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There are times you want to keep out of domestic religious controversies, given that many in Malaysia are possessed of a siege mentality where Islam is concerned. However, what happened recently is so dangerous and outrageous that no one should keep quiet and allow the rottenness to fester further.

Especially not, when PM Najib, Deputy PM & Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and the BN Cabinet continue to wine and dine the dangerous Zakir Naik who is wanted in India for radicalising Muslim youth, making hate speech and suspected of being involved in terrorist activities. Zakir, who was also banned in UK, Canada and Bangladesh, has apparently been granted PR in Malaysia. In India, he is being investigated too for massive accounting fraud and money-laundering.

Najib and his government of thieves do not seem to have learnt anything from Malaysia granting 17 years of shelter to Indonesian Abu Bakar Bashir who was convicted of terrorism in 2005 and was responsible for many an innocent death, especially 14 in the 2002 Bali bombing. Or, from the fact that Malaysia has seen a few thousand radicalised Malay-Muslims go fight on the side of the Taliban ans ISIS, and  produced some of the top terrorist bomb-makers like Azahari!

On Monday 13th February 2017, Pastor Raymong Koh, 62, was kidnapped from his silver Honda Civic ST 5515 D, in broad daylight in Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor between 10.31:42 and 10.32:39 a.m. At least five men in ski-masks were involved in the kidnapping. Later that day, the pastor's family handed over to the police CCTV camera footage which showed:

1. The involvement of 7 vehicles in the abduction, including several SUVs, a Toyota Alphard and two motorcycles.
2. The military-like precision with which the kidnapping was executed.
3. With chilling coolness, the kidnappers getting down from their vehicles to direct traffic as they made their escape!

In 2011, JAIS (Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor or the Selangor Islamic Religious Department) raided, without search warrants, a church thanksgiving and fund-raising dinner at the DUMC (Damansara Utama Methodist Church), alleging Muslims were being converted to Christianity. JAIS was subsequently unable to produce a shred of evidence to substantiate its Draconian action against Pastor Raymond's NGO, Harapan Komunity which had organised the event. CLICK HERE.

Following Pastor Raymond's abduction, there has been considerable speculation in social media, twitter, online news portals and blogs that the kidnapping was in retaliation for the humiliation JAIS suffered from the 2011 raid, a disaster of its own making. Then, former Selangor Exco-member Hasan Ali had raised the temperature with his ill-advised rhetoric and false claims.

What is even more incredible is that the Inspector General of Police, Khalid Abu Bakar (IGP), finally got around to announcing a 'Task Force' to look into the kidnapping, only some 10 days AFTER the police had in their possession what must, by all accounts of STAR journalists, be a clear recording of the event!

So, it's clear the IGP is playing games. It would take no more than one hour for the police to identify the owners of the kidnappers' vehicles. Yet, till today, there has not been a peep from the IGP or the authorities. More startlingly, there has been no statement on this heinous crime from Home & Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, PM Najib or a single UMNO/BN Minister!

Such apparent inaction and blackout by the authorities and government, suggests, at best, a cover-up; at worst a conspiracy by rogue JAIS officers and fundamental extremists. The fact that the kidnappers have yet to contact the pastor's family or demand any ransom suggests very dark motives and that the worse fate may have befallen the pastor. 

Pastor Raymond's son has voiced out out that he suspects his father was abducted to be killed. Does that not bring a lump to your throat? Who can read it without shedding tears? CLICK HERE.

What we are witnessing is an IGP unwilling to act, and participating in a blatant cover-up to somehow prevent the global condemnation that is bound to follow when the truth emerges. Given the assassination at KLIA, on 13th February too, of N.Korean Kim Jong-nam, this kidnapping could not have occurred at a worst moment for PM Najib and UMNO/BN, with the General Election looming on the horizon.

Remember too that Asia Sentinel (AS) has printed in black & white that 3 murders - Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais - revolve around Najib. CLICK HERE. Najib's reputation and image have been battered internationally. Exposes by WSJ, Sarawak Report and AS have proven him a serial liar who is mainly responsible for the RM42 billion fraud at 100% state-owned 1MDB. Much of the looted money has ended up in Najib and Rosmah's own back-pockets!

We are witnessing a dangerous totalitarian, Hitler/Stalin/Mao regime in its death throes. That is why the IGP is unable to see clear his duties to the citizens. Instead he is acting to protect thieves, looters, defrauders, con men, kidnappers and murderers out of a false notion of what Islam is. This is the same IGP who first snubbed a High Court order, then when ordered by the Federal Court, still stubbornly refuses to arrest poor Indira Gandhi's Indian husband, Muhammad Riduan Abdullah aka K.Pathmanathan, who kidnapped their children and converted them illegally to Islam! So, we know the type of paralysis that grips the IGP's mind!

When all is said and done, and when the government of the day which the Citizens consented to and empowered to rule, refuses to do what is right, everyone of us who has a conscience, must act or be prepared to lose everything - house, home, family, children, wealth, status, welfare, law, order, honour, integrity, FREEDOM and LIFE!

Do not just read this blog post and walk away shrugging your shoulders and saying that nothing can be done. Call, email, sms, tweet, do whatever it takes to contact your State Assemblyman/ADUN or MP  and get them to petition the IGP, Home Minister, Najib and government for action and answers.

We must bring to book all those responsible for Pastor Raymond's fate as soon as possible. Collectively, we can crush this government of serial liars, thieves, thugs, fascist Gestapo Nazis, defrauders, looters, plunderers and murderers!

JUST DO IT! Link to full details of the kidnapping from day 1. CLICK HERE.


TX said...

Only Pakatan MP or Hindraf can say something to move things. Where are they?

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K. Luis said...

IGP, Why no statement or tweet? Tengok bangsa & agama ke?

R.Lee said...

Make don't know game oooooh!!!

F.Tan said...

I think we pray he will be back safely.

RG said...

They dont have a responsibility towards nons?

K.Tan said...

These people are still not happy with the Christians already as second class citizens, what more do they want? Christians of Sabah and Sarawak, you ought to see for yourself what's happening to your flock in Peninsula Malaysia under Umno-BN? Christians ought to unite and vote out Umno-BN, it's time to act before it's too late!