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Here is the list of the RM114 billion of fraudulent deals planned and executed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, mainly for his and his wife Rosmah's benefit.

Najib has also created a massive slush fund for UMNO/BN which was illegally used to buy votes and rig the 2013 elections, and which will also be deployed in the coming general election:

1. 2002 RM8 billion Scorpene Submarines contract - Corrupt commission and inflated cost of (at least) of which RM575 million was paid to Najib croney Abdul Razak Baginda involved in the 2006 Altantuya C4 murder - RM1 billion.

2. 2009-2015 - Money borrowed by 1MDB. 100% MoF owned 1MDB has debts of $53 billion. Its audited accounts for the year ended 31 March 2015 and 2016 are overdue by 21 and 9 months respectively. Najib, Chief Secretary to the Government Ali Hamsa and MoF Chief Secretary Irwan Serigar Abdullah are covering up fraud, embezzlement of state funds, money-laundering, abuse of power, looting, plundering and plain theft. RM42 billion.

3. 2014 money borrowed from government pensioners' Kumpulan Wang Amanah Pencen (KWAP) and "invested" by 1MDB in dubious overseas coal-mining companies. Najib, Ali Hamsa and Serigar Abdullah have refused to provide investment details by hiding behind the Official Secrets Act! RM4 billion.

4. 2006 Pembinaan Private Finance Initiative (PPFI) money borrowed by MoF from EPF using fake government land leasing contracts. Najib, Ali Hamsa and Serigar Abdullah have refused to provide details of what this huge sum of money was used for and who actually received the money, by once again hiding behind the Official Secrets Act! RM30 billion.

5. November 2016 East Coast Railway Project cost inflated by Najib in a contract awarded without Open Tender to China CCC which is black-listed by the World bank for corruption and shoddy construction work. Najib plans to plug the huge hole in 1MDB's balance sheet by robbing Peter to pay Paul. RM30 billion.

6. December 2016 Pan Borneo Highway PDP contract awarded without Open tender to Bustari Yusuf, Rosmah croney and brother of Public Works Minister Fadillah Yusuf - 15% of $30 billion = RM4.5 billion.

7. December 2016 Eagle High Plantation Holdings 37% minority stake proposed acquisition @173% premium in an Indonesian oil palm company by Felda. Eagle is owned by Najib and Rosmah's croney Peter Sondakh! RM2.5 billion.

That adds up to a staggering RM114 billion! This does not include the looting in MRT, Double-Tracking Railway and other PMO controlled projects or the RM7.9 billion of Felda Global Venture Holdings shares book loss GLCs are sitting on!!! Of this, the EPF has confirmed it has sold of its entire holdings and so must have lost RM576 million!!! All of them were arm-twisted into buying those shares at inflated valuation by Najib in 2012.

Elsewhere, due to his bragging that he is a descendant of fearless Bugis warriors, Najib is mocked as Datuk Seri 1 Mappadulung Daeng Mattimung Karaeng Sandrobone Sultan Abdul Jalil'! Najib, like many of his fellow Cabinet members, suffer from selective amnesia, especially where it concerns their racial origins. He conveniently forgets that the Bugis who landed in Malaya in the 17th and 18th centuries were not the 'fearless warriors' of suspect legends, but cowards who did not have the guts to stay back and fight civil wars in their ancestral home in the Spice Islands of the Celebes (now re-named by Sulawesi)!

Najib, a proven racist, bigot and demagogue is still in office only because he has bought over the judiciary, attorney general, Inspector General of Police and top members of his coalition party, UMNO/BN, with the billions of ringgit he has looted. No one there has the courage, moral sense or integrity to expose and stop him, despite many professing to be very devout Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians.

When Najib recently accused the Myanmar (Burma) government of genocide concerning the Muslim Rohingya, it had nothing to do with his sense of outrage over human rights issues. It was all about trying to hoodwink local Malay Muslims into thinking that they should unite under UMNO/PAS to stay in power.

That is the same reason why Najib and UMNO joined hands with PAS  earlier this month to try (unsuccessfully) to Unconstitutionally ram a Hudud Bill through Parliament.

