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by eli whitney, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for cotton spinning affairs
When you spin a top, it must eventually come to rest. No human has invented a perpetual motion machine. The known laws of physics do not permit it. Thus worthless unspinners must spin, and spinners, unspin, themselves into oblivion.

The pity is Raja Petra Kamaruddin (RPK) is in danger of doing so too. Watchdog or Running Dog, I don't know. But, I hope he has not become someone's lapdog, or worse, Birkin bag carrier.

A pity, because, a flaccid RPK and M2Day are still a worth a darn good read and are more credible than the whole lot of pro-BUMNO bloggers put together. Imagine what an upright and fully seized RPK could achieve. 

Lately, RPK’s been too intent on fitting “facts” to hypothesis, since he’s prematurely announced to the world there is serious corruption in Selangor, and God forbid, if that’s not the case, and the world should come to its end yesterday.

(Do remember that something can only be called a ‘theory’ if it can be verified and reconstructed with predictable results using the laws formulated in that theory. Otherwise, it’s just another hypothesis. Thus, the ‘Big Bang Theory,’ no matter if even Einstein believes in it, is still only a hypothesis because no one knows how to start an explosion, from which strange creatures like Rosemajib, Maha Firaun, AP Kings and Queen and $2.2 billion KIDEX YOU NOT toll highways could be created, and whose reverberations could still be heard 14 billion years later, as you can the methane -filled farts from Bigbangsar Fidnotalot Cowgatesville!).

And that’s the problem with ego, mania and megalomania. 

Here’s a good definition of Megalomania from Wikileaks, owned by Anwar Ibrahim. Okay lah RPK, that’s a lie; it’s from Wikipedia:

“A psycho-pathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of power, relevance, or omnipotence. Megalomania is characterized by an inflated sense of self-esteem and overestimation by persons of their powers and beliefs'.[1] Historically it was used as an old name for narcissistic personality disorder prior to the latter's first use by Heinz Kohut in 1968, and is used these days as a non-clinical equivalent.[2][3] It is not mentioned in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)[4] or the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD).”

Psycho-pathological. Delusions of power. Omnipotence. Narcissistic. Psycho-babble? A wee bit OTT (Over The Top) perhaps. 

But can we be blamed for our scepticism, if in reputedly bending over backwards to appear to be neutral, RPK bashes the current Selangor Government and accuses its leadership of corruption, backed, not with hard solid evidence, but slant spin? And then compares it with 30 years of proven, hard-core corruption by BUMNO/BN?

Let me illustrate this with reference to RPK’s exposé of 15th March 2012 titled EPISODE 20: The USD10 million kickback.’

“This matter involves a privatisation project between the Selangor state government (Selangor) and a company called Azam dan Azan Sdn Bhd (AASB). The facts of the case are as follows……” 

CLICK HERE for the full article.

With an opening gambit of this type, RPK gives the impression that not only was the Selangor Government under BUMNO/BN whiter than white, but that somehow PKR, DAP, PAS and Khalid Ibrahim are the proven corrupt parties. 

Yet, ALL the documents tendered by RPK are pre-2008 when Selangor was under BUMNO/BN and prove not an iota that any corrupt act was planned or committed, especially by Pakatan.

Here’s how a really fair-minded person would have written RPK’s opening lines:

“The reality is, this matter involves a problematical 1997 privatisation project signed between the Selangor state government (Selangor) which was then under the rule of Barisan National (BN) led by Butt United Malay National Organization (BUMNO) Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) Tan Sri Abu Hassan Haji Omar, succeeded in 2000 by Dr. Mohamed Khir bin Toyo. Dr. Khir Toyo lost his position after BUMNO/BN was defeated at GE 2008, and was replaced by PKR’s  Tan Sri Abdul Khalid bin Ibrahim, who inherited this 1997 problem.”

Could the word “corruption” possibly be used in the same breath and sentence as Abu Hassan and Khir Toyo? Nah, no way!

