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by TalkingCock.conartiste, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for priapic & preputial affairs at

"A former National Feedlot Corporation (NFCorp) employee, who is alleged to have leaked the company’s financial records, was fired for stealing RM2.7 million in cash and will soon face criminal charges, Datuk Ibrahim Ali said today. The Perkasa chief said the “non-Malay” marketing executive, who was in charge of collecting cash payments from the NFCorp’s clients, had squirrelled away RM10,000 to RM20,000 daily before he was caught by company accountants.

NFCorp chairman Datuk Seri Mohamad Salleh Ismail subsequently lodged a police report and sacked the employee in question. It turns out before this Datuk Salleh had two non-Malay employees. They handled RM150,000 in cash every day. One of these employees syphoned off the money. He further alleged that the employee then stole the company’s cashbook as revenge for the dismissal and may have sold it to PKR, which led to the charge against the scandal-tainted NFCorp." Malaysian Insider quoting Ibrahim Ali, 22/01/2012.

Occasionally, you must fight fire with fire, as opposed to dousing it with cold water. No pulling punches, no being apologetic in tone, manner or reaction. A knee-jerk retort is called  for and that's what this mfcuking arsehole will get from me. 

Deliberate and vicious racist conduct and speech delivered with the full intention of stirring up racist sentiments and social unrest must be met head on, countered and stopped dead in its tracks.

Ibrahim Ali is a man with no credibility or real support whatsoever. He threatened 15,000 of his bigoted supporters would march to derail Bersih 2.0 and 500,000 to counter the planned gathering to support Anwar Ibrahim outside the Jalan Duta Court Complex. In the event, he could not deliver 50 supporters, claiming lamely in the case of Bersih 2.0 that his "Home Office" (wife) would not approve or deliver his "passport" for attendance. 

What a vacuous, insipid  cowardly piss artist.

Here is a turd who could not organize a piss up in a brewery who, unsolicited, has apparently taken up the cudgel to "defend" allegations of financial impropriety at the National Feedlot Corporation (NFC), recipient of a $250 million 25-year Government loan to develop a sustainable supply of beef and dairy products in Malaysia. Public concern was fully justified after the Auditor General (AG) was quoted from his report to Parliament and elsewhere where the project was described as "in a mess".

We should all understand that the AG's findings and report were based on an audit of the Ministry of Agriculture, the party which disbursed the loan, in order to ascertain the recoverability of the massive low interest loan. The AG does not have the authority to audit private companies such as NFC unless they request it, or, the Government prudently orders it to satisfy itself that $250 million of Taxpayers' money has not slipped into non-performance status.

When did the NFC issue become a Malay vs Non-Malay affair? I don't recall reading such a turnout of events in any MSM or online news portals when the NFC debacle was reported, do you? 

Does anyone recall reading headlines such as "Malay CEO, Minister and family members suspected of Criminal Breach of Trust (CBT)"?After all, the AG is himself a Malay. Should he have ordered a cover up because some Malays were implicated?

And who appointed Ibrahim Ali referee? NFC? Why would NFC invite a spineless demagogue into the fray?

What really pisses me off is that the AG should entertain IA at all. 

The AG has reported as is his statutory duty and now it is a matter for the Public Accounts Committee, Police and Malaysian Association for Cows and Carse to act upon. Why has the AG brought the independence of the Audit Department into question and lowered its reputation and esteem in the eye of the Malaysian public by being seen together in the same planet as the worthless AI who:

1. In April 2011 made sexist remarks in Parliament blaming "wives who neglect their responsibilities" for Malaysian men having extra-marital affairs.

2. In May 2011threatened to wage "Holy War" against Christians over an alleged (totally false) plot by Christians to replace Islam as the "religion of the Federation" in Malaysia.

3. In June 2011 warned the Chinese community not to turn up for Bersih 2.0 saying "untoward incidents" may occur for which remark Khairuddin Jamaluddin labelled him a racist. Predictably, IA claimed he was misquoted or misunderstood.

