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by kirk dagger, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for backstabbing affairs

If pride goes before a fall, then much more, respect, integrity and most importantly, trust, has bolted out the window forever as far as RPK  is concerned. Now, Malaysians who had long hoped that RPK would lead the bloggers' charge in unseating permanently one of the most corrupt and racist regimes in modern history, have every reason to look elsewhere for leadership and a deliverer.

Let's not mince words or attempt to soften the blow by blathering on about "Many of you appear to be of the view that RPK has betrayed us, and has sold out......I do not share this view.......Mine is premised on the man and Marina that I believe I have come to know." This is the worst kind of hypocrisy and a state of self-delusion and denial the Haris Ibrahim's of our world live in, having suffered an almost, but not quite, fatal body blow. 

It would have been kinder of RPK to have fired a cyanide tipped bullet into Haris's or Anwar Ibrahim's brains than to have indulged in this kind of cowardly deception.

For the record, I WAS a staunch RPK supporter until 01.01.2012. Now I couldn't care less if he were somehow to be incarcerated again in Sg. Buloh Prison and the keys to his solitary confinement cell thrown away in the Kelang River. He's had his 15 minutes of fame and WE THE PEOPLE, would have created history in opening the window for an exceptional additional 15 minutes for him had RPK shown true courage and gumption in self-exile and in the face of, admittedly, tremendous adversity. 

So, RPK's latest betrayal, and make no mistake, this is the second such instance of it within 12 months, has clearly confirmed that he has SOLD EVERYBODY OUT!

And that Phuket yacht junket and bragging about cavorting with fraudtrepreneur ali baba businessmen who once RPK would not have touched with a 10-foot pole and whom we spit at in disgust? That’s as telling an action as any that RPK has lost the plot. In attempting to backstab Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, he has only succeeded in stabbing himself.

RPK had hoped to hoodwink us by claiming that he did not realize his 2011 TV3 interview would be used to Najib's, Rosmah’s and UMNO/BN's greatest advantage, as they did just before the elections in East Malaysia. Now he thinks our opinions don't/won't count when he clearly backstabbed Anwar Ibrahim and PKR, timed a week before the court verdict is due to be pronounced on Sodomy 2, on 9th January. RPK, like so many other self-appointed panjandrums, was wrong in 2008 and he will be wrong again in 2012/2013.

RPK may well harbour the notion that he contributed more to Pakatan's tsunamic success in GE 2008 than Anwar Ibrahim.

Such is the nature of those who suffer from illusions of grandeur. 

Let me state yet again another matter for the record:

There was not a man or woman alive in 2008 other than Anwar Ibrahim who could have united PKR, DAP and PAS under one common banner to stand in opposition to UMNO/BN and deliver Badawi's and UMNO/BN's head as Anwar did, on a platter. None could have secured Selangor, Kedah and Penang into Pakatan’s fold without Anwar helming the coalition and formulating and executing to almost perfection the winning strategy.

But can we expect anything else from those who are poor second or third cousins or whatever to Royalty and who have fallen on hard times? It must be galling to rely on 'peasant' supporters' donations and the largesse of the class of multi-millionaires and billionaires whom RPK once railed against and claimed fixed government licensed lotteries to finance party-hopping MP’s, to get by in the boondocks of grey, depressing and chilling Manchester. Yet, no royalty ever came out in defence of RPK when he was in prison or when he was charged under the ISA, did they?.

From there to getting into bed with a manipulative, plain lying and dishonest Prime Minister who will not hesitate a jot to rip off the taxpayer to retain power is but one short $10 million step. Or is it $30 million or Euro 30 million?

I do not subscribe to the view that RPK was coerced into his Brutus act by the Special Branch, thereby buying time, protection and freedom for his allies and friends as one blogger claims. Such altruism is not to be found in the soul-fabric of a cunning, self-serving and now selfish and double-crossing megalomaniac.

And how does he support his allegations of corruption in Selangor as “reported” to him by “Chinese businessmen”??!! Why with the same type of spurious arguments and “proof” Kerismudin and Najib offered us which resulted in reporters and opposition MP’s being arrested under the ISA “for their own good”! That’s how! Gut feel and anonymous informers? Bah, what a humbug! He very conveniently remains silent about the 'A' given by the Auditor General to Selangor and Penang for transparency and accountability, not to mention their cash surplus and record FDI's.

At least the so-called paid (from taxpayers' money) UMNO bloggers have nailed their colours to the mast. The core of that group does not change its affiliation like a chameleon.

With such friends as RPK, who needs enemies?

But the plain truth of the matter is we do not need RPK to realise our dreams of a better Malaysia.

It was not RPK who spent years in prison for us (as did Anwar and Guan Eng) or marched downtown in KL to fight for free and fair elections in the face of tear gas, pepper and chemical laced water cannon spray and baton charges, or who has taken Penang and Selangor towards an open government that for 51 years UMNO/BN said was not possible.

In Anwar, Ambiga, Guan Eng, Khalid Ibrahim et al, we have the kind of leadership RPK has never offered us. All RPK has now exposed are his own Machiavellian machinations which are worse than that of (as claimed by RPK) PKR’s Azmin Ali . At least Azmin is a PKR card carrying full time politician from whom RPK could learn a lesson or two about loyalty and the long haul. We can do without "help" from those who snipe and snitch from the safety of Manchester and Phuket

So, RPK, I’m truly sorry. For you, I have only ashes to ashes, dust to dust... to offer. You have lied and misled us once too often to have a shred of credibility anymore, anywhere.

And who am I? Why, just a nobody from the 4 million who will soon bury the thieves, rapists and looters.

donplaypuks® with the asholes, man
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Starmandala said...

I have only met RPK a few times when he was indisputably a cult hero to millions - and I found the man and his family likeable, even lovable. RPK is entirely a political animal, he lives and breathes political intrigue; whereas politics is by no means my staple diet, and I can only tolerate a moderate dose of political gossip before wanting to puke. That's why I didn't opt to become politically prominent - seeing that there are enough brilliant and forceful personalities like RPK, Kua Kia Soong, Haris Ibrahim, Ambiga Sreenevasan, Irene Fernandez, Cynthia Gabriel, Wong Chin Huat, Kee Thuan Chye, Hisham Rais, and so on to fill that vacuum. So, even if it proves true that RPK is on some puppetmaster's payroll (and we don't know at this stage who's supporting RPK in exile, apart from MT subscribers, occasional donors and ads), I can only shake my head in disbelief - but I can't bring myself to hate or despise the man. If he were holding a political office like Najib and Hishammuddin, I'd consider RPK fair game too. However, RPK can only voice his personal opinion, based on his hard-won notoriety as a pundit and whistleblower.

The stink bomb RPK let off on the second day of 2012 took no lives and left no serious aftershocks. Indeed, it only made Anwar Ibrahim look and smell better - because RPK was unable to malign Anwar beyond parroting the Mahathirite line that anyone who isn't 100% macho, heavy-handed and indisputably hetero cannot be allowed to lead the country. That is so benighted and primitive a viewpoint, no decent and upright human being should tolerate such homophobia - even if their religion has been misinterpreted to criminalize homosexuality, gambling and alcohol consumption. Najib is known to hire gay men as his personal aides, and there are lots of rumors about his cousin's secret life as a pincher of pretty boys' bottoms.

If Muslims wish to enforce the letter and spirit of Syariah Law, then the first thing that has to be done is to shut down the Stock Exchange as a massive gambling den.

I'm sensitive to anything that even remotely reeks of Mahathirism - and, sadly, RPK sounded like Mahathir's puppet in this instance. His criticism of Anwar's efficacy as Selangor economic advisor was entirely unfounded in view of what we have seen about the ground reality - 60% of civil servants trapped in the Umno timewarp, constantly sabotaging the Pakatan Rakyat state government, while vipers writhe in their vile pits at every turn, constantly trying to destabilize the state administration, even using the palace as an ultimate weapon. The fact that Khalid Ibrahim has survived more than 3 years as MB is already no mean achievement.

