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by adolph josef mao, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for bigots affairs

Has there been a more loathsome, reviled, offensive, malevolent, repulsive, abhorrent and abhorred person in Asian politics than this man who claims he is a Constitutional Malay, but not an Indian even though his father was a Keralan of India descent? Since when, and by what logic or magic, did religion change anyone's DNA?

And I exult now that he has fallen on his own sword in his continuing vendetta against the man he (and UMNO/BN) fears more than anyone else, Anwar Ibrahim.

In his haste to anyhow link Anwar Ibrahim to the infamous and traitorous 'Project M Blue Identity Cards (IC) and Citizenships For Sale To Muslims' scandal, to illegally re-engineer the population mix in Sabah during his tenure as Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981-2003, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has over-played his hand.

What Mahathir achieved is without a shadow of a doubt, treasonous.

Blue IC's and citizenships were sold and manipulated to enable illegal immigrants and/or their documents to be deployed to vote in favour of the ruling UMNO/BN coalition, at by-elections and State and Federal elections. There is no way that someone like Deputy Minister Megat Junid, who reported directly to PM Mahathir, would have proceeded of his own accord in these blatantly criminal acts, without the specific involvement and directions of his boss, Mahathir!

Mahathir is guilty up to his neck as the mastermind behind this racially biased and religiously bigoted scheme to hang on to power.

Do remember too that for the past 10-over years, it has always been referred to as Project M (for Mahathir) and NOT Project A (for Anwar Ibrahim). And, for the past 10-over years, Mahathir cosistently and vehemently denied such a project ever existed.

Then he does a complete U-turn in the wake of revelations at the current Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) hearing and testimonies vis-a-vis Sabah's immigrants crisis.

First, he publicly claimed that as then PM, he had the Constitutional power to confer citizenships, ignoring completely the Constitutional  'desirable citizen' test and length of residency status. He claimed it was all legal.

But he was forced to back-track when the RCI revealed the project was carried out secretly from its HQ at the home of his private secretary, and with the involvement of top civil serpents and Megat Junid, IC's and citizenships were sold for money to illegal immigrants who entered the country yesterday! One witness has testified at the RCI that he had raked in over $1 million from the shady scheme, while a Special Branch officer hastened to testify that his "best recollections" were that this civil serpent had done if all by himself, strictly for personal gain! No instructions from above? No political party gained from it? And how did one civil serpent by-pass all internal checks, steal documents and special paper/IC forms/blue IC etc., all by himself? More lying from police and civil serpents, for sure!

Without a hint of shame, Mahathir next scurrilously tried to shift attention and blame to the founding father of Malaya and Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. Mahathir claimed the Tunku had altered Malay's demographics at the time of Independence (from British colonial rule) in 1957 by indiscriminately awarding citizenships to 1 million Chinese, Indians and others. Even if it were true, do two wrongs make a right?

The truth is, though, this is as bare-faced a lie as one you will come across anywhere. Those awarded citizenships in 1957 were either mainly legally contracted (by the British Administration) labourers and workers and their families or their children born in Malaya. They were NOT illegal immigrants. Most had a residency in Malaya that went back to the early nineteen hundreds, and did not regard Indian, China or Ceylon as their natural home. Their major contributions to the spectacular growth of the tin and rubber industries in Malaya, and the opening up of the country through infrastructure development - road, railway, port, airport and townships -  are matters of historical facts!

More than that, this award of citizenship was openly discussed and approved by UMNO, Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA), Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), the British Government, various NGOs and most importantly, by the Rulers (Sultans) of all the States! Nothing was transacted in the filthy, sordid, clandestine, dirty cloak and dagger style and acerbic mannerisms of Mahathir and his immoral UMNO Baru (new) bunch of thieves!

Between 1980-2010, Sabah's population grew from 930,000 to a staggering 3.1 MILLION!! This works out to over an incredible 300% increase since 1980, or an astonishing annually compounded growth rate of nearly 4.5%. Today, some 27% (837,000) of Sabah's population consists of illegal immigrants, mainly Muslims of Indonesian and Filipino descent. In no uncertain fashion is Mahathir responsible for robbing Sabahans of their sovereignty. No prizes for guessing who was Prime Minister of Malaysia for most of that period!

And, if the electoral rolls at Selangor are subjected to a truly independent audit, I guarantee you that something of a similar nature has occurred in Selangor, where in the last few years, its population has increased by over 400,000, comprising many Bangladeshis, Indonesians and Pakistanis. Note how the EC Chief has in typical CYA (Cover Your Ass) mode issued a statement that it is not his duty to verify the authenticity or validity of Blue IC's as long as they arrive from the National Registration Department!

Then in expected and classic cravenly cowardly Mahathir habit, he shifted blame to Anwar. Anwar was involved, if not wholly responsible, for the Project M IC debacle.

