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by don't rock d boat rockefeller, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for Oh No, God affairs
Whenever pro-BUMNO bloggers and children associated with a certain Maha Firaun wax lyrical about $62 billion Oil&Gas projects rising up to a stupendous $170 billion in investments and 40,000 local jobs, you always get a creepy feeling. The blood chills and the atmosphere gets very cloudy. You know there's got to be a catch somewhere.

CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE for the sugar-coated version of, if the converted are to be believed, this unfolding project which will propel us into the first world, just, just a few years from now.....when....(if) it happens.

But to get an independent view and a broader picture of what has happened so far, we need to go elsewhere, to the real world, where "clean" projects like Lynas are stripped bare to their naked essentials so we can make a proper and fair judgement.

CLICK HERE for Lim Sue Goan of Sin Chew's post reproduced by Malaysian Insider, for the "unimportant bits and pieces" left out by Sydetious Ali.

LSG's main concerns are:

1. This was a project originally REJECTED by the Government of Taiwan because it failed the Environment Impact Assessment (EIS) test in 2008! In 2011, President MaYing-jeou of Taiwan withdrew his support for the project. So, why is our Government rushing in where angels fear to tread?

2. The project was rejected in Taiwan because it would have consumed 400,000 tons of water per day, thus affecting wetlands, land and waters earmarked for food production.

3. To quote LSG of MI, "In addition, it was estimated that 339 to 565 people would die of cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer, while patients of respiratory diseases would also increase due to the PM2.5 pollutants released into the air."

4. 20,000 jobs would have been created in Taiwan, but the social costs would have escalated to NT100 billion EVERY YEAR in Taiwan!!!!!!!

Expert and public opinion were consulted, and research conducted for 6 years before the Taiwan Government decided to say no.

Now, let's fast forward to the truly Asia fascia world of Malaysia, where transparency and accountability are often, er, temporarily suspended, of course, in the genuine interest of our fellow citizens, for the sake of expediency.

1. Does anyone recall experts and public opinion being gauged on the pros and cons of this project or its location in Pengerang, Johor?

2. Is anyone aware of any EIA Report commissioned, and if so, what it's findings were? What are the annually projected social costs vs commercial benefits in ringgit billions?

3. What will be the short term and long term effects on the livelihoods of farmers and fishermen in Pengerang, Johor and on wetlands and nearby coastal areas and seas? Where will all the toxic waste from the project be stored, dumped or pumped out to?

4. Why is this project, like bedevilled Lynas (12 years), given Pioneer (Tax Free) Status of 10 years? What exactly are the respective role of Petronas, Diolog Plc, Taiwan party and the Johor State Government in this mega project?

5. Who sold the land (22,500 acres) to whom at what valuation, if any? Has Johor State or the Federal Government and/or Ministers issued "letters of support" which can be misconstrued (by mysterious bodholders) as cast iron GUARANTEES? If so, for how much? We don't want another $12.5 billion ringgit fiasco as per the Port Kelang Free Trade Zone to erupt in our face, do we?

6. Most importantly, who will be left carrying the baby if the project is fucked and far away from home or up the shit creek without a paddle or left with an unwanted bunny in the oven or..............(fill in the blanks for your favourite expression for the Malaysian taxpayer).

This seems to be the modus operandi of BUMNO/BN. Sign the directly negotiated contract and incur billions in start-up costs. Pollution, cancer, lung-related diseases? Toxic chemicals and effluents? Belakang Kira (We'll deal with it later)!

The devil is always in the details, which is perhaps one reason why the details are always classied under "Official Secrets" in 1Malaysia?

 Donplaypuks® with our environment and future, man!


Blue-Blooded Support said...

Satu lagi fiasco gomen BN untuk gerenti BN kalah dalam GE13.

solo bojo said...

UMNO is doing all it can to take everything before they lose power. This is the characteristic trait of the people who call themselves "ketuanan". All the more reason to kick them out.

Pirates Galore said...

Ever wondered why the blue-blooded pirate in Selangor always screams that the taps in his palace will run dry unless the State govt accedes to Peter Chin's blackmailing grunts?

TMahataike must go said...

Mahatalke has obtained his wealth illegally and all his illegal wealth must be confiscated and return to the country.

If Mahataike has obtained his wealth legally, Mahataike would not fear Bersih but Mahataike will sabaotage Bersih so that Umno BN can steal the GE and stay in power using dirty voting process.

As long as Umno Bn is in control, Mahataike's illegal concealed wealth will be safe.

But if an alternative government supersedes BN Umno dogs, Mahataike's illegal concealed and known wealth will be confiscated and his children's and granchildren's wealth will also be confiscated.

Mahataike will be hung for all the crimes committed in Malaysia and this is the no: 1 wish of all Malaysians.

We shall act against his cronies after Mahataike has been hung- first thing first!!!

Phua Kai Lit said...

Clean government = clean environment

(Just think of the progressive nations of northern Europe such
as Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark)

PAK sheikh said...

The above rubbish article is written by a prostitute writer who came to TANAH MELAYU to cari makan and instill a dirty and stink culture in a society.

They are descended from pariah caste such as prostitute, beggars and outcasted in their motherland and were forced to leave. That the reason why they came here not just to survive but they are actually stink in their own society.

These kind of species are born as prostitute human being and prefer to spin the story inciting hatred values against the Malay which had been living in harmony for decades. We will curse them to hell or they should be eliminated and dump back their stink ashses into China Sea or Indian Ocean from which they belongs

SaTulin said...

We are not surprise!, typical Maha Firuan Tahi!

perkasajohn said...

