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These are the INDISPUTABLE facts as we know them. So let's stick to them, i.e. the FACTS.

1. Sometime after 2000 when Najib Tun Razak (now Prime Minister) was re-appointed Defence Minister, the Malaysian Government/Ministry of Defence awarded a contract for the purchase of 2 Scorpene Class Submarines to French DCNS naval shipbuilders, through Armaris in partnership with Navantia of Spain, both state owned companies.

2. The cost of the contract which has now been fulfilled, is estimated at RM6.7 billion (exchange rate 1 Euro=RM5) as follows:
  • Submarines-Euro 969,000,000                                               =RM4,845,000,000
  • Missiles etc-Euro 257,000,000                                               =RM1,270.000,000
  • Co-ordination & Support Service Fees Euro114,000,000  =RM   570,000,000 
3. The co-ordination and support service fees were paid to Perimekar S/B, a Malaysian company originally owned and controlled by Razak Baginda and his wife, magistrate Mazalinda through Ombak Laut S/B which was subsequently divested to Boustead Holdings Bhd Plc (BHB). Baginda was head of a Government sponsored think-tank and a close advisor and friend of Najib. The Government, MINDEF, Navy and a Public Accounts Committee inquiry have satisfied themselves that all proper Government procurement rules, regulations and procedures were adhered to in the award of the contract to Baginda and that it was NOT a Commission.

4. Perimekar was only incorporated in 2001 shortly before the submarine contract was finalised.

5. It is now claimed by some parties that the fees were paid to Perimekar by the Malaysian Government and not by DCNS.

6. The cost of the submarines does not include an annual maintenance contract of RM50 million for 10 years recently awarded to BousteadDCNS, a subsidiary of BHB OR a 20-year escape, search and rescue contract estimated at RM100 million per year i.e. RM 2 billion over 20 years!

7. Allegations about Perimekar and Boustead's qualification and ability to undertake and perform these massive contracts have been questioned as a sham arrangement by Joseph Breham from a team of French lawyers, as well as by French MP’s and politicians who have filed an inquiry with French courts over charges that DCNS indulged in bribery and paid out huge (illegal) kickbacks routinely in such submarine construction and sales contracts. CLICK HERE . DCNS has been fined hundreds of millions of dollars for such irregularities in Taiwan, Pakistan and USA.

8. In 2006 the remains of a Mongolian national, ex-model and translator, Altantuya Shaarribuu, were found in a forest in Shah Alam, Selangor. She had apparently been shot through the head and her body blown up with plastic C4 explosives.

9. Following police investigations, Razak Baginda and two others, Chief Inspector Azilah Hadri, 30, and Corporal Sirul Azahar Umar,35, from the Unit Tindakan Khas or Malaysian Special Action Force Counter Terrorism Unit, were charged with Altantuya's murder. Azilah and Sirul had both been assigned to PM Najib's (deputy PM at the time of the murder) office as his bodyguards.

10. Testimony in court revealed that Altantuya had accompanied Baginda on several trips to France, had an affair with him and arrived in KL demanding US$500,000 from Baginda or threatened to tell all. Baginda was harassed at his home and office by Altantuya and her sisters.

11. Aide-De-Camp to PM Najib, Musa Safri was apparently the officer who had called the three cops who carted Altantuya away in their squad car from outside Razak Baginda’s home.

10. Spotted also outside the gates of Baginda’s house in his car shortly before Altantuya left in the company of Azilah, Sirul and Lance Corporal Rohaniza (Sirul’s lover) was Nasir Safar, a long-time special aide to Najib Razak who in 2010 was forced to resign his post (although to his credit he issued an apology) after making a racist speech about Indians coming to Malaysia as beggars and the Chinese, especially the women, coming here to sell their bodies.