And where is the whale of all lies? Mahathir added in that pre-emptive strike, that there was nothing in black and white that could be placed at Anwar's door, but that if his selective amnesia syndrome prone memory served him right, Anwar had acted beyond the good doctor M's intentions! And what exactly were Mahathir's good intentions? Hmm, Why it was the noble act of issuing IC's and citizenships to illegal immigrants based solely on the fact that they were Muslims! Never mind that some of them were known terrorists! Was there ever a more noble and more altruistic PM of Malaysia? And Mahathir was an honourable man, was he not? And so were they all, his UMNO Baru cohorts, all honourable men!

Lying thief!

Mahathir hasn't the decency to quit and leave the country of his own accord, for his indecent treasonous and traitorous conduct. This is the evil man who has utilised and mustered every ounce of power he has to split this country apart. Racial and religious polarisation has never been greater now than ever before, with Najib following suit in Mahathir's footsteps. Try as he may, Mahathir can't remove that Indian birth chip from his shoulders. And so it translates as the nation's No.1 racist, religious bigot and demagogue. Regardless of how it might rip the nation apart, Mahathir will thrash about, because it is in the nature of vermin and bugs to indulge so.

At the heart of it all is Mahathir's realisation that the people see the naked ex-Emperor for what he is - a pathteic, decrepit sore old sour puss. And he is trembling under his blanket. That's why he's talking about a future Pakatan Government arresting him (as they should), surely the talk of a big time loser. He's glad the Internal Security Act has been abolished, yet expressed no misgivings about having used it to arrest and imprison thousands without trial; he blamed the 1987 Ops Lallang arrests on the then Inspector General of Police, who true to the form of mindless sycophants and millionaire cronies, "affirmed" it some 20 years later, after Mahathir suggested that was the case! Well let Mahathir now be the one to endure sleeples nights awaiting the arrival of the dreaded 3 p.m. Black Maria! In the immortal words of Ben Elton, "he's crapping in his pants!"

So, we the PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA, must squash Mahathir like we would any  irritating bug of whichever species he is one of, to preserve our unity, sanity, save ourselves and maintain our humanity and dignity. Let's put this scumbag out of his misery at the next General Elections!  

ABU! (Anything But UMNO, unless it reforms).

Donplaypuks® with traitors, man!


mpn kadaram said...

Dear Donplaypuks,great writings.Very Truthful.I have posted this article in my blog.Jangan marah.

Donplaypuks® said...

Thanks for the support mpn Kadaram. Let the world know what a louse we have!

Anonymous said...

I am a new visitor here. Just hope the old mamak will pay a visit to your blog and read this. He should just keep his mouth shut after retirement instead of spewing shits with his side-kick, Ibrahim Ali all the time. Just hope PR can be the government after the GE and take action against this Mamak Baba and his forty thieves. ABU.

Non-Racist said...

Curious isn't it, that Hitler wasn't even German?

semuaok said...

"..while a Special Branch officer hastened to testify that his "best recollections" were that this civil serpent had done if all by himself, strictly for personal gain!"

What bullshit is this officer talking about. If what he said is true then why was it not put to stop? Why was it allowed to continue ?. This is just a ploy to confuse the rakyat and deflect the truth that Mahathir is the man behind it. What a traitor this kutty is.

Dilemma said...

Excellent read indeed...One blemish by Donplaypuks as pointed out a learned reader..'Anything but Umno..unless it reform?//..Almost all legal institutions in bolihland has been bastardized...everyone has a hand inside the cookie to reform??..i mean how can a leopard change its can a mango tree ever flower durians? This despotic regime must go

ABU said...

Send them to jail by voting out BN ...

kuda siam said...

Sebagai negarawan dan seorang islam tak kira bangsa apa pun tak sepatut buat kerja kezaliman , kekecohan , fitnah & perompak harta negara . Siang malam kerja masa utk ibadat tungging tonggek punggong di masjid tapi buat kerja seperti diatas , jadi apa cerita mamak ???? ini semua halal bagi orang UMNO sahaja betul ke ???? Kehidupan ni macam satu bulatan apa yg di buat oleh hang dah mula muncul keluar . Harap umur hang panjang sikit utk merasa keenakan bila zalimi rakyat . Celaka punya mamak @ kaki kelentong.

spiderman said...

Someone must just go to the 88th floor of Petronas and got hold of this evilest mamakuttyy devil and throw him out of the window!!!!!!!!!!!!

hentan dengan apa nama itu said...

Even if this no:1 criminal Mahakeling is hanged a million times also would not redeem all his a-z crimes committed in Malaysia.

This xxxxxxx (no words can describe this Mamakutty evil spirit) even dares to live openly in broad daylight plundering the wealth of Malaysia.

Petronas must ceased operation and be seized and a thorough accounting checking be carried out.

Wow! Our coastal fields belong to Kancana 120% and not the rakyat.

padanglallang said...

