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by judge for yourself, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for rule by law over rule by justice affairs

The decision yesterday by  High Court Judge Datuk Su Geok Yam that DAP MP Teresa Kok's false arrest under the Internal Security Act in 2008 was lawfully done, stinks to high heaven.

More than that, Judge Su's order awarding costs of RM50,000 each (total RM200,000) to the accused Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, then Home Minister, former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, DSP E Kim Tien and the Malaysian government, is a clear example of judicial incompetency and an absolute travesty of justice. It's incredible that the judge is punishing a completely  innocent Teresa Kok instead of taking the government to task for a malicious arrest and remand!

In 2008, Teresa Kok was arrested over false and totally concocted allegations (by you know who - BUMNO/SCUMNO) that she had complained/ordered a mosque in her constituency not to broadcast the Azan prayers over the loudspeaker system. 

Later, the head of the relevant mosque committee confirmed that faulty wiring was the reason why the Azan had not been broadcast. He also did not mince his words when he said that Teresa Kok had not made any complaint regarding the broadcasting of Azan prayers or been involved in any petitions against the mosque. 

In fact, the mosque committee head confirmed that Teresa Kok had previously helped raise funds for the mosque.

These are solid facts and the absolute truth as to what really happened. Yet, she was detained by order of IGP Musa Hassan under section 73(1) of the ISA on the ground that she had taken part in activities "that could cause tension and racial clashes".  Home Minister Syed Albar who was informed by the IGP of Teresa Kok's arrest, did not lift a finger to find out if the IGP had acted reasonably or to rectify a blatant misuse of the ISA.

She was arrested on 12 September 2008 as treated like a pariah dog, shunted about from police station to police station to prevent lawyers from filing a swift habeas corpus application to the courts. She was not allowed to exercise her Constitutional right to have immediate access to her lawyers. She was eventually released on 19 September 2008.

On 27 September 2008, two petrol bombs were thrown into the compound of her house by unknown extremists, no doubt motivated by swirling rumours of attacks against Muslims, to which fuel was added by the IGP's failure to investigate impartially and scotch the unfounded stories of Teresa Kok's involvement.

I do not care what the law says. If a person has done no wrong, and the police arrested them without investigating and ascertaining all the facts, then the police are wrong. They are the ones who should be charged in court and ordered to pay $200,0000 compensation to Teresa Kok or sent to prison with a stiff sentence to send a pointed message to the Home Minister and the IGP that incompetency and hasty policy actions will not be accepted or tolerated.

If the ISA (or Prevention Of Terrorism Act or Sedition Act) is worded such that it allows arrests so long as "proper procedures are followed" even if police investigations are shoddy and half-past-six or places the onus on the Rakyat to prove their innocence, then it must be Unconstitutional, and judges should have the common sense and decency to rule bearing in mind justice and not rule by (screwed-up) laws!

Recent decisions against Karpal Singh, a lawyer, for merely stating that the Sultans are also subject to the laws of the country, Anwar Ibrahim's conviction for sodomy despite a police officer hopelessly breaking the law and compromising the chain of DNA evidence and other decisions, clearly show that justice is still and ephemeral concept in our courts.

How can that not be, when the government under PM Najib and his (wooden IKEA) Cabinet have yet to implement the recommendations of the 2008 Royal Commissions of Inquiries for the establishment of the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) and prosecution of 2 ex-Chief Justices Ahmad Fairuz and Eusoff Chin for fixing of judicial appointments and corruption, and also ex-PM Mahathir, businessman Vincent Tan and lawyer Lingam for their roles in the 'Lingamgate' judicial-fixing scandal.

If the police and judges know that they will never be held publicly accountable and punished severely for blatant incompetency and professional misconduct, then we are literally giving them a licence to establish a police state much favoured by Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

This flagarant miscarriage of justice against Teresa Kok must be reversed, and the 3 accused -  Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar, then Home Minister, former Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and the Malaysian government - be fined RM 1 million each and Albar and Musa Hassan sent to prison. DSP E Kim Tien should be educated of the Nuremburg principle - that you do not follow orders if it goes against the most basic of human rights, especially if orders are issued by 3rd rate leaders and are based on shoddy and incomplete, unprofessional, biased and racism/religious bigotry-tinged invesigations.

Donplaypuks® with true justice and the law, man!



by richard the lionheart, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for christian affairs

We are quickly being educated about the nature of the evil that surrounds us and those who are intent on perpetrating it. But most of all we are awakening to the bumbling incompetency and idiocy of those whom we have entrusted to keep the law and peace. 

Both by wilful neglect and congenital brain defect, we have a top law enforcer who thinks that intimidating and forcing church officials into removing a cross from a Church wall does not constitute an act of religious bigotry, seditious conduct or plain criminal thuggery. You think the priest who hastily removed the "offending" cross was seduced by the oratory and persuasive powers of libertarians or by fear for his safety and life when accosted by 50 Muslim "demonstrators'? 

Did the demonstrators have a police permit to assemble? How, oh mighty IGP, is, by your own words, a "flash mob", legal?

