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by inspector loh and behold, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for stinking, lying grand auto theft cover up affairs

Truth, like cream, will eventually rise to the surface, when we are persistent enough in getting to the bottom of any issue. Just about everyone and his uncle Bob knew way back in 2009 that a travesty of justice was about to unfold in the Kugan "sudden death" case at a police station lock up at USJ 10 Taipan, Subang Jayawhich was originally classified as a murder case by the Attorney General!

CLICK ON LINK for my April 2009 expose on that farce.
To recap, Kugan had been arrested for his apparent involvement in an 'international auto theft ring." He had no previous criminal record of any kind and subsequently, the police never produced a shred of evidence to justify arresting him. Nonetheless after several hours of intensive interrogation, Kugan's body was "discovered" lifeless in a holding cell at the police station. It transpired that Kugan had been subjected to a gruelling 24-hour interrogation session by 11 police officers, all of whom were transferred to other jurisdictions shortly after the debacle.

The over-zealousness with which the police officers approached their job indicates they must obviously have laboured under the perception that Kugan's "crimes" were undermining PM Najib's grandiose $Trillion Economic Transformation Project and the economy, more than the PKFZ $12 billion fraud/fiasco or the C4 explosives murder case of Mongolian Altantuya Aminah, and related government/navy procurement of two Scorpene submarines costing some $7.6 billion, and payment of $540 million "facilitation fees" to one, Razak Baginda who had a (confessed to in open court) sexual bigamous affair with Altantuya. One shudders of course at the spate of unsolved murders, rapes and serious crimest that have been "solved", according to a high-up ex-cop, by re-classifying them under new policespeak "non-serious" crime.

Kugan's death came into public focus when the first post mortem conducted by a government doctor was rendered worthless by a second one, undertaken at his family's behest, that revealed he had some 45 serious injuries, scars and bruises on his body. It was clear he died by being brutally beaten up while in police custody.

Recent reports of the testimonies given by police officers at the ongoing $100 million civil suit brought by Kugan's family against the police and government, are startling to say the least. More than that, they are frightening. There can be little doubt rogue elements in the higher echelons of the police force have turned it into a Stalinistic KGB-style Gulag Archipelago! Here are some of the revelations:

1. The lone cop who was charged with causing grievous hurt to Kugan, V. Navindran, who was sentenced to serve two 3-year jail terms concurrently,, has now sang on the stand that it was all a cover up instituted by his ex-CPO (now deceased). Was Nivindran paid to agree to be the fall guy?

2. This was further confirmed by his his ex-Supervisor, Loh Voon Chye (now attached to Subang Jaya Criminal Investigations Department). Quote: "All I know is that Kugan's death at 11.48am on Jan 20 was not during Navindran's watch as he (Navindran) was supposed to start work at noon," Loh said.Unquote.

3. What is also incredible is that Loh claimed he had not noticed the 45 injuries on Kugan's body, which was echoed also by Investigating officer of that case Inspector Faezal Monir!

Here are more links to reports on the ongoing civil trial: 

 Google 'Kugan' and 'Navindran' and you'll have access to the unfolding sordid drama. You read and make up your mind.

What is clear though is that a MASSIVE cover up by the police has taken place. Truth, justice and our courts have been stood on their heads. Why? Because Kugan was a nobody office boy, while 11 police officers just HAD to be protected because some suffer from a kind of Ketuanan complex?

This is precisely why the UMNO/BN government has to go for good at GE 13. The can be no revamp of our police force without political will and action. That Najib has failed in reining in the cops is palpably obvious. He fears them more than the citizens, and not without good reason too!

Donplaypuks® with murder and cover ups, man!

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