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by sharon oliver stone, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for basic instinct religious affairs

Is this what UMNO's Najib and PAS's Hadi wish to achieve for Malaysia with the backdoor reading of Hudud Bill 355 in Parliament? (It's a Bill until it's passed in Parliament, receives the Royal Assent and gets gazetted. Only after that does it become an ACT). Turn it into a 4th world pariah Taliban ISIS state?

Bill 355 is a betrayal of both Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia because of guarantees in the Constitution vis-a-vis the rights to freedom of choice of religion and practising it, and no overlapping of civil court-syariah court jurisdictions. The legality of Bill 355 is therefore seriously in question as it seeks to alter our fundamental inalienable rights without the 2/3 majority vote in Parliament and amendment to the Constitution that would otherwise be mandatory!

And by keeping quite, MCA Chief Liow Tiong Lai and MIC Chief Dr.S. Subramaniam are doing the most treasonous thing they can do to Malaysian non-Muslims - allowing Hudud to become law by silence and default!

They have not thought it through have they, our so-called elected MPs:

1. Where a Muslim and a non-Muslim commit a crime together, say CBT, the Muslim might receive 30 lashes of the cane or amputation as punishment, but the non-Muslim, who cannot be tried in a Syariah court, will not be subjected to the same sentence.

2. Insurance laws do not recognize Hudud. So, in a motor accident claim, the non-Muslim may have no recourse if the other party is a Muslim!

3. Are Muslim doctors in Malaysia willing to administer amputation? What about their Hippocratic oath?

4. Are Malaysian Muslims really willing to accept stoning to death in adultery cases? Are they prepared to accept that their dear and precious daughters and wives may have no justice for rape if they cannot produce four male witnesses to the beastly event? Are they prepared for this - CLICK HERE.

But the real danger is that once the Hudud lobby gets its foot in the door, it will only be a matter of time before Hudud and Syriah law completely replace civil and criminal laws. 

CLICK HERE AND HERE for more detailed articles on the dangers of Hudud and Syariah laws for non-Muslims.

And note too, the cowardly way Najib is going about it. He has left the hatchet job to DPM Zahid by scooting off to Peru. Zahid has become Hadi's stooge, and spindoctoring to Muslim MP's that Hudud will be good for them. Where is Hadi? Why is he not doing the lobbying? Why has Zahid agreed to be Hadi's donkey and balls carrier?

Najib is gambling that by a miracle Hudud will unite the Malays and that the majority of them will then vote for UMNO at GE14. But, this is a pathetic pipe-dream with the Malay vote now split many ways - UMNO, PKR, PAS, Amanah, Pribumi, Perkasa and Warisan (Sabah).

Malaysia is hurtling towards failed-state status. It's up to the Malay Muslim majority to stop the runaway train!

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