And by what chain of logical thinking did our IGP arrive at the conclusion that coercing a priest into bringing down the cross did not "touch on Christianity"? So, if some mindless moron should announce that he is vexed deeply by the Azan being broadcast over loudspeakers at some mosque and demands that  it should be shut down permanently, it does not "touch on Islam"? And, are we to believe that our, oh so understanding and sympathetic IGP would in that instance not throw the book at that bigoted moron with lightning speed?

It is not enough that the PM merely expresses his "displeasure". Heads should roll, starting with the IGP and AG.

What we are witnessing did not happen overnight. When the AG prosecuted Karpal for merely stating the law, but refused to do likewise to Ibrahim Ali over "burn the bible" incident and laughed it off by saying "there was no intent to incite hatred" and that he was only defending the "sanctity of Islam", the writing was already on the wall. When the IGP and AG refused to comply with a court order to arrest a father who had kidnapped a daughter and hand over custody to the mother in an Islam conversion case tussle, we knew what real sentiments lay in their hearts of hearts.

By weak leadership on the part of Najib, law enforcers and prosecutors have become the de facto investigators, judge, jury and executioners. Home Ministers and the Cabinet are looking and behaving as though they have been completely emasculated. Law enforcers and prosecutors have become persecutors, resulting in over a hundred arrests in recent weeks under the Sedition Act, with ill-concealed vengeance. Not only has cartoonist Zunar been charged with 43 counts of sedition, it would appear that his printers have also been threatened. In a throw-back to Stalinism, Nazism and Maoism, the IGP has demanded that MOL disclose the names of Zunar books online buyers. 

This is not merely law enforcement with double standards. As the top law enforcers approach retirement, they are also sending out the signals for their post-retirement benefits and rewards. The are giving a broad hint to Najib that they will assist him in creating and maintaining a police state, if he understands what he should bequeath to them in their golden years. The quid pro quo card has been played without a hint of shame or conscience.

If our elected government cannot guarantee freedom of speech and expression, or our fundamental right to practice the religion of our choice, the the government itself has to go. How have all these erosions of our Constitutional rights come about? By government sponsored brainwashing BTN courses and not keeping the ulamas on a tight leash. Why else would a kadi demand that Muslims be exempted from GST or a surau be voluntarily demolished merely because some Buddhists prayed there in innocence?

More than anything else, this dangerous behaviour by some wayward Muslim extremists is due to BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik wanting to stay in power at any cost, and mistakenly thinking that a devil's pact with PAS would be better than being voted completely out of government. How else could we have a prime minister who has not said a word about the Constitutional illegality of hudud laws passed by Kelantan? But Najib has not learnt anything from history, from what has been happened in Egypt, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Iran, Nigeria and Kenya. A Theological State will eventually not evolve, into a glorious democracy and prosperous state, but it will devolve like ISIL, seeking total control and harking everyone back to the dark ages, intolerance and totalitarianism!

But, can we expect the unexpected from Najib? If he claims he is not testicularly challenged, he should throw these perverts and evil men behind bars, yesterday! He should remove religion from schools, universities and government offices, by yesterday.

The good news is, Najib's days are numbered. The bad news is that his replacement may not be any better!

Donplaypuks® with the cross, man!



by the marx brothers, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for laughter, the best medicine

When financially and totally inept prime ministers who borrow RM46 billion with paid up capital of RM1 million, and who list companies which end up trading at 50% below IPO prices, and other senile, racist ex-prime ministers who are not interested in real justice but only how to save their skin and keep their criminally liable political parties in power, all don't know when to quit, Malaysian politics becomes predictable, and often, boring. So, it's time to take a short break and laught it all off.

Here it goes, laughter, the best medicine:

1. Mahathir and Najib – C4 yourself.
2. Batman and Batwoman – blinded by love.
3. Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield, King of the Dwarfs – short.
4. Black Beauty and Black Stallion - stable.
5. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - a curious case of null and voight.
6. Brando and Diane Keaton - shaky, he made her an offer, she sent him a dead fish.
7. De Niro and Diane Keaton - not talking (you talking to me?).
8. Cindrella and Prince Charming - glassy.
9. Dumbo and Jumbo - trunkated.
10. Edward Scissorshands and Betsy Ross – cut to pieces.
11. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart - moved to temple of doom, Indiana, couldn’t keep up with the jones’, relationship going in arks.
12. Hugh Jackman and Famke Janssen - starring in X-rated movies.
13. Jessica Rabbit and Bugs Bunny - virtually over.
14. JFK and Marilyn Monroe – like being hit by a magic bullet.
15. Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock - both high on speed.
16. Keanu Reeves and Trinity - planning a threesome with Agent Smith.

17. Mickey and Minney - who gives a rat’s arse?
18. Obama and Osama – laden with deep sea fears.
19. Pocahontas and John Smith - gone native.
20. Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote - Beep! Beep! (censored)
21. Robert Downey Jr and Gwyneth Paltrow - ironic.
22. Schwarzenegger and Brigette Nielsen – terminated, they will not be back, hasta la vista, baby!
23. Sean Connery and Kissy Suzuki - bonding.
24. Sleeping Beauty and the Prince - yawn!
25. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs - exhausted.
26. Spiderman and Dr. Octopus – everywhichway tangled up in a web of deceit.
27. Spiderman and the Human Lizard – sticky.
28. Squirrels Chip & Dale and Donald Duck - tough nut to quack.
29. The lady and the tramp - in the dog house.
30. Tom and Jerry - still indulging in cat and mouse games.

