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by dr.bovine udders shudders brudders, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for leaking pipes and organs affairs

If there was any doubt before that I Polis Raja and Malaysian Association of Cows & Carse were the the henchmen of BUMNO/BN and no longer independent investigating agencies, then their handling of the $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp "investigation" leaves us in no doubt whatsoever.

Even before this fiasco, their bias was evident:

1. When information found in Teoh Beng Hock's laptop were leaked to a website TJ4TBH - Truth & Justice For Teoh Beng Hock. Given that the laptop had been in the custody of I Polis Raja or Malaysian Association of Cows and Carse, it needs no further elucidation who the leakers were.

2.The Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) into the death of Teoh Beng Hock branded a Malaysian Association of Cows & Carse Chief Investigating Officer a liar.

3. The truthfulness of an ex-Inspector General of Police's testimony was questioned by the judge in the trial of ex-Director of Commercial Crimes Department, Dato Ramli Yusuff who was acquitted without his defence being called, on charges pressed by the Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse. Ramli had alerted the AG's office about the possibility of an ex-IGP's links to an Ah Long organizations and Triads.

4. Two Investigating Officers from Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse had their credibility and work ethics shot to pieces in the vindictive prosecution of lawyer Rosli Dahlan who defended ex-Deputy IGP Ramli Yusuff charged with corruption. Why vindictive? Because the Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse had filed charges by relying on the testimony of Moo Sai Chin, a known criminal, self confessed briber, murderer, pimp and everything else that an underworld kingpin can be!

5. When to-date neither I Polis Raja nor Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse have filed charges against an ex-Chief Justice and a lawyer involved in the Lingamgate  affair for fixing the appointment of judges and for corruption despite being recommended to do so by a Royal Commission of Inquiry. A Nazi Minister replied in Parliament that 'the authorities are still searching for independent witnesses" despite there having been independent witnesses galore at the RCI!!

So, is anyone surprised that lawyers N.Surendran and Latheefa Koya held a Press conference blaming Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse and I Polis Raja for leaking information and misinformation that a certain businessman person had denied being instructed to bribe I Polis Raja? That such leaks were blatantly false and not supported by Statutory Declaration sworn affidavits filed by that certain businessman person?

It's incredible that when the Bangsar $10 million Condo Cowgate scandal first surfaced, Malaysian Association for Cows & Carse passed the buck to I Polis Raja saying there were no elements of criminal corruption for investigation?/!! Then, at the height of the BUMNO General Assembly, I Polis Raja came out with a statement that all was hunky dory at $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp - no ground for CBT, theft, misuse of corporate and government funds or abuse of authority or breach of company laws or terms of use of Government Loan.  

Now, they are in the midst of "intensive and thorough investigations of $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp"??!! 

Of course, it goes without saying that "no stone or bull will be left turned" in I Polis Raja and Malaysian Association of Cows & Carse doing their natural duty to the Rakyat. Our serially lying Prime Minister Rosemajib once said that " no stone will be left unturned" in determining the cause of death of Teoh Beng Hock. We are still waiting, so there must be billlions and billions of stones, which explains all this slow pace of turning or not turning them.

Now, we have to scratch our heads and ask how the CEO of $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp, a PHD holding ex-University lecturer I believe, can claim he was "conned" or "tricked" into signing a RM1.76 million cheque over to a "con-sultant" who was then arrested and charged, not with attempted bribery of I Polis Raja as originally reported, but with "deceiving" the CEO into sign a cheque? 

Who were the I Polis Raja officers who were approached and why was this lot picked?

Do they give away PhD's to anyone who asks for them at our Uni's?

Why has the CEO of $250 million National Fcukalot Corp himself not been charged with attempted bribery?

How did this happen when the PhD holding CEO also has a Minister wife to advise him and three of his children (earning a total of $100,000 a month in salaries, it has been alleged) work together with him at $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp?

Is it I Polis Raja's contention that the PhD Holding CEO of $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp was charmed (jampi'd) by some Kampung Baru Bomoh (shaman) into signing the $1.76 million cheque while in a foggy trance?

When will this charade end? 

Enough of this Wayang Kulit.

I Polis Raja and Malaysian Association of Cows & Carse, stop this tomfoolery. Get off your arse and do a proper job. Charge the PhD holding CEO with attempted bribery as well or QUIT NOW!

Donplaypuks® with our cows, carse, condos and the Rakyat's money, man!


Al Pacino said...

Same story lah. Lee Liong Sik was also charged into tricking the Sleeping Crime Minister & the whole BN Cabinet into buying an overly obscenely escalated priced land for PKFZ.

