The World Anthem




By Donplaypuks®

    Get Up, Stand Up by Bob Marley

I am not braver than anyone else out there. I too have family, a wife and children and their future to think about.

But every now and then some major issue will emerge that will test your mettle and courage. How you respond to these challenging issues will determine whether you will be be held in any esteem at all by your family, wife, children, friends and acquaintances. It will ascertain whether you continue to walk with your head held high among your peers, or not.

Ask yourself more than anything else, what lessons you are teaching your children. What legacy will you leave behind? If you allow yourself to be trampled over without any resistance, you might as well tell your wife and children to emigrate.

Bersih 3.0 is not just about our dissatisfaction with the machinations of the Election Commission. They have had over ten years to rectify the errors discovered in the electoral roll by the Opposition. CLICK HERE for a brilliant analysis into the shortcomings of the Electoral Roll by Dr.Ong Kian Meng. All the recent changes to the EC Rules are attempts to subvert the Rule of Law, by Rule by Law.

Every time an error is discovered, the EC dismisses it with "it is only 0.00xxx% of the electoral roll." It shows pathetic idiocy reigning at the EC since these errors are discovered at random. Imagine what a full independent audit of the electoral roll will uncover. This point seems to have escaped the EC Chief, but more likely, they are wilfully guilty of maintaining an irregular electoral roll.

Today's breaking news that both the EC Chief and his deputy have been card carrying registered members of UMNO proves once and for all that the EC has not been independent for a very, very long time. The correct presumption is that the EC kow-tows to the whims and fancies of the ruling UMNO/BN government which has been in power since 1957. 

The right to peaceable assembly without arms by citizens is an inalienable right of all Malaysians. An inalienable right means that even if our Constitution is silent on that matter, our rights cannot be reduced one jot by any earthly power, because it is given to us by GOD!

So, we must not allow ourselves to be intimidated by two-faced Ministers for Home Affairs or worse, unelected Mayors, when we have GOD on our side. 

Had Samad Said and Ambiga originally selected Merdeka Stadium as the venue for Bersih 3.0, KL Mayor Ahmad Fuad would have pronounced it out of bounds for "historic" reasons, and suggested they convene in the middle of the jungle to avoid affecting adversely the livelihoods of our oh, so poor petty traders, hawkers and taxi drivers in Masjid India. 

Let us be very clear. OUR elected Minister for Home Affairs has publicly announced that Bersih 3.0 is not a security issue. Therefore, unelected Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Ahmad Fuad, go suck your fuckin' thumbs, court order or not.

Many may feel that tomorrow's planned gathering of Bersih 3.0 will be a nuisance, an unwelcome disruption to their placid lives. I can only urge and exhort you to get off your posteriors, because if you don't, the day is not far off when you might soon be squatting in some refugee camp in Thailand or Burma, ruing that you did not get up and stand up for your rights. Even if you are afraid, come and stand, even if it is far from the madding crowd. Your mere presence in the vicinity will send a strong signal to the government, unelected mayor of Kuala Lumpur and these Stalinists that we shall not accept their dictatorial ways.

As for me, I shall be at Dataran Merdeka on Saturday 28 April 2012, i.e. tomorrow, come hell or high water. No government shall tell me which colour t-shirts shirts I cannot wear, or an unelected mayor get away with over-ruling a Federal Minister, albeit a two-faced one. 

In any event, I will hold Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak responsible if anything untoward transpires tomorrow, because he has, by continuing to remain silent, confirmed that he has sub-contracted the Nazi Gestapo shenanigans to the dirty tricks brigade at City Hall.

If I am arrested, I won't pay the fine and will signal two fingers if the judge puts me behind bars. There is no way I am going to contribute one cent more than legally necessary to the coffers of one of the most corrupt rogue regimes in modern human history!

In the immortal words of The Fonz, 'Be There, or Be Square!'

We Are (sometimes regrettably) All of 1 Race, The Human Race



cin2tan said...

GODbless !

Dpp said...

Thank you cin2tan. Be there!


Anonymous said...

I attended many gatherings "atas arahan" but this is the first time where I attended "atas arahan sendiri". Should have done it earlier tho'.

dato s said...

Saya sokong bersih 3.0..sudah tiba masa kita bangun.depa ingat duit bantuan 500 dah cukup nak beli undi kita.mmg bangang betul.bagi rasuah terang terangan.cukup la wahai BN dan kroni kroni mu..hangpa kaya raya , kami rakyat masih miskin..macam cibai ..aku mmg x puas hati cara BN UMNO..depa ingat depa tuhan..pergi mampus

Tun said...

Lets pray, God the Mighty will bless all our Brothers & Sisters, any untoward incident Najip got to answer for it.

Hopefully, he realize of his unpopular deeds, if not protest never ends and may comes to a situation like the Thais, Philipines, Nyamar and Middle East.