 Donplaypuks® with relationships, man!



by lease-con , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for bumiputra con-struction con-tracts

One sometimes wonders if Nur Jazlan knows his job as Chairman of The Public Accounts Committee (PAC).  Should we have some respect for his position as a watchdog and caning master or should we just lump him and write him off and the PAC as another shortcoming of the Najib administration. 

Seeing as to how he is the son of former Information Minister Mohamed Rahmat, could we really expect him to crack the whip at the civil service and government for what now seems to be the same litany of woes, only increased in number and monetary value, tabled year in year out by the Auditor General? Can an UMNO/BN MP be neutral in heading the PAC and work totally in the interest of the Rakyat? Shouldn't the PAC be headed by an Oppoistion MP or retired one? Put facetiously, can Dracula be the auditor for the blood bank?

For example, The MAHB blew its budget for KLIA2 by some RM2 billion. Sure, the PAC held an inquiry. But what has the PAC done to ensure LAD is collected from the delinquent contractor and punished those at MAHB who were responsible for this financial fiasco? Have the MAHB Chairman/CEO and Board of Directors been charged in court with dereliction of duty or let off through silent inaction or a slap on the wrist ("You naughty boys!")

For one, a PAC should be judged by what it has exposed and the action actually taken against offending civil servants and Ministers, and not by the number of meetings and inquiries it has convened. Should the Taxpayer accept that the PAC cannot hear this or that because it would be sub-judice Parliamentary inquiry or court cases on some stupid police or MACC investigation? Independent bodies are set up to precisely to step in before the shit hits the fan and the horse has bolted, where dodgy dealings seem to be afoot concerning massive public funds. 

Why are PAC hearings held behind closed doors and not open to the public?

Should a PAC Chairman be publicly gushing over the improbable explanation by MoF Chief Secretary Mohamad Irwan Serigar Abdullah, presumably the main architect behind the whole Pembinaan Private Finance Initiative S/B (PFFI) scheme, that it is "innovative financing"? CLICK HERE for my earlier blog post on the PFFI scheme and concerns. This kind of "innovative financing" would seem, and I hope I am wrong, to border on a kind of fraud by cooking up fancy agreements and valuations, and playing around with semantics.

Basically, the Government borrowed RM30 billion, 20 from EPF (Employees Provident Fund) and 10 from KWAP (Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen or Government Pensioners' Fund) at "commercial rates of interest", and used it to fund, so they say, some 886 projects, for infrastructure, schools etc., employing "small" Bumiputra contractors. 

EPF has for long been the government's perennial whipping boy for all kinds of government bailouts and fire-fighting. KWAP was also the whipping boy for the 2001 RM900 million bailout (by Diam Diam) of TimeDotcom and the more recent RM4 billion in 1MDB's coal mining venture whose value has shrunk by more than 50%, necessitating the government taking over the investment (read as nailout).

PFFI secured the loans by pledging 186 parcels of land valued at RM 30 billion transferred to it by the Federal Land Commissioners (FLC) from government-owned land, which PFFI then sub-leased back to the FLC for RM30 billion payable semi-annually over 15 years. The lease payments are utilised by PFFI to service loan interest to EPF and KWAP.

The curious thing about this whole precarious set-up is that the Bumiputra Contractors' Association (PKMM) seems to know nothing about this mega spending by PFFI. If Nur Jazlan thinks that his answer that "PKMM’s membership is not all-encompassing among the country’s contractor pool and that the projects may have gone to qualified non-members" will wash with the thinking public, he'd better think again. How does he explain that not even a singe project was awarded to a member of PKMM?

When asked if the contracts were awarded by open tender, or direct negotiations (the BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik preferred method), he did Najib and the PR spindoctors from Boston Consulting, McKinsey and Apco proud with his reply:

"All projects were awarded through normal ministry procedures and may involve a mixture of both processes as needed."

"Normal Ministry procedures"? What is normal and who has oversight? How many by open tender and how many by direct negotiations, the preferred BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik non-transparent method? Did Nur Jazlan direct that important question to Serigar Abdullah and PFFI, or is that information Unconstitutionally classified under the Official Secrets Act?  

Perhaps, Nur Jazlan should also ponder over the following questions too, and get straight answers from Serigar Abdullah and the MoF and PM Najib since he's the Finance Minister:

1. Where are the exact locations of these 186 parcels of land?

2. Who did the valuation of the land to arrive at RM30 billion?

3. To secure RM30 billion loan at a margin of say, 70%, the land value would have to be RM43 billion. What is the acreage of land involved and what is the per square foot valuation? Were independent private-sector real estate valuers engaged or was it all done by the government?

4. Did the EPF and KWAP carry out their own independent land valuations, as any self-respecting bank or lender would, and if so, where are the reports and what were the valuations?