It cannot be true that Donplaypuks still has any doubt that Mahathir is a loathsome, reviled, offensive, malevolent, repulsive, abhorrent and abhorred person in Asian politics than Mahathir who claims he is a Constitutional Malay, but not an Indian even though his father was a Keralan of India descent?

Every Malaysian, if not at least every 8 out of 10 Malaysian, by now, knows that for a fact. And every time Mahathir opens his wide mouth, that fact is further reinforced. I would even say that every member of his own family knows that, not to mention his supporters as well. They are keeping quiet, for obvious reasons, about established Mahathir's DNA

Rasputin said...

The Devil incarnate, Mamakerala, will meet his Waterloo soon, sooner than he thinks.

Just take a look at those dictators who perished e.g. Gaddafi, Mubarak, Saddam, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.
They have grossly sinned against mankind.

And for that they paid for it.
Karma is awaiting him round the bend.

Gandalf said...

Once upon a time . . . there was a country that had a very well-known leader.

These are some of the facts about this leader :

He wrote a book about racial issues.
His country was poor until he industrialised it.
He promoted the creation and manufacturing of the first national car.
He promoted the development of science in his country .
He made sure that his country hosted a world-class sports event.
Large and impressive stadiums were built for that purpose.
He had to deal with a severe currency devaluation.
He insisted that the problems of his country were due to a conspiracy by Jews, foreign powers and obscure elements.
He criticised the major powers of the world.
Most of the countries in the world criticised him, but some said he was right.
He reduced political opposition to an insignificant level, and the press was controlled by him.
He had a number two who called for reforms and caused the
jealousy of other big shots in the party.
His number two, who had been with him for around 17 years, was finally removed under accusations of homosexuality and treason.

And the rest of the story is very well known......
Does this person sound familiar to you ?
Do you know who he is ?
Are you sure ?
Better think twice . . . . because you may be wrong! He was Adolf Hitler, the Nazi, the war criminal, the worst thought about this person in the history of this world..

Now ask yourself, is it probable there is somebody like that living in our age & time ??

too much to be coincidence???
Mahathir must be an admirer of Hitler and student of Mein Kampf
he has done to the Chinese and Indians in M'sia what Hitler did to the Jews of Europe,except in 1980's the world will not tolerate any genocide,so he left out the gas chambers but he did do all he can to 'push' them away and he did say "shoot" the Vietnamese refugees during the vietnam war,didn't he? except he didn't have the guts to admit it and said he meant "shoo" when confronted...coward,won't admit things when he's caught...typical Kerala DNA,twist and turn
no wonder there's a Tamil saying about killing a man like Mahathir rather than a cobra,cos this type of man is more dangerous and deadly than a cobra...pity Malaysians,
to have a Hitler incarnate in your midst....yaks/uuuggghhh!

Ahli UMNO Asal 1974 said...


Mamaksians! said...

This Mahathir is a pariah and even disown by the Indians. He spins into the hearts of the innocent Malays and cheats them to kingdom come. He wants to be called a Malay but has the look of a typical Indian. The Indians will just have to point a finger at him
and said " Dei tambi kutty, stop behaving like a Malay!". The Malays on the other hand must come to their senses and shoo him off otherwise, he'll rip them high and dry for being more than a Malay! He will keep on stealing the malay quota for the benefit of his children and cronies. Malaysia will be a "Mamak Country".
The people of Malaysia will soon be known as Mamaksians and not Makaysians. POOORAAAH!

Bodoh sombong said...

This pseudo-Malay - a mamak has cheated the Malay masses with impunity over the past 22 years as PM so as to enrich himself and family members. Malays like Perkosa and Perkida still believe in him. What a pity ..... never learnt.

What, Mahathir a dictator? said...

Was Mahathir a dictator? He told us to prove it. When Mahathir says this, it is like North Korean Kim Ii-Sung saying: "Prove I am a dictator"... or Mubarak or Gardafi saying the same thing. It is so obvious that these rulers and him are dictators, yet they denied it. Let me enlighten him...
When a leader cannot be questioned or challenged on policy matter, he is a dictator.
When threats are part and parcel of his vocabulary, he is a dictator.
When he uses and abuses the national treasury as if it is his own, he is a dictator.
When he dishes out govt contracts to whomever he wishes, he is a dictator.
When he shuts up his opponents by throwing them into jail or detention, he is a dictator.
When he brings accusation and charges on detractors and let his own supporters off the hook in spite of obvious corruption, he is a dictator.
When he dictates that Petronas must use its funds to do his wishes, he is a dictator.
When he makes mistakes and refuses to be accountable, he is a dictator.
When he abuses his power and is not held accountable, he is a dictator.
When he has absolute control over the media and does not allow the opposition freedom of speech, he is a dictator.
When he is accountable to no one, not even Parliament, he is a dictator.
When he selectively prosecute his opponents at the drop of a hat, he is a dictator.
When he gambles in forex trade using rakyat's money, he is a dictator.
When he practices racism against his own people (Malaysians) through divisive policies, he is a dictator.
When he does not permit freedom of speech and freedom of association, he is a dictator.
When he gerrymanders, cheats and rigs polling results, he is a dictator.
When he is absolutely corrupts and refuses to be accountable, he is a dictator.
.... and on and on (too many) but enough.
Have you Dr M, not done all these and more?
You were an obvious dictator and yet you are trying to pretend you are not, and making silly excuses such as you only "have a school boy understanding of contracts". We are not fools.
Go fly kites. Pordah! Better still, go jump into the deep blue sea.

