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by E.S. Shankar, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for einstein cloning affairs

Many Malaysians have been confused by Rizal Mansor, who, not so long ago, suddenly and mysteriously appeared as an aide to PM Najib. He is also Rosmah's (Najib's wife) spokesman. Why? This is how things are done in Malaysia, so that a person who has no position anywhere in government, is provided an aide free-of-charge, at the Taxpayers' expense.

It would appear also that there is no family link between Rizal Mansor and Rosmah Mansor, PM Najib's "world infamous" wife.

When questioned about Permata, Rizal produced screenshots which purportedly showed its accounts for 2013 and 2014 at its website. 

Let's be very, very clear.

Yayasan Permata (YP) is the private non-profit foundation of PM Najib's wife, Rosmah Mansor. She may claim that the administration and financial affairs of Permata are managed by the PM Najib's Department, but we all know how the game is really played.

Permata's aims and objectives are stated at its website as follows:

YP was newly registered in December 2012. The previously registered Yayasan PERMATA under the PM's department was wound up and its funds, amounting to $5,158,921, transferred to YP.

Since then, YP has received the following additional funds:

1. 2013 - $5.3 million from Najib. This represents money stolen by Najib from 1MDB/SRC and generously donated to his wife's foundation.

2. 2014 - A staggering $32 million (US$10 million) from Executive Affairs Authority, Abu Dhabi.

3. 2015 - $10,000 from the Palestine Embassy in Malaysia.

It's not clear why the government of Abu Dhabi donated $32 million to YP. But, much of Najib's 1MDB $46 billion fraud revolves around dealings with Abu Dhabi government-owned companies IPIC (listed on the London Stock Exchange) and Aabar. The main persons whom Najib (and Jho Low) dealt with were IPIC's MD Qubaisi and Aabar's CEO (Husseiny). Both of them have been sacked and now face criminal charges in Abu Dhabi and civil charges by the US DoJ for kleptocracy involving 1MDB's fraudulently diverted funds. US DoJ criminal charges are in the pipe-line.

It would therefore NOT be a big surprise, if there is considerable hanky panky surrounding this generous "donation"! (Much like Najib's blatant lies about that infamous $2.6 billion "donation" and SRC $42 million).

YP's summarised Income/Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet for 2013-2015 are as follows:

The full audited accounts are available for download at the YP website as follows:

1. 2013 - CLICK HERE.

2. 2014 - CLICK HERE.
3. 2015 - CLICK HERE.

As expected, there are no details of who the beneficiaries were of expenditure relating to donations, scholarships and other expenses.

However, the bulk of the expenses have gone to programs of doubtful benefit such as creating a Nobel Prize winner's mindset for "gifted children". One wonders if manufacturing a Nobel Prize winner is a great priority in a country which has produced few scientists of any note, let alone, internationally acclaimed scholars. Can genius be created like cars on an assembly line?

Is there an all inclusive approach in selection of candidates for the program? And what about building a firm foundation in our failing government schools where the majority of our students learn the basics? That is not a priority for Rosmah or Najib?

What the Rakyat really wants to know and see are details of Permata's spending between 2010-2016 amounting to $2.7 billion as mentioned in Najib's budgets:

2010 - $100 million
2011 - $111 million
2012 - $???
2013 - $1,200 million #1
2014 - $530 million #1
2015 - $711 million #1
2016 - $45 million #1
2017 - $85 million 

#1 includes budget for other early education programs and kindergartens

What exactly is our Ministry of Education for, if the PM's unelected wife is given tons of money to run a very iffy "gifted children" program? What expertise does she have in the education arena? 

Here are some questions which elected MP's and others have been asking about Permata and been stonewalled or given half-arsed explanations by the government:

1. Was Rosmah, or her company/firm/business or company/firm/business owned by her nominees paid any finders, consultancy or other fees or reward for setting up PERMATA between 2009-2016? How much?

2. Why is that after seven months, there is no news of YP audited accounts for 2016?

3. Why is Permata Insan spending millions of ringgit on producing Islamic scholars (Hafiz) learning the Quran by heart? Why should this program, run by the Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM) exclusively for Muslims, be funded by the government? Especially since the Ministry for Religious Affairs has a ridiculous annual budget in excess of $1 billion? How will Permata's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program benefit from this wasteful expenditure?

