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(All $ refer to Malaysian Ringgit or RM).


This shocking RM270 million fraud, misappropriation of funds and abuse of power by Prime Minister and Finance Minister Najib, with the assistance of Jho Low and the top tier of  executives at 1MDB like Shahrol Halmi and Ismee, was first revealed by Sarawak Report in November 2015. 

But, recent events where George Soros has been accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Malaysia, makes it necessary to expose the deep-rooted hypocrisy of Najib, UMNO and their paid gangsters, thugs and hooligans headed by Jamal Yunos and his reviled band of Red Shirts.


The Red Shirts are reminiscent of the era of Hitler's Brown Shirts, Gestapo and Jackboots which led to dictatorship, fascism, World War 2 and saw a hundred million people die! IGP Khalid Abu Bakar immediately looked for something to distract us from the miscalculated move by UMNO to unleash the Red Shirts and the stinking 1MDB $30 billion and KWAP $4 billion looting by Najib. He latched on to that really old news that George Soros' Open Society Foundation had given monetary grants to Malaysiakini and Bersih, and lately, the Bar Council. 

With lighting-quick speed reserved only for Opposition MPs and NGOs. he announced that he had formed a 5-man team to investigate the possibility that Soros, Malaysiakini, Bersih and the Bar Council may have indulged in activities designed to "undermine Parliamentary democracy"!! This is in distinct contrast to the snail-paced investigation to charge Najib with the biggest swindle in Malaysian history. His negligence in also charging Yunos and the Red Shirts for causing violence, threatening a repeat of May 13 and failure to serve 10-day notice for their rent-a-mob demos is further confirmation of the IGP's double standards and that  has been bought over lock, stock and barrel by Najib!

Soros and his OSF does not promote violence, overthrowing of governments, revolutions or riots. Its stated aims:

"....where rights are respected, government is accountable, and no one has the monopoly on the truth" makes the Open Society Foundations unlike any other private philanthropic effort in history. CLICK HERE.


Ever since the 1998 Asian Fiance Crisis, UMNO/BN has blamed Soros for the severe recession that followed. CLICK HERE. The truth is it was gross overspending and poor economic planning by Mahathir and UMNO/BN that led to it. And it was not just Soros, but hedge funds across the globe which attacked Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia etc. Mahathir has mended fences with Soros. Yet again, UMNO's monstrous hypocrisy surfaces. In the '90s, Mahathir and Bank Negara lost a staggering $30 billion gambling in the same forex markets as that of the 1998 crisis.

Even the two-faced Najib met Soros in New York in 2010. Here is the proof of that. CLICK HERE.

Having once again stirred up a lot of anti-Jewish sentiments, how is Najib going to explain the fact that he engaged Goldman Sachs USA to raise funds for 1MDB and paid them an unheard of 12% fee of $2.6 billion? This outrageous deal which reeks of corruption and kickbacks, is being investigated now by US Law Enforcement agencies. CLICK HERE.


The truth is also that Malaysia has been funding foreigners and interfering in the internal affairs of other SEA countries. For many years Mahathir and UMNO have constantly been trying to undermine Singapore by claiming that the Malays there had been reduced to 2nd class citizens and that they were worse off than their counterparts in Malaysia, a claim not borne out by any know international yardstick for measure of wealth, economics. standard of living, education, welfare or happiness.

Malaysia has also been guilty of funding for many years Misuari and his Moro National Liberation Front terrorists who have indulged in kidnappings, killings and armed resurrections in the Philippines.


Which brings us to Najib's $270 million fraud, Frank White, DuSable Capital Management incorporated in Delaware USA, the US Democratic Party, President Obama and interference in the internal affairs of  the USA by Najib and UMNO.

DuSable was formed in 2013 by Frank White who was President Obama's chief fund raiser in 2012. It cannot be a mere accident then that Obama visited Malaysia twice in recent years in in 2014 and 2015, or that Najib went to Hawaii to play golf with Obama and got a lashing from the Press for not returning home fast enough to respond to disastrous floods in Kelantan that affected more than 200,000 people.