The war is not over until it is over said...

he man still have loyal bloggers to help him out in diversion, delusion, illusion and deception. The real test will be known after GE 13, whether the die-hard bloggers, voters and supporters will reaffirm his leadership.

The war is not over until it is over. Do not be over confident of GE success and start counting chickens before they are hatched. It is not the right time to cry foul, as politics are generally "dirty" because it is about winning. If the most despised politician can rule for 22 years and continue to dictate who should be the PM, then he has some workable ways to manipulate with tactics to win the elections.

The man has reached a state where he is fighting for his own survival "my way", and will not give up until the war is over. Most warriors, good or bad, will keep on fighting and not claiming success prematurely.

The days leading to the voting day will be the dirtiest ever, and all politicians and voters have to be prepared for the art of perception and unfair advantage to win the election war.

The most powerful way is to beat him to the game. No amount of curses, swearing, name calling or whatever will change the man, as he is immune to critique or criticism. He knows who he is and what he is doing.

Remember in the Art of War is to know your enemies and yourselves, in order to win all wars. As long as he does not know DSAI, LKS, TGNA, HA, LGE, KI and other PR politicians, then he will face potential waterloo.

For those who want change through ABU or whatever, the road to Putrajaya is likely to be turbulent, and the voters have to work very hard to ensure more than 85% of voters turn up to cast the one vote.

Defining moments in history invovle strategies, counter-strategies, tactics, execution, know the enemies well (never under estimate their strength in attacks and counter attacks), the mind and heart games, backhand and under hand tactics, and so on.

It is time to work harder, rather than assuming the war is over. Until the lady sings the blue and declare the war is over, the voters have to gather more voters for the common cause to beat the odds.

It is a number game afterall.

tua kee said...

Kesian Mamak , dah pencen dok diam diam sja dok sibuk sana sini . Ni semua tanda tanda ada sesuatu takut di ketahui rakyat ??????? ? Harap PR menang teka teki dapat di selesaikan .

KANASAI said...

Never underestimate the power of US$44 billions sycophant. He must be executed for the situation we are now. It is not the same as 2 wrongs. He MUST PAY for his evil deeds and should be rightly condemned, old or not. Likewise Saddam was hanged and rightly this is befitting for this sycophant.


Only to idiots in UMNO, he is the most influential!!!
But to netizens and non-UMNO, he is the most reviled man in Malaysia.
Certainly nobody in Malaysia ever received so many negative and vile names as this Tun.
Here are some... (all gathered from comments made by people on the internet).

Maha Faruan
Dr Evil
The Devil
Father of corruption
Father of racism
Destroyer of Malaysia
Public enemy no: 1
Most hated man in Malaysia
Mr 10% (also Mr 20%, Mr 30%)
Tongue twister
Fork tongue
The snake
Incorrigible liar
Chinese hater
Mr Boleh
Celup Melayu
Pseudo Malay
Fake Malay
Mr Kerala
Evil personified
Deputy of Lucifer
The Con-man
Biggest crook
Biggest thief
Bapak Rasuah
San Miguel
and many many more.....

Surely can break Guinness Book of World Records for most number of negative nick names. Congratulation, Dr Mahashit Apanama Celup Melayu

No wonder so many people have expressed their desire to pee on his grave. That is the respect they have for him.
What a shameless TRAITOROUS man who still continues to spew venoms and lies.

What a great shame for Malaysia of one who has brought disunity, poverty, debts, sub-standard education, and worst of all, corrupt culture, SUBVERSION, and lawlessness to the country. NOW WE ALSO KNOW HE COMMITTED TREASON as well.

Because of his twisted, discordant public policies and foul political practices, a culture of greed and corruption is now deeply embedded in UMNO, and spreading rapidly like a wild fire to all segments of society and the civil service, including PDRM, AG, EC, MACC, Judiciary, Parliament, religious institutions, etc. His decadent public policies and practices are now defended and perpetuated by BTN, a degenerate, wicked institution which he set up under the Prime Minister Department. What twisted ideals he disseminated thru BTN--clearly, he did not walk the talk!!!

Vision 2020? You must be dreaming if you believe this. With such policies in place, surely it is destined to fail, as it has no soul, no hope and no future. Only fools believe the vision 2020 will be achieved. Vision 2020 is pure propaganda because it is all talk, with no substance, no backbone and no unity of purpose from all races---thus giving the nation a false hope for a better future.

