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Make no mistake. The astronomical pay rise approved for Selangor State Assemblymen and Exco is an unbelievable betrayal of the trust placed by voters in Pakatan and its leadership. If MB Khalid had the balls, he would have tabled the proposal in Pakatan's manifesto for voter approval at the 2013 General Elections. But by ramming it through using Pakatan majority in Selangor so soon after the GE where not a peep was mentioned, Khalid and his greedy administration have proven themselves worse than Prime Minister Najib and his Government of Thieves. To be stabbed again and again by your enemies is one thing, but to be stabbed by your so-called allies? Et tu, Brute?

Under the new salary structure, the pay of assemblymen will be upped 87% from RM6,000 to RM11,250 a month, the Speaker from RM6,109.29 to RM22,500 (268%), and the deputy Speaker from RM3,327.50 to RM15,750 (373%). The salary of exco members will go up 231% from RM6,109.29 to RM20,250 while the Mentri Besar will have a pay rise of 106.4% from RM14,175 to RM29,250. The Speaker is Hannah Yeoh while her deputy is Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad.

This is the same kind of callous administration that led to the French Revolution of 1789-1799 where the elite shoved their snots to the trough, while sneeringly advising the masses to tighten their belts, and "eat cake". When the masses revolted, the world order changed forever! 

This rape of the Selangor gravy train while the going is good is being justified by the likes of Hannah Yeoh (of Subang Jaya) demanding that salaries for top posts in state government be linked to executive pay in Public Listed Companies (PLC) and Multi-National Corporations (MNC). This kind of self-serving highway robbery and thievery fails to take into account that:

1. No special qualifications or experience are required of politicians standing for office. Try getting a top sales director's or CEO's job in a PLC with just an 'O' or 'A' level qualification or no working track record!
2. The Pakatan administration has only been in office for 5 years, and in no PLC or MNC that I know of anywhere in the world do they award average pay rises of the order of 20%-80% per year. If any PLC or MNC had this kind of wage policy, it would go bankrupt before you could say "Khalid Ibrahim".

3. Executive pay rises in PLC's and MNC's are always linked to performance. There is no job security there. If you fail, you are shown the door immediately. More than that, in politics, there is the service element. Therefore, in linking executive pay in the public sector to that in the private sector, one has to lop off at least a hefty 40% from "equivalent" private sector pay structures.

4. If anyone in the the Selangor administration, including MB Khalid and Hannah Yeoh, thinks they can secure a top job paying $30,000 and $22,500 per month (excluding other perks and benefits such as company car, entertaining allowance etc.) in a PLC or MNC, ask them to apply and see where they get to at their age. Let us see how far up the corporate ladder they can get, with real competition for jobs. If law practices and medicine can generate a high pay for these Selangor politicians, let them work there. We want politicians who place serving the people as their highest priorities, and not those hoping to get rich in office!

It is galling for the ordinary people to swallow this kind of drivel coming from Khalid, Hannah Yeoh, Azmin Ali et al at a time when the citizens are daily being trodden over by PM Najib who is intent on passing the buck to the citizens for the gross corruption, fraud, maladministration and thievery perpetrated on us by BUMNO/BN for the last 30 years. Najib, having been warned by the IMF, World Bank and international rating agencies such as Fitch, is now forcing the Rakyat to bear the cost of the all-time record-high national debt of RM530 billion, which is largely due to Najib's own profligacy. RM 7.2 billion in consultancy fees and funding Perkasa? Has there been a worst PM and traitor in Malaysia?

How can any sane administration even think of such huge pay rises for politicians when the citizens' wallets are daily being mugged by higher electricity, toll, transport, health, education and food prices and costs, not to mention the increase in cost of living that will inevitably be caused by the introduction of GST in 2015? Najib does not care, BUMNO/BN does not care and now, the Selangor government does not care because, with the fanciful salaries and perks that these mollycoddled politicians and elite enjoy, they are well insulated from the staggering increase in cost of living that is plaguing the rest of our nation.

I challenge MB Khalid to call for a referendum on the single issue of this obscene pay hike and see if Pakatan voters will support him. Where on earth do employees of a company determine their own salary levels and increments? Do you have the cojones, Khalid?

 Donplaypuks® with unjustifiable pay rises, MB Khalid Ibrahim!


Rais Rajan said...

To this stupid author who claimed that Khalid did not get voter approval in GE 13 for salary hikes, did Najib get voter approval for all the various price hikes? So don't write nonsense.

tehcsiang said...

Feeling betrayed ?...... Not really..... We the people in the Pakatan states rather to have higher pay for the officials without corruption.... than the corrupted Umno Malay wakil wakil and their agents sneakily swallowing a big chunk of rakyats' money.

Donplaypuks® said...

Rais Raja, it takes one stupid person to recognise another I suppose.

Where these massive pay rises are being justified by comparison with private sector pay, MB Khalid is bound by the transparent and accountability Pakatan promised us. How did they arrive at 200% and 300% increases. No, there must be a referendum. In the private sector, employess don't get to determine their salary hikes. There has been no disclosure on how they arrived at these pay hikes and by comparison to whose salaries, has there?

Also, just because Najib and BUMNO/BN are crooks does not mean Pakatan must follow the same path!

Donplaypuks® said...


Higher pay does not mean they can pay themselves whatever they like. They must disclose how they arrived at these ridiculous pay rise, especially for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker. Whose salaries in the private sector are they comparing with.

Even in the private sector, you don't get $20,000 and $30,000 salary per month within 5 years after joining as rank amateurs!!with no experience

Voon Chong said...

free water, no toll hikes, no property assessment hikes and that is within PKR's authority within the state of Selangor. UMNO has Putrajaya- WHAT have you done so far?

Chester OOi said...

This is what Spore is practicing.. High pay and no corruption. Unlike BN politicians their kickback is many folds their high pay till can buy an apartment worth RM110 million and funded Hollywood blockbuster worth USD 100 + millions...

Christopher Krishnan said...

A very well written article and with an apt semblance of greedy self-thinking pigs. The people especially the poor and the minorities and the disadvantaged voted them hoping for better life and better treatment, instead got a bunch of liars, traitors and daylight robbers who are out to live off in extravagance at the misery of the very people who voted them.

Not even 2 terms the true colours are beginning to show. Imagine after 5 terms and in control of Putrajaya. Poor people of Malaysia are forever doomed to live in poverty and misery in the hands of one bunch of liars, traitors and robbers after another.

Lee Lewis said...

Actually the rakyat wanted PAKATAN to rule and make life more affordable and the cost of living lower, but in the end the cost of living continue to shoot up and the people in the street continue to suffer while PAKATAN ADUNS helped themselves with higher salary. "Harapkan Pagar, pagar makan padi."

Sonny Kok said...

Might be Khalid and Hannah have to start eating nasi lemak

KoSong Cafe said...

If you wish to compare ability to secure a job between a politician and a corporate leader, while a politician may not be able to get a top corporate post, likewise, a successful corporate leader may not get elected as MP or ADUN.

You may be right on the quantum of pay rises and its effect on the electorate, especially during difficult times, but until it is proven they are as corrupt as BN leaders despite being paid well, then I think they should be given the benefit of the doubt.

I would rather have well paid politicians who can perform their duties well without corruption than poorly paid ones who are blatantly corrupted.