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by e.s. shankar
Cura Si Manja Kini

Royal Collar

 Bezoar of Dew

Kris Taming Sari

I recently stumbled upon the fact that there is in the possession of the Sultan of Perak and the Perak Royal Family some astounding relics of antiquity that in all probability have an extremely significant bearing on the question of Malaysian identity and history.

One such astonishing artifact is the sword Cura Si Manja Kini or Chora Samanda Kian mentioned in John Leyden's 1810 Malay Annals or Sejarah Melayu (published in 1821 by Sir Stamford Raffles). The same sword is said to have been used during the installation of Parmeswara as ruler of Melaka in 1400. 

But in fact, its origins go further back, possibly 200-400 years earlier than 1400. 

The sword was part of the regalia of a Indian/Hindu prince linked to the Chola Kings (Raja Cholan) from South India, i.e. Nila Utthaman/Sri Tri Buana/Sang Nila Utama (founder of Singapore) narrated in the Sejarah as having landed on Mt. Segantang Maha Meru in Palembang, Sumatra together with two other princes, Vichitram and Karna Pandita, and a probable Brahmin Priest, Bat'h, exact date unknown!

Now, Bat'h is a pretty unusual name for an Indian and perhaps it's a truncated form of Vadhyar (Tamil for priest), Vadh, which became Bat'h, in the same way Vichitram is spelt in the Sejarah as Bichitram. This is consistent with the fact that the Malay language generally does not have old words that commence with the letter 'V' and 'B' was substituted.

The Sejarah relates that it is this self-same sword that was used by the borrower (from Nila Utthaman/Sri Tri Buana/Sang Nila Utama) and champion warrior Peramas Cumambang to slay the serpent monster Saktimuna (Sakatimuna/Ichktimani) into 3 parts in Minangkabau, Sumatra. In the process the sword became etched with 190 notches which strange "clue" of Dan Brown and da Vinci Code proportions, no Indonesia or Malaysian historian or anyone else has ever deciphered!

The list of relics, other than Cura Si Manja Kini, dating anywhere from 600-1,000 years includes:
  1. Royal Collar (15th century) said to have been presented by the Emperor of China
  2. Dokong or Kerongsang Besar (Neck Pendent)
  3. Cap Lalulintar (Royal Silver Seal) of Sultan Muhammad Shah (Melaka) and Kayu Gampit mentioned in Sejarah Melayu. (The Royal Lance, Limbuar appears to be missing)
  4. Betel Boxes
  5. Mestika Embun (Bezoar of Dew)
  6. Kancing Halkah (Royal Collar Ornament)
  7. Kris Taming Sari (originally said to belong to Hang Tuah).
For full details (available at the official website of the Perak State Government) Click here 

So, how did all these relics from Palembang and Melaka end up in the custody of the Perak Royalty?

After the fall of Melaka on 24th April 1511 to Portugal  led by Alphonso de Alburquerque, Melaka's last ruler, Sultan Mahmud Shah eventually made his way to Kampar in Sumatra where he died in 1528. One of the sultan's two sons, Muzzafar Shah journeyed to Perak where he was installed the first Sultan  in 1528. The other son, Alauddin Riayat Shah, was installed as the 1st SuItan of Johor. Thus historically, Melaka gave rise to four sultanates in Malaya i.e. Johor, Perak, Pahang and Selangor!! It was Sultan Muzzafar Shah who brought with him the artifacts which had been handed down to his father, Sultan Mahmud.

The inscriptions on Cura Sa Manjani Kini in Sanskrit are said to come from the the words "Churiga Si Mandakini" which means "the blade from Lake Mandakini of the Ganges (River) in India!! Refer to Sembangkuala's blog for more details.
click here.