The 1mamak and his family, are a curse to malaysians (except for the mamaks).... they are actually a curse to the malays except most of them don't know it or refuse to acknowledge it day the RAKYAT will hang the 1mamak and his family for the crimes they committed against the RAKYAT ....

BN Gomen Scandals Galore said...

Kick out BN gomen and all qestions will be answered, including why the blue-blooded pirate that is going around on the motor-cycle keeping the Bugatti Veyron in an air-con garage, is also screaming support for this scandalized BN fiasco.

UMNO turn Malaysia World Dirty Industries Back Yard said...

A beautiful country, ugly system, will turn into a filthy air country soon.

This country will be sold by all these hare-brained UMNO-BN corrupt ministers to international or world dirty industries, with most of them at their home countries environmentally rejected projects will find their way to this small peninsular as world class toxic industry back yard.

Malaysia is so popular for accepting environmentally rejected industries that all these grey projects are lining up to come to Malaysia. What a world class laughing stock the current regime had turn Malaysia into dirty industries back yard. Yet the stupid PM and his goons are so proud of the investment they trumpet around to claim credit for bringing these industries to the country that all other countries had rejected.

These ministers do not love their people and country, they are all out to line their pockets with millions commission and if untenable will flight off to their oversea mansion for early retirement. Leaving all the rakyat facing the toxic atmosphere and acid rain eventually.

What a shameful, heartless, irresponsible, hare-brained and uncivilized ministers from this Uncivilized Malay National Organization.

Khalil Zain said...

Malaysia is also a haven for dirty pendatangs and penumpangs who bring their dirty business here. These cinamen bring with them prostituition, drug trafficking, money laundering, ah longs, corruption,pirate DVDs, illegal gambling,kidnapping, murder, extortion,etc. these motherfuckers are in control of the black / dirty economy. If we don't have them here, Malaysia will be a clean country. These are the motherfuckers who should be sent back to their motherland China.

Abdulleh Badavi said...

And the likes of kafir Khalil Zain eat the s..t and u...e of these pendatangs and penumpangs because?

Grimm Reaper said...

Very shocking news indeed! Greedy umno bn bastards! You najis already spent all the money, now you make us innocent rakyat suffer with more pollution.. You are the most despicable kind of human being.. You will be ignored.. You will lose everything in the end... I hope next election you get arrested and trialled for all your sins and crimes against all of us Malaysians.

Malaysia will be freed and given justice.

Ben Selamat said...

Why are you asking the fucking questions? What kind of journalist are you, why don't you investigate and find out, you mother fucker? You go and investigate and tell us, at least this Syed fellow visited the site and attended the briefing. You could have asked all your fucking questions there and then. Don't make stupid fucking conclusions before you have the fucking facts. Cina fucking and Cina fucking Babi

Donplaypuks® said...

Ben Selamat

I am asking the questions because respected journalists have asked the questions and are not getting straight answers. Sound familiar? Think Lynas!

Ha,ha! said...

For the likes of PAK sheikh and Khalil Zain - if the hardworking Chinese had not come here we would find you still living on tree tops!

Donplaypuks® said...

Ben Selamat

Firstly, I am not a journalist, only a blogger! I'm sure you understand the distinction.

I am also asking the questions because only pro0BUMNO/BN bloggers were invited by MPRC (Malaysia Petroleum Resources Corp) for the briefing.

The financial details given were the type you get in glossy brochures. They don't tell you whether an EIA was done, and if so, what were the conclusions, or who is funding the project or how etc.

Anonymous said...

Bro, Semua yg memberi pendapat berlandaskan andaian. Geography Taiwan amat berbeza dgn kedudukan Malaysia. kedudukan Malaysia berada ditgh tgh laluan kapal dunia Timur-Barat. Dalam setahun laluan kapal dagang melintasi pengerang 23,000 kapal.Berbeza dgn Taiwan, yg hanya mungkim kurang 3,000 kapal dunia setahun. Tawan menpunyai draft sekitar 12-15meter, Pengerang melibihi 20 meter dan boleh berlabuh kapal sebesar ULCC/VLCC. Pembinaan Terminal Pengerang adalahkan pelaburan jangka panjang yg paling strategic dalam sejarah maritime. Masaalah nya adalah semua lanun lanun ini meminta kek bahagian dalam pelaburan ini. Idea terminal Pengerang bkn datang dari Taiwan, idea asal oleh seorg Melayu Pasir Gudang yg telah mendapat kelulusan project dari lembaga Pelabuhan Johor tetapi di sabotaj oleh kroni kroni di Kementerian pengkutan, memberi idea kertas kerja kepada geng MCA Dailog Group.

Lez Leslie said...

Why is LSG bringing this issue up when the O & G initiatives were made public quite a while ago? There will always be good and bad projects.

The way we are going about it is to condemn everything the present government is doing. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't.

We should not be throwing out the baby with the bath water. Let us be more objective with our comments.

Orang bodoh tak selamat said...

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 21:01 posted by Ben Selamat

"Of course it's about money, 170bn to be invested in this country to be exact." Ben Selamat.

So, don't fan racial hatred here, we see through the tiny dimwit of yours.

For the 170billion, you are destroying our country and the generations to come have to bear the brunt of your DuMno's greed. Isn't this treachery? Insaf lah, sitamak!

FYI, if you cannot understand this, read again:

> 20,000 jobs would have been created in Taiwan, but the social costs would have escalated to NT100 billion EVERY YEAR in Taiwan!!!!!!!

Is Malaysia different, because it is Cina from Taiwan?