Or the Perak Henchman that murdered the 2nd wife yet the royal 1st wife escaped.

Or the less-guilty bodyguards that got hanging sentence for murdering Altantuya whilst their 1 Malaysia's Big Boss can pretends and says "I don't know that lady" by swearing the Quran.

"Malaysia Boleh"

Ministers:99% cow brain,1% human brain for stealing. said...

Because majority of those who work with PDRM ,SPRM and other govt. agencies came from kampung with lembu IQ.

After BTN washed their brain,they believed BN ministers are their Tuan, thus forgetting rakyat is their true Tuan.

SABM said...

All involved directly/indirectly MUST be JAILED according to laws of Malaysia. NO fu@king excuses accepted. ABU ABU ABU

STOP THE NATION BLEEDING....................... said...

What Sharizat has said is outrageous. She openly meant that UMNO and the cronies have been blatantly squandering the nation's wealth all this time and why not her?????????

People of Malaysia let this NFC scandal be the last stop for all our UMNO and BN corrupted politicians, their spouses and families, all government officials and authority agencies to squander the wealth of our nation.




VOTE UMNO AND BN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Now, we have to scratch our heads and ask how the CEO of $250 million National Fcukupalot Corp, a PHD holding ex-University lecturer I believe, can claim he was "conned" or "tricked" into signing a RM1.76 million cheque over to a "con-sultant" who was then arrested and charged, not with attempted bribery of I Polis Raja as originally reported, but with "deceiving" the CEO into sign a cheque?

Saying being deceived or conned into bribery is not enough. Salleh must give the full detail of when and how the con took place. Doesn’t the expensive amount of RM1.76 million paid to this conman warrant a comprehensive explanation?

It is true that if without any political influenced Salleh and the children would have gone to jail by now?

The dragging of the NFC scandal is much too long and yet no answer to it. It also meant the possibility of the network of authorities agencies are behind the cover up preventing the case to be charged.



bigjoe said...

WHAT was the con? How did Salleh pay RM1.76m IN ADVANCE for what, to whom?

THIS guy could not get a credit line at Ah Long..You have to ask what Salleh pay in advance to this guy for WHAT?

Anonymous said...



Antony said...

How crazy stupid can these umnoputras n umno itself be to even claim that a Malay PhD cum umno appointed CEO of Technology Park who has been entrusted with a rm250m hIgh impact econOmy project , can be conned by a known Conman with business development work n that to paying out rm1.7m even before delivering any results?

Really really how awful stupidity is this that we are expected to believe. And umno n bn top govt leadership , police n macc are willingly going along with this?

This concerted cover up by umno police macc will convince all Malays that umno is beyond redemption n will ditch umno no matter how long they delay the GE13.

Sharizat will blow umno top leadership corruption cover if the latter does not bail out her family now matter n what crocked ways possible. pR must keep at this pressure on NFC , keep it alive no matter what.

All of umno top leadership corruption cover must be blown now till third qtr 2012.period

jose manuel said...

The Malaysian Association for Cows and Carse ( MACC / SPRM ) SHOULD BE GIVEN a troupy of the year for the BEST awards for creating ' COW AND BULL' story.

Headwind said...

Shahrizat said awhile ago she's only the wife, implying she had nothing to do with the hubba-hubby.

Like that kah? This PhD acting like he does displaying prowess!

Which head of him is damaged that Shahrizat is staying away from?

If you got (our) money to throw away, use it, cut losses and pay a fucking good lawyer! At least some taxpayers can summon some sense of humility and acknowledge something. This bugger, No! He go and bribe someone to bribe the corrupt PDRM some more!

Like that Rizat would have no head to play around with !!! hahaha!

Lord Raven said...

t is a lifestyle to be corrupt if you are a UMNO crook.

suit said...

they should have just awarded the project to the indians of kampong pala rather than a family of greedy people.high pay.big homes.expensive account

ray said...

Why are we asking for the Heads of Aizat and Co. We should be asking for the incompetent Heads of the Police and Ma C&C

Abalone said...

This is all a jok

Kick the lembu said...

We can talk until the cows go home and everything would still be the same. Only solution is to vote out these UMNO cows and its BN dogs!

LLs said...

Is this country run by the Mafia?

I thought more than 90 per cent are Muslims, prayerful and not playful. Is it a God-given right for the BN government to go on stealing?

Donplaypuks said...


The Malay population (and therefore Muslim) in M'sia as per the last census is only just 51%.

So, where do you get 90% Muslims from?