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by sheikh mujubur rahman, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for bangla affairs



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A government led by a serially lying and defrauding prime minister - Najib - who is also implicated in 3 murders, lurches from one $2.6 billion lie to another, one crime to another, one fraud to another and one fiasco to another. This is a government of thieves which is in utter disarray. Najib has no moral or legal authority whatsoever to continue in office, and so is the case with his Cabinet and administration.

Little wonder then that Najib was unable to stop another looting and plundering attempt, this time by newly minted Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

At the heart of this brazen scam is a fortune worth more than RM3.75 billion involving bringing into Malaysia 1.5 million Bangladeshi foreign workers. This is calculated on the basis of 1.5 million workers x RM2,500 government levy per worker. It excludes money to be made from bulk discount on air-fares, transport and provision of living quarters, renewal of work permits, ancillary services etc., for foreign workers.

The sole and exclusive contractual right to develop, maintain and manage a fully online system known as the Bangladeshi Workers Management System (BWMS) was awarded to Synerflux Sdn. Bhd.

The registered owners of Synerflux are former Home Minister Azmi Khalid, and Aminul Islam, a Bangladeshi who resides in Malaysia. So, there is an obvious UMNO crony connection in this deal. CLICK HERE.

Azmi Khalid was also the Public Accounts Committee Chairman who ruled that there was no hanky panky in the $7.5 billion Scorpene submarines contract with DCNS of France, despite the fact that Altantuya was killed in connection with it. More than that, DCNS was fined some RM3 billion for bribery in a similar contract with Taiwan!!

At first, there were rumours that the BWMS contract would be awarded to Real Time Networking Sdn. Bhd. owned by Zahid's brother, Abdul Hakim Hamidi. Hakim and his team were seen accompanying Home Ministry officials who went to Bangladesh to iron out G-to-G MOU details. Later, it transpired that Hakim had negotiated a deal to provide an online system to the Bangladesh Association of International Recruitment Agencies (BAIRA) in return for the rights to provide "other services" to Bangladeshi workers.

These "other services" included the provision of mobile phone SIM cards, cash cards and wages management, which presumably means the lucrative business of money remittance to Bangladesh. Hakim brushed off accusations of nepotism by saying:

"I am not making a huge profit, just small commissions. Even Allah rewards you for good deeds, so why begrudge me a few cents? We make up (for) our expenses through volume, so we can make some money for our children and grandchildren." CLICK HERE.

In January 2016, Zahid suddenly announced a 100% increase in the foreign worker's levy to RM2,500 per head, effective from 1st February. He claimed it was being done to reduce our dependency on foreign labour. Some two weeks later, he announced a u-turn, with the facing-saving words that the proposal had been suspended by the Cabinet pending discussions between Home Ministry officials and "industry players". CLICK HERE.

On 18 February, the government announced that it had signed an MOU with Bangladesh for the recruitment of 1.5 million Bangladeshi workers for Malaysia in stages over the next three years. CLICK HERE.

Barely had the ink dried on that MOU, when Zahid stunned everybody the following day - 19 February - with an announcement that the intake of all foreign workers, including Bangladeshis, was frozen!!?? He claimed the government would be "reviewing" the foreign workers program, and that all illegal foreign workers would be "detained and deported". CLICK HERE.

Confusion reigned everywhere when a Bangladesh Ministry official was quoted as saying that Putrajaya's announcement of a freeze was an "eyewash'!!:

"The Malaysian government has made the announcement to calm local pressure groups who are opposed to foreign workers." CLICK HERE.

What gives with this idiot and imbecile Zahid? Detain and deport an estimated 2 million illegal foreign workers? Does Zahid, who claims to be a PhD holder, have a clue as to the logistics, time and costs involved in detaining and deporting 2 million foreign workers?

And how is it that only AFTER the MOU was signed, did Zahid see the need to consult "industry players"? He has yet to publish a list of business owners whom he claimed had desperately petitioned him to approve bringing in the 1.5 million workers. You can bet your bottom ringgit that such a list never existed, because no one was consulted, except Zahid's cronies!

And why is it that Zahid made no effort whatsoever to clean the country of illegal foreign workers BEFORE signing the MOU with Bangladesh?

