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There can be no doubt that Gardenia Bakeries (K.L.) Sdn. Bhd. (“Gardenia - So Good You Can Even Eat It On Its Own”) has arrived at its pre-eminent pole position in the bread supply industry in Malaysia, through sheer hard work and fair competition, a hallmark and cornerstone of free markets and democracy. 

Currently, Gardenia is the market leader in the bread supply business. This did not happen overnight. They had to change the old fashioned and pretty much localised bread and related products manufacturing and vendor distribution systems, to go national. 

Growing consumer awareness called for better bread formulation, choice and manufacturing, storage, distribution and storage hygiene standards. It's no accident Gardenia bread does not go mouldy easily or quickly. New and modern factories had to be built brick by brick from scratch. New industry standards and systems had to be set up and staff recruited and trained for ISO and Halal certification. True entrepreneurship and free market competition, like genius, is all about 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration!

The profits derived from such dominance were bound to invite new players hoping to chip away at Gardenia’s market share, even with the daunting entry barrier of upwards of RM100 million for a start-up brand new bakery production plant and factory. Factor in the cost of setting up a national distribution system which puts fresh bread on the shelves of hypermarkets, supermarkets and mini marts daily, and you will begin to understand that this is no game for rank amateurs, small boys or those hoping to make a quick buck and run.

Such is the not-so-funny predicament Gardenia finds itself in today.

Where big business interests are locked in a tussle for market share, truth and justice are often sacrificed for a premium, in this instance, a huge one. While Gardenia’s competitors have publicly denied any complicity in it, and there are no reasons to doubt them, anonymous, suspicious and sneaky supporters of big business interests have been busy exploiting racism and politics in an attempt to shift consumers away from Gardenia, to its competitors.

Internet ghosts, and even Facebook campaigners, have been promoting the ‘Boycott Gardenia’ rabid cry with grossly misinformed and unsubstantiated claims that for every loaf of Gardenia bread one buys, 16 cents goes to Rosmah and the coffers of UMNO/BN! The mysterious authors of these vicious and racist email and other hate-attacks against Gardenia seem to be targeting the Chinese in particular, to alter their spending and eating habits in favour of competing brands.

So, where do we start? With the facts, of course!

  1. Gardenia is 70% owned by QAF Ltd. which is publicly listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange. The remaining 30% shareholding was sold to BERNAS at a premium in 2001, in line with MITI’s conditions for granting Gardenia a manufacturing licence. This was long, long before Syed Mokhtar took control of BERNAS via Tradewinds in 2009 and Rosmah was anywhere within sight of Putrajaya! 
  2. Since 1986 when Gardenia set up operations in Malaysia, it has invested over RM800 million in 5 (fully halal compliant) plant and manufacturing facilities, all in Shah Alam in the Kelang Valley.
  3. Currently, Gardenia employs about 2,500 personnel, 2,200 of whom comprise Malaysians. The CEO of the company and top managers and staff are all also Malaysians. The company does not employ Singaporeans or any other nationals, other than 300 foreign workers engaged in the production, packaging and distribution lines.
  1. Although, in view of its 30% shareholdings, Bernas has board of directors representation in Gardenia, it has NEVER interfered in Gardenia’s operations or management, nor ever forced it to buy flour from Syed Mokhtar-controlled companies. In fact, in over 25 years of production, Gardenia has not bought a single gram of flour from any flour mill owned by Bernas, Syed Mokhtar Bukhari or UMNO.
  2. Four out of seven directors on the board of directors of Gardenia (including 2 from Bernas) are Malaysians. A quick check at the Companies Commission of Malaysia will confirm this for a fact.
  1. Gardenia has not bought any flour from Federal Flour Mills (FFM) owned by the Robert Kuok Group, for over 10 years!!! Therefore, the vicious and deliberately falsified and concocted information circulated in November 2011 that Bernas or Syed Mokhtar Bukhari or Rosmah or UMNO had suddenly instructed Gardenia to terminate business with FFM has absolutely no basis whatsoever!
  2. Every bread company has its own secret flour formulations and ingredients for its range of products - white bread, wholemeal, bun, waffle etc. Gardenia decided to part ways with FFM shortly after 1998 when FFM took to also supplying formulated flour to Gardenia’s new competitor. Gardenia then shifted its orders to other flour millers as they felt there was a conflict of interest issue with FFM which could not be resolved. 
  3. Clearly, Gardenia’s move to turn to other local flour millers as far back as 1998 was a commercial and business decision, to protect its trade secrets. The question of race had no bearing whatsoever on its strategic directions then, or even now.
  4. In any event, Gardenia had got wind of FFM’s intentions to launch its own brand of bread before they actually did in 2011. Only a fool would allow his competitors to prosper at his own expense!
So, where does all this lead us to?

