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This is a recurring nightmare in our nation! Much has already been said about it in recent years in the MSM, blogosphere and most importantly, Parliament. Yet it keeps happening!

The latest episode where 14 year-old Aminulrasyid Amzah allegedly fell victim to a police officer's bullet in Shah Alam is heart wrenching.

Aminul, who was illegally cruising in his family car with a friend at 2 a.m., apparently tried to flee a police roadblock. The police, who pursued in two patrol cars and cornered him allege he tried to reverse his car, interpreted this as an attempt to ram into them and opened fire. A police officer from this posse, aiming for the car tyres, loosened off four shots, one of which fatally took out Aminul. None of the other officers are reported to have opened fire. Aminul's friend managed to flee the scene without being apprehended!!

The police also allege they found a machete in Aminul's car and later branded him a criminal, though of what kind is not clear !

Selangor Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar was quoted as saying that the four police officers involved in the shooting had been reassigned to desk duities pending an internal inquiry.

However, Aminul's friend who managed to escape the long arms of the law, has apparently made a police report giving a conflicting version of events, as reported at as follows:

"The witness claimed they overtook a police vehicle, which later chased their car, and it was during the pursuit that the cops allegedly opened fire, forcing them to come to a halt. The report said that when the witness alighted from the car to surrender, he was kicked and punched by the policemen. However, the witness managed to flee the scene and returned home."

Some questions that spring to mind are:

1. If two patrol cars had cornered Aminul, why the need to open fire? Did the police officers spot Aminul or his friend holding anything that looked remotely suspicious like a fire-arm or dangerous weapon?

2. If experienced police officers were involved and had only aimed at the car tyres, how did the bullet travel head high to fatally injure Aminul?

3. How did Aminul's friend manage to escape even though he was cornered by two patrol cars and so many police officers?

Hopefully, the truth will emerge soon. Meanwhile, we weep as we still do for TBH and justice.

Aminulrasyid Amzah, may your soul rest in peace! The nation awaits an answer!

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Unknown said...

Truly glad to see you blogging this way. I believe more wonderful posts are coming from you :-).

My sympathies to Aminulrasyid's family and may he rest in peace and may justice prevail!

mamasita said...

Hopefully the top cops will check on this case thoroughly..its of course very sad.If negligence were to be found,I'm very sure the superiors are going to take proper action..please please, do not allow this sort of fumbling to occur again if so.

To us all parents, please try your best not to allow our young teenagers to go out cruising at night..its so dangerous!
We never know..anything can happen..
To the late Aminul's parents, we share your deep sorrow.So very sad.
Al-Fatihah to aruah Aminulrasyid Amzah..May God Bless His Soul.

Anonymous said...

HOW did the witness escape !!??
Ironman rescued him !!

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah Aminulrasyid.
I share the sorrow of your family.
I hope the police will leave no stone unturned in the investigation.
P.S. donplaypuks, I was the one who posted this on KT's blog. Thanks for caring. As you said we are all Malaysians.

raj raman said...

UMnoo is Mafia.
The "Law keeper" is Yakuza.
Both of them Lawless in running this Malaysia Bolih.

rajraman666.May the boy soul rest in peace.

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