RPK then moves on with:

“Since 2009, nothing much has happened and it remained a deadlock. …….Finally, AASB had no choice but to try to seek a ‘political solution’ to their problems……PKR Sarawak leaders, Baru Bian, AASB was introduced to the PKR Treasurer and Member of Parliament for Selayang, William Leong. After a few meetings, it was suggested that the matter be brought to the attention of the Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim.

Baru Bian then introduced AASB to Tian Chua, MP for Batu who is said to have the ears of the Menteri Besar…….. 

AASB was told that the matter can be resolved if they agreed to donate USD10 million to PKR as ‘election funds’. AASB was also asked to submit a ‘statement of claim’ for RM70 million for the construction cost of the market in the first phase, which the state will approve.” RPK M2Day.

This is utter crapulence of the highest and stinkiest order! Why would a local party ask another local party for a local bribe for a local project in US$, even if it is to be paid overseas? The bribe would have been fixed in Ringgit Malaysia as a percentage of the project cost  - 10%, 50%, 100% - whatever. So, what was the exchange rate? 3.80? 3.20? 3.10? This is the kind of elementary errors RPK makes in his haste to spin and gasak (wallop), when he has no proof but only hot air!  

In February, he made that kind of same elementary mistake by writing he was told by John Soh that Anwar Ibrahim  had billions of dollars stashed away oveseas. Yet, he believed John Soh when he told him Anwar had asked him to fund $300 million to buy over BUMNO/BN MP’s in 2008 to stage the September 16 coup attempt.

QUOTE:“For weeks Anwar refused to talk to John Soh. He put the failure of September the 16th squarely on John Soh’s shoulders. When they finally met, Anwar and John Soh had a heated exchange of words. When Anwar said that John Soh was to be blamed for the September 16th failure, John Soh retorted, “If you are so confident it was going to work then why not fund it yourself? Bring back some of the billions you have stashed overseas and pay the RM300 million from your own pocket!” M2Day.UNQUOTE.

CLICK HERE for the full article.

You can see how hot air is in superabundance where solid proof is not! Is there a Statutory Declaration by John Soh on this alleged confession? Or even a Dato Trio blue film shot in Thailand, starring China Doll and Phat Pong Soh, drooping belly, crew cut, Omega watch and all? And even if John Soh were to appear on Al Jazeera with a confession, is anyone likely to believe a word he utters?

And here’s RPK’s totally devastating “clincher” on proven corruption involving William Leong, Tian Chua, MB Khalid Ibrahim and Pakatan:

“Once AASB receives the RM70 million from the state, they are to pay the USD10 million donation as stipulated. AASB's response was: go to hell! They are prepared to sit it out and wait until after the next general election when Pakatan Rakyat will be kicked out of Selangor and the state falls back to Bumno.” RPK/M2Day.

Wow, a local property developer actually said FO to an "under-table" payment to accommodate a political party?

Uncork the non-alcoholic (after all, Azam dan Azan Sdn. Bhd. could not possibly consume the ‘haram’ version) champagne. Let ‘er rip!

And the beauty of  it all which should get them the Ghandi-Mandela Gold Medal for probity, honesty and uprightness?

“They are prepared to sit it out and wait until after the next general election when Pakatan Rakyat will be kicked out of Selangor and the state falls back to BUMNO.”

Sorry, I must stop here. It is so moving, I am reduced to tears. SOB!

So, they all lived happily ever after in their uncorrupted and incorruptible Selangor under the aegis of BUMNO/BN.

Aah, how we miss the dang good 'ol days of Camelot Selangor and clean governance in the state of the “abode of sincerity.”

Now, for the moment, allow me to retire in peace, knowing the future of Selangor shall be safe when once again it is in BUMNO/BN hands, and smoke a camel or two, one hump or two! 

Donplaypuks® with spin and counterspin, man!
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Anonymous said...