You mean, all those Jews whom UMNO loves to stoke hatred against, and Westerners, won all those Nobel Prizes because they memorised the Torah or The Bible? What mental disease afflicts the likes of Rosmah and Najib?

4. How are students selected for these Permata programs - by mainly race and religion? What is the breakdown of students? 

5. Why is the prime minister's wife involved in programs for autism (Permata Kurnia) and setting up a childrens' hospital (Permata HKK). Zecon Bhd. has been awarded a $606 million Build, Lease, Maintain and Transfer (BLTM) 30-year contract for the HKK hospital due for completion this year. Why is this not under the Ministry of Health? 

6. How can UMNO/BN ram these expenses through Parliament when there is an obvious conflict of interest with the PM's wife given carte blanche authority to ride rough-shod over education experts and university professors, rendering them useless?

7. Despite having $38.6 million in cash, why did Rosmah recently ask the government for an additional $5 million?

Most laughable is the logo design for Permata Pintar incorporating a diamond. Permata in Malay means precious stones and jewellery. PP is a program to "nurture balanced gifted and talented individuals with inquisitive minds, individuals who shall contribute as world leaders, thinkers, innovators and humanitarians."

And of course, we now know, thanks to the US DoJ, that about $130 million of money fraudulently stolen from 1MDB, illegally ended up as diamond rings and gold necklaces round Rosmah's fat fingers and neck!


CCG said...

It is easier to cover up a lie, a deception or a con with a truth. So we have people covering all these with charity work, with taawun and with hijrah.

EAW said...

Permata is Rosmah's ATM card?

M.Ali said...

A UMNO housewife trying to convince people that is not a housewife. Got a RM120 juta berlian rantai bought with the people of Malaysia's money. Thats UMNO for you. Greedy and corrupt. Who buys a housewife a RM120 juta berlian ?

K.Mahmood said...

No. She did not buy the RM130 million diamond. It was a gift from a Secret Admirer, a Chubby Chinaman known worldwide as JoLo. Her husband also did not steal people's money but a very rich, kindhearted Arab King donated him RM2.6 billion.

SKK said...

It is blatantly and outrageous. Stripping naked the poor rakyat to spend on self-indulgence the RM million jewelry. Malaysia boleh! Shame! Shame! Shame! What a terrible let down by our leaders.

K.Mahmood said...

Where got shame. She is one of the most beautiful First Lady in Asia. She got a lot of Admirers and one of them is a very rich Chubby China man who donated her the Pink Diamond Necklace worth RM130 millions.She is also very thrifty and have been saving money since childhood and managed to buy a RM24 millions diamond ring.

K.Tan said...

Ahh, but Rosmah's finger is the finger on the pulse, the finger on the button that switches on the PM. And Rosmah's neck is unlike any other necks, it is thick enough to support the PM's private ventures. So they deserve the diamonds and golds and more!

Jones said...

Integrity, credibility and accountability - these are non-existent in domain of Najib, his family and the regime he leads, UMNO/BN. To make matters even worse, the rule of law is applied to the hilt on a selective basis on members of the opposition and any insider who dares to squeal about the goings on or decides to jump ship.

The plundering of the nation's wealth has gone on undeterred from day one. The greed for accumulation of ill-gotten wealth increased to unimaginable proportions with the discovery of oil. With Petronas not accountable to anyone other than the PM it was pretty easy to siphon, transfer or steal any amount for any reason under the sun. Najib and his cronies have just taken the plundering to new heights. But you cannot blame him - because he was never supposed to be caught. Unfortunately, the dramatic drop in oil prices left him exposed and not able to account for missing funds from several entities that he had stolen from.

Every day we hear yet another instance of abuse of power by members of the ruling coalition or their family members. It is evident that there has never been a real check and balance of anything and the rule of law is nothing but a joke.

It is no surprise therefore that whereas nations like Singapore and South Korea have forged ahead in leaps and bounds, we are still stuck in a mire of deceipt, corruption and theft. The magnitude of Najid and company's misdeeds would make even Robert Mugabe blush. Najib has greased so many palms that there is not one person in his regime that is able to stand up and account for the abuses. Instead they are busy cooking up stories and creating new flash points with racial and religious undertones.

Should the TDM led opposition win at the next general elections, it will have to contend with a staggering amount of cleaing up.