5. How does borrowing from EPF and KWAP, both managed and controlled by the government, constitute private funding? Who are you kidding?

6. If the FLC is paying lease rentals of about RM2 billion a year for 15 years (total RM30 billion) what value is it getting for it? The rental payment must give FLC a right to enjoy something. What is that thing, that benefit? Or is it a fictitious arrangement which would then constitute open fraud by the MoF, the Government and PM Najib since he is also the Finance Minister?

7. Why is the list of projects a big secret? Surely the public is entitled to know the names of the contractors, what were the projects, whether they were awarded by open tender or direct negotiation and how much each was paid. Most importantly, were the projects completed and was there value for money audits done by the MoF or the Auditor General?

8. Malaysian Government Security (MSG) interest rate +15 basis points is about 4% per annum. How can this be called competitive loan rates for EPF and KWAP? Why should EPF and KWAP lend at this low rate when it has a duty to its members to maximise its income and profits? Does this not constitute arm-twisting EPF and KWAP to the financial detriment of its members?

9. Ultimately, it is the Taxpayer who will be funding the project and not the private sector. The FLC will have to keep coughing up, on average, RM2 billion a year for 15 years. The interest on RM30 billion @ say 4%, is RM1.2 billion, leaving RM800 million a year to service loan capital and operating overheads. So, where will the government get some RM 18-20 billion to repay EPF and KWAP the balance of the loan when it eventually matures in 2023?

10. Is the MoF using part of the RM30 billion to service what appears to be its "cooked up" lease payment obligation of RM2 billion  a year with PFFI? Is this proper and in the public interest?

11. Doesn't this resemble the 1MDB situation, where basically government guarantee is being used to raise capital, in this case 100% borrowing, and the cash flow shortage is being financed by rolling loans over again and again? Is this an acceptable business model, where there is grave doubt that the land pledged is worth anywhere near RM30 billion?

12. “The PAC was also asked on the risks born by the ministry and how the funds are managed and utilised,” said Nur Jazlan. 

What was their answer? Don't worry, there's is absolutely no risk? Easy to say that when it's not your money or risk, isn't it? 

Look at the 1MDB mess, and then say "absolutely no risk" again! 

I shudder when PAC officials, politicians and Chief Secretaries to the Government nonchalantly dismiss RM30 billion and RM46 billion debts which ultimately the Taxpayer/Rakyat will have to foot, as though we are talking about peanuts. 

Who do we have heading these important government posts with their multi-billion rinngit budgets - financially savvy Warren Buffet-types or Monkeys/Chimpanzees?

 Donplaypuks® with fictitious lease arrangements and mysterious RM30 billion projects, man!



by custom and exercise, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for robbing the people affairs

It's incredible that Service Charge has been around some 30 years and yet people are confused over who charges it and who actually gets to keep the money. How come all these years everyone who ate at restaurants and even some popular coffee shops keeps scratching their heads over the +10% Service Charge and  +6% Service/Government Tax? 


Your glorious Grossmeldajib, the prime minister who wears the pants, and her husband who wears the skirts and panties, generously increased Service Tax from 5% to 6 % a couple of years ago, without giving any logical reason for it. So, the 6% GST (ex-Service Tax) is charged by your (not my) Government. 

The Customs & Excise Department collects it to blow it, I suppose, on new jets costing RM 450 million, free trips for cronies to Kazakhstan for wedding engagements, 1 MDB etc., all extremely value-for-money spending by those who are increasingly proving to be totally unaccountable to the Rakyat who voted them into office and vested power in them to rule the country justly.


Put simply, the +10% Service Charge is levied on unsuspecting customers by the restaurant and NOT THE GOVERNMENT. Legally, the restaurant gets to keep the money. The original logic for charging SC was that many, stressed out trying to figure out how much they should tip waiters, committed suicide or hara kiri, causing a lot of mess on the premises. So, restaurants introduced a fixed 10% Service Charge and added it to the bill to save unnecessary deaths. NO MORE TIPPING!

The restaurant owner is supposed to then divvy up the Service Charge collected and pay it to the waiters as part of their monthly remuneration incentive. My experience in auditing suggests that many restaurant owners take the whole whack for themselves, or in some cases, sapu 50% for themselves, leaving the balance for the waiters as their share. A few honest owners, pass 100% of the Service Charge to the waiters.

Let me explain this with a simple illustration which will show not only the Service Charge, but also, the GST con:

Restaurant food charge -    RM100.00
Service Charge @ 10% - RM  10.00
Sub-total -                           RM110.00

GST 110 @ 6%           -     RM   6.60

Total Bill -                         RM116.60


1. When costing in the charge for a restaurant meal, the owner has already included ALL overheads (direct food cost, cooks etc, administration and sales) including the salary, Epf/Socso, OT, holiday pay, increment, health, travel, incentives, etc. of ALL staff, not just waiters, as well as contingencies and recovery of capital expenditure. His profit, would be reflected in the mark up e.g. if the cost is RM1 per meal, then he would charge RM3 for a meal (300% mark up), giving him a gross profit 67%. Do not forget that all businesses also claim back capital expenditure, except for renovations, from the government. So, how is the extra 10% Service Charge justifiable? What do you get for it if the waiter is already paid a salary to do his job? Good behaviour and service from the waiters? But, that's already included and guaranteed in the cost of the meal. Ambiance? That will be claimed from the Government by deduction from profits as capital expenditure allowance.

