Prime Minister's department. Is this what MARA means by "second chance"? That proven predatory wolves should be rehabilitated to patrol chicken coops?

In recent months, the IGP and AG have both refused to arrest a man who kidnapped his daughter from her mother's house in an Islam-conversion case, despite a high court's judge orders to do precisely that. The list goes on.

Let's look at things in their proper perspective. Thousand of Malaysian students are sent on government scholarships overseas every year, and we hardly hear of any untoward behaviour about them. Statistically, the Nur incident is a drop in the ocean. This is not to make excuses for a truly shocking, spine-chilling, contemptible and loathsome case. We all have young children. The very though that lurking out there are these monsters waiting to entice and pounce on our innocent children, churns the stomach like nothing else.

A paedophile is defined as a person who is sexually attracted to children. With Nur, we do not know yet if his actions went beyond mere paedophilic obsession and fantasy. Did he go further and participate in child molestation or rape? What does the fact that he was found with a life-size mannequin of a boy tell us? Was he himself a victim of paedophilic child abuse, that led to this perverted behaviour?

So, how should the government handle this hot potato? Make no mistake, this incident and the managing of it by MARA, the Ministry of Education and Minister Shafie Apdal, has placed Malaysia in a very poor light, internationally.

Firstly, a thorough investigation should be undertaken in Malaysia by both the police and leading psychiatrists/psychologists, of his entire childhood and school days, right up to the time he left for London. Is there any evidence that he was a very mentally sick and disturbed person from his early days? What do his school friends, close pals, teachers, family members and relatives have to say? What about his activities in London? What do his behaviour and actions there tell the experts? Is there a pattern of consistent deviant behaviour? Was it congenital, or influenced by someone else and was Nur himself a sexually child-abused victim? Or, was it curiosity and one-off aberrant behaviour sparked by the sudden freedom Nur found in London?

Is he still mentally sound or totally gone? On the face of it, it looks like the latter and not the former.

Once a complete dossier has been compiled, and if the evidence points to paedophilia, then he should be treated appropriately by the psychiatrists/psychologists. Perhaps "rehabilitation" is possible. Only if they are satisfied that Nur poses no threat to society, should they start talking about second chances. Otherwise, the only place anywhere for Nur might be a mental asylum, or a marked home where his movements are restricted by police watch and the public warned very publicly about a paedophile in their midst.

Remember that the majority of paedophiles are life-long practitioners. Some of our leaders and theologicians live in a dream world where they think that homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, paedophilia etc. can be burned out of the human psyche and body by "counselling" using precepts outlined in some holy book. Dream on!

As a long-term measure, given that all these scholarships are funded by the Taxpayer, the government could do worse then subject potential candidates to a serious and proper psychiatric evaluation, well BEFORE, they are transported from rural villages and towns and even metropolitan cities, to London, New York, Paris and Tokyo. Constant vigilance and prevention are always better than knee-jerk reactions and cure.

And if anyone should talk about Nur being possessed by spirits, and that perhaps his parents should invest RM8,750 in the University of Pahang's hex on, hex off kit (CLICK HERE), they should all be packed off  to the retreat in Tanjung Rambutan at once! It is criminal, how this careless, irresponsible, incompetent and uncaring government under the Grossmeldajibs and BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik, wastes public money, hundreds of billions of ringgit, repeatedly squandering it on the wrong people and cock-eyed projects!

If ever there was a government awash with an embarrassment and riches of cluelessness, and drowning in it, this is it, the government of Prime Minister Grossmeldajib who wears the pants, and her husband who wears the skirts.

Donplaypuks® with children and sexual abuse , man!