I wouldn't go as far as to cremate a living being, DPP, no matter how repellent its behavior. RPK, by forcing us to consider a political scenario sans Anwar Ibrahim, is merely strengthening our determination as The Rakyat to no longer fear the police state and to do whatever we must do to reclaim this land from criminal misrule asap.

Personally, I have a soft spot for Anwar and would very much like to see him fulfil his political ambitions, even if only for a single term (I can't imagine anyone would wish to bear such a huge responsibility for more than 5 or at the most 10 years).

I don't believe RPK's stink bomb dented Anwar's prospects the tiniest bit.

Donplaypuks® said...

I read and hear you bro. I know whose side you are on.

Perhaps, just perhaps, RPK is practising some reverse psychology.

But the timing of it, especially when we should be showing solidarity against a kangaroo court, stinks!

There's no doubt RPK has let the majority of his supporters down, badly!


aisha said...

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Anonymous said...

Don and Antares have said it all.
As for me RPK turned to ashes the day his interview was carried in the UMNO media.
What is the ash worth? That's what RPK is today.
Let us ignore him and move on with our better hopes for the country and replace BN.
I couldn't care less even if RPK is hanged by his ba**s.

Iskandar said...

POLITICS = the art of the possible.... suggest people should not be too quick to make judgement against RPK. No one is perfect...and no plan goes without hiccups...lets see how it all unfolds.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is irrefutable that this man, RPK has turned his back on PKR. I have met him once, he talks eloquently, has a strong personality but probably suffers from self grandeur, it could better if he learnt some soft skills, I wonder if Oxford offers any such courses.

Anyway, the damage that he wanted to inflict on Anwar bounced back and the biggest casualty is himself. Mrs RPK if you are reading this, please calm our friend RPK down, I would think that the yacht in Phuket would have cooled him off. Only conclusion, the yacht was part of the package to switch over.... have fun.

Retired Kraken said...

An excellent obit for the notorious gadfly. RPK lived by words and now you buried him with them. But remember at the end of the day there is serious work to do and we should never forget that they - the psychophants, the racialist, the old men in the backrooms of power, who think they know what's best for us - are merely footnotes and if we have the courage we will be the ones who make history.

educationist said...

Wow! DOnplaypuks , you don't mince words, do you!!

No, I do not subscribe to your wholesale condemnation of RPK, though his actions have indeed disheartened many of us hoping for change.

And, no I can speak no words on behalf of RPK [in the first instance, I do know my position in the scheme of things. Who am i to speak for the high and mighty RPK] !!

from Malaysia Today

malchindian said...

You don't hold back punches do you?

I am guessing BN is up to their usual tricks working out the logistics of derailing whatever the opposition has planned for Monday and you were paid to distract the already upset usual.

Interesting 2nd BN offensive. Didnt someone mention McKinsey consultants on Jibby's payroll?

Focus on ABU!

from Malaysia Today

Voter gets Voters said...

I wun write RPK off yet...definitely not the way u wrote it ie. RIP.

Dun be surprised that RPK is a hero in umno disguise....I still have some hope in him...maybe I am harbouring false hope.

Knowing his gutso character & wat he championed all his life....dun be surprised if he help us to kill umnO/bn tis GE 13.

from Malaysia Today

wyhong said...

On one hand you couldn't care less if RPK is locked up again with the keys thrown away. And then you took the trouble to pen this article.

Really cute and amusing.

Funny thing is I just couldn't recall when was the last time RPK asked any of us to be his supporters or fans.

And RPK trying to hoodwink us?

Other than RM 20.00 MT Registration Fees.... errr... well??? Aww.. you gotta be kidding, right?

Are we all so naive? Are you trying to say that now scores of people are flocking back to BN because of RPK's actions?

Well, my vote is still with PR and ABU still goes.

from Malaysia Today

vhari said...

I donot see any damage to anwar on RPK statement.

Because people conception is anwar did not it and anwar is not the man.

from Malaysia Today

albert zacharias said...

Please hv some symphaties for RPK lah... The best of man is man at best. For that reason alone I think RPK deserves not to be written off like that. What he said is all known to us but we just refused to accept it.

Jesus said that we need to know the truth and truth will set us free. We are free now that RPK has said the truth. If he does not support DSAI so be it. I never supported DSAI and still don't.

Let's move on.... get a friend to the voting station and get him to vote correctly lah. Please.

from Malaysia Today

Alice said...

Anwar is just not the right candidate for next PM and Nurul Izzah who has great vision,determination, perserverance, righteousness is definitely more suitable than her father.

What Anwar should do is step down and make way for Nurul.Give Nurul the support she needs.

Azmin should go reconcile with his sister who is so filled with hatred. Azmin is no PM material either. RPK knows that and he stated what need to be said. RPK was willing to lose everything for the truth.

from Malaysia Today

red 1 said...

The only one who is RIP and who you should pray for is Anwar. He is going to be pronounced guilty as charged come 901.

Greetings from Bogota.

from Malaysia Today

shuk said...

I think most of RPK critics is rushing things a little.....I don't see much difference in what he said now than what he used to say before......he's always frank and direct with his opinion,he's been whacking both sides of the divide since eternity if I'm not wrong and with what he said about anwar.....there is a lot of sense I reckoned......of course an anwarist like you will feel the pinch a lot harder than the rest.....I think the best way is to try and understand the words 'NO HOLD BARRED'.

Anonymous said...

RPK's ego has done him in again. Now will Nurul distance herself from RPK, since Nurul believes that Anwar is not the man in the sex video and he did not commit sodomy 2. He has put Nurul in a difficult position. If Nurul continued to speak in interview together with RPK, his father will definitely forbid it.

Previously, a lot of RPK's supporters and donors are from the chinese. Dr. M may called him after he was released from ISA, but Dr. M will never give a single cent to him. Dr. M called him only because Dr. M himself was not given a voice by Badawi. The mainstream media will not publish his opinion. Dr. M is no friend to anybody. He is only interested in getting his own way in politics.

Only people who is willing to spent money on you and sacrifice their hard earned money to you are your true friends.And many of these are not even comparable to Dr. M's riches. RPK's has forgotten that his supporters also sacrifice for him. His supporters are also willing to post bail for his son and also to raise fund. He has cut off his lifeline by making so many enemies.

HotDogg said...

Just a collection of some readers' comments...

"The stink bomb RPK let off on the second day of 2012 took no lives and left no serious aftershocks."

"Perhaps, just perhaps, RPK is practising some reverse psychology."

"No one is perfect...and no plan goes without hiccups...lets see how it all unfolds."

"No, I do not subscribe to your wholesale condemnation of RPK, though his actions have indeed disheartened many of us hoping for change."

"Dun be surprised that RPK is a hero in umno disguise....I still have some hope in him..."

"I donot see any damage to anwar on RPK statement."

"Please hv some symphaties for RPK lah... The best of man is man at best. For that reason alone I think RPK deserves not to be written off like that."

"I think most of RPK critics is rushing things a little.."

No offense to anyone, but these are exactly the kind of "Live and let live", "What to do", "Well, life goes on" mentality that has allowed BN to shit on your head for more than 50 years.

RPK is finished. Sudah mati. Kaput. No more. Expired. Burnt. Terminated. Sudah Bungkus. Exited. Hanged Himself. Mampus. Gone. Sudah Balik kampung. Dead. Commited Suicide. Harakiri....You fill in the rest...

aniktnf said...

Do not waste our precious time on this small distraction. I think the only victim of his silly action is no one except himself. I don't think that a person who has lost his credibilty can continue to influence people. We should leave it aside and remember not to lose our focus and aims. Let us continue to fight for democracy and continue with project ABU. RPK is now RIP so let us not waste our time on his demise. Fight on.

Anonymous said...

Betting on '901 910 091 019 190 109' is much better than 'boxing' RPK PRK PRK RKP KRP KPR !

temeggong said...

