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by, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for the law is an ass affairs

It would be an understatement to say that it was merely another interesting day at Court No.3 on the 5th floor in the Jalan Duta complex.

Put more succinctly, you could have blown me over with a feather!!

Many had, especially after RPK chose to deal with justice/injustice on his own terms from London, Manchester, Melbourne, Ular Bator, Mars, Jupiter or wherever, rubbished his earlier expose about Saiful having met up with one, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Rodwan, on 25th June 2008, a day prior to when Saiful alleges he had been involved in a non-consensual penetrative sodo mee scandal with DSAI.

Today, in a purple patch of insightful and non-consensual deeply penetrative cross-examination, the Tiger of Jelutong, Karpal Singh, lead counsel for DSAI, elicited some electrifying disclosures from Saiful that fully vindicated RPK whose uncanny gift and cult status for leaking closely held police investigative secrets were, if anything, raised to Olympian heights!!

Firstly, Saiful confirmed under sworn testimony from the stand that after dropping out from Telekom University, he solicited assistance from Dato Sri Najib Tun Razak (then Deputy Prime Minister) in January 2008 over the phone at his office in the form of a letter of recommendation for a Study Loan for an Aircraft Pilot's Course (in Kota Bahru) which required only an SPM qualification .

Next, he revealed he also visited Najib at his private residence in KL at about 8 p.m. on 24th June 2008. The meeting lasted some 20 minutes only. Present at that encounter were Saiful's liaison friend and Najib's special officer Khairil Anas Jusoh from whose residence they had driven to Najib's house, as well as one of Najib's security personnel.

Saiful then opened his heart to Najib who however DID NOT offer him any advice. Saiful was quite adamant about that!

As events unfolded that night, Najib apparently asked his aide for Inspector General of Police (IGP) Musa Hassan's handphone number and while being given it verbally, Saiful's sharp ears registered it and he keyed it into his handphone's memory because he felt the IGP may be another person to open up to about his "situation."

Saiful spotted the the DPM's wife, Rosemah only as he was leaving the house, though he did not say exactly which part of the house he spotted her at.

After he returned to Khairil's house and then home, he telephoned IGP Musa Hassan and engaged him in a one minute conversation before he was cut off by Musa who told him in no uncertain terms not to call him on his handphone. Saiful was left with the impression the IGP thought it was a crank call!!

Later on the same night of 24th June 2008, he received a call from ACP Rodwan and made for a rendezvous with  him at a room in Melia Hotel. Oddly, the only conversation they had was confirming an appointment to meet up the next afternoon, 25th of June 2008, at Concorde Hotel. But curioser and curioser, the Concorde Hotel rendezvous did not materialise and neither did ACP Rodwan call him nor did Saiful contact him again!!?

And now comes the whammer! 

Subsequent to the alleged sodo mee incident with DSAI on 26th June 2008, Saiful met up late night with one Rahimi Omar and four other persons in Rawang on 27th June 2008, thought he did not say what for, before heading for that surely fated Pusrawi Clinic for a medical examination on 28th June:

1. His Uncle Pet, Tuah bin Mohammad Ali with whom he shared rented living premises.
2. Khairil Anas Jusoh.
3. Datuk Mumtaz Begum Jaafar, a former M'sian athlete from the '70's and alleged by RPK to be a close friend and business associate of Rosemah.

PM Najib's wife Dato Seri Rosmah Mansor, Dato Khairil Anas Jusoh and Dato Mumtaz all sit on the Board of Directors of YAKEB (Yayasan Kebajikan Atlet Kebangsaan of which Rosmah is Chairman) or the National Foundation for the Welfare of Athletes, verifiable at :


here comes the coup de grace, 

DrrrrrrrrrrrRummm (roll of drums) Tung Chang Chang (clash of cymbals):

4. YB recently appointed Senator Mohamed Ezam Nor, DSAI's former left hand man who left PKR in 2007 and surprise, surprise, joined UMNO on 28th May 2008!!!! There is a rumour floating about YB, great expectations and the Deputy Home Minister's post in a soon to be announced Cabinet Reshuffle! 

It was definitely not a day for those with pacemaker implanted hearts or angioplasty stent-lined arteries.

Did we get a thunderbolt about a conspiracy of sorts or what?

What will the cat bring in tomorrow?



On Tuesday Saiful not only denied under cross-examination that a 'plastic object' had been inserted into his anus during sodo mee II as recorded by a burmese doctor at Pusrawi Clinic, he also accused the doctor of lying!!

But this is very interesting. Saiful (not Anwar or his associates) picked the Pusrawi Clinic randomly. Anwar Ibrahim and 99.99% of M'sia knew nothing about medical examinations or police report of sodo mee II until a few days later. So, why on earth would an unknown doctor of 25 year's service and experience who did not personally know Saiful or Anwar Ibrahim, lie about a confession from Saiful about a 'plastic object' in his anus?

