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It has now been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to the satisfaction of the entire world, that Malaysian Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Najib Tun Razak lied blatantly and without any sense of remorse or shame, when he claimed that $2.6 billion credited to his personal bank account in Malaysia in 2013, was a donation from a Saudi Royalty.

The money was clearly stolen by Najib from funds raised in the USA by wholly owned Ministry of Finance subsidiary 1MDB. The money was raised by merchant bankers Goldman Sachs, and diverted by Najib to an off-shore company, Tanore Finance in Singapore, from where it was TT'd to his account.

Among others, the following Malaysians and associates of Jho Low or some who worked closely with him, were also involved in the raising or diverting of 1MDB funds:

1. Low Taek Jho (Jho Low), Najib's principal partner in crime.
2. Eric Tan Kim Loong, Jho Low's associate who was the registered nominee owner of Tanore.
3. Jasmine Loo Ai Swan, 1MDB Executive Director of 1MDB and a cheque signatory of Tanore. She is referred to as Malaysian Official 3 by the USA Department of Justice (DoJ) in its more than US1 billion Kleptocracy civil action in relation 1MDB, and is also wanted by Bank Negara Malaysia.
4. Casey Tang Keng Chee who was succeeded by Jasmine Loo and is wanted by Bank Negara Malaysia.
5. 1MDB ex-Executive Diretor Ismee Ismail and Ex-CEO Shahrol Halmi, both named as Malaysian Officer 1 and 2 respectively by the USA Department of Justice.
6. Roger Ng, of Goldman Sachs Singapore, who suddenly quit his job in 2014. CLICK HERE.

Attorney General Pandi and the USA DoJ have both confirmed that Najib TT'd out about RM2 billion back to Tanore a few months after receiving the $2.6 billion in 2013.

It is very clear now that AG Pandi colluded with Najib to clear him of all corruption charges in relation to the $2.6 billion "donation", as well as $42 million from SRC International, despite a mountain of evidence that Najib had broken just about every law in Malaysia.

Part of the funds were used to pay $3 million of Najib's credit card bills for Rosmah's shopping, $1 million for anti-ageing pills, as well as unexplained cheques to UMNO MP's Ahmad Mazlan ($2 million) and Sharir ($1 million). There apparently were hundreds of other suspicious payments issued shortly before the 2013 General Elections.

It has emerged in recent days that Jho Low had instructed two other Malaysian bank staff at Arab Malaysia Merchant Banking Group (AMMB), ex-MD Cheah Teck Kuang and Joanna Yu who handled Najib's account, to warn him of BNM queries and to maintain secrecy over Najib's wheeling and dealing. CLICK HERE. DAP MP Lim Lip Eng made a police report on this matter yesterday.

What is even more disturbing is that:

1. The actual amount of money received in Najib's bank account was about $4.2 billion and that at least $2 million had also been credited to the account of Najib's wife, Rosmah!

2. This money had started flowing in from as early as 2011 right through to 2014 towards the end of which the account was closed.

3. In September 2012, AMMB officials went, armed with files and documents, to meet BNM governor Zeti to to lodge their concerns about these suspicious and vast amounts of money going in and out of Najib's account. According to a March 2016 Australia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) program, Zeti fobbed them off and asked them to take their files back with them! This happened 3 times between 2012-2014! CLICK HERE and go to 18.15 minutes, but do watch the ABC clip from beginning to end.

So, what are Zeti and BNM's roles in a massive cover-up for Najib? Was anyone there a beneficiary of payments from Najib's account and the corruptly stolen $2.6 billion? Why did Zeti and BNM cover-up about the other large payments going back to 2011, and were sooooo careful to talk only about the $2.6 billion?

Why all the hoohah NOW about AMMB when it tried to do its job and warn BNM, and BNM knew about the stolen money from way back in 2011?

It is also important to note that 1MDB's audited financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2015 have yet to be filed. In the meantime, its auditors, Deloitte & Co., have put out an incredible alert that their audit reports for 2013 and 2014 should not be relied upon, and have now resigned. Deloitte is the 3rd firm to resign as 1MDB's auditor; the other two, Ernst & Young and PWC, were sacked by Najib when they refused to sign audit reports between 2009-2012. 1MDB now has a $30 billion hole in its balance sheet which Najib is desperately trying to hide from public disclosure.

Najib has so far disgracefully failed to explain:

1. What the $600 million (the difference between $2.6 billion and $2 billion stolen) was spent on, other than to openly lie that 'I did not personally benefit from it.' 

2. Where exactly the $2 billion is now parked. It was TT'd back to Tanore, not to any Saudi Royalty. Therefore, it is still under the control of Najib and Jho Low.

3. What happened to another $1.6 billion?

Malaysians should also take note that since Najib became PM in April 2009, the PMO budget has increased from about $2 billion to $19 billion!! More than that, he has forced Parliament, through the simple majority BN/BUMNO has, to approve supplementary budgets for billions of ringgit, with little transparency over what these huge sums of money were actually spent on. Why bother with budgets if you are going to over-spend every year and not account properly for the money?

There is also the $30 billion the MoF borrowd from EPF to fund so-called private initiative projects. Till today the MoF refuses to publicly disclose the names of Bumiputra contractors who were supposedly awarded contracts, but about which the Bumiputra Contractors' Association knows nothing about! CLICK HERE.

Clearly, the MoF illegally "funded" projects that should have been financed by the private sector, and which it has no means now or in the future of repaying, unless other government projects are crookedly inflated to cover-up the stupendous deficit. Interest alone on that $30 billion would be about $1.2 billion a year!!

With talk that Najib is planning for early general elections in March 2017, it's obvious that part of this money siphoned out of the system is in a slush fund parked off-shore and which will be used by Najib and BUMNO to buy votes and rig the GE.

For sure too, a huge chunk of it has ended up in Najib and Rosmah's pockets. The only reason the authorities are not keen to trace all these missing billions of ringgit that Najib has stolen and siphoned out is because the leadership at the MACC, Police and the AG's office has all been bought, lock, stock and barrel! That much is obvious to even our primary school students.

And last, but not least, Najib has still not sued Sarawak Report and WSJ for defamation over their exposes, or Asia Sentinel for saying he is linked to three murders! Who, besides Najib, Rosmah and BN/BUMNO is not ashamed of being  a Malaysian today?


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