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OR bad hair day for some

by hair today gone tomorrow, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for NS

Let's begin with paraphrasing one of Abraham Lincoln's famous speeches in a skewed way:

"With malice towards none and charity for all, with firmness of hand and scissors as god (small 'g' fully intended) provides us with the right, let us strive to snip off as we please and then bind up the wounded to do all which may achieve and cherish to hasten the departure of our equal but separate citizens to foreign shores!"

Interestingly, hair features prominently in many ancient tales and legends and religious beliefs. There is a Biblical one of Samson who is secretly bestowed with superhuman strength by his God to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines. But Samson's secret is betrayed by his lover Delilah for several hundred pieces of silver. The Hindu God Shiva loosens his matted locks to trap Ganga in his strands, preventing her raging torrents from flooding Earth. Anyone who looked at the Greek Medusa's serpentine locks turned to stone. Rapunzel had 100 metre-long tresses. Rastafarians prefer dreadlocks. Until recent times, the wearing of long hair by men was the norm in major cultures stretching from the Americas to Europe to all of Asia.

Thus, there is nothing strange or startling or inhuman about 'Kes' or uncut hair bound in a turban which is sacred and fundamental to the Sikhs and Sikhism, as sacred and fundamental as pilgrimage to Mecca and 'Salah' or daily prayer is to Muslims, belief in Karma and  Rebirth to Hindus, The Holy Trinity to Christians and The Eightfold Path to Buddhists.

So, what transpired at the national service camp and the dismissal of a horrible and abhorrent incursion of an individual's inalienable human right as "no malice was intended" is as despicable, irresponsible, insensitive and callously arrogant as can only occur in a nation where day by day by the abject, pathetic and dangerously ignorant and bigoted worm their way into seats of power.

What do you know about Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism who passed away on 22nd September 1539 in Kartapur, India (modern Pakistan)?

"When it became clear that the death of Guru Nanak was near, a dispute arose among his followers. His Hindu followers wanted to cremate the remains while his Muslim followers wanted to bury the body following Islamic tradition. They brokered a compromise by suggesting that each group should place a garland of flowers beside his body, and those whose garland remained fresh after three days could dispose of his body according to their tradition. However, the next morning, upon raising the cloth under which the Guru Nanak’s body lay, only the flowers shared between his followers were found. The Hindus cremated their flowers whereas the Muslims buried theirs."  click here


Every religion has its revered holy founder and prophets and "must adhere" tenets. Who are you to ride roughshod over other people's beliefs? After all, regardless of which God you pray to, every human baby is born naturally with hair on its head. I say it is God's gift to humans. You mock or show disrespect to other peoples' beliefs and religions at your own risk. You are the same maggot who will issue international death threats for perceived insults against your religion; we have no respect for you, not an iota!

These little Hitlers in Government will only learn their lesson when snared by their short and curlies and their little bits snipped off as Lorena Bobbit inflicted on her wayward husband John Wayne Bobbit!

1 Malaysia? Walk the talk today, now!

donplaypuks® with people's hair, man

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dontypluks said...

Tuan Reid dah lama mati. Banyak negara telah bertukar sejak perang dunia kedua. Sama ada kamu mahu hormat atau tidak terpulang. Yang penting Melayu mesti membangunkan Tanah Melayu, menamatkan dominasi ekonomi Cina seperti Kuok yang mengaut 40 billion,India seperti Ananda Krishnan, Lim Goh Tong, dsb sebagai nya. PNB simpanan semua Melayu cuma ada 40 billion.

Ke tidak adilan ini dibuat semasa pemerintahan Mahathir yang pura2 anti China Singapura supaya dia di beri kepercayaan oleh orang Melayu. Tetapi bukti kekayaan Cina seperti Kuok, Goh Tong, Vincent Tan dari judi yang membeli MAhathir melalui Yayasan PErdana adalah bukti nyata talam dua muka Mahathir.

Begitu juga rakyat dibeban dengan bil TNB untuk mengkayakan Cina seperti Yeoh Tiong Lay dan sekarang diberi lesen Wimax oleh Lim Keng Yaik.

Yang penting adalah sekarang. NGO Melayu perlu mendesak untuk mengadakan Royal Commission untuk mengkaji kekayaan Cina dan In0dia yang di beri oleh Mahathir seperti:-

1. Lesen IPP kepada YTL, ANANDA
2 LEsen JUDI kepada Vincent Tan dan MPHA
3. Semua lesen Wimax kepada syarikat2 Cina
4. 1 bilion untuk membeli laptop oleh RAis Yatim
5. penjualan 2 boeing 400 juta untuk RM1 oleh Mahathir kepada India Fernandes
6. Monopoli gula kepada Cina kuok
7. Lesen bank kepada Public Bank
8. pembinaan airport yang bebilion untuk Fernandex
9. Merger syarikat PNB Sime Darby oleh NAzir RAzak yang melibatkan kerugian 3 bilion

Yang lepas dah lepas. Reid dah mampos. Yang penting the next 50 years. And the crooks like Mahathir
who enriched the Chinese are exposed and taken to court.