Makk Aiii! I wanted to write like this long time ago about RPK but short of vocabulary. What was that...MEGALOMANIA???? hmmmm very likely indeed.


PK said...


RIP said...

As far as credibility is concerned, RPK is now be replaced with RIP.

george said...

This guys is better than RPK hands down!

hic said...

It is easy to get cannabis in UK

1M (Money) ! said...

Hmmm ... how times have changed !

And so has 1M (read MONEY) can change a person ....

Need to say more ..???

(Gua Tolong Lu, Lu Tolong Gua, eh ?)

Patriot My said...

Gee, spinned to a terrible headache by the delusional botak man, so much so, I have to say "Not tonite, darling. I have a headache"

Botak is bad for bed.

Kaalaikathiravan said...

He had said in his blog that he had been voting for the opposition all along . If that is the case than he must do all his utmost to to make sure the opposition wins in the next 13th GE.

If he has the proof that there is indeed videspread corruption in Selangor then he can submit them to DAP or PAS to check the abuse. He cannot be very vague in his accusations.

While he says the current government is corrupted to the core, he is also undermining the opposition's chances of an election victory.

He is doing it especialy when the elections are so near . He could have highlighted them much earlier for it to have been rectified and keep the opposition on it's toe.

This makes the ordinary Malaysians to suspect what is the real motive for him to do so . Money ?

Lord Jim said...

"Thursday, 22 March 2012 17:50 posted by Patriot My"

"Botak is bad for bed."

Patriot "Red Penis" My Ass, BSc (bean sprout chicken)!

Saiful would be more suitable for your taste!

Lord Jim said...

Donplaypuks®, what is it exactly you want to label RPK with?

Wikipedia is not exactly reliable as a learned source, and Heinz Kohut is not the only person who came up with what can or cannot be lumped together to form what is called "narcissistic personality disorder" which is quite often in use in the US but not that widely accepted in Europe. Some even say that it may not not even exist or classifiable. No one is sure what megalomania should mean either.

The DSM-(IV) is not widely accepted the world over, the joke about it is every year new illnesses are created to make psychiatrists rich. The ICD is hardly the "manual" relevant to label someone.

I don't believe you have any background in psychology, if so, you disguise your lackings in writing ability with infantile jokes which always backfire on yourself!

Just what is it between you and RPK that necessitates those frequent rant from you that needs you to rubbish him as a person before you rubbish what he has to say? I know everything about him is "wrong" these days - especially when he is no longer willing to say golden rays can only come out of Anwar Ibrahim's arsehole. Is it a practice of Anwar worshippers to slam down all his erstwhile friends, Johnny Sohprano included?!

If RPK has no basis for what he claims, would not a few words be sufficient to deny them? Why the need to slam him down? Is it the standard practice of Anwar worshippers to slam down all those who fell out with the Fuhrer? Zaid had that treatment too, so has everyone else who dare say anything about Anwar than only golden rays of light can emanate from his arsehole. His worshippers may think so but others are entitled to their opinions even if those differ from what Anwar's little Nazis tolerate.

What is it with Johnny Soh then? The treatment he is getting gives the impression that his tongue-lash on Anwar has some good basis. With Anwar staunchly refusing to do simple job of declaring his assets from time since before he became Himmler to Mahathir all the way till now, what Johnny Sohprano sung about might even have some basis - I am talking about the singer's claim Anwar has billions stashed away abroad. That might be true after all - has anyone being courageous enough to ask Herr Anwar for a non doublespeak answer and those accounts of the dynasty to be verified yet?! If not, repeatedly knocking those people like RPK, Johnny Sohprano etc etc ain't wise, it shows more fear and cheap arrogance than anything useful for the 1Anwar!

Is that "Phat Pong" in that "Phat Pong Soh" meant to be the "Phat Pong" deity worshipped by the Thais and many Malaysians? - sorry I don't know what that may be and I don't get the humour if there is one. I hold nothing sacred but if that is the deity than some comic book stuff, then I think you are pushing it a lot too far.