12.  At the trial which stretched from June 2007 to April 2009, the following were determined:
  • Azilah testified that it was Musa Safri who asked him to contact Baginda to help him out with a “problem.”
  • Sirul’s confession that he and Azilah were offered RM100,000 to “take care” of Altantuya and other revelations were not allowed to be admitted into evidence by the presiding judge. Neither Azilah nor Azilah testified as to who made the offer to them.
  •  Azilah and Sirul maintained till the end they did not kill Altantuya.
  • Altantuya’s sister had testified that records of their visit to Malaysia had been erased by Malaysian Immigration and she had seen a photograph of PM Najib, Razak, Altantuya and others having lunch in Paris. PM Najib subsequently took an Islamic oath that he had never met Altantuya personally.
  • Razak Baginda, whose lawyer read out an opening statement in which Baginda admitted to the affair with Altantuya, claimed he did not order Altantuya’s murder or have anything to do with it. During a break in the hearing, Baginda had gone berserk shouting ‘Die Pak Lah (M’sian PM up to April 2009) fuelling speculation that some sort of deal was being worked out behind the scenes.
  • Baginda was found innocent and acquitted of all charges without his defence being called.
  •  Azilah and Sirul were found guilty of murder and sentenced to death by hanging. The matter is still pending finality as their appeals against conviction have not been heard.
13. Subsequently, an ex-cop and  private investigator, PI Bala, engaged earlier by Baginda to assist and protect him from the blackmailing Altantuya tendered a Statutory Declaration at a press conference claiming, among other matters, that Baginda had told him PM Najib had introduced Altantuya to him and that Musa Safri was fully implicated in Altantuya’s disappearance. Following a visit to the Brickfields Police Station that same evening Bala completely withdrew his first SD the next morning by the device of a second SD denying all earlier allegations. Shortly afterwards, he then fled to India with his family amid swirling rumours he had been paid $5 million to retract his incendiary original SD after negotiations with parties (friends) purportedly linked to PM Najib’s wife and one of Najib’s brothers acting as intermediaries.

14. Then Bala followed up from somewhere overseas with a third SD and information claiming he had only been paid some RM800,000, been cheated of the rest and that his first SD was the true one which he had been coerced into withdrawing under duress!

15. Next, a weeks ago, “Pete” Raja Petra Kamaruddin, who set the nation on fire with his original 2008 posting at  “Let’s Send The Altantuya Murderers To Hell” cleared up the misunderstanding that he had accused PM Najib and his wife of direct complicity in Altantuya’s killing in an interview with TV3. Clearly his SD opens with “I have reliably been informed...” which means it was based on hearsay from third parties. But the MSM, many bloggers, web surfers and even the police read what they wanted to read. Pete who was forced into exile in 2009 is now being vilified for his naivete in granting the interview which TV3 chose to air a day before elections in Sarawak and accused of “selling out” to the UMNO/BN Government led by PM Najib.

That’s it in a nutshell!

So, here are some questions that have been plaguing not just me, but I dare say, millions, and not just Malaysians alone:

1.   Why were and still appear to be so, the police and AG not keen on finding out who gave the orders to kill Altantuya and establish clearly the motive(s) for her murder?

2.   Why didn’t the AG appeal the acquittal of Razak Baginda as is the usual case with such prosecutions? The judge may have presumed that there was no case for Baginda to answer, but what does the AG say about the well put question “you mean two cops woke up one fine morning and decided to off a previously unknown to them Mongolian lady with C4 explosives, just like that?” Surely, the bizarre matter of the body being blown up with C4 explosives suggests some dark, hidden motive for the killers?

3.   What was Razak Baginda’s experience and track record in defence and submarine procurement and maintenance that he should have been awarded a RM 570 million “co-ordination and support service fee”? Was it by open tender?

4.   What were the scope of these “services” and when and how were the “services” performed and fulfilled?

5.   Why was the payment of RM 570 million made IN FULL BEFORE the two Scorpene Submarines were delivered in recent years?

6.   In the wake of massive evidence that DCNS has been involved in bribery and huge kickbacks in sham deals, why hasn’t our MACC and police advanced with swift investigations in Malaysia?

7.   Why has the impression been given to Malaysian citizens that at the trial, the DPP AND the defence worked in concert to avoid any mention of any link between Altantuya and PM Najib? It’s just a perception, but it’s surely there!

8.   What was Razak Baginda’s outburst and threat against ex-PM Abdullah Badawi all about?

9.   Who normally has access to C4 explosives in Malaysia?

10. Have any investigations been undertaken to verify if immigration records were indeed erased, and if so, what is the outcome, please? If it is true, who ordered it and with what intention?

11.  Who “advised” PI Bala into withdrawing his first SD at Brickfields Police Station?

12.  What were the involvement of Musa Safri, who was never called as a witness in the trial, and Nasir Safar in the events leading to Altantuya being spirited away from outside Razak Baginda’s home?

13.  A couple of blogs have published purported transcripts of handphone conversations between PM Najib and Razak Baginda's lawyer. Aren’t the police interested in investigating this matter?

I ask these questions not as a kind of cyber Taliban hell bent on tarnishing the good name of our Government and its leaders, but that the resolution of wicked, wanton premeditated murder cannot and must not be mired in continual perception of a MASSIVE COVER UP and that someone got away with bloody murder!