This blog has a masthead which says 'We Are All of 1 Race, the Human Race.' In plain, simple English, I abhor racism in any form - overt, covert, subtle, what have you. This scurrilous attempt by a group of, obviously Chinese, Malaysians to appeal to extreme chauvinism in commercial business matters is as in-your-face racism as you can get. Nothing is more detestable!

With one breath they criticise Mahathirism, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa because they repeatedly bring out the bogeyman of DAP being anti-Malay, anti-monarchy, pro-republic, anti-affirmative action etc., to try and scare Malay voters into thinking they have no alternative to UMNO/BN being the government. With the next, they brand every issue involving UMNO and Syed Mokhtar Bukhary with the same racist brush.

Only Prime Minister Najib and Robert Kuok know the real truth behind why Kuok exited the sugar business in Malaysia with indecent haste. It may well have had everything to do with UMNO's paranoia with wanting Malays/Bumiputras to control as much of the food and agricultural business in Malaysia as possible; and that in itself is also an extreme form of racist thinking and philosophy. After all Robert Kuok has been in the sugar and flour and other highly successful businesses here for well-nigh 50 years. He is as Malaysian as they come! He's listed in Forbes rankings as the richest Malaysian, not Chinese. 

Was Rober Kuok arm-twisted? Made an offer he could not refuse? Possibly. But he did get paid market price for his shares, if that's any consolation. It would also be pertinent to point out that our  government has been subsidising flour, oil and sugar for the last 50 years, to the tune of billions of ringgit every year. Guess whose businesses have been some of the happy beneficiaries of these taxpayer-funded largesse?

To leap from the un-sweet shenanigans of Najib, to equating the Gardenia vs Robert Kuok's and FFM's Massimo Bread to another strong-arming and sidelining of Chinese business interest, has no foundation whatsoever. Currently, Gardenia's main formulated flour supplier is controlled by the Teh family from Perak, while it's other major supplier is owned by Indonesian and Australian parties. So, where do stories of Malaysian Chinese business interest being decimated come from? I suspect that race is being exploited to scare the Chinese in the same way that Mahathir, Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa employ it as a tactical weapon to keep the people apart.

Gardenia bread is unhealthy? Prove it, but don't blind us with spurious statistics and dubious analysis. Gardenia is more expensive? Well, what are you complaining about? The consumer is king when he has choice. But, do take cognizance that cheap and quality are usually trade-offs. There is a reason why super-pricey Rolls Royce, BMW and Mercedes outsell Proton and why Nike, Adidas and Reebok sports shoes fly off store shelves while Bata's Badminton Master Shoe appears to be an almost forgotten name!

These racists are also doing a great disservice to themselves and insulting ALL Malaysians by posting UK 'dead rat in bread' pictures on the Internet and Facebook, implying recklessly falsely that Gardenia bread is unhygienic and poisonous. How low can they get!

With the Police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedi Commission (MCMC) investigations nearing completion, it will not be long before the identities of these racists are revealed, and prosecutions commence. Nevertheless, it's very sad indeed that after 55 years of independence, many here still look at issues like these from the viewpoint of Malays, Chinese, Indians and others.

The milking of racist sentiments to corner profits is a hallmark of typical Malaysian fraudtrepreneurs and their croneys who cannot go to the toilet without demanding an all-risks free government-guaranteed handout. In that respect, Gardenia comes out smelling of sweet roses with full marks for entrepreneurship, competitive spirit, corporate social responsibility and a truly successful company.

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cin2tan said...


Angel Tan said...

Gardenia bread is not tasty. That is my only reason to stop buying it. I found a new brand on the market that tastes great. Taste is most important to me, not anything else.