And what is the link between the Chiri of Perak, nobat players and Bat'h the Brahmin Priest cum charitra or cheritra teller in the Sejarah (pg. c4/23 - 25 John Leyden's Sejarah Melayu)? Click here and refer to the document below extracted from the Sejarah and a translation of it from page 175 of 'A History of Perak' by R.O.Winstedt and R.J.Wilkinson published by The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society (MBRAS): :

In short, Bat'h had recited the lineage of the 3 Indian/Hindu princes who landed in the mountains of Palembang to Demang Lebar Daun, the aboriginal chief and his people in Sanskrit !! Astonishing, is it not? 

The Sejarah clearly states Parameswara was buried in Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) near Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan (in Malaysia). It is Demang Lebar Daun and Nila Utthaman/Sri Tri Buana/Sang Nila Utama who are reputed to have actually been buried in Fort Canning, Singapore!!

There is therefore some serious error with the claim that Parameswara was buried in Fort Canning (Bukit Larangan) in Singapore. Click here for Keramat Iskandar, Singapore details. It absolutely makes no sense that Parameswara would be buried in Singapore when he originally fled from there in fear of his life, before founding Melaka!!). 

The time has come for the Singapore Government to initiate investigations to identify through modern scientific procedures such as carbon dating, DNA testing etc., exactly who is buried in Keramat Iskandar and Fort Canning.

Some of these artifacts and regalia must be at least a thousand years old and there is not a shadow of a doubt about their links to Parameswara and the Melaka Sultanate of the 15th and early 16th century, Indonesia and INDIA!

So, why haven't our Government and Department of Antiquities engaged an archaeologist and expert in Sanskrit and Indian languages/dialects and South East Asian history (and there must literally be hundred of them in India) as well as China counterparts to piece together what must surely be THE story of the century?

In particular, the Sanskrit inscriptions on Parameswara's sword need to be investigated in depth!

So, why the leaden footedness? Too busy "interloked" in controversies?
donplaypuks® and fail to poke around with historic swords, man!


Anonymous said...

dUMNOs and political expediency at work!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the kind of history the Malays of modern Malaysia would rather erase from history. The history of their once "heathen" fathers. This is also exactly the kind of history the Indonesian pribumis are proud to embrace and yet not lose their staunch Muslim identity.

Solaris said...

Going by Interlok, all descendants of Indians in Malaysia are pariah's. God forbid the thought!

from Malaysiakini

ksn said...

If that is not a history lesson for those interested in the true history of of Malaya!

But do not expect any study and research to confirm the truth or otherwise of the issues raised here. It is rumoured that even recent discoveries of hisorical relics in Kedah and Johore which can throw a lot of light of our culture, origins etc have not been published, even kept away from the public.

To come out and expose all those facts which can validate or invalidate the current opinions will be against the KETUANAN philosophy.

I really cannot understand why any one should be afraid of the truth and true history. One small example:SERI PADUKA BAGINDA, the salutation for His Majesty our King are all Sanskrit words SRI (SERI) PADUKA(FEET) BAGYA INDRA( BLESSED KING OF GODS).

This translation was explained by DR Radha Krishnan who was India's President when our Yang diPertuan Agong , the grandfather of the present Sultan of Selangor(if I am not mistaken) when his Majesty visited India then.

from Malaysiakini

adcin said...

Maybe nobody wants to find out that they may be descendants of India?

from Malaysiakini

Swipenter said...

They are afraid of their past bcos digging too far back is going to blow all their spins and myths of the ketuanan civilization to smithereens.

from Malaysiakini

Azizi Khan said...

Investigating these things would blow a big hole into the theory that Malays were the "tuans" in this country but rather part of Indian Chola kingdom like the "rest" of South East Asia.

It will also blow a hole into the cover ups on how Islam itself was propagated to Malaysia centuries ago. So the best thing to do to is to cover up the whole history for the sake of politics.

Speaking of politics, has anyone wondered that UMNO Malaysia are so ashamed of their race that they pull no stops in erasing their own history but with a lot of chest beating yell "takkan Melayu hilang di dunia". If anyone is destroying the Malays, its UMNO itself.

from Malaysiakini

BernieBaby said...