Everybody who is a nobody is just having a go. It is the panjandrums moment in the sunshine. Come next week there is no Anwar. Unless he cuts a deal with BN.

There is a future of course for the opposition, but not with the current setup.

from Malaysia Today

Lynn said...

Who owns this website now?

Not RPK, from the look of it.

When we say good things abt RPK or extend our sympathy, we get voted down. WTF?

from M2Day

Rodin's Fist said...

If these people want to make their 'name' with these articles in this sideshow, then they should use their REAL name.

RPK use his real name, so these people should do likewise. It's very cowardly that they do not.

from M2Day

Anonymous said...

10 years ago, I engaged RPK in Bungaraya forum as well as exposed his BS in Jeff Ooi's blog. It was then he earned himself the nick Raja Spin. Now, morphed into Raja Kelentong. xD

Anyway, I thot he could be respected when he wrote about Chinese Honor whereby he described his involvements with the Chinese triads.

Quote Raja Kelentong: It is very difficult, I know, for some of you to comprehend that the triads had honour and code of ethics. But then I am talking about the triads of the 1960s, 50 years or so ago. Times have changed, though. Even the politicians of the 1960s had honour. Today, the politicians are worse than criminals. The politicians, today, would not meet the high standards of honour that the triads of the 1960s had.

Maybe Raja Kelentong didn't learn about a Chinese saying: "Fingers bend inwards; never outwards".

Read his craps again, and you figure out the slimeball he is:

Anti Turncoat said...



from MChronicle

Lethaisor said...

For the record, I have NEVER been a fan of RPK. The most I'd done was to tip my hat to some of his strokes of genius over the years, for the dedication he at times displayed (for whatever real reason) and for the gumption he displayed during certain episodes.

But even so, while in the main I agree with much of what "donplaypuks" opined, I cannot agree with a few bits. I think RPK did contribute significantly to the 2008 tsunami, in spite of his delusions of granduer. His real reasons for the contribution, however, may or may not be suspect.

As for the SB arm-twisting angle, I really do not know. What K.Suresh penned yesterday may well be accurate, or it may have been erroneous. RPK's Jan 1 bombshell may well be a despicable traitorous deed, but it could be something else.

That TV3 interview, taped in secret and aired just a couple of days before the S'wak polls, should by right have taught RPK a lesson with regards the mainstream media assuming that claims by his supporters that the interview had been spun by the MSM are believeable. But RPK may just be stupid enough to have fallen into a similar trap in S'pore. Might have been no money or negotiated package going into his hands. Could be his big-ego need for the spotlight and publicity, and a platform for him to pompously lecture the lesser beings all around with his gems of wisdom.

I am no pyschologist, but I'd hazard an opinion that someone like RPK cannot live with a big soapbox and an adoring fan club gushing "Yang Mulia" this, and "thank you so much for your sacrifice" that, ad nauseam. Could be RPK, the supposedly "mind games master" had thought his psych-warfare gamesmanship was far superior to that of those who baited him with the NST-Utusan interview opportunity.

There is little question that in the past, his contribution towards the fight for a better Malaysia has been significant. Indeed, he has had to pay a high price in many ways.

But those factors alone do not prove what the underlying base reasons are, why he had done what he did, whether it had all been self-sacrificing for the cause. And it is also true that people do change, so even if his reasons had previously been good, they may not always be so.

Howver, aside from the clearly obvious need to be much more cautious about matters involving RPK, and my continued personal stance being not to touch him with a 10 foot pole, it is still unproven whether he is an UMNO mercenary, a pariah dog, a two-time fool or something somewhat more innocent.

from MChronicle

Susie said...

aye,aye...totally in agreement. RPK comes back to eat his own vomit. He betrays himself the most. Thank God RPK's true self revealed before he becomes the Trojan horse in our new Malaysia. We shall onward march for our freedom from looters, thieves, rapists and pretenders!

from MChronicle

Justice said...

Well said, well said. That's all I can say.....

from MChronicle

IAmAshtaroth said...

Oh boo hoo!! More fool you, you whiney and irritating person!

from MChronicle

al-hukum said...

RPK is goner, in his on time, fails to convince anyone what are his real motives and plans but now since everything about RPK is gone for goods, he is nobody now forever. He has sell his soul to serpent najis for $$$$

from MChronicle

witso said...

The sage Mencius gave us these
profound words a long time ago:

"A truly great man is one whom
money and rank cannot corrupt,
poverty and hardship cannot shake,
and power and force cannot subjugate"

Enough said!
Well said, Professor PKL. The subject thought he was such an intellectual giant who could sway the hearts of the people by words alone.

But there's now also an interesting side show emerging here in MC where two "renown" public wanker-ing commentators are jousting with one another to claim the title of the Ultimate Seer with their compulsive. "I told You So"!


from MChronicle

Lord Jim said...

So how come when you stab RPK your fingerprints are on the knife, eh?!

Still, I can give you some credit for owning up to being suckered by RPK.

I wasn't.

Nobody can ride someone as a donkey.

Unless, of course, he consents to it.

No point taking it out on Houdini.

He suckered you.

Though I would still give him a bit of leeway yet!

He might sucker you another time!

He thinks faster than you can blame him for the ease you allow yourself to be suckered.

I would say "RIP" to your brain if I were you!

You should thank RPK for teaching you a valuable lesson for not depending on someone else to do your thinking for you.

I didn't.

So I do not need blame RPK.

Or myself.

Saved myself a good load of bitching there, I tell you!

from MChronicle

yl chong said...

Ah BUMmer DPP, you do us proud in putting the smallest nail on RPK's coffin, though our mutual BUM friend Rockybru thought otherwise, heading the RIP headstone to read..RPK nails Anwar Ibrahim's coffin. History will prove you and Desi right judging from te feedback.

Digressing a byte, save the greAt Lord Jim as confrontational as RPK for no rime nor reason, he just lets off hot stinking air withour giving rationales for his premises! -- does anyone here know who the fanOFrpkINdisguise calling himself "Lord Jim" is. He is lambasting everyone who spent time sharing their life experiences having crossed RPK's path, like DonPlayPuks, and getting uncalled for dusting from this guy.

So the next round of tehtarik -- not wine at the posh London hotel, I can't afford even Air Asia promo fairs! -- on me, Saudara BYMmer from Kay-El izzit? ~~ YL, Desi

from MChronicle

Lord Jim said...

"Friday, 06 January 2012 07:33 posted by ylchong

"Digressing a byte, save the greAt Lord Jim as confrontational as RPK for no rime nor reason, he just lets off hot stinking air withour giving rationales for his premises!"

you can't still be sore after I told you I was not impressed enough with your semi-detached brain and your air of authority when you tried dictating to me and forcing me to be impressed with your incredibly crass biography which included saving Malaysia through turd rate "journalism" and hobnobbing with the "great and good" - one of whom had a hefty damage awarded against him (stupid twirp!), the other, the great man RPK himself whom you are yelling and bitching you were suckered by him!

Not a smart guy, are you, chong?!

I don't need to give "rationales for his premises", chong, I don't usually deal with the mentally deficient like you with nothing better to do than come here to boast RPK has made a nice little sucker out of you!

Yes, he has - no need to scream that!

I suspect RPK will make another sucker out of you in due course, you simply can't read him (or anybody else) with your semi-detached brain so, if I were you, I'd sell your attempt to save Malaysia somewhere else other than Malaysia!

from MChronicle

Bala said...

Friday, 06 January 2012 07:33 posted by ylchong

Ah BUMmer DPP, you do us proud in putting the smallest nail on RPK's coffin, though our mutual BU

Fuck spider, you sound very much like Patriot My arse.

from MCh

peiseh said...

The joker's a gonna.

So, don't waste time on him. The nation is not about RPK.
He's nothing. Just an ordinary man with too much time on his hand.

from MChronicle

Phua Kai Lit said...

The sage Mencius gave us these
profound words a long time ago:

"A truly great man is one whom
money and rank cannot corrupt,
poverty and hardship cannot shake,
and power and force cannot subjugate"

Enough said!

from MChronicle

Pirate Slayer said...