Did Saiful feel he had been cornered over a crucial piece of evidence and was  trapped into lying about the doctor lying? Because, if the 'plastic object' turns out to be a condom, wherof then 3 day-old seminal fluids, sperm stains and samples??!!


Anonymous said...

thanks !

Anonymous said...

Woi, the burmese doctor had some links with Anwar. Go surf the net! Anyone can force him to fake the report. Anyway, what plastic material is that? dildo ?syringe? Let the doc answer.... haha!
So far, no signs of conspiracy. Sequence of event does not suggest a high profile conspiracy. You need highly professional agents to conduct a conspiracy. not a univ drop out. and 20 mins meeting with Najib?

Najib, Rosmah, Musa Hassan, Saiful, Tuah, Mumtaz, Rahimi, etc etc must sit together around a table and plan this carefully over Lots of late night meeting.

When Saiful saw Rosmah, did Rosmah say anything, like "hi there! everything goes to our plan?"

Saiful - " No Rosmah, your husband does not buy my story, didn't tell me what to do next. But I managed to copy Musa's Hp no. Should I call him?

Rosmah - Yeah! call him. I'll inform Musa about you.

Tit, tit, tit, tit, tit, tit, tit, tit, tot

Saiful - Halo? Datuk Musa KPN? blah, blah, blah
60 seconds later...
Musa - *&#@!&* WTF!!! tuuuuuuttttt......

Saiful - What to do next? This is a conspiracy! Somebody tell me what to do!

Rahimi - Lets meet Ezam!

LAter... somewhere near Rawang around midnight.

Ezam ; uh! letih betul! baru sampai dari Larut ni. Siapa kau ?

Saiful : nama saya Saiful, saya kena liwat dgn Anwar. Dah jumpa najib, nampak Rosamah, and call Musa. Tapi depa semua tak caya. etc etc etc

So DPP, which part of the story says there is a conspiracy. Do you know what a conspiracy is?
Do you know how to plan a conspiracy? NO? go asked Anwar. he has done a lot!

The biggest one - with IMF and Soros over 10 years ago. Mahathir bukak mulut, boom! ringgit dropped! bukak mulut lagi, boom again. until the Msia economy collapse and Mahathir had to resign.
Who takes over?? Anwar. IMF comes in and set all the economic agenda. And Anwar as PM can sodomize all the pretty men he sees and likes.

But Mahathir outsmart Anwar, Soros and the IMF!!!

Btw, if you read the court proceedings carefully, it looked like it really happened. Otherwise, the case will not go this far in detail. Karpal will not waste time asking Saiful about mandi junub, or with or without consent. He would have quashed Saiful with Anwar's alibi, skip Saiful questioning etc. And all this should happened 2 years ago.!!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 10.03

I suppose, from what you say, PM Najib, Rosemah, IGP, ACP Rodwan, Senator Ezam Mod Nor are all small fry in M'sian politics and Govt.

And geddofit!! At Pusrawi Clinic Saiful picked the one burmese doctor who knew Anwar? He may have met him at a conference but that doesn't mean they were pals let alone bosom buddies whom the doctor would lie for!! Saiful's covering up something about that 'plastic object' and that's 100% certain!!


Anonymous said...

....He may have met him at a conference but that doesn't mean they were pals let alone bosom buddies whom the doctor would lie for!! ....

Ha!Ha!Ha!..... Caught you there!!!
Same goes to saiful who went to Najib's office for support letter and met Najib once at Najib's house. Does that mean they are pals and trustworthy to become a plant?

Who invited Saiful to join Anwar's office. Is he part of the conspiracy? Otherwise saiful would not be where he is.
And geddofit!!

So you're the genious, how does the conspiracy works?
Try put some logic, please!

Start scratching your head!

Anonymous said...

"Tung Chang Chang"...what's the Chinese fella doing there. Thought it was supposed to be an Umno conspiracy affair? ;)

Good write up. Keep it up! You know what? Come to think of it, I do think that the famous anus Saiful really got himself sodomised indeed!! By Najib of course, we knew it from PI Bala from his sworn statutory declaration of his penchant for arsehole!!

Unknown said...


Sorry I missed this post when it came out. Good chronological analysis! Makes us think abt issues at hand and what should be and what would be!


Anonymous said...

b.s. saiful is a classic assh0le

Anonymous said...

Can u please send me this post as I want to forward this aricle.
I did try unsucessfully, to cut n paste numerous times!


Donplaypuks® said...

"Ha!Ha!Ha!..... Caught you there!!!
Same goes to saiful who went to Najib's office for support letter and met Najib once at Najib's house. Does that mean they are pals and trustworthy to become a plant?" Anon 10.32.

Bro, he met PM Najib twice and his aide many times. Initilly Najib denied meeting Saiful then back-tracked on it twice. He met ACP Rodwan and spoke to the IGP, Ezam and Mumtaz. He was clearly an UMNO supporter and campaigned for them, yet claims he voted for PKR at GE 2008.

Are you suggesting this was all coincidence?