What's happened to your "John Chinaman" part 2 article, eh?! - that self-hating reversed racist "velly funny hahah" take of the "yellow pelir" I have been waiting for your sequel/redux so I can share your intellectual wit with the rest of the "slit-eyed chinky lot" the world over. I love to put down a racist or two among our yellow-skinned and metallic black-skinned Manglish men, even that rogue RPK does not sink that low to play the fcuking Sambo superiority to his lot!

Lapdog, running dog, watchdog, Omega watch my ass, if you have any skill in writing, try satire, Donplaypuks®, you can almost get there without such a struggle to make yourself distinctly insclutable!

Thank Phat Pong for RPK! Who can you put down than someone who ignores you but yet can give you all that satisfaction of being a continuous cheap target?!

Lord Jim said...

Friday, 23 March 2012 08:16 posted by Lord Jim

"...and smoke a camel or two, one hump or two!"


I won't mind trying to smoke a camel, I am a fan of smoked fish, smoked duck, smoked bacon, smoked buffalo, smoked chicken..!

But why would anyone leave the joy of smoking camels only till their retirement?!

Why camels, one hump or two?!

Would not smoking anything else do?!

Why don't you suggest smoking all those who supposedly have grudges against Herr Anwar, eh?!

Smoking is a cheap way of gassing opponents and all little fascists should try that to silence dissent.

Bitching against them can get boring even if it is a nice form of torture.

Fancy, if Anwar ascends the throne, the bitching against his detractors can only get worse.

He was one damn good Himmler to Mahathir, I grant him that.

But that does not mean his little jackboots should hound anyone who disagrees with him.

That continuous Zaid hounding never looked good even if it is a nice rehearsal for the real thing when Himmler becomes the Hitler.

What I am trying to tell you, son, is Anwar has always had a fascist streak in him, he did exercise that very nicely during his time with Mahathir. The two of them made the best Himmler-Hitler duo Malaysia has ever seen.

He did terrorize the non-bumis especially the Chinese then, I doubt the UMNO scales on his body have ever fallen. I am not surprised Johnny Sohprano fell out with him. He probably spoke the truth too about Anwar - if not, let's see that full and frank declaration of assets stretching all the way back to before Himmler stood by Mahathir's side in their reign of terror that has caused damage lasting till now! That spell also caused plenty to be put off Anwar.

As far as I know (well, you can condemn me for this one too!) not too few Chinese businessmen kept their own record of the hankypanky that went on when Anwar was in government. I understood that as insurance should Himmler have gone berserk in his Ibrahim Ali act.


Lord Jim said...


Technically, it would not be surprising for Johnny Sohprano to have something on Anwar, and vice versa. The same would go for all Chinese who have any dealings with anyone in government. I have heard a good many insurance schemes where the Chinese tie invisible barbed wires to their partners goolies. If anything happen, they would yank their insurance documents out from the trousers or sarongs of their partners.

It is like saying "Show me your cards!" in a poker game!

Have you come across good boxer stick his head out to be hit when his opponent asks him to?!

Why would anyone do your little fcukheads that favour?!

Who are you, you little darling poofters?!

We see a lot of this here in the form of "If you have anything against Anwar, tell us!... Stick your head out and expose yourself so we can hit our target!" "If you dare criticize our Dear Leader, show yourself so we can demonize you!" I, myself, have come across that "Show yourself if you dare!" Having said what I have said, it would be nice to do these hapless little fascist and their leader a favour. You keep the good bits till the right time comes. That may even be after Anwar ascends the throne. The Brits had all sorts of "bits" about their stooges, so has the Yanks. You expose them when the time is convenient - not any time nor when the jackboots want you to. See how those despots fall all over the place and you know their time is up - you twang your insurance policy out of the knickers by jerking the barbed wire. That is also the Chinese style of owning someone (for you, the "Fu Manchu Special"!) You do the "drip... drip... drip" and you see your opponents get more and more anxious and more bitchy in their desperate rants!