TDM thinks he is better than everybody in Malaysia. In fact he thinks he is better than everybody in this world!
And just like his mentor, RPK thinks he is the best thing to Malaysia since sliced roti.
Both are double headed snakes. Speaking with forked tongues. But RPK is a poor, poor version of TDM.
TDM lords over the sultans and the royal leeches. Now RPK is becoming a big leech himself, having wriggled himself out of his cocoon after escaping the cold winter in London.

But I think he has underestimated the resolve of his fellow Malaysians who have now awakened from their own slumber. It was RPK himself who jump start this reversal of fortune but he cannot put the genie back into the bottle. Nobody can, especially after the Arab uprising.

from MChronicle

4U said...



from MChronicle

Anonymous said...

Dont we ever learn our lessons?
Before the Sarawak election, he came out blazing out of the blues and most of his ardent supporters were really fcuked big time.....
Damage control was that he was smart to cover his arse by talking about perception.... again they were taken for another ride in the cho cho train...
Again the timing was bad from him and they were fcuked 2nd time around...
It shows people are easily swayed by this spinmaster....
Well lets hope the people will not be screwed the 3rd.time....Trust not his arrogance but this fakes are all the same .....they need to chari makan....
Why people need to learn the hard way is beyond me...maybe its the shame to believe in him and now knowing the TRUTH ...they have been made suckers....
Sorry to us he needs to blow his brains out or do the sepuku...but cowards are cowards.Look at the way he does damage control thinking public are idiots....its a bit late...
No matter what in life we never never kick a man being down...That was unforgivable in our books! period!

adhieysh said...


from MChronicle

An Observer said...

I would like to use the phrase this Brutus use... The shit has hit the fan..... His shit has certainly hit the fan for all to see... I stopped reading MT when I saw him on Tv before the Sarawak election...

from MChronicle

Guest said...

Welcome bro to the world of nobodies, just like me. But then again, at least most of my few friends believe what I mumbled. Not sure about you. Rip.

from MChronicle

UKMonkey said...

RPK?...from day one i dun trust that scumbag! Stop reading Malaysian today. His comment & view suits PHDamage.

from MChronicle

RIP said...

"Thank You" RPK. You were good when you were good. Now, good riddance.

from MChronicle

Chairman Mao said...

Raja, you can fool some of the people some of time....... and now, you have made agreat fool ofyourself. I feel sorry for your family to be lumbered with all the shit that comes your way!

You sow what you reap. By the way, you are no philosopher - matey, a tiga suku one, if at all.

from MChronicle

True Lies said...


"Now, Malaysians who had long hoped that RPK would lead the bloggers' charge in unseating permanently one of the most corrupt and racist regimes in modern history, have every reason to look elsewhere for leadership and a deliverer"

It is over praising RPK to think that we had to rely on him or anyone to deliver ourselves from the tyranny of UMNO racism and fascism.

As seen in the Middle East the people must unite to overthrow tyranny.

Along the road there will be betrayal as even in the Middle East the revolutionaries are being betrayed because those in power are still in power as in Egypt. Libya will follow this pattern. In US liberated Libya this will happen. In Iraq the US installed rulers are falling over themselves to grab power while innocent people continue to due.

A revolutionary overthrow of a tyranny is no good without a revolutionary party and programme. They end up in disarray.

With RPK it was great when he let loose with his diatribe against UMNO corruption.... but somehow we were expecting too much from a member of the ruling class.

For a man with his tremendous insight and deadly anti-establishment criticisms he appears to have become even more cynical to the extend of betraying his own ideals which he had emblazoned across the internet.

He betrayed himself most of all.

from MChronicle

Anon said...

@Lord Jim. Sure, because you are just a botch or a bitch! Pick one. But knowing you, you would rather bite your bete noire AI's or your pretty boy KJ's whatever that you fancy for the moment. Nice GROUCHY OLD BORE you are and always bitchy and long winded AND FLATULENT. And jealous of those smarter, more capable and richer than you.

Oh What A Jealous Grouchy Old Bore This Lord Jim

from MChronicle

HotDogg said...

I notice half the time some commenters are just talking in riddles and they probably have no idea what the fark they really want. It is like...well, Anwar is not a saint, he has no leadership quality. BN on the other hand is not a good boy either. RPK may be right or wrong, we don't know yet...wait for new episodes from the fortune-teller is saying, "Your hand tells me that either your mother or your father will die first", I mean what kind of fuck-shit is that?

The picture in front of us is huge, really fucking HUGE. It's the goddamn GE! And we have to fucking make up our fucking minds which one to fucking vote for - BN or Pakatan. It is not I'm putting up my 90 years old grandpa as a candidate.

I'll say it again. MF RPK is dead. D.E.A.D. His opinions no longer count to buy shit. Anwar's potential jail no longer count. Azmin Ali's potential replacement to lead PR no longer count. An Lynn, you have always made sense in your sporadic comments and I'm quite suprised and disappointed with your recent views about RPK, et al.

No more what ifs. The war is very clear - it is BN versus Pakatan. Load your weapons and don't talk cock about your own soldiers or commanders.

Vote Pakatan

tun speak th etruth said...

It's strange why some people would give him credit for the 2008 tsunami. The 2008 tsunami is cause by two factor, Anwar and Badawi Administration failure (flip flop, body snatching, keris display, playing with fire - race and religion).

Of all the people in Malaysia how many had access to the Internet and how many percent of those who had read his blog. His blog is mostly written in English, so I reckon his influence is actually very very miniscule! Even the way he writes has a very arrogant and condescending tone, I doubt people will be swayed by him.

from MChronicle

Lord Jim said...

"Friday, 06 January 2012 09:22 posted by wits0"

Menzi (Mencius to those who have to rely on non-Chinese texts)
ranks nowhere in my book against Taishang Laojun, Zhuangzi and Lie Yukou.

Hmmmm... there are "professors" and "professors", we mustn't be moved by those of Malaysia the size of a five sen coin what is bollock cart wheel to Penangnite!

One for wits zero and the good professor:

Those who know do not talk.
Those who talk do not know.

- Laozi

One for Anwar from Laozi:

If you want to govern the people,
you must place yourself below them.
If you want to lead the people,
you must learn how to follow them.

One for RPK fans from Laozi:

Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.

One for those who do not learn from the history of our turncoat politicians:

"What we learn from history is that people don't learn from history."

From The Tao of Warren Buffet

Over to you now, wits zero, for your Penang-flavoured bollocks cart wheel five sens "Great Sage" comment..!

from MChronicle

Lord Jim said...

"Friday, 06 January 2012 05:29 posted by Oh What A Jealous Grouchy Old Bore This Lord Jim

"And jealous of those smarter, more capable and richer than you."



from MChronicle

ashraf said...

RPK doesn't know where to put his face after selling his soul. So he might hatch a plan to indicate he had died of a broken heart which was induced by M'sia's infamous Special Branch.

That guy, will move elsewhere under a fake indentity so that he can booze to glory and lead a king's life from his sudden ill-gotten wealth.

It is hoped that MC readers don't fall for the ploy that RPK had croaked and his ashes returned to M'sia. At the most the urn that hold RPK's ashes should be the ash tapped from his expensive Cuban cigars. Ha! Ha! Ha!

That sneaky snake is capable of anything after selling his soul to Pinky.

Meanwhile, Pinky managed to kill two birds with one bribe---- that bought RPK's slience and has shut the door a bit closer regarding the expose of that Monogolian dame who got C4-ed.

from MChronicle

bigjoe said...

RPK is wrong about one thing. For all practical purposes Anwar is fit to be PM. Like it or not his reason to disqualify Anwar even true, is not a good enough reason. No one could have moved politics in this country the way Anwar did and for that he deserve the post. The assumption that only the perfect person is qualified for the post of PM just don't add up. Every single one of our PM was flawed and even the most successful on Mahathir is the most flawed to date, even if you think what RPK said about Anwar is true.