We are tired, no exhausted, by the breathtaking scale of fraud, thievery, embezzlement and looting for which accountability and equally important, prosecution and recovery seem to be nil. More cover ups seem to be in in progress with $12 billion free trade zone ponzi schemes and suspect awards of multi-billion dollar defence contracts for jet planes, helicopters, armoured-wheeled patrol tanks, offshore patrol boats and ships and the like as well other Government and GLC linked procurement involving buses, trains, aircrafts and contracts for construction of bridges and buildings and directly negotiated property development projects involving Government land.

We are puzzled by vague $10 billion property development projects and $36 billion MRT projects ballooning to a hastily revised $50 billion within a month being sold to us though we are talking about confetti and cornflakes. Broken and bust public listed companies linked to provision of  “free lunch” services all sound like the same spindoctor driven bulldozing techniques of authoritarian regimes elsewhere. We are aghast at radiation spewing rare earth projects finding their way to our shores while rejected without a moment’s hesitation by the home country of its proponents, Australia!!

So, increasingly, instead of consulting and consensus we see pretence and spindoctoring. Thus "We are the market leader in Malaysia in Identity verification with over 170 organisation..." Wow, really? Why then has this Plc accumulated losses of nearly $17 million from mainly servicing Government departments and been placed on its de-listing roll call by the KLSE? Invested in R&D without first working out marketing strategies and projecting sales revenues on a reasonable basis first? Is this how Plc's in Malaysia normally work? More spin? In reality, unless the EPF and Government Departments are not strong-armed, they have no reason whatsoever to channel this monopolistic business to a financially and management-wise suspect outsourcing outfits or need to when their own IT Departments can provide the same service if needs be, maintain strict confidentiality and security, and still save oodles of internal overhead costs even more, do they? It sure as hell looks like, smells like and feels like a Government bailout, possibly with elements of nepotism and cronyism thrown in. Three other large shareholders in this Plc are CIMB through Commerce Tech Ventures Bhd (15.45%), Maybank through Mayban Venture Capital Company S/B (9.52%) and Heitech Padu S/B (5.86% of which 23.77% is owned by PNB). Of course, the Drivers will deny it. But why then was a Government Department involved in calling for and assessing tenders if it was "a wholly private sector initiative"?

So, yes PM Najib, shall we call for another Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) to resolve once and for all the ALTANTUYA DEBACLE? Even here we have severe doubts. The findings and recommendations of two successive RCI’s in 2008/09, the Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) and The Lingam Tapes Inquiry, have not been acted by your Administration which surely  places our King in an embarrassing position. The impression given is that they will NEVER be acted upon by your  Administration So, how dare we hope the establishment will take the bull by the horns over Altantuya?

If parenthood is all about being proper role models to our children and leaving behind a sound and lasting legacy, then Governing a nation is about securing agreement for moving forward through consensus. Oh yes, LKY and Dr.Mahathir do not much believe in genuine consultation and consensus because they feel the mass of their people don't have the intelligence to deserve to be consulted and that, anyway, they are all Communists hell bent on destroying progress.

But most like me in Malaysia are not. We are not Communists, racists or religious bigots hell bent on destroying anything other than ignorance, racism, religious bigotry, forced social polarization and the development of a totalitarian state.

So, yes PM Najib, are you game for genuine reforms and justice or will it continue with one set of rules for others and another set for “ONE OF US"?

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Anonymous said...

Yes PM, why not?

By; rakyat

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave communists out of this. The people who professed democracy and equal rights are as evil as communists. THey were all faked. US and UK faked evidence to attack Iraq. Now they and France are using UN resolution to interfere in Libya. Their acts are war crimes and they engaged in killing of innocent people by their weapon of mass destructions.

Grow up !!! Communists are not bogeymen as much as the Western democracies are not angels.

By the way, Mahathir doesn't even deserved to be called communist. He loves the apartheid model. He is more equal than others.

Anonymous said...

Like the Chinese saying: "If I draw a picture of a person, do you still required me to draw his intestines?" before you understand who is involved in the case?

The answer is as clear as daylight. Allah knows who did it and there is no escape from his Punishment. The person will reap what he sow. Hey, life is just after all.

JayCee said...

Well, we are know that there are 2 sets of law here in Malaysia.

One is for the "untouchable" BN members. THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. IN FACT, THEY ARE THE JUDGE AND EXECUTIONER - THEY ARE THE LAW!!! And there is another set of law for us laymen; you and I. We can be hauled away should we speak against the government. And all this is legal under the provision of ISA.

from MChronicle

mamaktheer said...

bet with a million of my anus hair this pm wouldn't dare to call for a RCI.

from MChronicle

Rose Mah said...