DS Yong said...

Malaysia Chronicle likely forced by BN to shut down by 30th. this month.

Can we work on something else?

Maybe operate in a third country!
Chances are good to overrun BN at this moment.

MOCS a little lagging, be ready for more steam.

my2cents said...

his is it people. Let's take back what is rightfully ours. Screw the kurang ajar his ham, bollocks to the fuak mayor, middle finger to the prdm.

Give me liberty or give me death. CU THERE!!!!

NayUMNOBN said...

Well said, it has been too much and for too long, it is time to tell them no, rakyat will not be gullible anymore, rakyat care and love the country. Will not see the country being exploited and go down the drain.

Say no to the corrupt and rotten to core UMNO-BN, people power will prevail.

proPER said...

Sir, every single word is the truth. Thank you. I couldn't say it better. We will pray for your safety and well being.. To all you patriots at the rally, May The All Mighty God Be With You.

CHEWLIN said...

support Bersih 3 and fight against the most dirtiest BN , SMELTY, ROTTON , CROOK BN.ALL NATION SUPPORT bERSIH.

chinl_li said...

Yes, brother , we have God on our side.

Psalm 56 : 4

ylchong said...

Hear HEAR BRO BUMmer. I will joineth Thee:), DEsi BUMmer2, matey:)

CHEN HT said...

There is only one placae fpor najis,, HELL.

Prayer said...

Rain or shine, to all the brave B3.0 participants, thanks for marching on to represents all walks of life who can't make it but deep inside their hearts have the same goal to asked for a clean and fair elections, our prayers is with u all.

God bless the B3.0 peaceful sitting rally today until the end with no violence and everyone will safely come home, in God we trust!! Amen.

for the future said...

well done my fellow's time. amazingly, UMNO does not understand that enough is enough of making fools of msians. probably is the only gomen in the world which is screwing it's citizens

Ah pek fcuk BN said...

I am 68 years old. Bersih 2.0 I just recover from an operation and could not attend. I did today. Earlier my son was worried. I told him for my grand kids future I must take part. I am glad I did.

I was right in front of City Hall, Jln Raja Laut from 10.30 am. The turn out was overwhelming and the people were friendly and when they were told to sit they sat.

Earlier YBAzmin came by and everyone cried out "Bersih" MP from Bukit Mertajam was also present.

Shevwas seated about 6 feet away from me. As the afternoon progress, I saw the police in the barricade were replaced by FRU and was backed by the menacing looking red trucks. Helicopters were flying overhead and iI heard one guy said Najib was in one of the copters. By 3.30pm I was very tire and thirsty and I decided to head home.

Minutes later I heard tear gas was fired. Silently in my mind I asked, why? The crowd was well behave. My son immediately called me. I told him I am on my way home. I took some pictures for my grand kids as a reminder that their grandpa did not fail to fight for their future!

jiminy said...

DontPlayPuks !..Dont worry ! We will be there at Dataran too to support !!!!

Big Picture said...

The message is clear to najis whatever he is trying to buy the heart of people let him waste his effort in vain for we will still vote him out we pray for god almight power to continue to work with us and let umNo doomsday be served hidup Bersih!!

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 11.36, dato s said etc., I hear you. Thanks for the support. Our cause is just.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race


Now we know why EC always say 0.x% error only ... Both of the goons are UMNO members lah!!!!


defender said...

TO ALL MALAYSIANS - WHEN THE DAY COME IE GE 13, Make sure everyone understand that they are voting out Idi Amins of the world, we do not need Racist nor Elected Reps who divides us all.

Lord Jim said...

"I'll be at Dataran because I too have a family and their future to think of"

"We Are (sometimes regrettably) All of 1 Race, The Human Race"


If you think of "The Human Race" you don't need to think only when you "too have a family and their future to think of"

Thinking of "The Human Race" alone would do the trick.

That would usually mean it covers your family and yourself.

No need to make the occasion either one should you bear the burden of guilt if you don't show up at Dataran.

Neither that you have suddenly heroically discovered you have family and should show up.

There are plenty who would show up at Dataran without making an epic, monumental or dramatic meal of it.

They would dread to think what their stance would be if they are without any "family"

Maybe "humanity" for some of them would be less relevant..?!

jamesking10 said...

Can Ambiga and/or President of the Bar council explain on the point of natural law, of how come a Judge can pass a court order, that going to Dataran is illegal.

What is the basis of the court decision? Should it be based on hard evidence or preemptive evidence before the court that a judgement can be made?

Again is Dataran can be considered a high security area? Last time yellow was banned and now a common place of tourism is also out of security-bound.

What kind of kangaroo judge are we having in Malaysia. Next time when Bersih has 4.0 coming, the whole of Selangor state is out bound for 1 solid year and also all rakyat is under house arrest for 2 years.