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by E.S. Shankar, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for maha firaun affairs

In ponzi and pyramid schemes, and in the 1MDB/SRC RM46 Billion fraud, you only have to find out in whose pockets the money finally ended up, to know who was behind it all i.e. where the money trail ends.

Similarly, the latest coup d'etat which led, I hope, only to the temporary fall of the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition government, which on 9th May 2018, so popularly and stunningly defeated the ogre/beast UMNO/BN which had been misruling, massively abusing power, looting, plundering and defrauding the citizens since 1981, by exploiting the race and religion cards to the hilt.

You only have to see who has benefited most from the coup to know who was behind it all, as things stand today. As they say, who's the last man standing?

At the centre of it all was one-time Anwar Ibrahim right-hand man, Azmin Ali. He was appointed by Mahathir in May 2018 as Minister of the newly created Ministry of Economic Affairs, despite objections from his own party, PKR (Keadilan).

Mahathir's aim in doing this was to first, reduce Anwar Ibrahim's power and influence, second, sow the seeds of destruction in PKR and third, dilute Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng's (DAP) powers by transferring Petronas, Felda, Tabung Haji, Khazanah (national sovereign fund), PNB and many key government linked companies to Azmin's portfolio. 

What other cosy conversations Mahathir and Azmin had and mouth-watering promises were made to him by Mahathir, we'll never know, but can guess at. Almost from that moment, Azmin started publicly undermining a key agreement reached between Mahathir and all component parties in the PH coalition and announced publicly well BEFORE the 2018 General Election. This was that Mahathir would only serve as prime minister (PM) for two years after which he would hand over the office of PM to Anwar Ibrahim.

It was almost as though Mahathir had said to Azmin, "Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"#1 Last Saturday's events which culminated with Azmin and 10 others from PKR quitting the PH coalition and triggered the fall of the PH government, certainly had their beginning back then.

Azmin has now been branded in just about every social medium as the world's blackest back-stabber, betrayer, traitor what-have-you, second only to Judas Iscariot. Here is his self-righteous reply to universal condemnation:

"We believe that forcing the PM (Mahathir) to set a hand-over date was an evil plot to make him a lame-duck. We went rogue to halt these efforts. We firmly deny the allegations of those who label us traitors. On the contrary, those who tried to bring down the PM mid-term are the traitors, as they prioritized the agenda to take over the power of the PM, implementation of government policies meant to improve the economy and the people's well-being."

Azmin's selective amnesia about Mahathir having voluntarily agreed to the post-election succession plan, that Mahathir himself had said on numerous occasions that he would honor it and only last Friday confirmed again that he would step down after the APEC conference in November 2020, is astonishing. PH Ministers were more than entitled to demand that Mahathir set a firm date of resignation after extending it to November 2020.

More than that, Azmin's failure to take responsibility for the economy tanking to a record low (since 2008) of 3.6% for the last quarter of 2019 and not coming up with any new policies to "improve the economy and the people's well-being", is strikingly reminiscent of UMNO/BN Ministers who never owned up to bad performances. On the contrary, it was Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng who announced an economic stimulus package which is now in limbo.

Azmin's talk today of "national reconciliation", coming as it does after he and his followers, dubbed the Semburit 11, were sacked on Monday by PKR, sounds as hollow as an UMNO Minister's skull. He does not realize that he looks like a drowning man clutching at straws, unable to accept that his political career is over!

So, where are we right now? Who's the last man standing today and what does he plan to do?

It's none other than Mahathir, who after strangely resigning from office, was appointed by the King (Agong) as 'Interim Prime Minister', a position that is not in our Constitution. Basically, as explained by the Attorney General, that shockingly means Mahathir can be PM forever; in short, a dictator.

His announcement today that, instead of restoring the PH government millions voted into power on 9th May 2018 by linking up with Sarawak and Sabah, he would work out a "Unity Government" forebodes danger and evil intent. CLICK HERE and HERE.

It's ominous that he did DID NOT say:

1. Anwar Ibrahim would be in this new "Unity Government" and he would be appointed Deputy Prime Minister or become PM in due course.
2. That elected MPs from PKR, DAP and Amanah who cut down the evil UMNO/BN beast would be in the Cabinet.
3. What independent check and balances would be put in place to prevent abuse of power, corruption and money politics.