2. If the service is lousy, can you refuse to pay? Legally, no. You have to take the restaurant owner to court, and really, in practise, who has the time to do this? Laws should be in place to protect primarily the consumer, not just the service provider, yet we have this legally enforced 'pay first, dispute later' law!

3. A well-know newspaper columnist has argued that consumers have a choice. If you don't want to pay Service Charge, you can go to a eatery that does not charge it. But really, is this fair to the consumer? Can you hold a wedding dinner in a coffee shop or road-side stall to avoid paying Service Charge? Why should consumers have to pay, especially since the capital expenditure of many eateries are subsidised by the Taxpayer in the form of capital allowances and tax breaks?

In my opinion, Service Charge should be outlawed. In USA for example, you are expected to leave a tip of 10%-15% of food bill as tips; there is no service charge. Again, to me, this is unacceptable. Tipping and Service Charge should be optional. Let the consumer decide how much EXTRA, if any, the service is worth and tip accordingly. And if waiters are being screwed by restaurant owners with low wages, that's where the law should step in and legislate that they be paid a livable, minimum wage. Leaving everything loaded in favour of business operators, results mostly in the PAYING consumer being taken for a ride.


The basic rules of taxation have always been straightforward:

1. No taxation without representation. If a referendum were to be held tomorrow on the single issue of Yes or No GST, it's guaranteed that GST would be thrown out. Did the Grossmeldajibs and BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik dare ask the Rakyat for a mandate by including it in their General Election 2013 manifesto? Of course, they didn't have the balls to do so. So, we have been screwed once again by your (not my, I did not vote for her, you did) glorious Grossmeldajib, the prime minister who wears the pants, and her husband who wears the skirts and panties.

2. Simplicity. Here again the Grossmeldajibs have failed because, despite several years in the planning, there is total confusion over what is exempt and what is not, and what is taxable and what is not. Is it not incredible that the Transformers in the Grossmeldajibs department with its RM17 billion budget licence to spend without disclosure, transparency or accountability, have NOT come out with a comprehensive GST reference booklet?

3. Fairness. How is it fair? By what logic is Service Tax or GST fair especially when it is the middle and low income citizens who will bear the brunt of it? Did they cut income tax? What has the Government done to improve the Rakyat's lot to justify asking the Rakyat to pay this extra tax on top of Income Tax and Real Property Gains Tax? Simple question: Are potato chips crispier or do they taste better the next day when GST is charged, its flavour improved by a gaji buta Government?

Looking at the example above, you will notice that GST is charged on the restaurant's Service Charge as well. In simple words, you pay 6% GST on the RM100 food cost AS WELL AS 6% on the restaurant's Service Charge!! Your GST bill is 6% x RM100 = RM6 + 6% on Service Charge of RM10 = 0.60 cents, TOTAL RM6.60!!!! 

WTF should the government tax something it contributed nothing to improve? Remember, all this money from GST is going, not to improve your standard of living, but to service interest arising from the RM550 billion National Debt the Grossmeldajibs have run up. Under the Grossmeldajibs, the national debt has more than doubled!! The annual cost of servicing debt alone is about RM25-30 billion. Now you know why GST was introduced - to cover up the total mismanagement of the economy by the Grossmeldajibs!! 


You will have read today that the Government is raising another RM7 billion in bond debt to pay for the loss of money arising from the 15% depreciation in ringgit value this year. The ringgit is the worst-performing currency in Asia this year - 3.70 vs US$ and 2.67 vs Singapore $. Why are we fire-fighting now instead of having properly planned ahead against monetary erosion. You still think that our central bank has been managed well to deserve international accolades and awards? When prime ministers and central bank governors are too long in office, complacency and sloth sets in. That's a natural law.

We need changes here and now and if you vote BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik again next time, be prepared to stand in rice, bread, sugar, salt and meat queues come 2018,  BRIMming with hunger and fuming in anger.

Get off your backs and support the move to rid this nation, once not so long ago considered a tropical paradise, of the Grossmeldajibs and their entire administration of low IQ incompetents, rogues, economic saboteurs, plunderers and looters - a Government of Thieves and traitors! 

Donplaypuks® with indiscriminate taxes, get rid of the Grossmeldajibs, man!



by I swear with fingers crossed, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for  C4 murder affairs

Ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Bawadi's (AAB) unsolicited opinion last week that PM Najib has nothing to do with Altantuya's murder on 19 October 2006, deserves serious examination, analysis and rebuttal. 

But before that, we must recognise that paid and unpaid BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik bloggers waged a hate campaign against AAB while he was still PM in 2008, citing the loss of the 2/3 majority as a primary reason. (As Najib barely won the 2013 General Elections with a much reduced majority compared to Badawi, in fact losing the popular vote by 47:53, why did these same bloggers not ask for his head on a platter?). They openly supported Maha Firaun in toppling him, and gloated in their blogs, when AAB eventually resigned.