On the other hand, Anwar do not deserve the right to appoint the next PM after him. In fact, he should be removed as far away from it as possible..

from MChronicle

Tamara Joseph said...

Why get so blardy emotional. This nut case should himself be locked up for his ranting and raving like a madman.

from MChronicle

by two weeks said...

Dpp. Clear and lucid: about how your trusting nature had been botched by that royalty playing out his latest theatrics of survival in a Malaysian socio-politico-economic construct that ain't no rocket science to decipher.

Anyone who had followed him on MT should have wisened up by now how he uses the con, cover-ups, chicanery and corruption of the powers that be to garner himself a repute of superhero status from loyalists that still abound in their 'he has his reasons..under coercion..his son..low of funds' etc which are plausible reminders to us that rpk is human and performs well towards ego-bloating, tongue-twisting rationale, bashing-those-who-dun-agree-with-him, must have last word in kinda personality.

Let him be. The next episode shall unravel soon enough; no rocket science, remember. For a few ringgit more is what drives the anarchic regime that tragically and horrendously amounts to trillions after 54 years. That is the stark reality and burden of onus upon ourselves, if we be true citizens, why you and all of us are talking here - WE ARE NOT LETTING THEM GET AWAY WITH MURDER.

BUT no need to feel betrayed or suckered by him. We still have our own minds to think critically, to make the choices that matter. The change must come if enough rakyat cares enough. Or is it the few hundred we see on MC and other sites ? But then we remember 308. The younger voters, thank God are not so easily suckered. Pray there are enough of them at GE13 to turn the tide. Make waves much higher than those from the GE12 tsunami to unseat the scumbags.

CHANGE MUST COME. The scum of the Malaysian earth is returning tthrough the jaws of death to outer darkness. Their own doing.


by two weeks time to balik kampung to talk with the folks from the heartlands that matter

from MChronicle

ktteokt said...

Why should RPK rest in peace? I think he should REST IN PIECES!

from MChronicle

aruna said...

This is certainly a fantastic article. RPK is a FUGITIVE CRIMINAL on the run and wants to take a pot shot at Anwar who is courageously facing attacks after attacks form UMNO.

Anwar did not run away from justice unlike RPK who cowardly ran away. His tall bullshit about being ill-treated in prison is now exposed. RPK has earned the 3 C title…….. CROOK, CORRUPT AND COWARD.

He not only sold his soul but also betrayed the people who thought great of him. Many of my friends have ditched his MALAYSIA TODAY. They are also toying around to boycott MALAYSIA TODAY and the products and services advertised in this news portal. “MALAYSIA TODAY” SHALL HENCEFORTH BE CALLED “MALAYSIA YESTERDAY”. RPK you are a hypocrite and blackmailer.

from MChronicle

Zee Khay said...


Some people think Raja Petra is a great political analyst and commentator left of center but if you scratch a little deeper you will find nothing of substance. The man is just full of himself, quoting himself ad nauseum.
I enjoy reading him not for his brilliance (none) or style (arrogant) but for the nuggets of information (and disinformation) he is fed from right and left and which he freely dispenses and oftentimes pretends it’s the gospel truth.

But when he waxes intellectual or philosophical or spiritual, that’s when the real Petra shows: shallow, vain, pompous; full of bluster and bombast – jack of sundry trades, master of none.

Many people are disappointed by his shift to the Dark Side. But what did you expect? He is of the privileged class, born with a silver spoon in his gab – corrupt bourgeoisie. He was never one of you or with you. He is only for No.1 – himself.

In the fairytale, the frog turned into a prince. In realpolitik the prince turns into a frog.

from MChronicle said...

"It was not RPK who spent years in prison for us (as did Anwar and Guan Eng) or marched downtown in KL to fight for free and fair elections in the face of tear gas, pepper and chemical laced water cannon spray and baton charges, or who has taken Penang and Selangor towards an open government that for 51 years UMNO/BN said was not possible."

Well said !!

from MChronicle

Antihoodwinkers said...

What can you expect from a VI dropout? Hype talk and deception only. He even had the temerity to condemn HINDRAF leaders who are fighting against an unjust con racist government.

from MChronicle

Antihoodwinkers said...

Just like verses in the Koran. Contradicting itself. One verse talks about peace while another talks about violence. One verse talks about tolerance while another talks about total non-tolerance. Produces split personalities.

from MChronicles

shitman said...

rpk = Raja Pariah Katak

from MChronicle

The Final Episode said...

All I can say is that this looks like a movie where the double agent has to be exposed to provide a lethal weapon to terminate the enemy as instructed by his master for the game is about to end in a grand finale.

from MChronicle

singha said...

IT is clear who he works for now, he is bringing up small issues of legal fees which could run into what, ok Surendran drives a continental car, what about Sharizat.. why no squeak from RPK, what about wang zakat issue.. how come suddenly his deep throats don't give him the information like they did before. Why? The answer is simple, they stop trusting him too.

Cowgate expose by .. PKR team

Zakat case - PKR team,

Why has RPK been quiet for the last 6 months, no expose (I think).

Pete,,, it is clear you have changed.. you want to talk about small issues now to blemish pakatan, please bring out the bigger issues the corruption in present GOVT that run into Billions of Dollars. Just becos one guy did not get a contract, he is upset and wants to stir shit.

Truly.. I still had some hope in a hidden corner of my heart before for you, but now more..

THere is still some small hope that you could be a part of a bigger plan to destroy UMNO from a tapeworm.. work hard to destroy from within. I truly hope that this is what you are up to.

from MChronicle

Jackson said...

Ashraf Sir,

I may agree with what you say sometimes, but not the one below, cause the Mongolian dame case can't be closed as easily as one thinks.
"Meanwhile, Pinky managed to kill two birds with one bribe---- that bought RPK's slience and has shut the door a bit closer regarding the expose of that Monogolian dame who got C4-ed."

from MChronicle

jiminy said...

Once upon a time, long long ago, i use to respect this RPK fella for all sacrifices that he was willing and courageous enough to make on behalf of so many of us Malaysian citizens!

In fact, when you went into "exile" i felt even more sorry for you and your family ! I cursed and swore the people who threatened to detain you and take away your freedom and forced you to leave the country!

I had hoped that one day in the near future, when Pakatan takes over Putra Jaya, you would be able to return to a hero's welcome ! I would have been one of those who would have been there at the airport to welcome you!

But after doing the damage that you have done recently,...I am sorry but no longer hold the same respect for you anymore as i feel that you have betrayed the Cause for reasons best known to you!

I, like many, suspect that you have sold out to the "devil" ! I think it was maybe because you were tired of living in exile and was also in financial distress as monetary support and contributions were dwindling down somewhat ( i am told your MKini wasnt doing to well either recently) and because of your own pride and ego, you refused to reveal this matter and nor appeal for help!

And when the "devil" in the form of BN/BUMNO/Jibby offered you a way out , you took it out of desperation ! Unfortunately, i cannot bring myself to offer you any sympathies due to this act of betrayal of yours ! You see, the fate of the nation and its future is at stake!

And what you have done recently may have jeopardized our dreams , hopes and aspirations for a better tomorrow for all ! I hope that you are able to sleep well after this!

from MChronicle

Din Merican said...

Don, I have put your piece. I share your sense of outrage.Happy New Year

M'sia Finish said...

I am disappointed with RPK when made an interview with TV3 IN Australia before the Sarawak GE.

In my deep heart I feel that's something fishy is going on. You must observe RPK and that pariah Ashraf conditions when the interview RPK.

Both of them are damn drunk,and the way they speak are tipicial drunken donkeys.This is part and parcel ofUMporNO ploy to disgrace DSAI. RPK and TV3 , don't treat malaysian ULU and STUPID.When PR come to power, we will see you all bastards crawling on your feet. Wait for the day to come, God Willing

from MChronicle

John Hardick said...

RPK on Anwar is a sellout. Few will disagree.

