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by bang-cock  cock-up, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Thigh affairs

The speed with which 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum), PM Grossmajib and that low IQ, low class evil thug of a Home Minister latched on to the arrest in Bangkok of ex-Petro Saudi senior director Xavier Justo, to claim that Sarawak Report had faked and falsified its reports and accusations of massive corruption, CBT, fraud, looting and plundering at 1GDB, is a clear indication of PM Grossmajib's desperation.

Firstly, as facts go, no crime was committed in Thailand by Justo. The worst the Thais can do to Justo is deport him back to his home country, Switzerland. I also doubt that the Thai courts would agree to extradite anyone to camel land if the punishment for crimes involves chopping of arms and legs, whipping or beheading.

Also, the fact that Thai police found "computers, hard drives and other data storage devices" in Justo's possession means absolutely nothing. As it stands now, Justo is culpable of nothing, and is innocent until proven guilty.

Almost everyone, including PM Grossmajib and 1GDB CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi, nowadays travel everywhere with "computers, hard drives and other data storage devices". So, are PM Grossmajib and 1GDB CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi guilty of  blackmailing anyone and faking and falsifying government records? Yes. But, that's another story.

Secondly, IF, and IF, Justo blackmailed anyone in camel country, then, at worst, he can only be deported to camel country to face the music, provided they file charges against him. So far, there has been a lot of huffing and puffing but no really proven facts or solid evidence of any crime by Justo.

Now, it appears that the arabs paid Justo $10 million to leave the company. As much as 1GDB, PM Grossmajib, that low IQ, low class evil thug of a Home Minister and BUMNO/SCUMNO would have you believe, such payments - golden handshakes - are pretty normal in multi-national and O&G companies when buying out the contract of a senior director.

I find this accusation by the arabs that Justo had been blackmailing them, unbelievable. Who, unless you were extremely stupid, would pay someone $10 million to shut up, and expose themselves to further blackmail of $5 million? The arab story stinks to high heaven!

The arab story is also illogical. As one commenter reasoned:

1. If they paid $10 milion blackmail money, then obviously, the reports must have been true. Claims of falsification then make no sense.

2. If the reports were falsified, why would the arabs pay 1 cent in blackmail money?

 CLICK HERE and scroll down to the comments section.

It is more likely that the arabs, The Whale aka Jho Paris Hilton, PM Grossmajib, 1GDB, its Chairman, and CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi have embarked on the next phase of conning the Rakyat. Attack is the best form of defence. So, they are acting in concert to cover up the crime of the new millennium.

Who should we side and support? Obviously, Sarawak Report and Justo. Reason? Who has been screwing 1GDB and our Rakyat to the tune of RM46 billion - The Whale aka Jho Paris Hilton, the arabs, PM Grossmajib, 1GDB, its Chairman, and CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi, or Sarawak Report and Justo? 

Is Sarawak Report asking 1 cent from PM Grossmajib or 1GDB? Has it attempted to blackmail anyone?

In the end, the money trail will tell us who conned whom. As it stands now, the arabs, The Whale aka Jho Paris Hilton, PM Grossmajib, 1GDB, its Chairman, and CEO Kenneth Kaunda Kundi are all still conning us. PM Grossmajib has made no attempt to reveal 1GDB's accounts and financial position as at 31st March 2015. The accounts are long overdue for public disclosure. PM Grossmajib and 1GDB's Board of Directors are totally silent about where some RM27 billion of 1GDB's cash raised via borrowings, have disappeared to!

The latest accounts are likely to show that 1GDB's borrowings have increased to over RM50 billion amidst massive operating losses of over RM1 billion for FY 2015. These operating losses will be disguised again by revaluing its land bank, to hide the truth that without government bailout, 1GDB cannot continue to service annual loan interest of about RM3 billion.

When a country's PM heads every financial approving body and authority, especially the Ministry of Finance, you can be sure corruption will crop up everywhere, simply because he cannot possibly check everything himself. Couple this with surrounding himself with low qualified yes-men, cronies and fraudtrepreneurs, then without a shadow of a doubt, more frauds are in the offing.

The further $65 million fraud at MARA and $30 billion "private initiative funding' at MoF, are sure signs of a systemic and fundamental failures at management. PM Grossmajib is a walking time bomb for total economic failure and gross mismanagement.

The steep decline in our currency and stock market has occurred DESPITE annual growth of over 5%. This is because foreign government and 1st world nation leaders see a thief, crook, looter and economic plunderer (and possibly, murderer) heading the nation. This situation cannot last for long. The market will soon bring PM Grossmajib to his knees, if nothing else does.

Donplaypuks® with bang-cock cock-up blackmailing affairs, man!


Anonymous said...

It's not just RM42Billion, it's 42Bill PLUS what TIA started out with PLUS the value of the cheap land in the centre of KL.

FMN said...

Even if Justo arrest story held up and it was proved not a penny of the nation's money ended up in someone's foreign slush fund nominee's account (which is a stretch), debt laden 1MDB represents financial incompetence on too big a scale to allow anyone associated with it to remain in office or in their jobs!

So what was the foolproof 1MDB brainchild plan?

1)Borrow money
2) buy stuff in the most complicated opaque transactions possible without parliamentary checks and balances
3) borrow more money at questionable interest sometimes against the stuff you now say is an asset
4) buy even more stuff
5) realise the stuff you now own doesn't produce income/allow you to service the debt you've racked up
6) start selling stuff to people/ getting standby credit/ revaluing assets.
7) Declare anyone asking questions about 1MDB to be a threat to the ringgit and the nation.

Anonymous said...

Sarawak Report in its latest article has provided very detailed graphics and texts to substantiate the 1MDB exposes. This clearly authenticates there is no "doctoring" of the facts.
Pls visit the SR website for the details.
It is really disgraceful the New STraits Times has reported the way they did and did they verify the info given them? A long way back NST was considered THE premier paper to read. How the mighty have fallen.