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by al fergie & disassociates, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for manchester united affairs

If you don't believe it, go take a look at comments box.

So, the score is Pakatan 4, Najib/UMNO/BN 1. That's an 80% failure rate by PM Najib to win at recent by-elections.

And you still believe in that spin by the Merdeka Centre & the MSM of 65% ratings? And sharks can fly, it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time and Mother Goose is no nursery rhyme?

Heh, heh, heh and Muahaha to you too!

The PEOPLE will not be fooled by 11 or 12 or 100 goodies, coming as they do from our own pockets! We want the truth, we want equality and justice for all, and we want 1 Citizenship, 1 Malaysia.

I dare them to dissolve the Perak State Assembly and call for fresh elections there. Do you have the cojones you spinners? It's not what you want. It's what the PEOPLE want, that counts!

Amd while we are at it, let's have a National Referendum on the teaching of English Language and Literature and the teaching of Science & Maths in English. Let us here what PARENTS want for their children, not what
MsEducatedMinstrel@gov.con and ultra right wing rabid self-appointed fake patriots force upon the majority.

Don't believe me again?

Go take a look at Dr.Mahathir's blog and voting on this issue by the general public at As of now, 77,700 out of 90,095 or 86% do not agree with the Education Minister, PM Najib, the Cabinet, Gapena or whoever else put a gun to the Government's head!

Enough is enough!

And remember:

We Are All of 1 Race, The Human Race!
And that is all that matters!

donplaypuks with our childrens' education, man!!


Unknown said...

Dear DPP

The very narrow margin is a real concern because of many reasons...

Whatever the case, PR must not be complacent with March 8 and needs to be all shook up for the battle field!

Have a nice day!

Donplaypuks® said...

Hi Mws

No doubt Nik Aziz will have some house cleaning to do.

But UMNO lost despite all these promises, bribes and '65%' rating and 1,000-3,000 policemen deployed for a constituency of 12,000! Only the kitchen sink was missing. They also infiltrated PAS to try and divide/split loyalties with all kinds of promises. UMNO needs PAS more than th eother wy around!

I predict that their decision on the education issue will come home to roost in their hindquarters as Dr.M will not let it go one bit!

If they still could not win after such a huge overkill, they never will!


chapchai said...

As an Opposition supporter I am not too cock-a-hoop with this narrow win. I would call it a near loss. As Lim Guan Eng said, this is a clarion call to the Opposition leaders to get their act together. I feel strongly that the Opposition should have a central secretariat to co-ordinate all its affairs. And I wish Opposition MPs would stop slinging mud at each other in blogoshpere. It is so unbecoming of elected representatives. If any one of them has an allegation to make, take it to the proper authority with hard evidence. Why on earth are they doing BN's work for them? With friends like the ones they have they don't need enemies!

donplaypuks said...

Hi Chaochai

You are absolutely right. Pakatan needs a moderating Secratariat. The MP's too should not shoot their mouths off to seek cheap publicity.

Wee Choo Keong's allegations about Aduns being involved with those in underground (whatever that means) activities is one such example. Why create adverse publicity for Pakatan and give ammo to BN?

But even witha Secretariat, will these guys and gals exercise discretion. They seem to enjoy shooting themselves in the foot!


pnoyfuck said...

fuck u pr can go to hell if you think chinese dap can control malaysia. PAS and UMNO are going to get it you can stick to the sodomiser party

donplaypuks said...

Whoa pnoyfuck

What elegant language. I'm sure you passed Std 3 in English.

When you can't win because your policies are dishonest and full of corruption, you go begging to PAS to save you? Have you no self respect or integrity?

If your party is that great, why only now you go crawling to PAS? Muahaha!


Anonymous said...

Rah Rah Rah, DPP as shadow Edu minstrel and Desi as shadow CONposer!:):) Oopps, my sperring is quite puurr,they no thot me grammer!:(

Chow,mGf, which means see ye so-ON!

or Let's eat, drink and be marry!:):):) until the sext BUYerection ~~ YL, Desi, knottyaSssual

PS: For exquisite English,please surf to where Jason Evans is the Teacher, and Desi is co=ed.:)

Donplaypuks® said...

Ah Desi, welcome!

This was 1 by election they badly wanted to win and could not, especially after chickening out at Penanti.

Now, bloggers like Wenger KJ are claiming victory since the status quo remains unchanged. This s tands logic on its head since, had they not contested at MU, the status quo would have been unaltered.

What's the proble. They can't accept defeat gracefully or without putting a cowardly spin on it!