If I were you, I would put more effort into getting Anwar to practise telling the truth than on the likes of Johnny Sohprano wanting to tell you anything about his insurance schemes. Judging by his behaviour, you can gauge he has at least several killer cards, errrmm insurance policies taken out with Anwar. I have no proof but I have plenty of experience since I was a child learning about the ins and outs of doing Malaysian and Chinese businesses. Here you see a very nervous, anxious, worked-up Anwar. But you see a real cool Johnny Sohprano. Even if Johnny has no killer cards, he is one damn good poker player. You have yet to see Anwar dared speak a nice word against him. Anwar knows he shouldn't. But it will be better if Anwar does to save the anxiety among his worshippers. Go tell the truth about Johnny and kill off all those rumours about all those nasty things Johnny is supposed to have done.

Ditto with RPK who our bunch of little fascists have even run out of nasty labels for!

That you see a lot of effort expended into attacking Johnny and others through ceaseless bitchin' shows you Anwar's "death squad" are a bunch of useless pansies, sissies and probably pussies, you see the same kind of tensed nervousness, that faked arrogance before they know they been twanged along with Anwar!

What I want to also say is you guys are not up to it at all! Anxious bitching is not the way!

You don't want to act "tough" like kampong thugs. You want to show your cool. You want Anwar to force others out of their dens by smoking them out, by gassing them! You want Anwar to brandish a copy of his declaration of assets full and frank and frighten the effing living daylight out of everyone with his integrity, honesty, and all!

Now bugger off and do just that, you silly little buggers!

You really look bloody awful in your pretend Gestapo, Waffen-SS Halloween costumes!

What do you want to do?!

Kill us all off by making us laugh to death?!

Donplaypuks said...

"But why would anyone leave the joy of smoking camels only till their retirement?!" Lord Jim

Read that para/sentence and then ask yourself whether I am talking abourt retirement as in 'done roaming?'

You have so much to criticize, but so little to contribute by way of original and creative writing for discussion/debate.

Let's see you write an incisive expose for Malaysia Chronicle or M2Day. Mkini , MI etc. or start your own blog. That's what real men do.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Minkmink said...

I agree very much with the writer... This Kaki Pusing and INFAMOUS Petra again shows his "PUSING PUSING" character in his latest article "The Hidden Racist Agenda."

The rantings of a Great Spinner and a Lunatic! Why?

Look at the 2 statements of his that I've quoted. In my humble opinion, he is trying very hard to:
1) Undermining ABU and and rubbishing the efforts of people like En Harris and many many more others.

2) He is delibrately helping Barisan-UMNO by making Malays frighten of voting the opposition in Ge 13. Look at how now he's trying to say that the so called froggy Malays in PKR who left Pakatan did not do so for money but takut the Chinese agenda!

This SOB is one helluva TWISTED, Manipulative, Liar... PARIAH ..period!

Read his Quote below, in fact if you read his whole article, you can begin to see its full of inconsistant statements..lots of spin and heresay...

MAY PETRA ROT IN HELL and suffer many years of STROKE before he dies SO That he can no more use his foul mouth to spin lies and his rotten hands to write FITNAH!

"It is now very clear that ABU, although about removing Umno from power, is not about seeing a better government. It is about weakening Malay political power." -Petra

"I did not believe it at first when some of these Malays started leaving Pakatan Rakyat. I believed it was because they had been bought and not, as they claimed, because the Chinese in the opposition have a hidden agenda. I believed that all this talk about the Chinese hidden agenda is a lame excuse to justify why they left. Now, I am not so sure." - Petra

Anonymous said...

Lord Jim..
Why you're spamming here with your Darkened Foul BREATH? Go stick your asshole on a tree branch for some badly needed RELIEF... I pity you!