In fact, the smear crusade against AAB went from the sublime to the ridiculous, when the paid and unpaid BUMNO/SCUMNO bloggers attempted to re-write history to blame AAB for ALL the ills and woes that arose from 22 years of Maha Firaun's evil regime.  Maha actively encouraged economic and criminal looting and plundering and grand auto-theft and larceny on an unprecedented scale with deliberately under-prepared prosecutions of cronies, or at worst, a slap on the wrist. Affirmative action policies meant to benefit the genuinely disadvantaged were diverted for their own benefit by cronies and BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik  "warlords". Thievery had become the culture of BUMNO/ SCUMNO/Barang Naik to the extent that you could not distinguish the crooks from the PM, Ministers and Deputy Ministers. 

One of them still continues to blame AAB and 'the Brader" for every economic and financial mishap and awry policies, such as education and religious curricula, going back to 1980. Yet, it was Maha Firaun and his side-kick Diam Diam who ruled with an iron fist and were responsible for all those mega financial scandals, brooking no opposition from within or without. Who was responsible for the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis that bankrupted many Bumiputra businesses and spawned many bailouts mostly using Petronas's money - Maha Firaun with his grandiose white elephant spending, poor planning, PR and international jew-baiting or "the Brader" and AAB? Who compensated a crony RM700 million for a crooked bridge whose proper design had not even seen pen put to paper when it was rightfully cancelled by AAB - Maha Firaun or "the Brader" or AAB?

Why was AAB made to appear the villain of the piece? Was he perceived as being more corrupt and crony-controlled than Maha Firaun? Did he, like Maha Firaun, cover-up RM30 billion of forex losses generated by the central bank, and lie to Parliament and the citizens about it? And then to rub salt into the wound, bring back as Minister the very shaitan (devil) who was sacked for the galactic forex trading losses, and allow him to prosper financially?

First, AAB rectified the injustice done to "the Brader" vis-a-vis the Sodomy1 trials by setting him free from prison. That was a very resounding slap that reverberated internationally from the thick skin of Maha Firaun's face. 

AAB was also targeted because he, instead of paying lip-service and packing Royal Commission of Inquiries (RCI) with testicularly challenged 'yes men' actually instituted RCI's which made welcome recommendations. The 'Judge For Yourself' RCI instructed the AG to proceed with charges against 2 ex-Chief Justices (AND Maha Firaun for his role) for fixing senior judicial appointments, and corruption. The RCI's 'yes' to the setting up of the IPCMC was another milestone for a more open government under AAB. As of today, the premiership under Grossmeldajib who wears the pants and her husband who wears the skirts and panties, has not lifted a finger to implement the recommendations of these two RCI's. Instead they have resurrected the colonial-era (once communist targeted) Sedition Act after announcing to the whole world that it would be abolished, and bolstered it with an even more repressive Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) to which all right-minded citizens must say 'PODA' (piss off, in Tamil).

But perhaps, the biggest public slap in Maha Firaun's face was when AAB apologised on behalf of the people for the sacking in 1988 of Chief Justice Salleh Abas. The termination was manipulated and engineered completely by Maha Firaun, who some years later again lied and misled the citizens by attempting to shift the entire blame for the fiasco, outrageously to a Sultan. AAB approved RM10 million compensation be paid to Salleh Abas, as well as RM5 million to two other judges who stood their ground against Maha Firaun's evil deed in compromising the judiciary and setting judges against judges and lawyers against lawyers.

After what seemed an eternity, we had a prime minister who had the cojones to restore a clear separation of powers between the Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary.

But this did not sit well with Maha Firaun or BUMNO/SCUMNO 'Ketuanan' extremists. If Maha Firaun were ever forced to spill the beans, it would be curtains for  them all! No more gaji buta (sinecure) billion ringgit contracts, or Plc chairmanships and directorships. No more 'lawatan sambil belajar' (study-cum-travel) visits to Bangkok, (the belly-dancing halls) of Cairo, and Lebanon, to Disneyland and London, Paris, Tokyo, Munich, Sydney and New York, all expenses paid, spouses, second, third & fourth wives, mistresses and maids included. They started the vilification by viciously labeling AAB 'The Sleeping PM" even though they were all well aware that he tended to nod off in Parliament and public function as he suffered from "Sleep Apnea' disorder, and not from late-night partying. They 'anonymously' published photographs of AAB snoozing. The rest is history. But let's not be deceived either into thinking that AAB was an angel.
AAB was quoted a few days ago as saying: 

"Based on the findings from the thorough investigation conducted by the Royal Malaysian Police that was conveyed to me, it was confirmed that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is not involved at all in the case."

