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by serial lying is fun, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for civil serpent affairs



No, the Auditor General's 1MDB Report has not been leaked to me, yet. It is still locked up and access blocked from the Rakyat (citizens) under the Official Secrets Act (OSA) by a dark and dirty conspiracy involving serially lying, defrauding, looting, plundering and possibly murdering Najib, Attorney General Pandi and Speaker Pandi.

But, my stance is that if the Prime Minister and his party and government of thieves can serially lie, abuse their Constitutional powers, and fling all considerations of ethics, morals, honour and integrity into the drain, why should I play fair and stick to the Marquess of  Queensbury rules? CLICK HERE.

So, I shall rely on common sense. If there was nothing incriminating in the Auditor General's 1MDB Report about Najib's criminal conduct in defrauding and looting 1MDB, why would anyone block access to it by classifying it under the OSA?

More than that, the normal procedure is for the Auditor General to tender his report to Parliament. Having done this, it is Unconstitutional for Najib and the Pandi & Pandi duo to classify it under the OSA.

Anyway, I have been reliably told that the Auditor General does in fact name Najib as having committed fraud, CBT, misappropriation of funds, abuse of power, breach of fiduciary duty, criminal malfeasance, money-laundering, looting, plundering, obstruction of justice and lying about money raised by 1MDB as loans and guaranteed by the government.

That is to say RM46 billion of loans, of which RM4 billion borrowed from government pension fund KWAP that was transferred to MoF on Najib's orders, when it became clear that the money had been fraudulently diverted by Najib for his own use and benefit. Nevertheless, this RM4 billion too has to be repaid to KWAP from the Rakyat's pockets!

1MDB President Arul Kanda has also publicly confirmed that RM18 billion paid by 1MDB to Malaysian tycoon Ananda Krishnan for IPPs, was inflated. This is a clear admission of fraud and criminal act of possibly, about RM4 billion. Where did this RM4 billion disappear to?

If that's not enough to send Najib to prison for the rest of his life with no remission, then I do not know what is. Three murders have also revolved around Najib for which the gallows may well be awaiting him - Altantuya, Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais. CLICK HERE.

And all those who have helped Najib cover-up this crime and heist of the century, (CLICK HERE AND STUDY THE PICTURE) including Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Chairman 'Cari Makan' Hassan Arifin and 1MDB President Arul Kanda, should join him in adjacent cells in Bamboo River Resort (Sg. Buloh Prison).!

Now we come to Mohamad Irwan Serigar bin Abdullah, Chief Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and possessor of a PhD in Economics from the International Islamic University of Malaysia. He also did an advanced Harvard management program in 2008. CLICK HERE.

He is a career civil serpent who has risen up the ranks since 1984. He sits as advisor or director (e.g Bank Negara, Felda GV, Khazanah) at dozens of GLCs where the MOF has control. He is an advisor, as is Chief Secretary to the Government, Ali Hamsa, to 1MDB where PM & Finance Minister Najib is the Chairman of the Board of Advisors.

The minutes of the relevant PAC hearing were made public, after the whitewashed PAC Report on 1MDB was released on 7 April 2016. What emerged, is, to say the least, astounding. It seriously calls into question Serigar's integrity and academic qualifications, government service experience and intelligence.

When asked about all the RM20-30 billion missing from 1MDB funds and the casual arrogance and defiance with which 1MDB's directors, CEOs and executives flouted authorization and approval policies and procedures, Serigar's testimony was incredible (Of course, one has to wonder too what exactly Chairman Lodin Wok Kamaruddin, Najib's crony from the RM8 billion Scorpene submarine procurement contract connected to the Altantuya murder, thought his job and function was at 1MDB):

"The Advisory Board never met. We don't know. We read about it in the newspapers. We were side-lined'!!!??? CLICK HERE.

The Chief Secretary to the MoF, a man who has spent 32 years in the civil service, did not know about 1MDB's $46 billion borrowings and fraud there? Remember, 1MDB is a 100% subsidiary of the MOF. It needed MoF and Treasury approvals to borrow all that $46 billion, and the MoF did issue guarantees and letters of support for 1MDB to borrow that stupendous sum of money.

PM AND Finance Minister Najib was Serigar's boss whom he must have met every day when 1MDB was borrowing money like it was going out of fashion. They both sit on the Board of Advisors of 1MDB as does Chief Secretary Ali Hamsa.

Yet, he has the gall to openly lie at the PAC hearing that he did not know what was going on, Is that how a PhD holder who has done a stint at Harvard manages his portfolio of work? Is that how the top man at the MoF, the Chief Secretary, prioritises his work in a RM46 billion investment - by waiting to read about developments in the newspapers? The mind boggles!