RPK on corruption in Selangor may hold true. That all state government legal cases are given to PKR lawyers is cronyism even if UMNO lawyers should expect any favour. What about other Pakatan Lawyers?

As for the corruption involving the developer, the finger is pointed at Azmin and here, as we have always been very suspicious, our fear is well fou8nded-ex-UMNO.

from MChronicle

dpp said...


Once again you are buying whatever RPK ALLEGES which is offered without a shred of proof.

Which developer? Is there a SD. How much legal work? Do you think the new Selangor Govt ought to have given the bulk of legal work to the old UMNO/BN lawyers? And this is nowhere near the Bangsar Cowgate Condo, the $6 billion soaring to $9 billion defence contracts etc. is it?

Don't swallow this kind of shit from RPK anymore, please!


Born Realistic said...

Individuals such as Ezam, Zulkifli, Gobala, RPK etc have outlived their relavancy. They are now being paid for their sacrifices. Anyway should thanks them for their earlier contribution.

from MChronicle

Mandela said...

aIyah, this BOTAK BIAWAK is just a human.He eats, sleeps n fuck too.After staying so long in LONDON n BAngkok n with no money left. Aiyoh, what do u want me to do.
I like to drin n do pukitat pukitat, bu no cash, huh!
U all understand me. NO MONey NO TALK! that's life.
So if some gives me enough $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!
I will just grab n cabs. BUt then he say I can come back n free too. What a joy!

from MChronicle

Lez Leslie said...

I can't understand why people are so pissed off with RPK. He is another citizen expressing his opinions sometime changing his stance as the situation demands them.

People do that all the time and surely it is not a crime. We either agree with him or disagree with him. No one is holding a gun to our head.

The trouble is many people swallowed his stories hook, line and sinker and are now choking on them.

from MChronicle

Sidhu said...

Now he can return to the country he ran away from, from which he has been hiding as a fugitive.

I was going to say, as a fugitive from justice. But will justice be done? Will he be charged , or be welcomed as a prodigal royal son?

We do not need to read Mayan prophecies to guess the outcome. But I have seen more than he has, and let me tell you, RPK. you can escape from the justice of man , but nowadays, God does not give credit- he pays in cash.

Just think what has happened to each of the judges who wronged Anwar.


Here lies RPK, who was alive
And is dead,
Why, there is nothing more
To be said.


from MChronicle

Frank said...

This blogger “donplaypuks” is a blind Pakatan supporter whose head is is the sand and eyes of a bat.

RPK is trying to strengthen Pakatan by strengthening the hands of PAS and DAP, the two most feared parties by UMNO.

RPK is doing a favor to Pakatan Rakyat by telling the truth which silly pro-Pakatan supporters like “donplaypuks” don ‘t seem to get it.

PKR is past its use-by-date as far as THIS coming GE.

Anwar admitted there will be at least half NEW FACES, which means half of the current crowd of MPs and ADUNs in PKR are useless characters who should not be elected at all in March 2008 and who had nothing to show since then.

How can PKR win most of its seats with NEW FACES???? Untested and possibly some are MCA/UMNO/MIC rejects again and potential frogs.

Here is the fact: ANWAR cannot lead Pakatan to win the next GE. That is the fact on the ground and that is particularly true among the rural Malays (who are the kingmakers of Putrajaya, not the caffe-latte loudmouth crowd sitting) in Starbucks and Coffee Bean with their IPAD and smartphones.

PKR is irrevocably weak internally to bring Pakatan across the line. Those MPs and ADUNs who will not be reconsidered as candidates will sabotage PKR’s chances. In fact, PKR should only contest at the most 8 seats ( I doubt they can even win 8 seats).

Only PAS and DAP have the grassroot network both in urban and rural areas to take on UMNO-BN.

I say, for this coming GE, forget about PKR and Anwar.

If you want to win Putrajaya, think beyond PKR and Anwar, and focus on helping PAS and DAP to win votes. PKR needs another 3 years to clean out its mess.

from Din Merican's blog

Phua Kai Lit said...

No, my reading of the situation is that RPK is following
the road taken by “Rocky” and Chandra Muzaffar.

The timing of his pronouncements/verbal attacks just before important political events such as the Sarawak state election and Anwar’s trial verdict cannot be due only to coincidence.

from Din Merican's blog

Pok Li said...

“These cases do not need any evidence from me. The state has all the records and most likely they can quote the figures from the top of their heads” – RPK, Malaysia Today.

The reason why Malaysia Today blog had credibility and lots of followers previously was because RPK revealed documented evidences when he exposed any wrongdoings. But with the kind of statement of “do not need any evidence” RPK has become no better than low class or haprak bloggers/writers who expect people to believe their stories based on hearsays.

The public perception in today’s environment in Malaysia is very simple, if there is actually a corruption case involving any opposition states or individuals, SPRM and PDRM will jump at it at 10 times their normal speed. And why did the so called Chinese businessman not report the case to SPRM in the first place? And what happened to RPK’s bashing of “in Malaysia the onus on the accused to prove his innocence instead of the opposite”?

I think RPK’s problem is his big ego, thinks that he knows everything and that he is the only one right. To him other people who disagree with him are stupid. Things have to be done only in his ways. Could it be due to his “royal blood” that he likes to brag about?

from Din merican's blog

dpp said...

Many thanks Din for carrying my piece. I believe this is a first.

Yes, outrage is spot on. So too is betrayal. RPK has become nothing more than a lout and a loudmouth.As for Frank’s “This blogger “donplaypuks” is a blind Pakatan supporter whose head is is the sand and eyes of a bat” I will only say, don’t mistake loyalty for stupidity; I was not born yesterday.

With the benefit of hindsight, pray tell us Frank who else could have delivered the tsunami of GE2008 and the hope that positive change is possible in the face of UMNO-BN thuggery? Is it not telling that PAS and DAP stand behind Anwar?

Nuff said!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race
Don, it is a good piece. I enjoyed reading it and thought that it should be shared with this blog’s readers around the world. I hope to use more of your writings from here on. –Din Merican

from Din Merican's blog

Sam1 said...

“But the plain truth of the matter is we do not need RPK to realise our dreams of a better Malaysia.”
The above sentence sums up the reality in the Opposition. RPK is like a dog barking at the moon. The Opposition should just ignore him and continue shining like the moon.

Pok Li is right. This British-Malaysian thinks he is a know-all and all human beings must bow to him.

from Din merican's blog

dpp said...

Well put Pok Li. I could not have said it better.

More than that, as for who one should rely on to strategise for GE 2012 – Anwar or RPK – I will plunk for DSAI on any given day.


from Din merican's blog

Alias Dasuki said...

I can say for a fact that he’s bent on destroying DSAI. My friend’s few attempts at defending Anwar by highlighting that Saiful is not a reliable witness by having lied in Court were all butchered to shreads.

Saiful had evidently lied by claiming that he performed Friday prayers while in another breath maintained that he had not cleansed himself after the purported sodomy. It is basic Islamic requirement that prayers cannot be performed until one cleans oneself. Muslims are normally aware of this since the age of six.

from Din Mrican''s blog

Kathy said...

What I dont understand is why must there be a reply to him anyway? Thats his opinion. Must everything be replied too? If you dont believe him dont give him a second thought then.

from Din Merican's blog

samsaimon said...

Many moons ago Old Frank was in different shirt, and now he is without a sarong !

And we are now trying to put things together with ABU, and him cracking PKR, DAP and PAS.

If my memory is right, he was against RPK.

from Din Merican's blog

dpp said...


We have to respond. Otw, With the impending GE, many may be misled into thinking RPK speaks only the gospel truth.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Mr.Bean said...

If you want to win Putrajaya, think beyond PKR and Anwar, and focus on helping PAS and DAP to win votes — old frank

PAS and DAP??