DuSable, an entity with no experience whatsoever in solar energy, was invited  in 2013 by Najib to participate in a 49%:51% joint venture (JV) with 1MDB to build a solar power plant in Kedah. 1MDB too had zero experience in the solar power business. As far as information is available, DuSable did not come up with a single cent of equity for the JV.

Barely a year later in October 2014, DuSable sold its "interest" in the JV back to 1MDB for an astonishing US$69 million. During that period, DuSable also earned consultancy fees of US$506,000,  making it a total of $270 million clean profit within 1 year.

In short, within 1 year, DuSable, with no experience in solar energy and which had come up with no money of its own, sold a 49% stake in a JV with 1MDB for a staggering $270 million, when not a single stroke of work had been done, and STILL HAS NOT!


In the meantime, DuSable has made contributions to the election campaign funds of several USA Democratic Party candidates. But these political contributions are peanuts! What happened to the bulk of the $270 million?

What is obvious is:

1. Najib and Jho Low needed $270 million quickly.
2. 1MDB was swimming in cash, the bulk of which was raised by Goldman Sachs with extortionate fees.
3. A con job was hatched by Najib and Jho Low with a fictitious Solar Power Plant project in Kedah. There is now a similar Najib championed con job to siphon $28 billion by inflating the East Coast Rail LIne (ECRL) project to $55 billion, to cover up a $30 billion hole in 1MDB's balance sheet!!!
4. Frank White and DuSable agreed to participate in this Malaysian fraud masterminded by Najib and Jho Low, definitely for a fee.
5. Most of the $270 million went elsewhere. But the fact remains that Obama made unheard of visits to Malaysia in 2014 and 2015. There is a clear trail that some of that money went to US Democrat politicians. (In 2001, Mahathir got the Foreign Ministry to pay Jewish lobbyist Jack Abramoff $4 million so that he could go kiss Bush's ass, and become, in his eyes, a (pathetic) hero to UMNO. Part of that $4 million must have ended up as a donation to Bush's campaign funds too).
6. A good hefty part of the $270 million must have ended up in Jho Low's pockets as well as Najib's, no doubt to pay for more of Rosmah's Birkin Bags, diamonds and anti-ageing cream and pills.

So, Najib has fraudulently blown $270 million of 1MDB and Taxpayers' money as if it was loose change. He has interfered in the internal affairs of the USA by donating big money to USA Democrat politicians.

And now, Obama and the Democrats have lost the US General Elections to Trump and the Republicans! What a waste of public funds!

There has never been a more despicable scoundrel, thief, defrauder and looter in Malaysian history than Najib, aided and abetted by his government of thieves and the equally detested IGP Khalid Abu Bakar and Attoney General Apandi Ali! Read 'em and weep the full story by Sarawak Report. CLICK HERE.

We must do everything possible to get rid of this unholy den of thieves quickly. Do not forget that Najib is also implicated in 3 murders - Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais!


Donplaypuks® said...

It is also reckoned that Germany is the leading nation on solar technology. So, it made no sense for Najib and 1MDB to approach Frank White for assistance when they could have gone directly to Germany for a G-G deal.

Of course, if the whole plan was a crooked deal to illegally siphon money out of 1MDB in a looting spree, and for Najib to curry favour with Obama and the USA, then it made perfect sense.

Note too that Chief Secretary to the govt, Ali Hamsa, Ministry of Finance Chief Secretary, Irwan Serigar Abdullah, and EPU's Mohd Nor Yakcop (the Mamak Gang trio) must have all been involved in raising capital for 1MDB and the disbursement of it, and hence are guilty up to their eyeballs in being accessories to crime in the heist of the century i.e. the RM30 billion plundering of 1MDB.

Anonymous said...

Some time back the Germans wanted to open a plant in Penang for cell productions. Petronas Gas wouldn´t supply the energy!!What a cuntry.