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By now, it is clear to every Malaysian and many others around the world too, that Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and Rosmah are the main persons who plotted the $42 billion rape of 1MDB.

To this must be added $4 billion borrowed from KWAP and parked under SRC, which like 1MDB, is a 100% Ministry of Finance (MoF) owned company. Najib is also our Finance Minister under whom the MOF operates. Najib and the MoF have refused to make public exactly how and in what SRC's $4 billion was invested in, and have hidden behind the OSA (Official Secrets Act).

In their fraud, crime, looting and plundering spree, the Najibs were aided and abetted by many traitors - 1MDB's Chairman, Board of Directors and top executives like ex-CEO Shahrol Azral Ibrahim Halmi, Tan Sri Ismee Ismail, Jho Low, Riza Aziz, MoF Chief Secretary Dr.Mohd Irwan Serigar Abdullah, Chief Secretary to the Government Dr.Ali Hamsa, top bankers and lawyers. They are also responsible for one of the biggest fraud cover-ups in world history.

Between 2011-2013, some $4.2 billion was siphoned from 1MDB and SRC into Najib's personal bank account with AMMB. BNM Governor Yeti Akhtar Aziz knew about it and did nothing to expose blatant criminality including global money-laundering by Najib.

Najib incredibly claimed "I did not personally benefit" from the $4.2 billion.

The truth has been exposed by the WSJ and Sarawak Report and many leading newspapers in the world. Najib used the $4.2 billion to line his and Rosmah's pockets and to get himself re-elected as prime minister. His UMNO/BN pipped the Opposition to win the 2013 General Election by massive rigging of the electoral process and bribery.

There are serious questions, satisfactory answers to which have not been given by Najib:

1. By what right was Roshmah given the authority to spend more than $3.8 million for Chanel products and Italian jewellery from public funds?
2. Ditto on nearly $500,000 on cars for Najib's son Nor Ashman.
3. Najib claimed Solar Shine, headed by his ex-aide, was authorized to spend $172 million on food parcels, cash handouts, stationery etc. Really? Public money can be used for UMNO election campaigns and expenses? Where are the audited accounts and how much was Solar Shine paid for its "work"?
4. Local fabric company Jakel claimed it supplied clothes worth $54.88 million to the poor and needy. Proof? What was Jakel's profit?
5. Of the $4.2 billion, it has been confirmed that $2 billion was transferred by Najib to the Singapore bank account of an off-shore company, Tanore, controlled by his partner-in-crime Jho Low. Again, Najib has yet to explain what has happened to this money!
6. Much of what the $4.2 billion was spent on is still a big mystery!

$952 million of 1MDB funds were also fraudulently diverted by Najib and Rosmah to their son Riza Aziz. Much of that was used to buy upmarket condos and works of art in London, New York etc. Some of it was also used to finance Riza's Red Granite Picture's movie 'Wolf of Wall Street' starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Riza claimed that $377 million of it was a "no strings attached gift" from Abu Dhabi Arabs. (In the same way that Najib lied $2.6 billion in his bank account was a "donation" from member(s) of  the Saudi Arabia Royal family). 

Do remember too that Asia Sentinel has printed it in black and white that three murders - Altantuya, Najadi, Morais - revolve around Najib.

In recent days and months, arm-chair economists and campaigners for clean elections have argued somewhat naively and misguidedly, that perhaps with a not so united Opposition, we might as well settle for another four years under Najib.

Let me put it this way:

I would rather have Hitler, Stalin or Mao than Najib for one day more! 


RR said...

The AG said no case. This is Malaysia. We have to make sure that Umno-BN will not be re-elected

S.Raymond said...

What is the PM salary? Wonder how he can afford this if the above is true.

YCB said...

If that is true the MACC needs to start investigations.

KK said...

Macc pls start investigation n take action MO1

Donplaypuks® said...


New MACC Chief was handpicked ny Najib (MO1) from the AG's department. He's never going to investigate Najib in a month of Sundays!

Anonymous said...

And the 1MDB and the SRC International are certainly not the first - they have done more or less similar stuff for decades now and shall continue to do so for decades to come as long as Malaysia has not gone bankrupt and the communist China is still not in power in Malaysia! Believe it since it is just what they are or do...

In relation to those you mentioned at the end of posting that umno-bn will continue to be in power since the other side is not in unity, allow me to state it as clearly as possible:

When it concerns the other side the rakyat including the political scientists, economists and whatnot are always looking for perfection (as if they are so very perfect themselves!) in order for that side to win a general election - but when it concerns the evil and tyrannical and dumb and full of vanity umno-bn headed by a notorious couple known the world over for its disgraceful conducts to Malaysia and Malaysians, the same rakyat including the political scientists, economists and whatnot are always forgiving for all their faults and such. In fact, they will forever look for all the reasons to keep them in power.

Truly mind boggling? No, it is just the case that the rakyat is perfectly deserving the leaders they have - and vice versa.

Trust me as long as this is the kind of rakyat around, Malaysia deserves to be where it is - in fact, Malaysia and Malaysians should get worse in various aspects since a new government with good governance as its intention will only be facing one problem after another from this kind of rakyat. So, Malaysia is to get worse so that the day shall come when such rakyat is replaced with one truly deserving of good governance.

S.Ahmad said...

This is the price of keeping a hippo in your house! Apart from other crimes committed?

Eddy said...

if i had this amount of money,... i also started saving from my childhood days.... ha ha

KF said...

if this is true...

Donplaypuks® said...

KF please refer to the US DoJ affidavit as to the true scale of looting by Najib, family, friends & cronies!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 2.14p.m.

You are right. Malaysia public apathy is the main reason our utterly crooked politicians have been able to get away with murder. The 4 million who have not registered to vote, and those who are registered but do not vote, deserve to be shot!

Donplaypuks® said...

YCB you don't know the Task Force was disbanded in 2016 by Najib? MACC officers transferred and MACC Chief retired as was BNM governor Zeti and AG Gani Patail sacked?

Steve S said...

It's donation, line clear!

ZK said...

to conclude: as long as the stupid yet arrogant oppositions can't unite, what choice do we have??

bumi-non-malay said...

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Daily water, electricity infrastructure are old and crumbling......all good in my opinion and Overseas Investors are the Dumbest to Buy or invest into IS ISlam malay racist terrorist UMNO-PAS sultan-agong Govenor Dominated administration.

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SPJ said...

For that money, they can buy a small country and be PM indefinitely.

LYH Jason said...

What say the macc?...nfa?

KT said...

"I would rather have Hitler, Stalin or Mao than Najib for one day more!" No, Najib is better than those two who muredred millions. They were besieged by fear and murdered those they feared. Najib is besieged by $$$$ and Rosie's extravagance way, he needs $$$$ to buy Umno chiefs' support, the party of thieves is as guilty as Najib the thief.

Billy said...

0ld news,,,any good new news ,,,like what are entrepreneurs fatty low and poof aziz are up to this days? innocent hiding? is it any rewards for their capture?

WLP said...

They can buy an island in the Caribbean like pirates in exile

OC said...

Well written. The truth shall set the people from this criminal dictator. Vote out this evil PM Najib!