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Finally, serially lying, defrauding, looting, plundering and international money-laundering Malaysian Prime Minister Najib, has been nailed right between his eyes. As far back as in early 2013, I had written that the financial affairs of 1MDB stank to high heaven, and that it had fraud and fake and dummy corporations written all over it. At that time, 1MDB's loan exposure was RM20 billion, which has now blown to over RM50 billion. CLICK HERE.

I had also said later that it is obvious to those who understand a bit of finance and accounts, that this rape of 1MDB and the related RM30 billion (US7 billion) misappropriation had been planned from day 1 by none other than Najib.

Now, we have proof of all this from the 136 pg. US Department of Justice (USDoJ) indictment document, the result of investigations conducted by its Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative (KARI) arm on 1MDB's financial misdeeds. CLICK HERE.

KARI is seeking to recover a global record of over US$1 billion of assets acquired with money laundered from 1MDB by various named individuals like Jho Low and Riza Shariz. Below is a video of the press conference held yesterday by US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, DoJ, and the FBI

Make no mistake. This document, obviously for political reasons, does not identify Najib by name. It however, clearly links Najib to the heist of the century in an indirect, but certain way, on pg.11:

28. MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 (MO1) is a high-ranking official in the Malaysian government who also held a position of authority with 1MDB. During all times relevant to the Complaint, MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 was a “public official” as that term is used in 18 U.S.C. § 1956(c)(7)(B)(iv) and a “public servant” as that term is used in Section 21 of the Malaysian Penal Code. 

29. Riza Shahriz Bin Abdul AZIZ (“AZIZ”), a Malaysian national, is a relative of MALAYSIAN OFFICIAL 1 and a friend of LOW. He co-founded Red Granite Pictures, a Hollywood movie production and distribution studio, in 2010. 

Of course, everyone knows that Riza is Najib's step-son through his (second) marriage to Rosmah. So, the identity of MO1 is obvious.

But what has now clearly emerged is that besides all that looting, Najib's insistence in the face of global incredulity about RM2.6 billion making its way into his personal bank account with Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank (AMMB) being a "Donation from Saudi Royal(s) has been proven to be a complete fabrication and blatant lie.

The DoJ document traces the source of these funds as from money raised for 1MDB through bond issues managed by Goldman Sachs. The money was moved backed and forth off-shore by Najib's co-fraudsters to conceal its true source, in what is termed as "layered transactions". Refer below to extracts from the DoJ indictment. Click on the picture for expanded view:

So, the game is finally up. In time to come, the USDoJ may press criminal charges against Najib. One way or another, Najib is sure to go down in Asian history, if not the world, as the most crooked prime minister ever. He is a disgrace to the good name of his father, ex-prime minister Tun Abdul Razak.

It will not be enough for him to just resign, he must be put away behind bars for a very, very long time. There should also be an RCI into his and Rosmah's involvement in Altantuya's murder, and the allegations linking him to Hussein Najadi's killing in broad daylight. It would also surprise no one if it transpires that the source of several million ringgit that flowed through Rosmah's personal bank account is also linked to 1MDB funds!

More than that, all those who assisted Najib in this huge fraud and covered up for it - the AG, the PAC and its "Cari Makan' Chairman, sycophantic Ministers, slow MACC investigators, the IGP and party hacks, CEO's and directors at 1MDB, Bank Negara officials and many others - must all be tried and made to join Najib at the Bamboo River Resort for an equally long time. At the same time, our Constitution will have to be amended, and the wings of a prime minister clipped, to ensure that no future prime minister can ever again flout the rule of law by compromising the separation of powers of the various arms of government.

This is not about revenge, but to ensure that such an episode as the 1MDB affair (and the Altantuya and Hussein Najadi murders, with a big question over the killing of Kevin Morias) can never be repeated, especially by money and power crazy individuals like Najib, collectively aided by a criminally minded prime minister's government of thieves!

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