His and Umno's championing of India's fundamentalism Islam preacher Zakir Naik and his Islamic Research Foundation, now banned by India as an unlawful organization, has everything do with creating a siege mentality among local Malay Muslims. This is stupidity beyond belief. Naik was also banned from a lecture tour in UK in June 2016 for "unacceptable comments and behaviour". CLICK HERE AND HERE.

Malaysia offered sanctuary for 17 years to Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir now convicted and serving a 15-year jail sentence in Indonesia for terrorism. CLICK HERE. Malaysian Malay Muslims have also been master bomb makers involved in the Bali and Jakarta suicide killings. Instead of respecting the Indian government which also announced that several charges were in the pipeline against Zakir Naik for radicalising youth and luring them into terrorist activities, Najib snubbed them. Naik has been allowed to enter Malaysia and move freely.

Where is Najib leading Malay Muslims to? The IGP announced in November that some 60 Malay Muslims had gone to fight alongside ISIL. CLICK HERE. Last week two foreign students of Mediu University based in Shah Alam were arrested on suspicion of being involved in ISIL terrorist activities. Mediu is a Arab initiated online Uni which has been accused of being an online degree mill! CLICK HERE.

There is nothing that this scum leech Najib will not stoop to stay in office to rob the citizens blind and satisfy his wife Rosmah's thirst for power and more bling!

It is our duty to stop Najib, Rosmah and their government of thieves, looters, racists, bigots and blood-sucking Draculas. We must pack them off to prison for life, like yesterday!  


KR said...

Since all local law enforcement agencies have been perverted, all robbed and oppressed Malaysian must repeat the script for 1MDB. Make report to police and MACC as a formality, then bring all the evidences to international investigating bodies in the respective foreign countries, where fraud or stolen money trails were detected. At the same time, file class action suit to recover the stolen money too. Malaysian are counting on Pakatan Harapan, Bersatu and concerned individuals to achieve this.

KL said...

OMG. What a greedy person and greedy personality.

XSN said...

The call to file a local report with anything relating to the uber sensitive 1MDB is counter productive. Everywhere on this globe, no major power will 'help' without any form of gain or benefit. Greed is what made us humans progress. Excessive dependency towards greed is what brought us foolish citizens where we are.

CCK said...

Too many revelations of our PM's wrongdoings. Too many nails in his coffin. What will the outcome be? Which will be the actual real final nail? He seems to be more powerful and bold, dragging big guns into the foray to defend himself. Everyone knows he's done wrong (or at least is heavily involved in masterminding it) except his loyal followers and bootlickers. It would be interesting to see how this national drama would eventually conclude (if it could), or would there be a sequel? Certainly reminds me of "Dallas" the long-time TV series starring Larry Hagman (the cunning oil baron protagonist J.R. Ewing) and Patrick Duffy (as Bobby Ewing, his victimised brother) except that ours is a national affair, not a family one.

K Tan said...

They stole more than 100 times their combined weight in gold, yet they are still not satisfied, they are still looking for more. Can they be happy?
"Greed is an imperfection that defiles the mind; hate is an imperfection that defiles the mind; delusion is an imperfection that defiles the mind." ----Gautama Buddha

OJ said...

So all indications are that Najib is the most greedy PM that ever walked the earth? I do not think so. After the corruption tainted Scorpene deal followed by the Altantuya murder, he has been blackmailed by various people / foreign govts, etc.So he needs to appease them by granting their wish. In the process, he is selling off the nation. The Malays in particular need to wake up to this reality as all their big talk about being a privileged people is turning into a big ball of bulls**t. It is matter of time before the people / govts that have taken advantage of Najib will find that he is no longer relevant and get rid of him. By then, it will be too late

GBR said...

Anybody can steal but he will have to account for their deeds in the Hereafter. The punishment in Hellfire in eternity is no play play - so pitiful.

S. Radzi said...

Like I said, cut off his hands.

T.Suppiah said...

Please do not mention the Hereafter.How do you know the person will burn for all eternity? That is only what we are told from the time we were children to make us behave.The person has to face the wrath of the law in this lifetime and only then do you stop all us criminal activities.