They know their marriage is illegal under Sharia law. Why do you think PAS has never consummated the ‘marriage’? DAP is pretending that they are doing just that by going through the motion but without the penetration. Once this is over, PAS will file their petition for divorce, not on the ground of adultery with PKR but on irreconcilable differences. They will then marry UMNO who has the more male testosterone.

from Din Merican's blog

Frank said...

don’t mistake loyalty for stupidity; I was not born yesterday. – donplaypuks

By the way you present your case, you definitely were born yesterday, Only stupid people gave absolute loyalty without looking at the bigger scheme of things. You are blindsided by the charisma of Anwar rather than the realpolitik of winning government. Only stupid fools, and there are many among the blind PKR supporters here, do that.

As to who delivered 2008 tsunami to Pakatan ??? You mean Anwar and PKR??? Pakatan Rakyat won NOT because of Anwar or PKR, it is because of ANTI-UMNO sentiment of the voters.

Anwar just rode the tide of that anti-UMNO sentiment, silly!!!

Yes, in your case, your blind loyalty to Anwar and PKR is the same as your stupidity in analysing the politics of the country.

Loyalty is an unwritten contract and it is never absolute. Learn this. As much as those who were strong followers of RPK who now deride him just because he spoke his mind up about Anwar and PKR.

You are just as blind as bat when it comes to your views about Pakatan, PKR and Anwar.

from Din merican's blog

vsp said...

It really shows how money and threats can turn around “rocks of Gibraltar” like Chandra Muzaffar and RPK into blathering fools.

The reason why I have not comment anything for so long is because of the disgust I have for such people in both the divide. RPK is the smart aleck who readily take exception when he was found out to be less than honorable.

For him he expects people to take his every word as the gospel truth. If not he will go ballistic. He is the high priest of “truth” who must not be contradicted.

For all his bravado, it is galling to find out that he is also susceptible to threats and pressures and this latest “turnaround” shows.


from Din Merican's blog

CL Familiaris said...

“Loyalty is an unwritten contract and it is never absolute.” Frank

True only in part. Faithfulness to a cause beyond oneself is another human characteristic. It’s sometimes called Altruism. Otherwise there would be no Martyrs; nor anything Good, Noble and Righteousness.

RPK is definitely no martyr, but a 2-bit Bankrupt, Histrionic Adolescent with a gift of the Gab. The issue here is about the dearth of ethics in our climes. And the demise of an immoral, irredeemable, incoherent, cynical, corrupt system of politics enforced by UMNO who will attempt to put a price in every-man’s soul..

from Din Merican's blog

dpp said...

Wow, CLF. “Faithfulness to a cause beyond oneself is another human characteristic. It’s sometimes called Altruism.” That’s brilliant.

I, having said “nuff said” earlier had no desire to respond to someone who accuses me of blind loyalty backed up by his “solid” evidence that I am stupid and then seems to think RPK is GOD.

Thanks CLF.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Mr.Bean said...

Look. You guys created RPK to be what he is today. You gave him control of the bully pulpit to use which he did. He was so full of himself then. He is so full of himself. Nothing has changed. This is a guy who enjoyed the limelight. When I first read his writings and listened to him, I thought this guy had a death wish. What he really aspired for is the appearance of martydom and the honor that goes with it — doing time behind locked gates and high walls with the hospitality of his Majesty’s Government. In the end he has neither.

The bully pulpit may have been denied him today but he still has the use of the bull horn. This time with the courtesy of UMNO controlled media.

So are you guys now calling for the denial of his freedom of speech? You want democracy? Well, surprise, surprise! Democracy comes with freedom of speech. Bad speech? Wrong kind of speech? Hate speech? It is still speech.

from Din Merican's blog

scarlet.pinpernel said...

“RPK is definitely no martyr, but a 2-bit Bankrupt, Histrionic Adolescent with a gift of the Gab.” — CLF

He may gabble at times. But gift of the gab, he has not. I think you meant gift of the garb.

from Din Merican's blog

scarlet.pimpernel said...

“What I dont understand is why must there be a reply to him (RPK) anyway? ” Kathy

That’s right. Silence can be speech. For example, at a wedding you are asked, “Speak now or forever hold your piece”.

Was that peace or piece?? Tok Cik wants to know.

SoCai me said...

Well don..I agreed with you…forget about Frank’S OPINION….just indifferences of opinion does not meant who is the winner ..

Don you are cool and able to tai chi away from others accusation…just write out your opinions and we will follow…

from Din merican's blog

dpp said...

Let me be very clear. RPK’s right to free speech is not in dispute. I have no desire to shut him up.

But everyone must live up to certain principles and RPK’s actions of late clearly indicate he’s sold out for lucre! And his accusations of corruption in Selangor without a shred of proof and of and PKR lawyers cornering legal work (vehemently denied by Surendran) and alleging Azmin is involved in a corrupt act where the businessman did not get the favours sought – that’s right up ther with that Rosmah murderer SD and betrayal of his informer!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Kiru said...

If RPK did not exist, we would have to invent him! Indeed, it is thanks to him that we can get rid of our evil share, of what is the worst part of us. It is as such that we can curse RPK. If he were to disappear, however, we would be left begging for pity! We would be left struggling with our own racist, sexist, and nationalist (everyone's fate) viruses. Simply, we would be abandoned to the murderous negativity of society. As such, RPK is the perfect mirror of the political class which uses him to conjure up its own evils, just as every individual uses the political platform to cast away any form of corruption inherent to society (both are similar types of corrupt and cathartic functions). Trying to put an end to this, trying to purify society and moralize public life, trying to eradicate what claims to embody evil is a complete misunderstanding of the way evil operates, of the way politics itself operates. RPK was just a devious puppetmaster'spawn or pawn,which of course is nothing more than the perpetuation for the rule of supreme hypocrisy.

reeperbahn said...

Only stupid fools, and there are many among the blind PKR supporters here, do that. – Frank

you are using PKR supporters as punching bags
its better to have blind love for someone than blind hate, like what you have for Anwar/PKR

Frank said...

True only in part. Faithfulness to a cause beyond oneself is another human characteristic. It’s sometimes called Altruism. – C.L. Familiaris

Altruism?? Wrong!!

Its called the end result of BRAIN-WASHING.Its BLIND WORSHiP… like those fundamentalist religious followers, like those suicide bombers who surrendered their brains to others, and like those blind supporters of Anwar, and those blind supporters of RPK in the past,

“donplaypuks” silly anger at RPK is that he suddenly found himself caught with his pants down when RPK took an about turn at Anwar . That is what it is all about. It is a sudden disappointment coming out of the blue,.

“donplaypuks” mind went bonkers after RPK took a knife and gave frontal jab at Anwar. Why is that,?

Because their single-minded criminal hatred of UMNO-BN led them to be their TOTALLY BLIND LOYALTY to Pakatan/PKR/Anwar, so much so they cannot see or accept any wrongdoings of Pakatan/PKR/Anwar/DAP/PAS. To them they will find all the excuses that changing the Federal Constitution to introduce HJDUD by PAS is OK.

People like “donplaypuks” pawned their brains to PKR/Anwar and unwittingly sold their soul to UMNO-BN. They lost their sense of reasoning.

Frank said...

its better to have blind love for someone than blind hate, like what you have for Anwar/PKRits better to have blind love for someone than blind hate, – reeperbahneeperbahn

Now you get MY point. Those who showed blind loyalty to Anwar and PKR are those who have BLIND HATE for UMNO-BN.

Mr.Bean said...

“And his accusations of corruption in Selangor without a shred of proof and of and PKR lawyers cornering legal work (vehemently denied by Surendran) and alleging Azmin is involved in a corrupt act where the businessman did not get the favours sought – that’s right up ther with that Rosmah murderer SD and betrayal of his informer!” — donplaypuks

RPK like everybody else can make all the allegations he wants. If Azmi feels he is being defamed and his character tarnished, he can always take him to court for civil defamation. But here’s the deal. As a politician and a public figure Azmin and those who find themselves in similar positions have a high threshold to meet in the way of standard of proof.

