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by cover-up cabal, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cover-up affairs

All sorts of bent games are being played by Malaysian Prime Minister's crooked cabal of criminals, henchmen, paid bloggers, PR spindoctors, murderers, thieves, international money-launderers, looters and economy plunderers.

Totally credibility-lacking AG Pandi would have us believe that the MACC could not begin and finish questioning Najib on the $2.6 billion corruption, money-laundering and GE13 rigging charges by end October. So busy are MACC senior officers, that even an end November deadline would not suffice. The AG then had to invoke the full might of his powers to lay the law down on the MACC with 'a hook or by crook' delivery date by 31 December! Coming from a crook, no doubt this was done to give Najib more time to cook up a more convincing lying story than the pathetic 'It was a donation..I did not personally benefit from it'.

What about that $2 million credited into Rosmah's personal account? Or cheques issued by Najib to 3.85 GPA genius Mazlan and Sharir for $1 million and $2 million respectively? Which century will AG Pandi order the MACC to move its arse on those cases?

All this foot-dragging when the corrupt acts were revealed on 2 July! 

Which brings us back to the $2.6 billion remittance in March 2013 into Najib's personal bank account with Arab Malaysia Development Bank Group (AMDBG).

There are only 2 possibilities:

1. Either AMDBG failed to inform BNM about the humongous $2.6 billion deposit in Najib's bank account,

2. Or, AMDBG did inform BNM but Yeti and her team chose to close their eyes to it. They may even have been threatened by Najib, both PM and Finance Minister, to keep silent. They owed a duty of care to the citizens and wilfully allowed themselves to be bullied and coerced, and chose to cover-up rather than stand up and be counted.

Either way, Yeti and BNM failed in their obligations to the country. There is no way a central bank could have an oversight system that could be so easily bypassed by any bank, not when it involves $2.6 billion!!

When asked about the $2.6 billion 'approval' debacle at a press conference recently, Yeti's answer was telling:

"We are looking into it"!!???

More than that, Yeti is absolutely silent also about how and why US631 million of the original US$681 million was allowed to be transferred out of Najib's bank account overseas. If Yeti and BNM had accepted that the RM 2.6 billion was a "donation", why wasn't it transferred to UMNO's bank account in Malaysia by Najib, but allowed by Yeti and BNM to be TT'd out to a foreign bank account in Singapore? Somethings stinks nasty, doesn't it?

So, it's obvious that Yeti is no angel, no "international banking icon". She is as implicated in this $2.6 billion looting spree as is Najib and his crooked cabal. It's simply not possible that Yeti and BNM did not have the answers ready for thievery that goes back to 2013! Yeti is as much covering up for her own inefficiency and complicity as she is for Najib, his government of thieves, BUMNO/SCUMNO and 1GDB.

So, if AG Pandi is serious, he should already have hauled up Yeti and BNM's top officers for questioning by the MACC or police. Pandi should also have given instructions to MACC, the police and Interpol to move in on the SRC $42 million Najib fraud duo of Nik Faisal Ariff Kamal and Suboh Mohd Yassin.

Instead, Nik and Suboh have been allowed to flee overseas by Najib to avoid being questioned on an obvious fraud, to give Najib more time to destroy documents and the audit trail, and to coach Nik Faisal and Suboh how to stonewall the MACC when eventually questioned face-to-face!

So, enough of these games, Najib, Pandi, Yeti, MACC and IGP. As at this point in our history, you all have zero credibility. We can see right through you like a sheet of clear glass!

And you Yeti, you are fooling no one. Pascal Najadi swears that his father, before he was brutally murdered, reported to you and BNM about massive fraud and corruption relating to 1MDB and involving Najib and the $2.6 billion.

Also, what's the point of you Yeti, now retrospectively withdrawing approvals given to 1MDB over the RM5.8 billion (US$1.83 billion) disclosure discrepancies, if now you don't follow through with charging them with false and misleading declarations under the Financial Services Act? The Rakyat wants action, not sandiwara and lots of thunder with no one going to jail.

Either you start singing NOW or be prepared to join the others in the procession into Bamboo River Prison, soon!

Donplaypuks® with the central bank and blatant kabber-ups, woman!

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