Think for a moment - Can a nation be regarded as CIVILISED if there is racial discrimination in policy matters? ...if there is corruption to the core? ...if there is no justice in the courts? ...if there is no respect for human rights? ...if there is crime all over the place? ...if there is sub-standard education, producing unemployable graduates? ...if there is no respect from the international community? So, vision 2020 is destined to FAIL, no doubt about it---because of the nation's inherent racist public policies and corrupt practices, not to mention its double-standards in enforcing the law.

Vote ABU and get rid of all devils in UMNO, both big and small. Then and only then can we have a better life and better future for our children. Only fools continue to vote for UMNO/BN as they are not only subversive and treasonous but also corrupt to the core. SEMUA MESTI UNDI ABU, kalau tidak, habis lah Malaysia---di tipu oleh lanun lanun Umno. Vote ABU ABU ABU.

Hang Mahashit the traitor said...

Strip Dr M of all his titles. He does not deserve any.
How can a person who commits TREASON and is a TRAITOR to the country be given ANY title at all?
This man deserves nothing but shame and contempt.
In any other country, they would have commenced court proceeding to hang him, or at least send him to prison.
So AG, what are you waiting for? Get going, do you job.
We are watching...where is the honour, dignity and solemn oath of your office, AG?
Najib, we are watching you too... what are you going to do with this traitor who did not honour his oath of office to protect and uphold the constitution?

Mahathir is unprincipled, ruthless, self-servicing, devious, and totally dishonourable.
He has no integrity and dignity at all. He is scoundrel, a super racist, and a menace to the country, a corrupting influence upon all under him.
How could such a dishonourable person hold high office without subverting and destroying the nation---a fact that is now coming out in bits and pieces as we uncover more of his crimes and dishonourable deeds?

So AG, get going please... do the right thing... otherwise you will be next, for dereliction of duty.

cestui sciave said...


Cast out the Devil said...

The Devil is the Father of lies...and his agent is guess who? the Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy...and guess who is his agent?
So for all these years, the Devil has schemed, lied, trick it is time to caste him and his party out...


Worse than a recalcitrant, Mahashit is A TRUE PARIAH.
We now know we have a true PARIAH in our midst, who won election through cheating.
He not only lies, steals, causes racial strife, dictates, abuses power, but he also commits treason and betrays the nation by giving citizenship to illegal immigrants in exchange for their votes.
Mahashit has NO CONSCIENCE and is totally unscrupulous, a scoundrel... a TRUE PARIAH, a man WITHOUT integrity, honour, dignity, and self-respect -- a shameless man. He has absolutely no respect for the Constitution and the laws of the country.

Whoever invites him to speak now, at any forum, is inviting a pariah.
Now, the whole world knows Mahashit is a true PARIAH.
In the international community, I'm sure all would avoid him like the plague.
Who wants to invite a pariah? And who wants to listen to a pariah?

No leader in the world EVER waste taxpayers' money so that he can meet with the President of the United States. Only a pariah would squander a few million ringgits of taxpayers' money (US$1.6 million or about RM5 million) to a lobbyist so that the pariah can visit a US President. (He even tried to hide this payment until forced by the press to admit it when the lobbyist, Jack Abramoff, came under investigation for corruption.) What did he get after the payment to the lobbyist? Probably a brush-off 10 minute meeting of no consequence.

Compare that to Lee Kuan Yew who had numerous meetings with many US Presidents (Ford, Nixon, Carter, Reagan, both Bushes, Clinton, Obama) and also almost all senior US Cabinet members, with dinners and personal invitations to their homes. All these without paying a single cent. LKY was and still is a highly sought after true international statesman. But Dr M is a low down international pariah of no relevance -- the only one who was foolish enough to pay a lobbyist to arrange a meeting with a US President.

So PARIAH, PARIAH PARIAH, don't try to be self-righteous. You are nothing but a shameless leader who not only stole from the nation's coffer and cheated at the polls, but also is a racist and a religious hypocrite. The Sabah RCI has revealed YOUR lies and TREASON in fact. How many more lies have you told to the nation to hide YOUR evil deeds? Here are some, just as a reminder: May 13th 1969? Forex trading using rakyat's money? Wicked NEP to enrich yourself and cronies? Corruption cover-ups by the dozens? Abuses of power? Sodomy fabrication? Black-eye self inflicted? Jewish world conspiracy? Attacks on Western leaders? 911 carried out by US? Perwaja's failure? National car blood sucking of rakyat money? Destruction of tin-mining industry? Suqui are communists? Melayu mudah lupa? Bersih Cekap & Amanah? Privatisation scandals? Bank Bumi's collapse? Problems with Singapore? Education mess up? Misuse of Petronas funds? Bale outs of cronies? Crooked bridge? Election cheating? etc etc etc. (the list is too long...)