4. Twice now has jumped political affiliation and therefore does not really represent the electorate anywhere.

Really, this tirade by AI about non-Muslim employees of NFC absconding with $2.7 million is a red herring. It is meant to distract and deflect attention away from the real issues facing NFC, which are, inter-alia:

1. A possible massive loss of a $250 million to the Malaysian Taxpayer.

2.  The possibilities of massive financial CBT, fraud, abuse of authority and misrepresentation.

3. The possibility that top management had initiated a $1.76 million bribery attempt of our Police to halt investigations of financial misdeeds. (Curiously why have the Police only charged an individual with "deceiving NFC's CEO" into parting with $1.76 million but not the CEO himself with possibly, attempted bribery which was the original complaint?

4. The possibility of the sacking of a Federal Minister for alleged personal involvement in NFC's affairs and securing the project through crony connections.

5. The possibilty of our DPM "nobly" resigning for a Titanic-like financial disaster occurring under his watch

Where does Malay/non-Malay come into the equation?

Only in the eyes of a politically bankrupt and morally depraved ass/donkey/frog, it does!

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Donplaypuks® with Malay/Non-Malay, you slime!


Anonymous said...

sighs, the son of alibaba/40 thieves !!

HETCHESS said...

Thanks for simplyfying it for the uninitiated. Ignore this mongrel mutt. Not only is this sorry excuse been labelled a twit internationally but for his low breed and mentality let him be informed that not only is he a low class pariah but a mati pucuk soon to be a mati katak scum sucking breathless turd eating son of a motherless goat awaiting his crematiom.
"oh boy when you're dead... you can't take nothing with you but your soul..." - lennon
Not applicable in this case of a mutt who has already 'gadai' everything demi his bull crap race non practised beliefs ,acceeded land and adoptive nation.
Bodoh Sombong ta'kan faham bertaubat be.

Nat said...

Ibrahim Ali is a man with no credibility or real support whatsoever. He threatened 15,000 of his bigoted supporters would march to derail Bersih 2.0 and 500,000 to counter the planned gathering to support Anwar Ibrahim outside the Jalan Duta Court Complex. In the event, he could not deliver 50 supporters, claiming lamely in the case of Bersih 2.0 that his "Home Office" (wife) would not approve or deliver his "passport" for attendance.

This self declared General is Not only a Frog But also a Coward when he chickened out of the Bersih Rally based on the most stupid excuse imaginable. How can the Perkasa Members be so idiotic & stupid as to follow such a Coward Leader like IA? Only morons will follow a character with such low Leadership Qualities.

And IA is also a Man with No integrity. He was elected as MP Not based on his own merits But on a PAS ticket. IA if he has any single ounce of decency & integrity, would resigned his MP post & recontest to win the MP seat based on his own Merits.

But then we have a Leader who is Not only a Coward a despicable character with No shame & Integrity. And we have also Mronoci Perkasa Members who are like the blinds being lead by a one-eyed Jack.

zam said...

This disgusting, idiotic, bloated racist makes me vomit.

Frog Eater said...

Corruption for UMNO melayu is halal in his interpretation.

Anyone who is non UMNO muslim or Perkasa are haram even though exposing a crime.

Bersih 3.0 is on the way, lets see how many Perkasa is coming out for another stroll like stray dogs.

TRuly Malaysian said...

See how the Malaysian politic goes again. The whole scenario has now been slowly turned into a racial conflict.

Guest who is backing this guy for continuously being so daring to stir up racial disharmony. Your guest is as good as anybody it as to be Umno otherwise no one dares to go beyond such racial overtone.

India said...

This Babi is only trying to create disharmony la. Pay no attention to him than he will rot! The kampong people knows what is happening through the good work of Islam PAS. Syaitan Ali and Mamakutty are at the very end of their wicked life.

Say NO and bring justice to corrupt NFC Mama.

snara said...