Altantuya? There are no records of such a person entering or leaving the country. You sure she exists or is such a person a figment of your imagination? Where is the physical evidence?

None of our judgess will convict. No evidence on this non-existent person.

from MChronicle

Admiral Tojo said...

My Children, my grandchildren and most of my tribe still want the answers to the same questions above. All fingers still point to NAJIB's involvement in the Altantuya's MURDER. This issue will be the constant reminder to the RAKYAT.


from M2Day

savemalaysia said...

For this murderer, in order for him to become PM, he has no choice but to "clear" any hurdle along the path, so Altantuya was just too unlucky to be one of the hurdles.

Hope that "she" will forgive him. Hell is the place for UMNo warloads.

from M2day

Divine said...

an help but wonder how many people are still thinking:

" Why was Baginda implicated and then his skin saved!!!" :

"Who gave orders to those midless goons to carry out the job?"

from M2Day

educationist said...

The facts are undisputed!!

Sadly neither the AG nor the police are interested to pursue the truth behind Altantuya's murder!!
That corruption and shady deals are involved in the Scorpene purchaseis a given!!

We can only hope some light shall be shone on those crooks involved through the on-going French judicial investigations!

from M2Day

dinosaur said...

There are always "motives" behind any murder and did the two already convicted "murderers" have any "motive" behind this shameless, cruel and merciless killing?

They don't even know or have any acquaintance with the helpless victim. Your guess may be better than mine. smilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gif

from M2Day

Poitician of Reality said...

The more reason they will hang on to power, at all cost.. they will do anything, anything at all as has been seen. Of course they can cover their track, or fix the verdicts of legal proceedings since they are all part of the system.

Look at what happened at the constituency of Senadin during the last Sarawak DUN election.. how can that happen.. black out at a convenient timing..

The government of the day is a very well organized criminal organization.. so well that they can even make people vote for them at elections.

from MChronicle

Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Mongolian Government doing anything about this?Please enlighten me.

Mohd Taufik b Abdullah said...

n excellent article! Of course this is why the powers that be cannot afford to lose that power. If they do, they know that retribution will surely follow.

Power will be retained at any cost. This explains the relevance of RELA, which is being groomed to ensure that power will be retained.

Imagine what the result of that would be on the economy. Malaysia is slowly sliding back into third world status now. Most investors that do their due diligence tests are taking their money and running.

This is why false claims about investment are now being made almost on a daily basis. The sad part of all this is the semi literate population cannot see the wood for the trees.

from MChronicle

Fed up with BN said...

I only have this to say, kick out BN, reform PDRM, the Judiciary, and MACC and then let our PM face justice. if he is guilty, then mete out the appropriate punishment that he deserves.

We should emulate Taiwan and how they deal with President Chen Shui Bian and family. They gave them a fair hearing and justice was dispense in accordance to the laws of the country.

from MChronicle

Anonymous said...

Yes, Crime Minister face the facts and do not waste more public money with your meaningless and useless slogans.

The Thief Minister is not going to step down but he cannot provide the Fixed Deposit of Parliamentary seats to ensure BN's victory in GE 13.

The people shall ensure that he is going to be a 1Term Crime Minister.


ketuanan samseng said...

I have the answer to all your questions:

Barisan Neraka = Bengkrapsi Negara.

Anonymous said...

Please save this article and send it as the first e-mail to PM through your new 1Malaysia free e-mail account.

Anonymous said...

Hello punk!!

Why are you so concern about this case!!

Wait for your alJuburi full porn video soon la. Then i will piss on you, motherfucker!!

Anonymous said...

TQ for the revision !

Anonymous said...

anon 5:58 , so sorry for your mother , sighs !

Muslim Hypocrite said...

In a murder case, the most relevant to be investigated is the motive for the killing.

Here the 2 scumbags had said they were offered money to kill.

Any stupid police force in the world would have taken the next step to find out who is the party willing to pay for the killing & their motive & get the whole lot of them hanged for murder.

But here the IGP, AG, PM & plenty of other Malay Muslim swear-by-the koran beggars are still sitting on their big fat arses counting how much more money they can fleece from the people & govt coffers.

from MChronicles

Ah Kam said...

Mr. Obama, we did not elect this scandals infected guy to be our PM. He was elected by his 191 branches NOT the 26 million Malaysian.

We are so embarrassed by all these scandals. Can you please do something about it. Thank you, Sir.

from MChronicle

Depressed said...

Unite Nation Human Right, please help the minorities in Malaysia.

from MChronicle

The Humble said...

United Nations Human Rights, please come to our aid! Help the minorities in Malaysia.

Ginteng said...

What a masterpiece! All factual,no spinning....