The only place fit for Mahashit is Sungai Buloh Resort...
Not to worry, Mahashit, the invitation for you to spend your remaining days in Sungai Buloh Resort is coming soon.
Hope you enjoy your stay there. All the problems in Malaysia have their origin in YOU -- you bloody mamak, Celup Melayu, destroyer of Malaysia. No wonder so many have expressed a wish to pee on your grave!!!

jojoli said...


malaysian said...

Mahathir is 1BADUA RASKAL

WTF said...

ABU! (Anything But UMNO, unless it reforms).

Donplaypuks® with traitors, man! - End of quote

Whole article is spoilt by the above ending!!!!!!!
Why anyone should think that this corrupted, scam and scandal ridden party will ever reform?
Don't the writer know that Malaysians have been fed scams and scandals 24/7?
Not only that, they are even steeped in traitorous acts!!!!
Now, what if they promise to reform and may even show signs of reforms, will all the five over decades of criminal acts be wiped off the slate?
That would serve them fine!!
Wouldn't it?
Remember, in the present situation, they would even sell their own mothers to get out of this humongous hole they have dug for themselves!!!!!!!!!
Malaysians are still so steeped in naivety that perhaps they are beyond redemption themselves!!!!!

opodeh said...

We are with you bro all the way.

James Tan said...

We don't need to be so mean or overboard in our punishment of a cad like him. Else, we might end up like him. Two wrongs don't make a right. Dr M is an old man now and his behavior is one like a man gone berserk after being exposed of his misdeeds. Heaven has a way of dealing with him, in time. So, there is no need to be vindictive. When law and order is restored in this country, the long arms of the law will put him into perspective.

abu said...

ow I wish someone could translate it to Bahasa and distribute to all kampong malays .

For past 30+ years, the real Malay have been fooled, deceived, their country 's wealth plundered and pillaged so teruk teruk, the scale of which is unprecedented in history of mankind !!

It is beyond imagination, a man of such crookedness and evilness exist , and managed to cheat his way and rose to become our PM !!

Abdul Razak and Hussein Onn were to blamed for not recognising this ultra faggot and scoundrel !!

Together, we all , especially the biggest victims the ordinary real MAlay , the Sabahans who have been robbed wholesale, must rise up, unite and do the utmost to punish this big Satan!

Ibrahim said...

It is crystal clear that this Mamak from Kerala is Evil and should be called Syaitan of Malaysia.

We all know the damages that this man has single-handedly caused. From high treason of granting citizenship to unqualified immigrants, Rampant Corruption as the prevailing environment & culture in all areas of the Government, plundering the nation's wealth by enriching UMNO BN leaders, families, cronies and warlords whilst large number of Malaysians remain poor; compromising the Judiciary, MACC, AG Chambers, NRD, EC, Police; reckless gambling with the people's money in forex & tin speculation; Egomaniac construction of unnecessary large scale projects; to inciting racial and religious disharmony and hatred when unity is so important in any country.

This Mamak is probably the most hated man in the nation now.

False Hope said...

For worshiping "idols" like him....the idols became rebels, murderers and comrades of thieves... now moving down into the next generation...conformed to him and the likes of him, they worship money, becoming money men; worship power, they become power brokers; worship popularity, they become popular men.........

bumiputra said...

The real Malays wrongly believed he is real Malay so they were being made use of and got cheated.

Kerala Blues said...

God is fair. Just wait and see what will happen to him and his generations to come !
Let sit back and watch the show unfolding slowly.

Kairy J said...

mahataik bin mohamed alias Abu Jahal - the most hated man by Muslims. The most hated by all Malaysians from whom he swindled 44 BILLION DOLLARS US !! he never denied it. Privately to his best friend ibrahim ali, he says so what? Let the rakyat eat cow pat.
Hishamudin says, if you see a mamak by name of mahathir, shoot him.

Pig Shit said...

Mahathir is a convoluted haram, greedy PIG.


To the Gallows, you have to go Kerala Mamak Kutty aka Mohamed Mahathir Kutty s/O Iskander Kutty. for the treason you committed against the Malaysian Nation and the Malaysian people.You destroyed this beautiful nation. And you rascal had had the Guts, the Cheek and the Audacity to grant 200,000 citizenship status to foreign illegal immigrants.and you tried to blame our next Prime Minister Anwar Ibralim. ONLY A BASTARD WILL DO WANT THIS BASTARD HAD DONE And the gallows is the right departure port for you.

d said...

Belive it or not ..............................there is a guy who goes by the name of Mahathir, he is an impostor, psychotic and a compulsive liar, and twenty something millions Malaysians had him for 22 years as their PRIME MINISTER.

Out of shame, all Malaysian should just bury their head in the sand, Malu, malu, malu.

prac quables said...