Anonymous said...

I wonder y after 10yrs only nw ppl are bothered wt Gardenia nt buying flour from RK grp? Interesting, eh?

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I was part of the gullible goons around!!! Thanks for the insight, mate.

Altantuyajib said...

Robert Kuok, the Richest Malaysian... sure or not???

Roti man said...

With the Police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedi Commission (MCMC) investigations nearing completion, it will not be long before the identities of these racists are revealed, and prosecutions commence. "

Great, smash them and smash them hard, whether they are UMNO, MCA.MIC,PERKASA, PAKATAN, etc.

Smash them equally hard to make sure the Police/MACC/MCMC/etc are doing their job professionally.

Massimo still the best said...

Kalau tidak ada angin pokok tak bergoyang

nope.. not going back said...

because of this "incident" i've tried other brand and found out that other brand is indeed nicer than gardenia. so it's a fair change for me as a consumer

SIR ADAM said...

sure or not your story true or not...difficult to believe what is in the net nowadays this tomorrow that...lo

ikan masin said...

donplaypuks is only being fair. I support fair views. Those supporting the oppositions must not behave the same way as UMNO. Let us be different and not racist. But still I hate UMNO/BN and Rosmah too for being so arrogant

pathsfinder said...

I think I the rumours have more truth....heheheh forgive the irony. It what we call a taste of his own medicine. If you play race, you will end up as don't blame the rakayt.

Anonymous said...

True wat Sir Adam said, gov. Has been subsidizing sugar, flour and oil for 50 years. Definately la the richest man

Frankly speaking said...

What race??

It's an issue of clean, fair and accountability by our establishment in the commercial misadventures.

As rightly pointed out billions in public coffers are channelled into the pockets of the tight circle known as the priviledged 10%. those privi circle are not race based... They are known as the corrupt benefactors of public funds n they come in all colors n sizes.

Why the race attacks! It should be class action...disgruntled rakyat vs the privi corruptors.

No race issue here! Mismanagement of fund is the crust of all evils.

Anonymous said...

if you like the taste, then go ahead lah.

tapi kalu dah sampai tubuhkan cyber troopers untuk membunuh Gardenia, itu melampau lah

herannya penyokong Massimo ni dah bukan pasal roti tapi pasal benci kerajaan/Umno sampai mereka tak sedar 70% Gardenia adalah kepunyaan businessman Singapura yang pastinya BUKAN orang UMNO.

mereka buta kerana penuh benci pada UMNO/Melayu

CAMCAM said...

Just in case people do not know, Gardenia Bakery was owned and started by the late Datuk Wong Tze Fatt in Kota Kinabalu.

Their family still owns the Gardenia Supermarket , one of the earliest western style supermarket in Sabah, as well as the Gardenia Restaurant.

Well done, Sabahan, Datuk Wong.

no more despots said...

This is called playing catch up.
When the Scumno plays dirty, this is what you get.

For crying out loud,when the gomen of the day is not clean, do you really expect the citizens to be nice, lovable and sincere?

Just take a look at the BERSIH 428, pictures of common people getting beaten up all bloodied.

Is this a fair treatment of your own citizens?

When you point your finger at others, always remember 3 fingers will point back at you.

The ball is in your court, BN.

Do the right thing.

idiot said...

answer this question, the moment somebody took over CSM the price of sugar went up but Robert Kwok was never allowed to increase price until govt say so?

Apapunboleh said...

Whether pro or con of this dispute, I certainly realized that I had been paying more for similar slice of bread of its competitor. Yes, consumer is king and why stupidly pay 30% more.

Sean_G said...

This doesn't explain why Robert Kok sold his sugar business. Perhap only Robert Kok know Malaysia's politic is not about racist but like other country is about power and money.

Do you know the relationship between syed mothar and Umno?

Unknown said...

What is going on here?
Unhappy with the govt, punish a company - Gardenia. Did Gardenia punch you?

zenqiger said...