This sword is actually a Pariah sword.

from Malaysiakini

jazz singer said...

This revelation by donplaypuks may well cause the destruction of these items of antiquity by persons concerned that the truth will be out.

from Malaysiakini

M Suresh Kumar said...

Haha, Ketuanan Melayu or Ketuanan India?

Cerita is Charitra and so on..... Mamakuti should be very proud now.

from Malaysiakini

MyGosh said...

Wonderful piece. I found it so interesting, factual and enchanting.

I could not help thinking of the accuracy as it gives ample examples. Calling the indians and Chinese Pendatangs - what audacity these fools.

from Malaysiakini

Anonymous said...

i dont understand what are you trying to say here... yes, history stated that parameswara is Hindu, and then he convert to that time sanscipt is the main language to be written... what are your trying to say here?

please go and read the history thoroughly.. there lots of history books, old books etc... you think enough to learn history in school? you are not doing anything goods here except for your ego

bummerbummer said...

there is much to study about this region's natural history (emphasis on natural)

Geronimo said...

Donplaypuks, as a history buff myself, I must say it is quite a revelation after having read your article.

Frankly, I believe our whole country has been founded by the Indians and the Chinese even long before Parameswara set foot into Melaka, but UMNO cannot afford to disclose these facts for fear of losing their "rights of claim" that this land is theirs.

More interesting as recent, what has happened to the finding of the lost city of Kota Gelanggi? Why the cover up? The internet is full of this story and I wonder how much longer can UMNO suppress this information?

from Malaysiakini

donplaypuks said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
batman said...

I thought John Doe claims there are no relics to prove Malacca's existence. So who is lying?

from Malaysia Today

donplaypuks said...


The evidence of the early history of Melaka is very comprehensive and indisputable.

I think what John Doe disputes is the prominence of Melaka in the 15th century as a centre for Islam and trade.

Ask youreslf why the Portuguese, Dutch and English picked Melaka over Singapore or Penang if it was worth nothing as a strategic port in the regional spice trade.


Saint said...

Sorry batsman, I do not recall John Doe claiming as such.

In fact he mentioned that Chinese and Indian influence was already here much before - against the "ketuanan Melayu's" claims that the history of Malacca starts form Parameswara only.

from Malaysia Today

saitan said...

whoever claiming parameswara converted need to get his/her fact right 1st. UIAM prof confirmed parameswara lived and died hindu, only his son converted ... so stop the spin

Anonymous said...

ayo brother, u cannot tell this story la, it is against all the understanding that india and chinese are pendatang, before the malays.
Wait we have riot la.

donplaypuks said...

"Frankly, I believe our whole country has been founded by the Indians and the Chinese even long before Parameswara set foot into Melaka." Geronimo

Whoa, Geronimo, let's not get carried away!

The presence of Aborigines and Malays going back to well before the Indians and Chinese arrived here is not in dispute.

All I am pointing to is that there is a very real body of evidence of Indians and Chinese arriving here in Malaya, Sabah, Sarawak and Sumatra/ Indonesia long, long before 1400 and contributing and influencing substantively and positively to customs, culture, religion, language, civilization and trade.

The 1st Indian/Hindu to arrive in Java was Aji Saka in AD78!

So, we ALL - Aborigines, Malays, Indians, Chinese and Other citizens - have every reason to be proud of our presence here as part of muti-racial, religious and lingual Malaysia.


Tuah PJ said...

Azizi, When they said 'takkan melayu hilang di dunia", they were not referring to the race, they were referring to the country.

In ancient times, this country was called 'malai urr' by Tamils which means 'country of mountains'.

There was no 'Melayu' race then. So this country is now actually ruled by people with South Indian (Dravidian) genes; customs practically all Hindu and language practically all Indian (Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit).