Deputy Home Minister Richard Riot then added to the mounting confusion by stating that the 1.5 million Bangladeshis were meant to be recruited for working in 139 countries and not just Malaysia! CLICK HERE.

The reality is that Zahid's intentions in this scandal were evil and crooked from day one. How can it not be when behind every government contract is a BUMNO/SCUMNO crony or relative?

Beyond monetary greed, this is yet again a blatant attempt at social engineering. There are already some 1.5 million legal foreign workers plus some 2 million more illegal ones, most of whom are from the Muslim nations of Indonesia, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

It surely did not escape Zahid and UMNO's attention that Mahathir did the same social engineering experimentation with illegal foreign workers in 'Operation Blue IC' in Sabah in the late '90's and early 2000's. The population of Sabah shot up stratospherically from just over 2 million to nearly 5 million within five years!! Many of these illegals have been voting in our general elections for over two decades!!

Staring in UMNO/BN's face is the grim certainty that they will lose the next General Election in 2018. So, with one eye on survival, and a hand in the Rakyat's pocket, Zahid came up with Operation Bangladesh.

But, is the freeze an eyewash or here to stay?

One rumour has it that Najib and Rosmah, sensing that Zahid was building a power base to launch a putsch - defined as a violent attempt to overthrow the government - reacted belatedly. 

Another rumour maintains that the Rulers intervened to stop this naked looting and power-grab scheme.

Yet another rumour maintains that Chief Minister Adenan panicked that there might be voter-revolt in the soon to be held Sarawak elections. Dare UMNO/BN risk their safe deposit there?

Or, is it all really an eyewash, meant to the pull the wool over the natives' eyes. Is UMNO/BN really prepared to face international condemnation if it pulls out of a MOU one day after the government signed it? What about the millions of ringgit that Hakim and Azmi Khalid stand to lose if the MOU is aborted? Who will compensate them and from whose pockets? Will Najib and Zahid risk it?

Any way we look at it, Deputy PM & Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has to be given the boot. This is pathetic political play, incompetency and attempted looting and plundering of the lowest order. Zahid, a bully and uncouth lout, and the man responsible for the reinstatement of the evil Sedition Act, is not fit to be a a shoe-shine boy! More appropriate for him would be a life sentence and 6 strokes of the rotan in Bamboo River Resort.

Donplaypuks® with foreign labour, Zahid!


Ooi A said...

As though it's not enough that we have a highly corrupt, incompetent DUMNO govt that has bled a wealthy nation of hundred$ of BILLION$ in debt for our children & grandchildren to shoulder, they are now desperately squeezing us for as much & as fast as they can, WHILE THEY CAN !!

Retards & gravy-trainers have enabled this 'ONLY' BN Govt M'sians EVER knew to prolong our 'fright mare'.

Donplaypuks® said...

Yes Ooi

They are making a grab for whatever they can get their hands on, before time runs out.

There is an English saying to describe it - snouts to the trough!

MalaysianFirst said...

There are no MOAR "leaders" within Malaysia. There are only FOLLOWERS, inept, daft and greedy followers.

The entire world is LAUGHING hard at this nation for a very long time, starting in the 21st century, with the rapid expansion of the internet since the end of the 20th century.

Look at NORWAY, every single "citizen" is now a millionaire, what about this nation, called the federation of Malaysia? The bottom fifty percent are poor, damn-FILTY poor!

Don't you see it surprising that the POOR walk miles to "GET" food, while the rich walk miles to "DIGEST" food.

Look at everything around you, see what others choose not to see, the wanton DESTRUCTION around yourself.

I wish not to continue, or I'll fill an encyclopedia of information within your webpage....I prefer nanotechnology better!

Angela said...

a wishy washy debacle along d road to amassing easy billion$. how corrupt can a leader get?

Donplaypuks® said...

Wholesale looting!

Angela said...

Exactly n blatantly too n STILL survive…only in TAKbolehland !!

Anonymous said...

But still many malaysian sleeping...what to do?????
Only GOD can help us..

Anonymous said...

Ask yourself, who support them, the poor lar!!!

KK said...

Nice wallop to the Permanent Head Damaged fellow. Imagine whipping 2 million illegal Banglas to compound the already nightmarish task of deportation.