After eating Gardenia wholemeal for 15 years, my father changed his mind after reading all untrue SMS to eat so called mas. Wheat germs bread thinking of helping sugar king, priced at$3.50, selling at $2.50 to him is good deal! One month later he got a shock when he found his medical check that blood sugar gone up and high Blood pressure too! Finally one bread expert told my brother that the mas wheat Germs bread is high in sugar and fat ! Now my father knew that why it taste better because of the fat and sweeness killing him.

super lies said...

correct correct correct- the truth can be turned to lies n deceit by the spinning masters, no one now know what is the truth or lying?? did mas lose money . BANK negara lost billions in forex trading>> no one knows except the super man !1M

Bread Lover said...

Be careful when comparing prices. Make sure it is apple to apple. Massimo Wheatgerm is actually white bread with a dash of wheatgerm. I prefer wholemeal bread.

Gardenia Bread Lover said...

Years ago before Gardenia has a local partner, the Master of Racist's son wanted to have a share of the company free. At one time the cost of flour had gone up but Gardenia was not allowed to increase their prices so they survived by lowering the weight of the normal bread.

Donplaypuks® said...

Please note that white bread with wheat germ is not the same as wholemeal bread.

So price differentials of $3.20 for wholemeal and $2.50 for white bread with wheat germ is NOT making the right comparison.

You get what you pay for. If you like the taste of the lower priced bread, then you have the best of bargains. The consumer wins!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Menentang Pembohongan said...

come on!

if you like Massimo, go ahead. Stuff yourself full with Massimo's goodness.

No need smear campaign on Gardenia.

Donplaypuks here gave you FACTS. Read up a bit lah. Don't membabibutatuli mempekakbadak marahkan nyamuk bakar kelambu.

Apa kena mengenanya roti dengan Rosmah/UMNO?

Thinker said...

Sad...sad...sad..please make sure you vote instead boycotting businesses unnecessarily. Be objective!!!

Roti bakar with SCS butter said...

Lord Jim got it 100% right when he said,"A bread that does not go mouldy or bad fast is bad news."

Remember the bread in small towns in the 50s, only two days. That's why I can smell a jerk from 100 miles away, fat or thin from both BN or Pakatan.

DPP tq v mch.

WONG said...

Politician in business or vice versa is a mixed toxic snuffing out free n fair business competition. In most well functioning societies, this mixture is forbidden.

One living example is Muhkriz, son of Mahathir. A politician cum minister and director/ownership of numerous businesses. Turned billionaire faster than speed of light. Bailed out for his many ailing/failed companies using quasi- govern Institution's funds e.g. EPF. God knows how many competitors are disavantaged.

While physically Malaysia is on its way to 2020 Status, its MENTAL FORM is sadly 4th World.

With the awakeing of the Rakyat and its hightened interest in how this country is governed, there is a good opportunity to change our negative attitude in conjunction with the change in government. Off course there would be difficult hurdles. They can be overcame with perseverance. The next crop of political leaders be constantly made aware that Race/Business politics are no longer tolerable.

MOM said...

Correct Roti Bakar!

Came back from family short vacation. Threw my Massimo bread last Monday. 9 days after the printed expiry date.

CA4MSIA said...

Wonder how much the writer was paid to write this long justification story. As you said, let the consumers choose and decide for themselves. In the same way, I asked the government not to be afraid of the people voicing out their opinion and exercise their rights to vote in the party with the better track records and candidates.

Donplaypuks® said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gundamauna said...

As I see it, its a public relations disaster for Gardenia as they did not respond quickly enough with FACTS. No point 3rd parties writing about Gardenia now, damage is done.

On the other hand, it could have been a brillient left wing technique employed by Massimo to raid the market using technology and social networking. This story might make it into future Marketing books. Only Histroy can confirm which is which.

Anti-Apartheid said...

To me it's plain and simple. Since Bernas, which is linked to UMNO, is involved, the apartheid factor is present. I will not support the company.

And since there is a better brand out there with a better product, I will go for it. And if that brand is forced to have the apartheid factor too, I will buy neither.


donplaypuks-You have graduated to roti seller.You should go into join venture with that mamak and sell roti john in Langkawi.

zenqiger said...

Please stop eating rice because bernas is controlling the rice market, turn off lights because of TNB, runs car without petrol because of petronas, switch off handphone and internet because of TMnet, can we ?

mestizo said...