Malaysians have long lived under a rogue regime with scant regard for fundamental liberties that they tend to over react strangely enough with the same disgust and trepidation to someone who is simply voicing his or her opinion that is different from their own. Freedom of speech should be desired for its own sake and not just to protect the integrity of the political process.

Frank said...

But everyone must live up to certain principles- donplyapuks

It goes to show you are politically naive.

In politics, there is no such thing as principles, only personal interest. Period.

You want principles? Try joining one of those religious institutions, and you MIGHT get some.

reepperbahn said...

we are talking about the quest for a regime change after 50 odd years of a single party rule or better misrule – you except that Frank? many have come to hate the draconian system of ruling by this party – ok? and many believe that Anwar could be the deliverer of the change – is that not humanly? to believe in someone? you imply that Anwar is a charlatan; have you a solution for us? you going to found a new party and march to Putrajaya?

I also see your points, but what choice do we have? aptly said, by Mr. Bean (as I interpret) ”Malaysians have long lived under a rogue regime with scant regard for fundamental liberties that they tend to over react strangely enough with the same disgust and trepidation to someone who is simply voicing his or her opinion that is different from their own.

Mr.Bean said...

Yes, reeperbahn.

We whine all the time about pubic dissent being stifled by the UMNO regime, of legislation passed that has become the hallmark of an administration that has lost its legitimacy to govern. But at every opportunity that comes our way there is that coded language used that betrays our dislike for free speech. Free speech does not mean free to speak only one view often disguised as responsible speech.

Mr.Bean said...

Must everything be replied too? If you dont believe him dont give him a second thought then.

Kathy – January 6, 2012 at 8:13 pm

Unfortunately it is not that simple. Silence may be deemed admission.

C.L. Familiaris said...

Look, whatever the scenario wrt RPK, i think most of us have had enough of outright lies, innuendos, feints, mind-games and endless political intrigues. From what i understand the PR ruled states are fairly well run, with the exception of some Taliban like sputters of their own making and persistent undermining of services or sabotage by the Goons and local Establishment warlords.

It is true that the State governments are functioning in a default mode with a siege mentality against the Feds. Some have even gone so far as to ‘advise’ their businesses not to seek Fed help that was desperately needed. They seem to imply that they want nothing to do with the central Government, which does not augur well for the reducing of temperature. There is no need to add fuel to the fire and although their paranoia is understandable. There needs to be some balance. The old concept of all-conquering, all-consuming Winners in this digital age is passe.

Allow for digressions, so long as it does not corrupt the whole. However, as Frank rightly pointed out, it’s about yeast – the yeast of the Pharisee that was RPK. And yes, many had worshiped an Idol, so it pricks their conscience.

Not everything in life necessarily involves politics and persistent instigation by both sides of the divide has reached disgusting levels. What is needed is information – impartial, honest and down-to-earth without all the advertorial branding, theatrics, tragedy, comedy and drama. Raw unadulterated Emotionalism is bad for Health. Yes, the Rule of Law and it’s Essence must be a priority, not cynical Legalism.

Winnow the Padi from the Chaff. We are all still Malaysians.., while UMNO remains only “Malay” and desperate.

Joe A said...

There is another RPK in the making , who love to use `stupid` a lot. RPK also used these words and other defamatory words to highlight his point of view. Hard to trust this so called “Angels“ “Messiah“ etc. especially those who can write well but without sincerity.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion that doesn`t mean blind trust and loyalty.
Have stopped visiting Malaysia Today for good. The writings was on wall of this Brutus for quite some time.

fed-up said...

RPK - ringgit penuh korek == frog. Hellgates waiting for you because you want 28 million Malaysians to suffer.

too bad said...

The problem of EGO for a Rejected,Prostitute Kangaroo is that he always wanted to be in front; he enjoys doing it in the front. BUT, now he is rejected and unable to do it in front (remember he is a fugitive and a traitor) he has no other choice than to do it with his back; he prostitute with his arse hole (under the tutelage of Saiful) This pariah Kangaroo made his way to UK with many stops but will be able to jump from UK back home with just one jump.

Altantuya Sarriibbuu said...

Just THINK how can RPK survive in England without job and a bankrupt for several years with his luxury lif style? If not UMNO /umno cronies supported him financialy all these years he would have died of starvation in England. RPK has royal blood and belongs to ruling party group where corrupted money is plenty. Now all of YOU know who is a betrayer . MONEY counts, RPK don't pretend anymore. Shame shame.

Lord Jim said...

RPK may have "sold out" Anwar.

If he has, that would be different from selling out the public.

Anwar is not the a leader of the Malaysian public.

He and the PKR accounts for a very minor support from the public.

There is little evidence to show that RPK has sold out the public.

If the public is confused between what is Anwar and what is the public, then it will continue to just be able to bitch blindly and get nowhere.

If there are those so lazy (and stupid!) as to rely on RPK (or Anwar) to change Malaysia for them, then they deserve that good one from RPK if he is not now performing as their favourite monkey!

Man In Yellow said...

This half baked orang utan is as toxic as the half baked Kerala Mau Ma Ti

chongkong said...

I don't read Malaysia Today anymore. I just cannot bring myself to read his unreliable information or news because he cannot be trusted any longer and his credibility is ZERO. Once mighty hero is now a valiant .

Truckerstone said...

He ran away as a hero, he will return as a zero!

Ho Sai Yuen said...

use to read Malaysia Today, until the day when RPK transform himself overnight to be a BN-UMNO turncoat.
As far as I am concerned, RPK has not only lost his credibility but he is a traitor and truly untrustworthy and even a dangerous fugitive holding up in England.

BN Out said...

I ask "Who is RPK ?"

Someone shouted "Raja Petra Kamaruddin !".

I ask again "Who is Raja Petra Kamaruddin ?"

There's no answer. Let's just leave it as it is.

Vincenzo said...

t is sad to read of all the negative emotional outpourings against Yang Mulia despite the efforts put in by him to educate, encourage and motivate us to stay and fight for justice for our selves and for our country. Let's us face it - without Yang Mulia's effort, 2008 would not have been as explosive as it did and we should be grateful for his contribution in shaping the state of politics until they are what they are today. For that, come what may, he will always have my greatest respect. We should always give credit where credit is due and not be influenced by "herd mentality".

Afterall, the vast majority of us do have some form of higher education and so we should be able to decipher and understand the information that is coming out now in respect of Yang Mulia's action.

Let us not be too quick to judge and condemn him yet. Cooler heads must prevail .

wild one said...

Friday, 06 January 2012 16:38 posted by Lez Leslie

I can't understand why people are so pissed off with RPK.

Neither do I.

ET said...

To err is human - quoted from a proverb

(but cannot find such in the Bible).
RPK is a human - so he ERR-ed.

kongtolou said...

This botak layabout, unemployed fugitive got 24/7 time doing nothing and scheming for his beloved Ameno to destroy PR.

All his cigars and wines plus holidays and 3 meals with free farks thrown in are being paid by Ameno so he is just a lapdog.

Just ignore him, let him bark and when nobody visits his mt blog, Ameno will not pay him anymore and he will be begging in the street of Patphong as an illegal immigrant.

cherasusie said...

PK - though to be a very principled one but turned out be very childish.....spoiling the soup.

BN - a papaya tree infested with termites....the fruits are still big and round but it cannot escape falling very soon. its incurable and we need to grow a new papaya tree and ensure it is termites free.

lol said...

"This half baked orang utan is as toxic as the half baked Kerala Mau Ma Ti"

Then it is only fair he be related to Sultan Selangor

gigi said...

I was never a fan of RPK for he was never a real journalist as he shot off his mouth without any care.Well all along he was planning all this for his finale...and he's made his pile.Now let's bury him.

Not Cricket said...

Al Fatty Ah. Here lies baldy, the dick head, who only wanted to come home, but made an untimely about-turn departure.

May his soul roam the netherworld looking for the exit. ''You can check out any time you like, but you cannot ever leave''. Lousy innings old chap.