Look at the KATAK's face. He is going to have a stroke soon as it is turning redder each time he shouts. Let him shout even louder please as it will not be much longer....

John said...

Yes indeed only morons will follow this indespicable IA.

By the way Datuk T and this Zukifli Nordin also followed this frog. He really surrounds himself with very interesting characters.

Mahathir Terrorist said...

Pekida, however, is more militant. Pekida is the IRA of Umno, not Perkasa. But you do not see them or hear them. There are many members of Pekida in the government, in Umno, in the military, in the police force, etc. This is the real paramilitary force of Umno. In fact, Abdullah Badawi is the leader of Pekida in Penang and Dr Mahathir the leader of Pekida in Kedah. And we have Pekida in Selangor and all over Malaysia, all headed by key Umno leaders.

Tony Pua should not over-simplify the issue. The problem is not Najib. The problem is the hidden hands in Umno and the hidden ‘structure’, such as Pekida, that was set up soon after the race riots of 13th May 1969.

coitus interruptus said...

Quote ..."Curiously why have the Police only charged an individual with "deceiving NFC's CEO" into parting with $1.76 million but not the CEO himself with possibly, attempted bribery which was the original complaint"...Unquote

This is the same lah as Lee Liong Sik - said to have deceived the PM & Cabinet in pumping money in PKFZ. Or like the Najib's 2 bodyguards that murdered Altantuya. Or the Perak Royalty that murdered her husband's 2nd wife. etc etc

This script like Syarifah Aini's album lah. Repeating itself to prevent 1st & 2nd layer culprits from being questioned and put in jail.

kuda siam said...

Orang lain rogol bini hang tapi hang yang kena siasat . Goblok , goblok - otak udang . katak @ kongkek

George Bush said...

The toad man is a fraud just like his boss Mahatahi.

hahaha said...

ooooiiii katak bin otak unta, what the fark you are talking about?

this is the rakyats money, and nothing to do with malay or non malay issues...... no wonder dumno loves you so much that the moment the katak speaks everything goes hay wired.....tahniah katak

Man In Yellow said...



god of dragon said...

Hope this god of shits everyday eats beef until his high cholesterol is high enough to change his pig black-heart to cow black heart.

the auditor said...

hahaha... take the heat off the lembus with this non malay scapegoat. 3mil is small change. dun forget the 250mil, ok?

A Burning Sensation said...

Hell just called they want Satan back! Please send word to Katak Ali.

Chairman Mao said...

No two ways about it. Ibrahim Ali's father is a pig and his mother is a frog! So, now you know why he has a babi face and short piggy but springy limbs - which allows him to hop from party to party.

And, by the way, his brain is in his brown arse.

Chin Lee said...

Don't try to teach the pig to sing. All you do is waste your time and irritate the pig. He is like an old hollywood star trying to stay employed by Mahathir. He is an old fool looking for attention.

This dinosaur would lie even if the truth fit better. He wags his finger every time he opens his big mouth, Unprecedented malfeasance he is a usuper, and the people know it. All we need to do to be rid of this clown is to arrest him. Go away big, fat ugly slob.

Human said...

That poisonous frog was produced when a mongrel screwed his mother. Same with mamak tongkang, his-arse-muddin, moooyiddin, and the balls-less, adulterous, thieving bastard with a short, fat wife.

That is why all of them hate non-muslims and non-malays.

Defence said...

Ibrahim Ali is trying to defend the crooks in NFC. are you ok , Ibrahim? U should be speaking out against corruption and crooks , isn't it ?Tanjong Rambutan is waiting for u.

Anonymous said...

quite confused with IA & IH , ibrahim & hassan ...they look similar
pls HELP !

Anonymous said...

this son of alibaba handed (with a mca man) 'pekim'(meant for funeral donation) to the POOR pendatangs !

HEY, where are the RICH pendatangs eg sugar rubber oilpalm tin ...KINGS
give lah duit2 to your poor/miserable
folks !! SIGHS.