I fully agreed. No Malaysian should decide what to buy and what not to buy base on race and religion. We have to move away from this. By the way, our family have been buying Gardenia breads for years and those emails does not deter me from continuing as I think it is absurd to succumb to such call.

If there is a company that did wrong, we should report them to the relevant authority. If we have evident and relevant authorities did not do anything about it, well we have choice and we can choose to buy others. But let's not act based on hear say or rumor. It is unfair to those in business and us as well.

Merlin said...

If our breads are no good it proves that our domestic n consumer affairs ministry is not "doing"its job.

If there is indeed such a sabotage why is there no litigation activation to right the wrong in the name of trade assasination/defamation?
The article reveals the following:-
-our establishment is corruptly involved in commercial dealings;
-in total conflict of interests substd breads are allowed to be sold to the public for public consumption;

-race is always used as the culprit when the fingers all point to a inefficient n self serving agendas of our establishment.
I hope malaysians are now happy to note that in this squabbles over stupid non issue of race rats we r compromising our health n that our our family and malaysians at large just because we are blinded by non issue.

Wake up malaysians. A bad administraror of this country not
only affect our pockets but our health.

That is a fact that we should all be responsible for. Vote in a more accountable establishment for health sake!

Donplaypuks® said...

"Wonder how much the writer was paid to write this long justification story. " CA4MSIA.

By the same token shall we assume you were paid by someone to rebut with this kind of low IQ comment?

For the record, no one has paid me a single cent in cash or kind or favours to write this article. I blog on a variety of issues on my own initiative. I have never asked, and no one has ever paid me, 1 cent to blog!

If you have something factual with which to refute my blog post, please feel free to express yourself. Otw, don't waste anyone's time with silly remarks.

we are all of 1 Race, the HUman Race

Marcus Lee said...

The writer is true to the fact, let market forces dictates, not racism!

cin2tan said...

SO good that it eats itself !!

I am missing SUNshine bread only 25 cents in the 60s .

andymerdeka said...

Malaysians have been regularly reminded about race as the main political parties are all race based. There is no other way for all of us to forget race and become only Malaysians but by getting rid of race based politics.

tun speak the truth said...

WTF! What a waste of time! I don't even bother to continue reading after the 2nd paragraph. Election is around the corner and you are writing about bread??? What, you work for Gardenia? Who gives a shit! Why don't you write something about Scorpene, or Sharizat or Rosmah or Altantuya.

Donplaypuks® said...

"WTF! What a waste of time! I don't even bother to continue reading after the 2nd paragraph. Election is around the corner and you are writing about bread??? What, you work for Gardenia? Who gives a shit! Why don't you write something about Scorpene, or Sharizat or Rosmah or Altantuya." tun speak the truth

Where have you been all these years, tun? Go to and scroll thro the archives for all my articles on mahathir, perkasa, scoepene subs, rosmah najib etc. e.g.:

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

zenqiger said...

Have you try the Butterscotch bread? I heard it is a bread that everyone loves it.

Purple Haze said...

Good article, DPP.

Scrolling thru the comments proves one thing - you can't please everyone even if the facts are in front of them !!!

Anonymous said...

Hahah old pr trick to defam the competitor.. election round the corner use la politic based pr to gain milage for your brand. Seems like the massimo pr team did a pretty good job. So what i all the viewers here ont belive the news. Tons of uneducated uncles and aunties already switch to massimo. Uncle robert not stupid to hire such a good pr team ( maybe najib shd hie these ppl instead) .

Anonymous said...

Quality, price and shelf presence will determine success. Advertising does work, too. So does loyalty to a product of "value" which only buyers will determine in addition to what's ethically bizness.

All biznesses have costs. One of them is bizness ethics!

anti racist said...

If all politicians stop using race and religion to divide the people, eating any brand of bread is no issue. It is pure personal choice and economics.

matkampong said...

our for got to mention hi5 which is gardenia's competitor and it belongs to UMNO BARUas. could this be the link???? he he he....

Betcha said...

Race issue??? Trade Sabotage???
More a case of simple Diversion! diversion! diversion!

All that this article proved is that our establishment is embroiled in commercial conflict of interests AGAIN against public interests AS EXPECTED.

Nothing new we hv been having this entrenched culture of massive give peanuts n take everything from our crappy administrator for the past decades.