Salvation for all sabahan - vote umno / bn out

NO doubt, if or but - show them all thru the way out, never let in umno goons into your state as they are pests and rodents

ROS sabah, gantung the umno intrusion party, tell them they are all illegal as their members comprise pendatang rojaks and not sabahan tulin

This is one solution to all the problems created by 1mamak

johnny_yong said...

Tun M speaks Tamil. His ex aide to me. Where did he pick up Tamil?

uolided said...

Mamak had outlived his usefulness to its people and to this country, it is umno flaws and kelemahan to put in a party president cum pm as they didn't vet and check his inner intelligent, strong will over corruption and his RADICAL PHILOSOPY of having penned the malayu dielemma - surely his knowhow is out of touch as we all look back then

But the TA razak and H onn are also naive to be way led to bring back and then promote later a rejected product

Seriously we don't see him relenting disipite being DIU in front and back b'cos there is too much at stake for him and family, he could be going to jail sooner than we thought with the RCI verifying his involvement in PROJECT M

Chairman Mao said...

As usual don'tplatypus - you write well!

Stop The Fake Malays Mamak To Dominate True Malays said...

108 indian mamak restaurants now openly declared support of UMNO/BN satan govt because of this fucking mamak kerala who started of camouflaging his actual ethnic to be a fake malay bumiputra to con the true malays in gaining power and amass wealth sneakily and to make the fool of the real malays so that these real malays would remain forever poor, stupid and dependent on United Mamak Nation Organisation to survive.

To-date, how many common real malays actually gain in the 56 years rule of this robber Umno/Bn govt? At what percentage? In real sense, only overall 10% of the malays prospered in 56 years in which 7% are the Umnoputras, 2% are mamakputras and 1% are the common real malays.

If true malays keep on believing these mamaks they would fall deeper into this mamakutty's trap and will be sidelined and neglected like the Indians now.

In time to come, 60 - 80% bumiputras will be made up of these fucking mamaks, not the real malays.

By then, this will have to come to pass that "Melayu akhirnya hilang lenyap dibumi ini". This is the motive of this fucking mamakutty.

Wake up, true malays! The earlier you slam the door on these mamak faces the higher chance you will stay on to be dominant and relevant. Otherwise, it will be too late for you to regret. So, think again as the GE13 is approaching very very soon.

What we shall first do now is to "Boycott all mamak restaurants to make them bankcrupt and weak to further action to take over the power of the real malays of this nation".

Then come this GE13, make sure you real malays vote this devil Umno/Bn out of power and make Pakatan Rakyat the new govt to undo the uncountable wrongs committed by the satanic Umno/Bn govt in the past 56 years.

cuzco said...

Indeed the Malay is so naive to be make used by the impersonated Indian muslim who cheated and robbed theirs wealth for the last 25 years, wake up before the mamak rules the bumiputra



Happily Speaking said...

Dr M, the media portrayed you as a hero when you were a PM. I blindly believed that. The media continued to say good words about you when you retired. I gave them the benefits of doubt. In recent years, you have not stopped talking. I thought you were lonely and wanted attention. Lately, you have proven yourself to be a liar and behaving like a 'schoolboy' at times. Do you still expect us to believe you? You should start listening to the people despite your age. Listen to what the people say. Sense what the people feel. Hear what the people sing.

Bill44_Sri Lankan Tiger said...

The Kerala Mamak Kutty fully deserve to be chucked into the crocodile's mouth.I inquired from a Fellow Malaysian as to whether we should chuck him into the crocodile's mouth or place his carcass for the vultures to eat. And he replied that that would be too kind for him and that he should be buried with the garbage in the controlled tipping ground. He truly deserves such a burial bloody Street Rat!

Your soul condemned to hell said...

God will surely judge this man upon his death, with his soul condemned to hell, while generational curses continue to plague his descendants down many generations. Sudden deaths, fatal incurable diseases, shortened life span, financial breakdowns, mental disorders..will be among the curses brought about on his own descendants as a result of the magnitude of this evil man's sins!! God visits iniquities of men down to the 3rd & 4th generation!

A failed & destroyed nation said...

Truly the most hated man in Malaysia. He single-handedly destroyed the social & economic fabric of this country. How hard it is for even professionals to get a PR overseas, esp from established countries, yet he gives out freely to all & the most unqualified people-blue collared unskilled immigrants. Which heads of govt would ever do such an unthinkable & despicable thing that had totally destroyed its own peoples' well being?? Our people will have to compete with these instant unqualified bumiputras in the workforce while our kids share the same classes with their "United Nations" classmates who are uncouth in their culture & attitude. Rising Crimes from these instant Msians who were formerly illegals, will continue to plague our communities.

Jebat Baru said...

Anybodt who tekans this Mamakutty the mother of all mother fcukrs will be revered as Jebat Baru.

Venomous said...

The kind that takes all the credit but denies all mistakes during his watch from the fall of Bank Bumiputra to PKFTZ ! What's the difference between him and Pol Pot? At least Cambodians are moving on. We are still suffering with his presence! He is still as venomous as ever ! He is not worthy to be buried in our land when the time comes!