Hei, Perkasa, nothing to be malu about what. Keep fighing to uphold these values. Daulat Tuanku Tuanku.

from Malaysiakini

Kit Carson said...

I am a history buff myself. Tks donplaypuks. I shall be researching more on this subject.

This and similar scholarly articles should be spread around for all and sundry to read, especially high school students and college and university students and blind university lecturers.

from Malaysiakini

pixieface said...

Could someone please explain further.

Tell it to the "tuans" and expound on the facts.

It's getting more and more historically intriguingly factual.

I am sure it will be good to say " IN YOUR FACE " TO THESE SO CALLED TUANS.

from Malaysia Today

batsman said...

Dear donplaypuks - TQ for the clarification. I respect your scholarship.

batsman said...

Dear Saint - either your memory is faulty or mine is. John does claimed there are no relics to prove Malacca's existence excpet for one miserable coin. Obviously donplaypuks proves him wrong.

The dearth of relics may be explained by the fact that all the relics that exist were taken away by the defeated Sultan and his entourage. Malacca was looted and burned to the ground. When the survivors returned they combed the ruins for what was left and rebuilt.

Since donplaypuks says that the Hindu tradition was maintain until very late even after the sultans were converted to Islam, it is highly possible that graves do not exist because the burial rites were based on Hindu custom of burning the body.

Much to John Doe's disgrace, don't you find his scholarship highly suspect?

And here we are complaining about the low quality of Malaysian education and scholarship.

from Malaysia Today

Angela Ooi said...


You seem to have an axe to grind with John Doe. Is it because he is prolific and a better writer than you? Stick to the topic and avoid personal attacks. Write on this topic and show us your scholarship!

from Malaysia Today

ketuanan samseng said...

Can we call on the UTK to clear up these touble some relics? I mean, one big boom and we can keep on refering to pariah/kaki botol and prostitute/mata sepet.

elzindar said...

my question is why in ancient india sanskrit only used by the royalties but in 'alam melayu' or malay archipelego it is used by all people??

and why hindu in india have kasta but hindu in malay archipalego dont have kasta konsep??

elzindar said...

one more thing.. why the ruling class in cambodia and laos in ancient time have title or 'maulimalaraja' the translate as the king of mala people??

AnakBangsaMalaysia said...

Excellent scholarship, sir.

A truly fascinating and revealing article that at the same time shows us that the rich multicultural history of the Malay Archipelago is being overwritten with a fabricated version concocted by purveyors of 'Ketuanan Melayu/Islam' pseudonationalist ethnocentrism.

from Malaysiakini

Democrat said...

Which sob named Indians Ocean as Lautan Hindi in Malay?

Why not Lautan India or Tamil or Sanskrit, etc.? Why name it after some unrelated language such as Hindi

batsman said...

Dear Angela Oii - I haven't the slightest concern whether John Doe is a better writer than i am. Why are you so concerned? heeheehee

It is also not personal. i haven't the slightest idea who John Doe is, so how can it be personal?

I AM sticking to the topic. I am comparing donplaypuks scholarship with John Doe's scholarship and find John Doe wanting. Why are getting so personally upset about it? Is John Doe your boyfriend? heeheehee

Angela Ooi said...

Angela Ooi, is John Doe your boyfriend?

Batsman, stay the course on the subject itself and pray tell us in what way and exactly how and why John Doe's scholarship is found highly suspect and wanting?

Methinks you have an ego problem and I note the tinge of jealousy in many of your comments in John Doe's postings.

from Malaysia Today

elzindar said...

this is how malay archipelago hinduisme is diffrent from indian hinduisme:

donplaypuks said...


Could 'maulimalaraja' be 'maulimaHaraja'?


batsman said...

Dear Angela Ooi - Since you ask nicely, I shall tell you why i find John Doe's writing objectionable.

