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by Earheart Lindhberg, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for aviation industrious crashing affairs


Malaysian newspapers, online news portals and blogs are awash with breaking news that a certain share swap deal between Tony F of AA and major shareholder of Mana Ada Sistem Airlines (MASA),  the Great Khazi, is just a precursor to the eventual complete takeover of MASA by TF who will finally be appointed the Managing Director and become the public face of MASA. 

Many suspect, and not without considerable justification, that the current situation where TF is a non-independent non-executive director of MASA is just an interim face-saving Ali-Baba arrangement to quell rebellion in the ranks and the natives in the "Malay heartland" (wherever that may, er, east of Kuala Selangor?) getting restless and rioting and looting (in Malaysia, no, never!) a la London and the Arab Spring Movement. 

In any event, the deal would make no sense unless TF has been given assurances that for the moment at least, he will be calling and firing the shots from behind the scene regardless of whom the Great Khazi says is the Chairman and the CEO.

Many are against this share swap deal mainly because of the monopoly it will create and the hammering consumers will get from its price fixing.

Nevertheless TF's management and entrepreneurial flair may just be what MASA needs to shake off over 30 years of social welfare-type management style, Government interference and mismanagement and crony and management led plundering and looting that has brought MASA to its knees. A prime example is the allegation that outsourcing of MASA's catering requirements to a relative of a former sleeping prime minister resulted in $2 nasi lemak packets being procured for $20!! More shocking are allegtaions that Indian vegetarian meals cost MASA $200 per set!!??

Forget me not too that Perterjunan Malaysia Berhad (PMB, 100% owned by the Great Khazi/Taxpayer) is said to be saddled with some estimated $10 billion over of re-structuring losses and irrecoverable aircraft leasing charges.

Expect nothing less now than total staff shakeout and management re-structuring and VSS at MASA.TF and the Bina Fcukir boys will be fools if they don't start pruning, chopping, cleaning and clearing. An opportunity like this may not present itself more than once in 50 years!

But, the Taxpayer is entitled to demand the Prime Minister and Government immediately provide clear cut answers to some very vexing questions:

1. How much in total has it costs us to re-structure MASA since a certain TR took over in the '90's?

2. How much irrecoverable loss is  PMB carrying and how much are MASA's unpaid debts to PMB?  

3. Why is foot-in-mouth Minister for Outlaws, Nazi, championing the case for various government agencies dropping their law suits against TR in favour of a secret settlement for an undisclosed sum (what, OSA classification again?) when there are several police reports by ex-MASA staff accusing TR of fraud, CBT and embezzlement. 

The fact that TR, as part of an "attack is the best form of defence" stragedy, has counter sued for $13 billion is irrelevant. The average Ali, Muthu and Chong out there will tell you TR has no case and to call his bluff! 

And "mengarah" does not mean "direct" or "order" but "advise"??!! My foot!

No one must be allowed to get away with murder! (How many people remember or know that our former Finance Minister and billonaire Tun Daim Zainuddin and Tajuddin Ramli were once business partners in Raleigh Cycle Berhad in the '80's - refer pg.186 of 'Daim - The Man Behind The Enigma' by Cheong Mei Sui & Adibah Amin).

I had predicted that something like this deal between MASA and Tony F/AA would happen, way back in 2007! 

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Crankster said...

That was a brilliant speculation DPP. And I am always impressed when people know Amelia Earheart and Charles Lindbergh :-)

SELL ALERT said...

Quick , sell all your AIRASIA shares now. The share price will go down and down as it is being pushed to the bottom for conversion of its big debts into shares to severely dilute your shares by the racists and worse white- collar robbers.

from M'sia Chronicle

Patriot My said...

You seem to be on a high, writing this, Don P Puks.

You left most of us for dead. We dont have enough of yummy you.

from M Chronicle

Francis Pereira said...

This is brilliant!!

from M Chronicle

ktteokt said...

And why shouldn't MAS go bust? My personal experience some 15 years ago when I had to rush to Singapore tells me that MAS was headed towards BANKRUPTCY.

One morning some 15 years ago, I received a phone call from my cousin in Singapore informing me that my aunt had passed away. After packing some simple luggage, I was driven by my son to the LRT station in Bandar Tun Razak where I took the train down to Chan Sow Lin station to catch the transit bus to KLIA. Arriving at KLIA at about 1230 hrs, I went to the SHUTTLE FLIGHT COUNTER to register and took a queue ticket, the number was 0428! The number being called then was only 0245. I waited.

After waiting for 2 hours, I went to the counter to enquire why the queue was taking so long and I was told those WITH TICKETS were given PRIORITY! I was SHOCKED! Man, this is a SHUTTLE FLIGHT, what are those with booked tickets doing on a SHUTTLE FLIGHT?