Can't Beat Them? Join them? said...

Malaysians make the most stupid decisions when they choose leaders! They fought for "superiority of race" but chose one who is not of their own kind and made him an icon! Then they brought in a "skirt chasing," scandal tainted playboy as replacement in place of a sleepy head to lead them together with another "porn star" who was caught with his pants down. Neither was able to shake off their tainted image yet they tried to taint the opposition leader the only way they know how in a sex scandal. All these supported by one "boh hood" who goes about aimlessly trying to portray himself as someone important backed by a bunch of clowns who allowed his community to be third class citizens depending on hand outs! We don't need to go to the cinemas! All these brought to our doorsteps and living rooms daily and freely by the multi medias they control just because they think that all Malaysians are stupid as they had brainwashed us to be . Who needs Bollywood or Holooywood? What a nation!

appointed atedlnss said...

This guy had been helming the nation for far too long - all in 22 years, it has came to his thick head that he can do whatever he like or clearly intending to do as long as bn stay in power, he knew that he can be left unschated with this blued eye boy of his not knowing how corrupted that he was

The saying as now was - Najib + Mamathir = SAMA SAMA

With the RCI ongoing for PROJECT M, WHERE ALL LEAKAGES AND UNDER DEALINGS WERE UNHEARD OF, it seem he is TOTALLY INDEFENSIBLE FOR BEING TRECHEROUS to this country, no sane leader will dare to shoulder this massive SCANDAL or intending to exonerate him - take the example of CHINA BO XI LAI

It is obvious that umno knew that project M was hatch by mamak that was why there was no interference by the component parties - mca & mic ???????? usno + berjaya??????????

Well the day of reckoning is not too far away, it will enhance a more evident ABU by the rakyat casting their rejection vote on BN

justice and judgement shall visit - Malaysia and true Malaysians will ensure that said...

Dpp. Long time since we read you here.

This is one of your best ever. Most succinct. And do we ever need one such as you and your writing to express all the disgust, repugnance, indignation and horror we rakyat know within us as these last decade or so unravelled the horrendous facts and figures about this treacherous version of a pseudo-Malaysian from Kerala.

As long as he denies his roots, his wrong-doings, his lies, his responsibilities and accountability, drM is an impostor, cheat and conman.

UMNO = Ur Money Now Ours! said...

"Anything But UMNO, unless it reforms"... DPP, this is the only part of your essay I totally disagree with! Firstly, UMNO will never reform as long as it can control PDRM and Petronas which serve as its stick and carrot. Once UMNO loses power, it will implode - because the party no longer has any coherent vision or ideology apart from crass opportunism and a self-serving conservatism that makes it keep feudal traditions alive as an effective way to keep the rural Malays ignorant and disempowered. Without unchallenged access to the money bags, UMNO will have no more reason to exist.

Pathetic said...

It's good to see other civilized nation has a debate in 'live' for all the rakyat to watch. It is pathetic to see leaders in Malaysia talk and talk and talk behind each others back. If they are truly genuine to serve the rakyat, go and have a 'live' debate. PKR has made that offer. Why BN keep quiet ? It's like throwing stone and hide the hand. Any government elected is to serve the rakyat and NOT the other way round.

Bang said...

When this Malaysia public enemy is arrested,dont hang him. But,let the Rakyat cut him alive.

Hang Tuah said...


Alan Newman said...

From NZ – rated as one of the world top countries for democracy and non-corruption. Many people around the world would love to have Dr MM tied to a post in Central KL and have everyone passing by slap him ceaselessly, then 1000 strokes of the rattan. That’s what he deserves. What DATUK, TANSRI, TUN glorious titles! Bill Gates & Warren Buffet made their money honestly and gave tens of billions to charity. Even Soros whom you disparaged gives to charity and human rights NGOs US$200million in 2011.They address each other as Bill, Warren, George, Barak Obama, David Cameron, no TUN, TANSRI, DATUK! DISDRACE! SHAME!

dino said...

You guys may not like him but Mahathir is full of admirers, loved and most importantly choosen to hang on to power by you fools here for a good 22 years convincingly.
Obviously you guys here are desperate PR supporters who could not respect majority decision every five years.PR is going to loose this PRU 13 again when we have Mahathir and Daim providing strong support to BN.Sorry, is not good enough.All thanks to Mahathir who make many Malaysians proud except the opposition and the loosers.

Donplaypuks® said...

"Obviously you guys here are desperate PR supporters who could not respect majority decision every five years." Dino.

I don't know what you mean. We have respected every GE result and not resorted to violence, riots or revolutions to overthrow a denocratically elected government. But, the Constitution allows us to agree to disagree - freedom of speech.

So, if we express our dislike for Mahathir's policies, what's your beef? You freely say what you think, but we should not?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race