Very obviously John Doe is highly educated and talented. Unfortunately he sees fit to use his intelligence and knowledge to manipulate facts of history to his own liking. This makes him very much like the author of Interlok. By manipulating academic knowledge so cynically, he has destroyed academic truths. When he has done instead is to create only UMNO truths and opposition truths.

I therefore see him as no better than Ketuanan Melayu types that he tries to criticise. He has compromised academic integrity. There is no longer any plain truth. There are only political truths. I find this very objectionable and completely unacceptable.

batsman said...

Dear Combat - A man's academic quaitifcations do not make him a better person or a more moral person.

Don't forget that our great ambassador to Washington is also a PhD holder from a very reputable university.

Combat said...

It is indeed a pity that John Doe is at an archaeological site in an expedition now and has no clue as to how his scholarship is being questioned because he has no net access at the moment.

FYI, he has a PhD from a reputable university and two masters degrees, Expect fireworks when he is back in cyberspace. :-)

from Malaysia Today

P.Dev Anand Pillai said...

This is factual proof that it was the Raja Raja Cholan dynasty that had spread over South East Asia before the arrival of the western powers to conquer and colonize.

A visit to the temples that the kings during this dynasty had built in Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu will tell us about the conquerers and seafarers that they were.

This will also prove that the Indians were here way before the rise of Malacca with the existance of the Bujang valley temples in Merbok, Sg Petani.

The actual historic origins of the names of our states of Kedah, Perak and Selangor are not told to us. It was all coined during the times of this Hindu empires and modified to suit the Islamic revolution thereafter.

So to claim that one race is superior to another like what we allow here is utter nonsense!

History is the truth, but the fact here is that the truth is always hidden. The young ones now know nothing but the development of Islam upon the rise of Malacca.

from Malaysiakini

Democrat said...

Indians influences in SE Asia were waning about the time of Islams arrival in the 14th century. The decline of the Indians believed to be the due to invasion of the barbarians from West Asia and the fall of various Maharajahs and empires from present day Afghan to Southern India.

Also believed that there was a massive tsunami that hit during 14 century which destroyed major ports and cities along Coromandel coast

from Malaysiakini

Meranti Kepong said...

The authorities are so afraid that if archealogical experts are engaged from both India and China to examine the artifacts as stated in this article, there is a possibility that the origins could be traced back more than a thousand years to India or even China.

Then this so-called Malaysian history would take a different turn which afterall could be more of an Indian or Chinese origin...or a combination of both...!

And the real origin and personality of Hang Tuah is a good question to pose, lah!

from Malaysiakini

old is gold said...

Strange, how did the 'ketuanans' allow a 'pariah' to rule this country for more than 20 years and also put it on the world map with the building of his mega projects.

Another 'pariah' launched a statellite and all 'ketuanans' are enjoying EPL games!!!

What did the ketuanans do except thump their chest like our hairy cousins in the jungle.

By the way Dev Anand, Kedah was known as Kedaram in ancient times. Mentioned in Ramayana when Rama was exiled for 14 years. He is said to have passed through Kedahram.

However I do not know about Perak and Selangor.

from Malaysiakini

Siva_3512 said...

There is nothing wrong in "Pariah". The caste or "Varnam" (colours) was the idea of Manu and has some other spiritual reasons behind it.

Furthermore Caste is the segmentation of one's job and not blood. For example the children of the Sultans are considered "Royals" and not ordinary Rakyats. They enjoy royalties and all the perks that befit Kings.

Now this is worse than the intended "caste" system for it has something to do with ones birth and not profession. Hierarchy exists everywhere. That is why we have "kakitangan" or "Head" of Departments which is in the most modern society is considered "Primitive".

Basically our own minds are split into myriads of segments. We enjoy the disparity and sulk over not being the "highest". The sense of inferiority is so deep that it hurts when someone call us by names.

The problem is with the individual who commits the error/mistake. It is the lack of "self understanding" which is to be blamed and not the external factor!

from malaysiakini

DontPlayGod said...