Now the focus we should not sidetracked: how to get back our dignity as Malaysians? Vote wisely!
First make sure our votes are counted constitutionally. Where is our free, clean n fair electoral system???

Instead of squabbling over some breads, focus on our votes' rights!

Betcha said...

If our breads are not safe for public consumption, hello ministry of domestic n consumer affairs, what hv you guys been up to?

Please do some work please!

Ping said...

Ive stopped buying Gardenia. Now I only buy from RT pastry. Expensive yes but only as a matter of principle.

ciku said...

like the article said, consumer is King, so as a King, we are free to choose whichever brand of bread we want to put on the table. So if Masshimo or others are as good as Gardenia but cheaper, I would go for the cheaper one.

I support the brand and food that is of quality and of value for money. Brand loyalty? No way.

Orang UMNO lama said...

This article is obviously written by Syed Mokthar big and powerful Public Relation consultant. Looks like Anti-Syed Mokthar campaign is working Guys!

Thank you to all fellow Malaysian for supporting this campaign, to me it's People Power at work united in getting rid of the rotten Malaysia Inc culture created by Dr Mahathir, which sadly remains intact during Badawi time and still humming thanks to Najib buddy buddy relationship with Syed Mokthar, which common sense tells us it's obscene corruption to enrich one man, Syed Mokthar.

Then he will in return give stipend to those powerful people (hidden hand) who thus far been supporting like a handicap man with crutches. Guys this stipend are multiple times more than what the Sultans get from the government.

That's why anyone working in Syed Mokthar group of companies, become millionaires, get Tan Sri and Datukship, and lots of perks much more than GLC heads.

To recap, let me list again Syed Mokthar Octopus tentacles in Malaysia economic pie which a large proportion of the pie belong to him, not UMNO, him, but some say he is nominee to Dr Mahathir family, only god knows.

1) MMC, 2) Tradewinds, 3) Bernas, 4) Proton, 5) DRB Hicom, 6) EON, 7) Mutiara hotels, 8) Crowne Plaza hotels, 9) Gardenia, 10) Zara, 11) Padini, 12) Vincci, 13) Valirum Group (Brands in Malaysia - Coach, Godiva, Tumi, Rolex-Pavilion, Canali, Shanghai Tang, Swiss Watch Gallery, Flying Emporium, Mont Blanc, Vertu, Victoria Secret, Boss, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo), 14) Harrods Cafe and Shop, 15) PTP Port, 16) Airport, 17) Malakoff, 18) Tanjong Bin, 19) MPH Bookstore, 20) Sparksman Tailor, 21) POS Malaysia, 22) Bank Muamalat.

Maybe there's more that these are the known ones. Please continue to Boycott Syed Mokthar companies, I am glad this is one "1Malaysia" (Im being sarcastic here) campaign thatsuniting Malaysia irrespective of race, creed, party affiliation to end Big Fish corruption.

Longjaafar said...

Are you saying that Robert Kuok went out with a huge smile on his face? He was not bitter at all? Well, I have news for you. He says he'll never come back in a big way except fro a new Shang in Johore.. The problem with some of the moves our powers that be makes is that it is crude and backward, using the force of govt. over every other thing..

Consumer sovereignty said...

This article is uncalled for and make unfounded accusations on race.

Let the consumer decide what brand of bread he/she likes to eat... Survival of the fittest is the rule of game in business.. if u cant make the consumer happy with ur service or product, u go extinct! Who are u to blame the Chinese for your failure and demise, u can only blame it on urself...

Snake Year said...

let's face facts. In the last 50+ years, we have watched the Chinese bus companies, petrol stations, school canteens and many businesses being taken over by Malays using government pressure.

All the Chinese rice millers have been forced out of business and many banks have been taken over. Now they are moving into big businesses like sugar refineries. Next they will be concentrating on flour mills. Yes, Gardenia has no choice but to buy from Chinese owned mills but they are planning to take those over.

UMNO has no plans to leave any big businesses for the Chinese and systematically plan their takeover. Now because Gardenia is hurting badly, this paper comes out. Do you believe that they are fair? The record for the past 50 years says 'NO'

Breadeater said...