By 1630 hrs, I lost my patience and went to see the manager who was kind enough to understand my predicament and alloted me with a seat on the 2015 flight! I reached my cousin's house in Singapore at about 2200 hrs! What a STUPID WAY to travel with MAS!!!!!

But what surprised me was not the long wait, nor the allotment of my seat on the 2015 flight. It was the fact that there were EMPTY SEATS on my flight. To be exact, there were 6 available seats which were EMPTY from the moment I boarded the plane till it took off and touched down in Singapore! Why were the SEATS EMPTY? What are the people at KLIA waiting for queuing up for the Shuttle flight when EMPTY SEATS are available on the plane? Shouldn't the counter know that these seats were available and make arrangement to pack passengers on the flights and ensure that each flight is carrying the MAXIMUM number of passengers to MAXIMIZE profits????

It is no wonder that MAS is making losses despite having been in operation at the same time with SIA after MSA was broken up! SIA is making tonnes of money but why is MAS losing money? Is this another PROOF that MALAYSIA BOLEH (mati)!

from M Chronicle

kttekot said...

nd all these nonsense began with MAHATHIR's PRIVATIZATION (or is it PIRATIZATION) ideas, snatching away a national airline and giving it to an INEXPERIENCED MALAY and allowing this guy to manipulate with PUBLIC MONEY just to prove that the Malays too can do business!

And now that it has gone bust, PUBLIC MONEY is again used to salvage it! The Malays think they are that SMART? They think that if MAHATHIR was smart, then all MALAYS are smart? Wrong lah! MAHATHIR WAS and IS NEVER A MALAY! He is a MAMAK, a descendent from an ancient INDIAN CIVILIZATION with 6,000 years of HISTORY!

from M Chronicle

heels of said...

MAS has a putrid set of BN work ethics and no amounts of Idris Jalas or Tony F.s can set it right.
It would have been better to put Air Asia Chairwoman Rafidah Aziz in least we would be sure of the wheels coming off.

from M Chronicle

Natural Malaysian said...


from M Chronicle

DP Con Job said...

Temperature on all AA & MAS aircraft & offices should be set at above 98°C. Hot air rises; can save on fuel. Staff at ground zero will be able to blow real hot bull-shitting air.

It is strange that this corrupt govt can go on winning elections.

from M Chronicle

loi said...

Just as Idris jala left in disgrace after Malays accused christian of running malay company, now Tony will have to leave - minus Air Asia.
Maybe he will replace Koh Tsu Koon as Kay Poh I Minster.

from M Chronicle

semua tidur said...

Aiyohyo what la this UMNO melayus after mamak now put pariah jadi boss malay berhad.

Ibrahim Ali tidur kah? Senator Ezam tidur kah?

Mana maruah melayu sekarang?

from M Chronicle

umno bolih said...

scandals after scandals for many decades but still scoot free , cover up is the only tactics used by corrupt umno idiots, sooner or later our nation will go bankrupt, lets wait for the day to come then only stupid Malaysians will wake up.

from M'sia Chronicle

jin said...

now rakyats no more MAS & AirAsia, no worries stupid rakyats still can fly kites ma..he..he.. Bodohland..

from M'sia Chronicle

Celine she said...

From all the negative experiences and poor comments of MAS, little wonder the company is doing badly these years.

Now, do any of YOU can do better, be a CEO.. if is cheap..real cheap.

from M'sia Chronicle

Con job well done said...

Scam to push all the looted billions to be borne by the public shareholders of MAS and Airasia.

Thieves in the form of Mahatahi and Daim get away scot free.

from M'sia Chronicle

iconoclast said...

It is strange that this corrupt govt can go on winning elections."

For a partial answer please contact the Election Commission.

from M'sia Chronicle

yu said...

MAS bankrap and soon Malaysia also bankrap.

from M'sia Chronicle

Chen HT said...

What can our government run?

Those mother fucking moron could not even run a kampong grocery shop properly let alone an airline :)

from M'sia Chronicle

gmen said...


from M Chronicle

voter said...

Enough is enough. We are very angry with all the plundering, even going on now, inspite of all the loud protests.

Vote for change

from M Chronicle

Chen HT said...

In UMNO 's mind, what is wasted is rakyat's money and those mother fucking moron just could not give a shit as long as their banknaccounts are healthy.

from M Chronicle

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat infighting benefitting BN/Umno. Silly of PR leaders and members to air their grievances in BN/Umno MSM as this is used by BN/Umno to spin the news to their advantage while covering up the maggots infesting BN and the rest of the BN Component parties. Also, Umno Penang last weekend send Tiga Line Thugs in 2 busloads to KL. What is going on here? I read about it here