So it can be said that the Indians were here earlier than the Indonesians, and the Indians ruled as Sultans, being the first Sultan of Melaka.

So what is this talk of ketuanan Melayu, bumiputera, special rights, pendatangs... It should be ketuanan orang India....and the Indians should have been the Sultans of Melaka, and Perak and Kedah and even Singapore. MIC, wake up and claim your rightful thrones.

from Mkini

US-Nathan said...

The ruler of Tamils is always has been the highest kind of people, before any religion arrived in Malaysia 

Malay = come from tamil word malay, in Malay is Gunung
Reason being Malaysia is full of mountains ( Gunung = Malay word) ( Tamil = Malay)
Singapore Singam ( Tamil) Singa = ( Malay) pore = Ore in Tamil
UMNO putera and puteri = putiran/puteri tamil from words
Suami = Tamil
Raja form Tamil work Raja
Mahligai = Tamil

There are so many Tamil words currently widely being used by Malaysian is derivates form Tamil language.

We also can make a comment “Pariah Malaysian"

Any person born from Sultan heritage called as high classes and one working for them called as kuli (lover class)

In which case, current ruling party people (UMNO) called high class. The lower end of Malaysian ( Malay) people has been called pariahs, under Malaysian class system.

Cannot hide truth's

art harun said...

Thanks Bro for this. As a history nutcase, I am grateful for this.

Please dig up on Kota Gelanggi bro. I would love to know what has happened since the last great announcement of an impending expedition.

Have all of them been devoured by tigers?

Hope not.

Save Our Children said...

Parameswara was in idian price who started the malacca sultanate. Many intermarried with other royal houses, so it is correct to say indian blood flows through many.

Our former PM has indian blood and this is not disputed. If you go back before Parameswara , the idian and chinese influence and bloodline is so clear. So really its just a bunch of bigots and raciests who want to use derogatory terms to run down the indians when in fact they are running down themselves.

They are totally ignorant of history and some in fact want to pervert it to hide the fact they and indians and chinese have common ancestors.

from Mkini

Man U said...

Hi! I loved to read this blog. Very interesting info. I would like you permission to share this blog post on my blog.
I would add your site as original source if its ok with you.

We should share informations about our heritage to everyone and I think its about time the rest know more about our history.

donplaypuks said...

Man U

Please go ahead and post it at your blog. You are very welcome.


Malaysia History said...

Malaysia History its all had been re`write by this so called our great history re-searchers, they just write all from the begin our the century of islamic so this malay in our nations and they child will forget what they are where they from where they had this writeing skills, educations, culture, Bahasa,Religous and many more..

And its makes us to be most dumb and idiots for eyes of world, because they manipulated they real history.

from cpiasia

Concerned M'sian said...

Read through

from cpiasia

neptunian said...

It is actually quite irrelevant, the actual history and origins of the sultanates etc. As far as the political description goes, the BN govt depends on Mahathir defination of a bumiputra.

In fact the Malay "scholars" have stated that the orang asli cannot claim to be bumiputra, only the "Malays" can. Never mind that the so called Malays are actually a mixed bag of indians, arabs and a little bit of chinese. This is strictly a modern (read mahathir era) concoction to sustain political powers.

from cpiasia

Anonymous said...

Very good post. Please continue your research with the following books: 1) Tufah Al Nafis and 2)Ahlul Bait & Kesultanan Melayu to have a full understanding of the Sejarah Malaysia.

Warmest regards & Blessings

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 26.04.11 9.12 A.M.

Where can I get copies of these documents you refer to? Are they, say, avaialble in MPH Booksyore



Anonymous said...

You can try the U Malaya bookshop or you can borrow those books from the National Library.

Warmest regards

juegos de ben 10 said...

Cerita is Charitra and so on..... Mamakuti should be very proud now.

Jual Tiket Pesawat said...

They are afraid of their past bcos digging too far back is going to blow all their spins and myths of the ketuanan civilization to smithereens.