What proof is there that Chinese are behind the so call effort to discredit the Gardenia bread?

Don't you know that nothing is what it seems? Could the real culprits be Jews, Malays or Indians or a disgruntled Gardenia ex-employee sacked by the new owners of Bernas? Or even an existing employee of Gardenia who unhappy with the company?

Why be a racist and blame the Chinese? I find the tone of this article offensive.

Canuck Chan said...

The article would have been more credible if it had been written by an independent consumer rights advocacy group. Is there such an organization in Malaysia?

Dean Johns said...

As I great fan of your blog and your mantra "We are all one race. The human race" I must congratulate you on this truly terrific post. Though actually I don't believe BN is truly racist: I believe they push all the racist buttons just to say in power so they can get their hands on more of the rakyat's hard-earned bread, as in money/cash/ringgit. Best wishes, as ever mate, DJ


UMNO is desprate and sinking by the day.They have tried to raise sensitive issues like race and religion.

This so called conspiracy of the Chinese over Gardenia is aim at making the Malays feel that the Chinese are up against them and will gang up to destroy the Malay's business.

That way hopefully the Malays will hate the Chinese and feel threaten and run to UMNO for protection.

They have tried so many rediculous ways to get the Malays to feel threaten by the Chinese.Now even roti they use.From butt dance to burger.We can shut them up and tell them to stuff it by boycotting Gardenia.

khairsy said...

why most of the Malaysian chinese are racists. You all live in Malaysia, let's forget abt your own race. Remember of 5 Prinsip rukun negara or else you better move to other country. Be thankful to God that you guys live here happily.

zenqiger said...

If those who started the boycott's SMS and emails can provide proofs that Gardenia is 100% Malaysian owned, FFM is 100% Robert Kuok owned, we will be convinced. In a matter of fact, we strongly belief that both companies are the same, minimum 30% bumi! So, BOYCOTT?? WHO IS RIGHT? WHO IS WRONG?

nazi said...

malays support malay businesses, chinese support chinese businesses. yeaaaah. long live racism, viva idiots

Anonymous said...

Donplaypuks we really enjoyed the article and your thorough reporting. This shows a problem we have in Malaysia. Good quality products that people like are smeared if certain people or interests are not satisfied in a fair market. If the product is good why can't people buy it?
Malaysia is more concerned about the right select people getting rich than letting the free market do its work. If the bread sucks they would have gone broke long ago. As long as the product is good and the company are genuinely ethical in how they do business then they should have a shot at some market share here.

Ellese said...

Funny. Many here are racists but condemn racism of others. Just like claiming we should be Malaysian first but support segregation racial policy of the young. Utter hypocrites these people. I call a spade a spade. Gardenias facts certainly show racists action by some Malaysians. Any person against racism should condemn and not provide excuse. Those buying massimo based racist rumors are actually racist. Full stop. Don't try to justify racism and condemn racism of others. Racist hypocrites.

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Who is correct here?

In Malaysia Chronicle dated 14 august 2012 under the title of " Muhyiddin & the world's richest Malay Syed Mokhtar: It began with Stamford..."
clearly states Gardenia is control by that Syed Mokhtar .
In that article it clearly states all the companies and brands owns or co-owned by that umno parasite.

Sepeda Motor Bebek Injeksi Kencang dan Irit Jupiter Z1 said...

great share friend. useful... thanks :)

Anonymous said...


I think and feel your post has a racist intonation on it. I am not sure whether it is your intention to highlight it further which does not foster a muhibbah culture.

Boycotting Gardenia, is NOT about race. It about crony of UMNO. I am ABU supporter, does it mean that I am a racist? What you have done is to implant race segregation by further saying Boycotting Gardenia is a racist act. What are you trying to prove to create more disparity?

Donplaypuks, you have always ended with a tagline of one race and one human race. This post prove otherwise.

My apologies.

Unknown said...

Go for Giant bread....600gram is at rm2.65 instead of massimo and gardenia which both billionaires charge expensive at rm 3.40++-...

Bread industry should be by the IKS or SME.... if all business bolot by the super rich, the normal people would have nothing to do.... look at europe, each town have their own bread maker...

no wonder they are on a league of their own...

Anonymous said...

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