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by ghida charlie fakhry rose, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for vague interview affairs

The WCW Toilet Stars and Stripes Daily, voted (by journalists) as journalistically most disgraceful newspaper ever in the history of the civilized world, second only to the Buntutsan Daily and the New State Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thymes Daily, managed to track down the lately elusive 1M Israel Royal Flip Flop Fcuk Up PM of Malaysia, Mrs. Rosemajib, and her husband, Mr. Birkin FLOM (First Lady of Mongolia), for an exclusive interview conducted somewhere in this universe, possibly even a parallel universe "where the truth is out there" and "beyond infinity."

Here are some excerpts of that interview classified under the the dreaded OSIBISA (Official Secrets, Intelligence, Banking and Internal Security Act):

WCW: (grovelling) Nice handbag! Your majesty Rosemajib, we, your loyal subjects, have heard through the Mossad grapewine that your 1M Israel concept and policies have turned out to be a phenomenal suckcess. Can you confirm it? Reveal the stats?
Rosemajib: Ssh! Not so loud. It's classified 'Top, Top Secret' under OSIBISA, you dontch know? Tak kan KITA pecah perkara2 rahsia?
WCW: Well, then, at least can you recap the details of the 1M Israel policy and concept?
Rosemajib: Tak kan, .....betther not. We deliberately left it a little hazy, somewhat vague, so that it could be all-inclusive and all-exclusive, and partly inclusive and partly exclusive, all at the same time, while having the flexibility to be strategically ambiguous, so that if anything goes wrong, we can blame it on the Communists, Americans, Singaporeans, Zionist conspirators, George Soros, Ibrahim Ali and the Mamak Gang.
WCW: Brilliant! Could you repeat that? 
Rosemajib: Basically, it is government policy to talk in mistysteamspeak. The people may not see my 1M Israel woolly concept as practised within the entire government system. But then again, people must realise that this is a journey.
WCW: Journey to where, your grace?
Rosemajib:  Infinity and Beyonce, and Lady Gaga of course! In the past, people thalked about working together, but there was no real operational definition of what that meant. In the future, the staus quo will remain the same. See, no sudden changes.
WCW: Wow! I never saw it that way, your eminence! Being vague is in vogue! Just testing, your Lordship, can you recall Altantuya Aminah?
Rosemajib: Here and there, in bits and pieces.
WCW: $540 million "not a commission, but a facilitation fee" R Baginda, PhD?
Rosemajib: That Oxfam case? Couldn't keep a zip on his loose Scorepenis stub Sub, could he?
WCW: Totally non-corrupt $92 million foreign direct investment bribe to BUMNO totally not related to timber contract kickbacks to a certain East M'sia Chief Minister?
Rosemajib: Bribery donations to NGO's are perfectly normal and legal. Ask SUARAM.
WCW: The $76 million diamond ring from Jacob's Buscuits of NY said to be for Birkin FLOM?
Rosemajib: Diamonds are forever and for everyone. We accept all donations.
WCW: Deepak and PI Bala?
Rosemajib: Ssh! Statutory Declarations?
WCW: Why did you not appear in Parliament to answer questions from MP's regarding your 2013 Budget presented by you, especially since, besides your salary as PM, you also draw additional allowance of $30,000 per month as Finance Minister? Why did you chicken out? Afraid of Anwar Ibrahim and his questions?
Rosemajib: Watch it! I admit I was not tear gassed at Bersih 3 while hiding in the bunkers at Suckcesspool Prince City, but kita pun perasaan! But I am betther Finan Ministher than Anwar. Ask Roti Jala and Nor Mohd Robocop. I hap them, they hap me. Anwar never hap me. No 'nambikei' in me!

And so it continued for several days as WCW forged ahead bravely with his vaguely penetrating groundbreaking and earth shattering flatulence, while Rosemajib delivered an Oscar-winning performance in his transparent vagueness!

Donplaypuks® with nonsensical obscurity, man!

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Ellese said...

The bi sex depraving PM in waiting Mr/Mrs God Sent Anus War was disappointed with Rosemajib response reported in self syok sendiri DPP blog. Utterly upset with the fraudulent answer he proclaimed that there is no one not even hitler could carry out the most fraudulent manipulative and deceitful election ever. It was a genius master stroke that he got many to believe in the cons value. This master stroke is continued by erstwhile crony ms religiously deviant PASsiah Binti Aziz and father and son team lim con siang and the ma lam eng. they're conning with a bigger Con scheme of getting the gullibles to believe we are all Malaysians first but devising a scheme to segregate Muslims and non Muslims with different laws. "There will not be equality in law and humanity in Malaysia" they say. We impose different criminal law to different religion so that we think of Malaysian first.

See DPP. Anyone can write stupid things like this. Grow up. Get out of this hatred mindset. Argue with reason and not hate. After all are we not one human race. Why then these people don't push for equality among different religion and race? Is this to be censored?