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On reflection, this entire episode about a now disbanded Task Force which had been out in March this year to send PM Najib on forced early retirement to Bamboo River Resort, smells very, very fishy. It stinks to high heaven!

Najib is also the Finance Minister who set up 1MDB as a 100% government owned company under the Ministry of Finance. He was 1MDB's main advisor who had sole authority over its hiring and firing, project approval and finances. In short, nothing and nobody moved at 1MDN unless Najib gave the go ahead first. Najib is now pretending that "others" were responsible for the fraud, misappropriation, looting and plundering at 1MDB.

And who were the members of this band very quickly dubbed 'Task Farce', which really only started responding to public and international concerns about 1MDB, its $46 billion debt and $30 billion hole in is balance sheet, AFTER the Wall St Journal and Sarawak Report exposed massive fraud by Malaysian Crime Minister Najib? 

1. BNM ex-governor Yeti who over the last ten years had not raised a peep about hundreds of billions of ringgit that had illegally flowed in and out of the country. When questioned by 60 Minutes of ABC about why she had turned away officers from Arab Malaysia Merchant Bank (AMMB) who approached her about funny money flowing through Najib's personal account with AMMB, she waffled about BAFIA and said she was looking into it i.e. 3 years after the events had occurred! Someone's lying for sure and covering up, no?

There were also the BUMNO-sponsored pre-paid bloggers who were quick to come out with news about Yeti's husband having benefited to the tune of several million ringgit in shares insider trading, and about suspiciously massive (multi-million $) amounts spent by BNM on renovations.

Yeti's replacement at BNM, Muhammad Ibrahim, quickly closed the file on 1MDB after fining it an undisclosed sum for lying to BNM about $2.1 billion of cash that never existed! But this did not hurt Najib, 1MDB or its thieving CEOs and directors an iota, since, ultimately, all of its money comes from the Taxpayers' pockets! But, why the secrecy about the fine? Who is BNM accountable to and who is it protecting from public anger?

2. Ex-Attorney General Gani Patail, who for years supported Mahathir and Najib in fixing the cases against Anwar Ibrahim and prosecuting and falsely convicting him of sodomy, and who despite RPK's revelations that he was in the pay of the Chinese Triads, did not sue him for slander and/or defamation. In recent years, Patail was also exposed by the courts (as were Kevin Morais and others at MACC of lying on the stand) to have abused his powers in vindictively prosecuting innocent lawyer Rosli Dahlan just for representing his client, ex-deputy IGP Ramli Yusoff who was caught in a power tussle at the Royal Malaysian Police. CLICK HERE AND HERE.

3. Abu Kassim of MACC who was there with MACC's top lieutenants in 2009 when Teoh Beng Hock was mysteriously found dead on the roof of the MACC office in Shah Alam. Najib had promised TBH's family to 'leave no stone unturned' in 'getting to the bottom of it'. But till today, the stones remain unturned, as is the case too with yet another mysterious 'suicide death by accident' 2011 incident at yet another MACC office, i.e. the death of Ahmad Sarbaini. Of course, we need not go further with corruption in the $8 billion Scorpene Submarine cases involving Najib and his crony Abdul Razak Baginda, where despite the murder by C4 explosives of Altantuya, MACC found no grounds for prosecution!

4. IGP Khalid Abu Bakar who is now regarded by most Malaysians as nothing more than a bully in uniform, found no reason to re-open the Altantuya case despite unshakeable evidence that the orders to kill Altantuya came from the very top at Putrajaya. He has yet to commence an investigation into massive corruption at 1MDB despite promising one several months ago.

Yet, it was he, who, together with new AG Apandi, who assisted Najib in closing down permanently the Task Force when he (Najib) had several investigators at BNM and MACC arrested and called in for "questioning" and transferred out later. Yeti's tenure at BNM was not extended. Najib also had the PAC inquiry into 1MDB disrupted after "promoting" several of its members as Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Senators, and appointing crony 'Cari Makan' Hasan Ariffin as its Chairman. Hasan immediately watered down the PAC report, and altered it illegally without the committee's knowledge.

Only a low IQ and slow-witted fool like Bakar, who is obviously jockeying for a very cushy and sinecure (gaji buta) and financially lucrative post-retirement position like Home Minister, Ambassador to France or Chairman of EPF or something like that from Najib, would think that he could get away with it. 

So, why would these four who have illegally supported the establishment and Najib for years, turn on him? Make no mistake, everyone one of them is a crook in the real sense. It makes no sense at all, unless:

They were given advance notice about the WSJ and Sarawak Report expose, and decide to initiate a CYA - cover-your-ass - action. Patail even leaked a "charge sheet' for Najib's arrest to make it look all serious and legal. More than likely, the Task Farce chiefs would have used the "charge sheet" to negotiate an indecent pay-off from Najib, and then flusheded it down the toilet. After all, Najib still has $2 billion of the $2.6 billion "Arab Royal donation' now exposed by the US DoJ as a blatant lie, stashed away somewhere overseas!

In the event, Patail was sacked, Yeti and Kassi's tenure at BNM and MACC respectively not extended. Probably, they dared not call Najib's bluff of keeping them busy at the courts and draining them financially for the next 10 years as they fought charges of corruption, mismanagement, abuse of power and, possibly their and their immediate family members having unexplained wealth beyond their means as public officials. 

Note too that in the end, Najib allowed them to retire "gracefully" without loss of pension rights, gratuities and bonuses. How come no one was charged with "plotting to overthrow a democratically elected PM"? Now, none of them has a bad thing to say about Najib or his government of thieves despite the fact that in reality, they were all sacked at a stroke by Najib, to try and conceal a world-wide scam. This is not the reaction you would expect from men and women of real integrity, is it? Did Najib perhaps do an Erdogan?

When push came to shove, IGP Bakar too must have folded like a pack of cards. He cunningly decided to switch camps and having seen the error of his ways, is backing Najib as though he is the new Messiah! Bakar is still there, strutting about like a comic little Hitler, patiently awaiting the day when he might yet get the better of Najib, whom I suspect knows that there is great difficulty at the moment in identifying an equivalent crook to replace Bakar.

This then is Malaysia today, where corruption has crept into every nook and cranny of the country. There is no public job, position or title that is not for sale and hardly a person who could not be bought by that bandit and serially lying, misappropriating, financially raping, defrauding, looting and plundering Najib, his immediate family members and his government of thieves, and whose name has been linked to at least two murders (Altantuya and Hussain Najadi) and possibly a third, by respectable foreign publications!

It is also too obvious that Ministers and MPs like Rahman Dahlan, Syed Keruak, Shaberry Cheek, Shahrir, Ahmad Mazlan, Hanadsla, Azalina and others including those from the MCA and MIC, have all personally profited handsomely to the tune of several million ringgit each from Najib and his tainted money stolen so brazenly and with no guilty feelings from 1MDB. Integrity and honour no longer exists in the ranks of those elected to serve the People.

What a shameful legacy this Najib will burden us with for generations to come!

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