For 22 years between 1981-2003, Mahathir was not internationally dubbed a dictator without some truth to it. Mahathir used to joke that he was a"benevolent dictator". So, one wonders what the King's thinking was in handing monopoly power to Mahathir on a platter!

We started on 10th May 2018, with an exciting coalition PH government fully seized with wiping out corruption, bringing to justice the looters and fraudsters in the previous government and administration and instituting major economic, legal, welfare, social and political reforms. Due to stonewalling by Mahathir and 'I am a Malay first' Home Minister Muhyiddin, institutional reforms and reviews and repeal of repressive laws have been sidelined. Long unresolved major murders and enforced abductions which appear to have elements of serious state-sanctioning, have yet to be solved and perpetrators sent to jail. The grip that the state has on individual liberties, has if anything, tightened. Opposition parties are running riot playing the race and religious cards again. Rogue elements seem to have increasingly crept into the police force, especially its very secretive Special Branch.

We voted down the old UMNO/BN regime under PM Najib which completely destroyed the separation of powers between the Legislative (Parliament), Executive (PM) and the Judiciary. Government servants and legislators in the know, were cowed by Najib and his Cabinet into silence or aiding and abetting blatant fraud and criminality. The rot had of course set in by the time Mahathir retired in 2003.

By last Monday, within 21 months of taking up the PM position in the PH government, Mahathir has overseen:

1. The splitting up of PKR.
2. DAP/Amanah being cowed into silence.
3. The Anwar succession plan thrown into the gutter.
3. The fall of the PH government.

Who's the last man standing tonight? MAHATHIR!

So, does anyone really believe that as Founder and Chairman of Bersatu, with his son as Deputy President, Mahathir DID NOT KNOW that his handpicked agent, Azmin, and Bersatu President Muhyiddin and his 27 MP's had been  planning a coup d'etat with PAS and UMNO for months and not as they claimed, snowballed after the PH Presidential Council Meeting last Friday? Do pigs fly?

Does anyone really believe that Mahathir stayed home last Saturday in protest, and not to set in motion Plan B, if they plotters failed, as they did?

So, right from 2018, Mahathir NEVER intended to follow through with the Anwar Ibrahim PM succession plan. His dithering and refusal to commit to a firm date of retirement is proof of that. His utterances of the last few days seem to confirm that if he were to be forced to hand over power to Anwar Ibrahim, he would set a trap by withdrawing Bersatu support and let it go the floor of Parliament for a vote!

He could have saved PH from collapsing by working out a deal with GPS (Sarawak) and Warisan (Sabah). His refusal to do that is proof of his treachery. His resigning and accepting the Interim PM's position is proof of him planning to go it all alone. His crookedness is evident from the fact that even after GPS and Warisan pledged their 18 and 11 seats respectively to him yesterday, he has refused to revive PH. 

Like Julius Caesar in 44 BC who thrice refused to be crowned king, Mahathir again said on TV today that he was not power crazy. Yet, at 95-years of age, he's not ready to quit and did not refuse to be Interim PM or Unity Government PM! Once a dictator, always a dictator! He's been planning it for over two years. 

Make no mistake. Mahathir's "Unity Government", packed with his cronies and with no independent checks and balances would be a disaster of Quranic proportions for Malaysia. Mahathir has no new vision or policies to revive the economy materially. If he had, we would have heard of them two years ago. He is still stuck in the time warp of 2003. An inclusive economic policy has been ditched in favor of a 'Malay Economic Agenda' and a vague, unexplained 'Shared Prosperity Vision 2030' after the failure of his 1991 'Vision 2020'.

He's lamenting over the sale of Proton to China's Geely, keeping RM1 billion a year loss-making MAS afloat without retrenchments or sale, talking up an unwanted third national car and encouraging bogus "flying cars" and multi-billion ringgit airports in the boondocks. He's burnt out but cannot let go until his son is firmly set on the path to prime ministership.

All this and more is obvious. 

We must resist this "Unity Government" as we would the plague (or to be more contemporary, Covid-19). Or else, we will soon see the Constitution consigned to the rubbish bin and the way paved for a 1-man, 1-party rule.