It never occurred to Serigar to ask Najib or the directors about their financial affairs and status? He never asked for quarterly management financial statements and scrutinise them? All these top civil serpents and 1MDB executives like Arul Kanda went to the PAC inquiry with the deliberate intent of appearing to be stupid and obstruct and cover up for Najib and the $46 billion fraud at 1MDB. That's for sure as the sun will rise in the East tomorrow morning.

However, if that is remotely not the case, God help us, because there must be dozens more of billion ringgit projects under the MoF that Serigar has been neglecting, and more malfeasance and fraud waiting to explode in our face!

God help us too if the Wall St. Journal is right that Najib has ear-marked Serigar to succeed Zeti as the next Governor of BNM!!

Who else sits on the Board of Advisors of 1MDB, besides Chairman Najib, Serigar and Ali Hamsa? Well, well, well, lookee here:

1. Nor Mohamed Yakcop is the Minister in charge of the EPU (Economic Plundering Unit) and Deputy Chairman of Khazanah, the government's investment arm. But of course, Nor was sacked from Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) in the early 1990's for being the principal forex trader whose actions nearly bankrupted Malaysia. Then PM Mahathir first lied about BNM's forex losses, but was caught out by DAP's Lim Kit Siang who astutely spotted a RM6 billion hole in BNM's balance sheet. Eventually, it transpired that the actual losses were in the region of RM30 billion, which Mahathir and BNM illegally hid by revaluing gold and other assets! CLICK HERE.

2. Sidek Hassan, ex-Government Chief Secretary. Before retirement, he tried to ram through a budget proposal whereby his salary and that of top civil serpents would be double that of the prime minister and ministers! Najib stopped just short of sacking him. CLICK HERE. Yet today, Sidek is also Chairman of Petronas!! What hold does he have on Najib, for God's sake?

I am positive that if these two were to be questioned about 1MDB, they too would say they knew nothing about it, or for that matter, if a great fraud were to be discovered at the EPU, Khazanah or Petronas.

Such is the incompetence, shameful and disgraceful attitude and criminal conduct of many of Najib's top appointees to the civil service and GLCs! They are paid fabulous salaries and perks from the Rakyat's hard, hard earned money, yet go about their jobs without any sense of understanding or responsibility, while the looting and plundering continues unabated all around them. The truth is, most of them are responsible for and participate in the looting and plundering themselves.

When we have removed Najib and his government and administration of thieves from office soon, we must also book places in Bamboo River Resort for all these thieving civil serpents and also restructure the entire civil service, so that this system of corrupt patronage will no longer be possible!

Donplaypuks® with saying you were not consulted or don't know what happened when you are paid fabulously to do a good job, Najib, Lodin Wok, Ali Hamsa, Serigar, Yakcop and Sidek. We are coming after you with both barrels loaded!


chong y l said...

DPP, if the CLUELESS WAN Was PINNOCHIO, his nose would have grown so long it would traverse neigbouring Haadyai through the peninsula of Malaysia (sorry, it's now MalSia!) down to our soutrherly neighbour, d SINGA knot PURA-pura! (Aside, cun: SORRY KIAsi folks, you carry part of MalSia's burden too Cos you guys continue to buy BIG in Iskandar project and other Johor properties right!?

CH jom wit' DEsi for KApitalist lunch? even it's knot the wickedend, take care of they stomach! OFten, DEsi's spirit is willin', but the badan is weak la!

DC said...

A must read for all. Najib should have been in jail a long time ago for all the harm he has committed but what can I say? His cohorts should be sent to Pulau Belakang Mati.

NajibNazak said...

Najib pays stupid dogs to guard him, period...

Anonymous said...

Swiss AG: "Embezzlement”, “fraud”, “criminal mismanagement”, “misconduct in public office”, “forgery of a document”, “bribery of foreign public officials” and “money laundering” are the crimes today cited by the Swiss Attorney General’s Office as it announced an “extension of its criminal proceedings” relating to Malaysia’s 1MDB development fund.
You name it, and he has done it all. And oh yes, how many murder cases again?

Claire Rewcastle: "It certainly presents a new challenge to those spokespeople for the fund in KL, who have doggedly continued to claim that nothing has gone amiss, including the Prime Minister, who set up the fund and is its sole shareholder and signatory and chairs its Advisory Board."

DPP: "the Prime Minister and his party and government of thieves can serially lie, abuse their Constitutional powers, and fling all considerations of ethics, morals, honour and integrity into the drain".
How did we come to have such people put in power ????? So devoid of all the values as mentioned by DPP , that it is almost looking to be non-human, or souless humans!!! And to call themselves God-fearing? Laughable! They don't fear anything...except losing money and power!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 6.55 & 12.35

Thank you for your supportive views. Keep the pressure up on your MPs and do drops protest notes at Najib's Facebook page, twitter a/c and PMO website.

Collectively, we can move mountains!