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by logan weirdowolf red ridingwolfowitz
donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for wolverine affairs

Most Asians have a healthy disrespect for the very (same) Governments they themselves regularly elect. Over and over again, for sometimes fifty years at a stretch.

It is not that they do not know the electoral system and process are tainted or that it is never fixed because 'it ain't broke' as far as the roll call of usual gerrymandering suspect incumbents are concerned. Or that they do not recognise the inherent danger in not securing by legislation that no Great Leader or his anointed compliant (to the will of the Great Leader) Ministers or CEO’s of Government-Linked Companies shall warm the seat of their chairs for more than two terms.

No, they derive great vicarious thrill in submitting themselves to the masochistic pleasure of approving 20 & 30-year tenure of office for Prime Ministers, Presidents, Ministers & CEO’s; and then flip-flop about raving and ranting about abuse of power, lack of accountability, transparency and the unaccounted for Midas-like wealth of the Peoples' Representatives.

Which reminds me of the masochist who begs ‘Whip me, Whip Me!’ and the sadist who smiles slyly and whispers back in a sexy, hoarse tone ‘No, no, never.’

Such a State of neglected affairs lends itself to the logical extension of a Government which bleats 'ask me no questions and I will tell you no lies.' Which is as subtle a warning as you can get to lull you into a true sense of security!

Across the southern Causeway at an unknown neighbouring island, it is the more bulldog-like bark of 'ask no questions or where is the food on your table? Plato knew better.'

Yet across our northern border is the crisp military-like staccato 'ask no questions or be accused of lese majeste.' Getting to know you, Sawadikap!

Elsewhere it might be ‘ask no questions. As for Formosa, as for the RamaLamaDingDong. So it is written, so it shall be done!’

Eastwards? ‘Ask no questions, blame the Yankees.’ Or ‘Ask no questions, we will not make war reparations.’

In the land of a thousand Buddhas? ‘Ask no questions, the lady’s not free for answering today!’

In the land of Pancha Sila? ‘Ask no questions. 'Bang, the Dictator’s dead. Long live the Dictator. 'Bang!’

We are a borderless continent of 'ask no question' regimes and juntas. We worship the facade of Democracy, that’s all, the facade. Fascia, Truly Asia!

Thus, we are told inflation is chugging along just fine at under 3%.

Fine, but bread, rice, meat prices and electricity, water, telephone, bus fares, even parking charges went off the top of the charts and our roofs?

Ask no questions. We have the statistically correct bloody basket and (ssh) body count!

Per capita income grew by 40% in 4 years. Hooray!!

Fine, but that would imply, our single-digit GDP growth rate exceeded the double-digit rates for China & India?

Ask no questions. You should not give too much credence to pre-election hype. Anyway, you can never trust the Commies or Indian lawyers!

Special Rights Groups’ 30% Equity targets have been exceeded. They actually have 45%?

Ask no questions. Ten hutt! Sack da rumour-mongering Chinky bugger!!

9 million Telekom shares were siphoned off?

Ask no questions. Look, ma, Clean hands, clean head. NFA!

Was the land deliberately over-valued? Did the Hon. Minister have the authority to issue letters of support for the $ billion project now over-blown to $4 billion and requiring State bail-out?

Ask no questions. My predecessors were responsible. We are (forever) looking into it.

Will our oil reserves be exhausted by 2025? Will we be a net importer of oil by 2011, 2015, 2020 or 2025? Is the balance sheet healthy? What else have you subsidised and are not telling us about?

Ask no questions. How can we know what is it you do not know? We are not mind-readers, are we? The accounts are filed in the library at Parliament.

Did learned Judge holiday with learned bar-prop Shyster?

Ask no questions. Pure coincidence. A monologue between 2 consenting adults. NFA.

Did Hon. Pharoah issue veiled threats to Hon. Judge? Was there an attempt to indoctrinate apanama, learned judges?

Ask no questions. We forget! NFA.

In the wake of institutionalised blatant obfuscation and systematic scorched-earth tactics employed by our Governors, we, the People have to learn to scream at the top of our lungs.


For, when you see a WOLF in sheeps’ clothing, do not adjust your lenses, rub your eyes or blink in confusion. There is nothing wrong with your vision, senses or innate instincts. Head at full tilt to the top of the hill and scream ‘WOLF! WOLF!’ Even at the risk of crying WOLF! once too often.


But there is no known defence against a WOLF IN WOLF’s CLOTHING, is there? Silver bullets?


donplaypuks with the X-men, man!

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