So thorough that 2 police officers were charged with perjury, Azilah was not read his rights when interrogated and Sirul's signed and sworn full and chilling confession was ruled inadmissible at the High Cour trial. They could not produce an iota of evidence to prove that Altantuya was shot, yet went through the whole rigmarole of linking a bullet casing "found" in Sirul's car with a Heckler & Koch silencer-fittted machine gun assigned to him, even though a UTK weapons store-keeper testified on the stand that all bullets issued to Sirul had been returned intact!! So thorough that the police could not identify the owner/driver of a blue proton car that had passed by Abdul Razak Baginda's house on the night of the murder, yet RPK could, so easily. So, thorough, that till today we do not know if immigration records were erased, although a witness testified to that effect in open court! So thorough, that judges and prosecutors were switched at the last moment without proper notice or explanations. And there's more (later)......

So, AAB's 'opinion' was based on the investigation carried out by ex-IGP Tan Sri Musa Hassan. But Musa has now come out publicly to say that he had in fact filed a report in 2006 identifying the motive for Altantuya's murder, thereby socking one to the goolies of the current IGP who warned citizens not to speculate about the motive for Altantuya's murder. He cited that "action could be taken for undermining the judiciary". Musa more or less also kicked the ball into Abdul Razak Baginda's court when he said:

"But what motive is there to establish for Azilah and Sirul to kill Altantuya, when the main suspect has been cleared?"  

So, how did AAB conclude that Najib had nothing to do with Altantuya's murder by C4 explosives when 5 persons associated with him were implicated in her murder?:

1. Abdul Razak Baginda (St. John's alumni and primary beneficiary through Perimekar S/B, of RM575 million "support and co-ordination" fee related to the M7.5 billion navy contract signed by Najib for 2 Scorpene submarines).
2. DSP Musa Safir (Najib's security chief).
3. Aide and adviser, Nasir Safar (driver of blue proton car).
4. Azilah Hadri (and Rohaniza Roslan, his girlfriend of 9-years standing), head of PM and Deputy PM's security detail).
5. Sirul Azhar Umar (member of PM/Deputy PM's security detail).

What about that Military Intelligence Report and RPK's Statutory Declaration made on 18 June 2008 in which he swore he was reliably informed that a very well-know prime minister's wife was spotted at the murder scene at the time of the murder? (CLICK HERE).

Najib may have sworn on the Koran. That may allay the suspicions of some Muslims, but not all. We all now know that the Hudud Bill approved by the Kelantan State government appears to be in conflict with the actual words and provisions in the Koran. So, did Najib comply with the actual requirements of the Koran, or a modified version of it? He said 'the Mongolian woman" not Altantuya, didn't he? Why? Why did he not specifically identify her by name? In any event, the rest of the civilized world is fully entitled to hold him accountable to the laws of the land and a standard that is enshrined in the Constitution. Otherwise, there is a loophole here which any Muslim can easily exploit to avoid facing the full force of the civil and criminal laws of our country.

More than anything else, the yes, no, yes, verdicts by three courts is a clear indication that either a re-investigation and re-trial is necessary, OR, given that fingers are being pointed at the occupant of the highest public office in the land, a Royal Commission of Inquiry is in order. Who sits on the panel of this RCI must not be influenced or dictated to by Maha Firaun, Najib and his Cabinet or BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik. Neither must any ex-IGP or ex-CJ be appointed to the panel. 

I think  Justice Hishamuddin Mohd Yunus, or ex-High Court judge Syed Ahmad Idid Syed Abdullah Aidid who was hounded out of office by the AG for telling the truth about judges on the take, would be ideal. We want judges of impeccable stature and integrity to ferret out the truth and recommend the punishment for thieves and murderers;  bloodhounds as opposed to mere watchdogs, and not 'yes men' and BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik lap dogs and poodles like a certain accountable committee which always renders the verdict that "all government procedures were adhered to, so, there was no wrong-doing". Bah, what a bunch of  cover-up artistes and a total waste of public money!

I am afraid AAB has to be more forthcoming and provide more details or BUTT OUT!!

Donplaypuks® with murders, investigations and alibis, man!
Based on the findings from the thorough investigation conducted by the Royal Malaysian Police that was conveyed to me, it was confirmed that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is not involved at all in the case - See more at:
Based on the findings from the thorough investigation conducted by the Royal Malaysian Police that was conveyed to me, it was confirmed that Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak is not involved at all in the case - See more at:



by sherlock holmes kutty, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent from kerala for  C4 murder affairs

Let us be very, very clear right at the outset:

Mahathir is as interested in finding out who gave Azilah and Sirul the orders to kill Altantuya, as much as he would be interested in promoting a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) investigation into the alleged 1990's Bank Negara forex losses, reputed to be RM30 billion, under his prime ministership and direct stewardship, or about the RM1.7 billion bailout by Petronas of Perkapalan, his son's public listed company, following the 1998 Asian Currency Crisis, or any of the financial misdeeds resulting in losses of over RM500 billion to the nation caused by one, Maha Firaun LISTED HERE. 

I mean, why should Mahathir care now, some 9 years after Altantuya's murder, who killed her? If his conscience had ever been really pricked, it should have been in 2006 and not now, when partial justice has been delivered.

Mahathir will not dare re-open the Altantuya murder case to expose anything. Few will remember that the RM7.5 billion Scorpene submarines contract between the Royal Malaysian Navy and DCNS of France was signed on 5 June 2002, when Mahathir was still the prime minister of Malaysia. While Najib may have been the Defence Minister who actually inked the contract on behalf of the government, you think Mahathir did not know the details of all the alleged crookedness behind that contract and that famous RM575 million "support and co-ordination" fee paid to Baginda's Perimekar S/B? 