Any responses?

from MChronicle

alwaysfair said...

Everyone know who is guilty except this person is above the law. The law in Malaysia is actually a pretence when most of the time the powerful get away with everythingi incuding murder and corruption.

Those who oppose them become sex-deviants or whatever.

from MChronicle

alwaysfair said...

We all know the LAW in Malaysia, it only punish the guilty without connections,or even the innocent on the other side of the fence, for the slighest excuse.

The powerful and guilty always get away scot-free.TBH was innocent but he was on the other side of the fence. That is why they keep bringing up about the few hundred ringgit contracts, just to justify their agenda.

These people are hypocrites because they,"strain at a gnat but swallow a camel."

They try to squash an ant when an elephant in front of them.

people power said...

"The co-ordination and support service fees OF RM500 million were paid to Perimekar S/B, a Malaysian company originally owned and controlled by Razak Baginda and his wife, magistrate Mazalinda through Ombak Laut S/B, and which was subsequently divested to Boustead Holdings Bhd Plc (BHB)."


This con happens in every other PLC and in the BN government everyday where the public shareholders in the PLC and the rakyat who are the real owners of the country are robbed with impunity.

So much for all the humbug talk about accountability, transparency and governance, People first, Performance now, etc, etc, blah, blah by the so-called elected leaders.

from MChronicle

people power said...

Our national anthem should be 'THIEVES, THIEVES, TRAMPS AND THIEVES' by Cher.

from MChronicle


UMNO's main hold on the govt is through the manipulation of the delination of the constituencies by Election Commission whereby pro-UMNO less educated and less affluence electorates areas are over-represented(5,000 in Putrajaya) whereas in general, the urban, more educated, more informed, more intelligent and of greater affluence are under-represented in Parliament (up to 120,000/constituency). One guy in Putrajaya is UP TO 25 times more powerful than any guy in KL, GEORGE TOWN, IPOH, SEREMBAN, MELAKA, JB in its representation in Parliament!

You know why of the RM60 billion spent on Bumis, only RM2 Billion have been accounted for! Where has the money gone? Not to the poor bumis who are just as poor as ever! Of course to the UMNOputras led by you know who! Why has the UMNO only pay lip service to NEP. Simply because if the NEP succeed, the Bumi will not have to use the UMNO tongkat Ali to get by and if they are more educated, richer and more informed, they can see through all the lies of UMNO who use the Bumis to plunder, rape and rob the whole 1Malaysia in its excuse and pretence of the NEP!!!

So the first step is to make institutions like Election Commission and MACC report and take instruction from the Parliament under its various committee as a check and balance. Right now can we honestly expect the thieving and murdering Mayor(PM) to order the sheriff(PDRM & MACC) to arrest and bring to court the person who rob, rape and murder the whole countryside!!!

from MChronicle

Malaysian Citizen said...

his article must be translated into Tamil, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu, Bidayuh language, Orang Asli language and all the languages of the Sarawak and Sabah natives and properly distributed to everyone in this country.

The Malays must wake up. read alternative news how murderous, contemptuous and corrupt the UMNO government is.

Wake up, orang Melayu. Wake orang Cina. Wake orang India, Wake up every citizen of malaysia if you love this country and the future of your children.

For God-sake, the murderer of Altantuya is still on the loose.

from MChronicle

Robbed by Our So Called said...

Now I know why Malaysians are generally poor compared to SIngaporean. koreans, Taiwanese----ect.

The mother fucking government fucking rob the rakyat!!!!!

from MChronicle

Anonymous said...

Need not say more! Come election, the small people will settle for small money to vote the giver.
Orang kecil mudah lupa.
Corruption is halal. Bombing is halal. All others are not.
There is no human value here!

Anonymous said...

It's Rm570,000,000.00 & NOT just 500juta ....+ 70juta ... WOW ...could really help a lot of poor
folks , SIGHS !!!!!

Anonymous said...

We all have been asking the same question but do not know how to put them into such a fine list.
Let us continue asking the above questions until they answer us.
Pak Tua.

Anonymous said...

As long as BN is in power and with all the authorities under control, we will never get the answer. So, for all from both the political divide, the only conclusion to this case is to vote in another party.

Anonymous said...

you want answers ??? Just make sure BN = Be End

Anonymous said...

No PM in this world today will utter words in defending a democracy with crushed bodies and bloodied knives. Unless that person has already initiated such intentions before. A serial killer's second victim takes less than half the time of the first. Najib's Putrajaya defence proclamation came half the time after the demise of Altantuya. Same motive, same modus operandi, but please don't allow for same outcome!!
Aussie ExMalaysian