We started on 10th May 2018 with Mahathir as interim PM. Who's now the permanent PM? Who's  the last man standing as of tonight?

Why, it's Mahathir, who planned it all to set us, wittingly or unwittingly, on an evil, destructive path! There can be no benevolent dictatorship any more than there could be a benevolent Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Bokassa, Mugabe etc. Did we vote out Najib for accumulating too much power in his hands, only to transfer it to Mahathir? Like some other leaders in this region, past and present, Mahathir thinks that WE, THE PEOPLE (RAKYAT) are not intelligent enough to be allowed to exercise our rights, that he's cleverer and more intelligent. If allowed, he would rob us of our inalienable and constitutional right to choose our own government through the exercise of the democratic, open and accountable vote.

Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, Mat Sabu, Khalid Samad, Kula Segaran, Gobind Singh, Dr.Dzulkefli and PH stalwarts had better get their Plan B going soon. 

We are no longer fighting for the survival of political parties. We are fighting for the very air that we breathe, for the life of a nation. Defeat is not an option!

#1 quote from Julius Caesar by Shakespeare


Fernz the Great said...

Anwar Ibrahim . . .

It can no longer be denied that Mahathir is trying to thwart Anwar Ibrahim.

It makes no sense to include Opposition of Crooks in so-called Mahathir Unity gov't.

Grand Master . . .

Where Grand Master Mahathir is going, there are no moves. It's a matter of time, sooner or later.

Time is not on his side, if he has not already run out of it.

Mahathir is a great tragedy and misfortune who failed in everything he set out to do. That's why, except for the Gen Y led by those not given seats by BN and PAS to contest, the Malays in Malaya did not vote for Mahathir.

He probably thought the coup by the Opposition on Sun 23 Feb 2020 could fix that. Even there, he failed.

So, short of declaring emergency as in 1969, he degenerated into a variation of Tun Razak, his mentor.

Razak died suddenly in London of leukemia.

Malaya's karmic forces from the past have caught up with it in the present to haunt its future.

Mahathir will probably not go in a good way.

He and family, all multibillionaires, may be forced eventually into exile in Kobe, Japan.

If the gov't is willing to allow him to return, if he wants, it can only be in a coffin.

Mahathir is a shameless creature. He had several times described Malays as shameless creatures.

In Japan, he said, the people have a strong sense of shame.

They will commit hara kiri if they bring shame to the family, community, country or the Emperor, noted Mahathir the shameless creature.

Mahathir -- membaling batu, menyebunyikan tangan -- claims he was not involved in a coup attempt on Sun 23 Feb 2020.

The crooks tried to hijack the Federal gov't on Sun 23 Feb 2020, no doubt hoping their cases in court can be quashed.

Crooks should be in jail. They should not be at the Istana to have tea and scones and make "buat tak tahu" small talk.

Read further here . . .

It makes no sense to include Opposition of Crooks in so-called Mahathir Unity gov’t.

The patriotic citizen said...

PH must get together and be persistent to retire the ultimate political animal who screwed up the PH carefully nurtured reformation agenda for the future of our beloved nation

Anonymous said...

The question we put forward to TDM, why are we here TODAY?
We are here TODAY because of the FAILURE OF A SUCCESSION PLAN. The media says Anwar got impatient and been pushing! Why? Its plain and simple. There is NO SUCCESSION PLAN!
The only Grand Plan was to create chaos and a blessing in disguise, the PEOPLE know who are the Traitors!
Did the PEOPLE vote for a Unity Government? The PEOPLE voted for a CHANGE IN GOVERNMENT and Mahathir would only serve as prime minister (PM) for two years after which he would hand over the office of PM to Anwar Ibrahim.

Its ok if you didn't get all the things done within a 100 days BUT TDM has two tears (Almost) to execute his SUCCESSION PLAN. The PEOPLE has been very patient and display so much Tolerance. You FAILED TDM... be a gentleman and accept you have failed to sincerely execute the SUCCESSION PLAN.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

This man is utter vicious,malicious,untrustworthy,a cheat and a political monster.Very ungrateful to the party which stood by him during trying times.Calls himself a muslim.Ptui.

Unknown said...

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely!! A unity govt wld be suicidal in MM's hands. It will be a dictatorship as only he can call the shots!! Where is democracy then?

Hank said...