Does anyone think that Mahathir will allow all those retired admirals, senior naval officers, Ministry of Defence big wigs and Ministers to be put to the sword so nakedly and publicly, and eventually have the guns trained on himself? Yeah sure, if sharks could fly.

So, let's not allow ourselves to be kidded by that old goat, Malaysia's biggest hypocrite and "father of racism" (as labelled by Nazri). 

Is he, good Lord, doing this for the good of the nation then? No, don't be silly, come on, wake up! Pure, unadulterated altruism was always a dirty word in BUMNO/SCUMNO Baru, Mahathir's creation; it was always 3 for us, 1 for.....

So, if he was not worried about RM30 billion in 1990, why would he really be pacing up and down in his dotage, kept alive by the miracles of modern medicine, about 1MDB's RM46 billion borrowings and "investment" losses? Nah, $46 billion wouldn't interrupt his sleep any more than an elephant would be bothered by a mosquito bite.

It's all bluff and counter-bluff. What he really wants is for Grossmajib, the Prime Minister who wears the pants and carries the RM200,000 Birkin handbag in her family, and her husband, to vacant post-haste their offices in Putrajaya, and preferably, disappear on a one-way ticket to Khazakhstan or Mongolia.

You see, if the PM disappears tomorrow, then, naturally, there would arise a vacant Deputy Prime Minister's post. And ergo naturally too, what better moment to elevate a young stallion, albeit one reputed not to have much upstairs where IQ is concerned, to be groomed to eventually (sooner, rather than later) take over the reins completely in Putrajaya? 

Naturally too, isn't there a relative of Mahathir, a young Turk (albeit one reputed not to have much upstairs where IQ is concerned) who is woefully languishing in the boondocks up North, warming a seat that is way too small for the stratospheric ambitions of men like Mahathir, who yet aspire to leave a legacy that may, the Lord permit, yet one day be compared with that left behind by Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore?

But there is a small problem here. Mukh does not have the wherewithal to look beyond a new RM2-3 billion white elephant losing airport in Alor Star (from which BUMNO/SCUMNO will hope to hive off a third), while Mahathir is looking at infinity and beyond. And therein lies the age-old problem between megalomaniacs and self-appointed 'beneficial' dictators who wank themselves into fantasizing that they are would-be empire builders and big fish in small ponds, and their lily-livered sons.

So, while other IQ challenged Ministers like Sabri may labour under the weird misconception that accusing Mahathir of gerrymandering in the 2000's may stop his onslaught against Najib, the johnny-come-lately's like Kadir Jasin and others are lining the streets and cheering Mahathir on, as though he were a kind of JFK, a bulwark against corruption, economic looting, plundering and thieving. But was he not the father of it all? SSh!

Do you honestly expect the wolf to shepherd the sheep to safety? Is your head screwed on the right way?

Long before most, I wrote about the 1MDB RM46 billlion debt debacle, and the horror of the Altantuya murder and called for action and justice here:

I have not given up, never! And, if the IGP wants to know where to start, vis-a-vis re-opening the Altantuya murder case, motives and who gave the orders, he could start with another look at RPK's Statutory Declaration (CLICK HERE) of 18 June 2008. The following may have reliable information:

1. RPK's (then) buddy - Nik Azmi Nik Daud aka Bul.
2. Lt. Colonle Azmi bin Zainal Abidin, (ex-No.2?) Military Intelligence (about a certain military intelligence report).
3. Lt. Colonel Aziz Buyong and his wife Lt. Colonel Norhayati Hassan.
4. Ex-PM Abdullah Ahmad Bawadi (about a certain military intelligence report).
5. MP Khairuddin Jamaluddin (AAB's son-in-law about a certain military intelligence report).
6. A certain Ruler (about a certain military intelligence report).

Of course, the IGP could actually go to Australia and try sweet-talking Sirul instead of twittering about it. Or, offer Azilah a deal. We want the masterminds to hang, not the minions.

Deepak could also be brought in for a round of "friendly" questioning. After all, he announced yesterday that he would sing sweeter than a canary if granted immunity. Note too, that all his YouTube videos and 'Black Rose 1.0' accusing the Grossmajibs of this, that and the other are still there, and no one has sued Deepak. Where there's a will, there's a way, and don't be a twit about it, IGP. 

The problem peculiar to Malaysia is that we have been ruled so long by thieves and crooks and looters like Maha Firaun, the sleeping PM and his sil, and the Grossmajibs, that we think that we need one crook to unseat another.

No, we don't! No one is indispensable and the Rakyat should seize the initiative, lock all the villains in the dungeon and throw the keys away. If the next PM doesn't measure up, we'll throw him too into the black hole. 

In the meantime, if Mahathir is all the weapon we have to pack the Grossmajibs off to hell, so be it. But, we don't owe Mahathir nothing. Not 1 cent!

 Donplaypuks® with what's been reliably told, man!