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by the three degrees, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondents for 3rd degree affairs

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   Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again

 Three Degrees - Falling In Love With Love Again                                       

The products of our globally no.1 MsEjjucashion System are evident everywhere in 1 3rd Degree Bolihland. So, Donplaypuks® sent out his cybersleuths and media con-sultants to gather evidence that we have some of the best degree holders ever and to get quotable quotes from them to prove they are worth more than mere paper and are capable of inspiring us to greater heights.

Here are a few gems. Have a good laugh, for laughter is the best medicine, ever!


Only our $43 billion PTPTN write-off and BTN sponsored ketuanan degrees shall be recognised. DAP degrees are not only not halal but are also anti-Islam, anti-Malay, anti-Royalty, anti-Police, anti-MACC, anti-Judiciary and pro-China and Singapore colonisation. This is racialism as approved by Maha Firaun, but not racism or bigotry. Hooray! 

M China Ally at chairmanredmao@beijing.conmmunism
No need degree loh! Just memorise the Little Red Ah Long's Book and Dr.M’s masterpiece non-fiction novel ‘Ali Baba And The 400 Thieves.’ Vote wisely. 

M Indian Circus at weavewigs@velu.tamilnadu.yindia.con
Yeducashion degreeing? Not needing yet yall.  No cash dere. Get scrotum pouch licking and testicle carrying degree from MAIMS U (Mamauncle Advanced Institute of Madhoff Schemes University). We teaching what they don’t teaching at Havud, Oxford and Cambridge – the 3 books of yaccounting hocusing pocusing book-keeping systeming. Isn’t it? Vote wisely. 

Buntutsan Newspaper at bangkitpemegangijazah@buntutsan.toiletpaper.con
Don’t feel insulted (i.e. ultra vires) to rise and claim your birthright social contract brainwashed BTN degree/ijazah. The less you know, the better. Let I Ali, Robotfrog and Perkosong liberate you with ignorance and bigotry. Vote wisely. 

WCW Jalan Alor Setar Newspaper at wcwjlnalorsetar@toiletpaper.con
Don’t feel insulted (i.e. ultra vires) to rise and claim your birthright social contract brainwashed BTN degree. The less you know, the better. Let Buntutsan, I Ali, Robotfrog and Perkosong liberate you with ignorance and bigotry. Vote wisely. 

New State Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, Thighimes Dishrag Newspaper at nstthaithighs@toiletpaper.con
Don’t feel insulted (i.e. ultra vires) to rise and claim your birthright social contract brainwashed BTN degree. The less you know, the better. Let Buntutsan, I Ali, Robotfrog and Perkosong liberate you with ignorance and bigotry. Vote wisely. 

Mal Association for Cows & C.Arse at
NFA! The degree of guilt can only be ascertained by the quality of the investigation. It's not our job to find proof. We always give suspects the benefit of the doubt with the third degree. TBH? It was voluntary suicide. We have 100% ascertained there is no criminality involved. Ask I Raja Polis. Vote wisely. 

I Raja Polis ans I Polis Raja at
NFA! The degree of guilt can only be ascertained by the quality of the investigation. It's not our job to find proof. We always give suspects the benefit of the doubt with the third degree. It was water in Kugan’s lungs. We have 100% ascertained there is no criminality involved. Ask Mal Association of Cows & C.Arse. Vote wisely. 

AG at
NFA! The degree of guilt can only be ascertained by the quality of the investigation. It's not my job to find proof. I always give suspects the benefit of the doubt with the third degree. Ask I Raja Polis and Mal Association of Cows & C.Arse. Vote wisely. 

Ambassador TO USA at 1Cigar@rabaraba.comequick.washingtondc
It’s not the engineering degree or the cigar. It’s who smokes it for you and how you “settle” the bill for a hundred thousand smackeroos! Vote wisely. 

AR Baginda at OxconsubmarinesPhD@$
Pak Lah you die lah! You only have local Islamic Studies and Sleeping Degree. I also have sleeping degree. More than that, I have PhD in Internal and International Sleeping Relations with Altantuya. That’s glocally recognised! 

I Ali, Robotfrog at jumpingfrogs@messcommdegree.con
I got degree in mess comm. So, that’s mean don’t messing wis me, kan? And don’t Bersih 3 with that anti-Christ, anti-Muslim, anti-Malay, anti-anti bloody woman, ok? Or else, I may blow 67% of my top! 

KJ at silhairyplotter@oxcon.punb.myfatherinlaw.zzzzzzz
You don’t need any degree. You only need a father-in-law with big cables in Telekom, Tenaga, Pantai Hospital, Maybebank, alibaba nominee at Pathos Consulting and telephone number for Temasick Sovereign Fund. You can become an instant unemployable most eligible millionaire with a single phone call and a few strokes of the pen. Work smart, not study hard.

 MInsider at kali&
I haven’t the slightest degree of ownership interest in MI. if anyone says so, I will sue for $50 million. I said nothing defamatory. I will not apologise to Maha Firaun or Matthias Chang. Ok, I will. ZZZZ. 

MKini at mkini@gsoros.con
Subscribe to our online portal and earn a degree in Zionism, how to gamble on the forex market, short sell currencies and bankrupt South East Asian economies. Meet our international con-sultant apanama Maha Firaun Dr.M and his faithless $30 billion forex assistant, Nor Mohd. Robocop (see below). 

MuhyAmatDopeyDin (MADD) DPM at
My degree in Isam comes first, then my degree in Malay and then only my 1 Bolihlander degree. You have cash, then we have MsEjjucashion degree for you. No cash, then we have $43 billion of unserviced PTPTN gormen loan scheming degree for you. You wan? 

Nor Mohd Robocop at $
A mere degree in economics will not suffice. You must have a PhD in milking the system and making cheese. You must know how to steal and move $30 billion of cheese before someone else does. Guess who was the PM then? All these things happened. So let it be written, so let it be done. 

Pandikar Amin Wan Kiandee at
If it's a Minority Report or Opposition degree, then 100% cannot. If it's a $10.1 billion Supplementary Government Overspending Degree without any explanations or details, then always can. In the end, it's my decree that counts, not your degree! 

Roti Jala & Dalcha at
We cannot continue subsidising MsEjjucashion and degrees. We have to introduce compulsory 10% Goods & Services Tax Treasure (GST) and 10% National Health Tax Con-tribution because the government has difficulty paying my $100K per month salary, which is 5 times the PM’s basic salary. 

1 Rosemajib at flomflopflocu$
Get a no-strings attached, no accountability, no transparency $105 million grant from taxpayers and earn honorary FLOM (First Lady of Mongolia) and FLOP (First Lady of Putrajaya) degrees from FLOCU First Lady of Curtin Uni. 

Saiful at
I went to see the PM and her husband about a scholarship for a Talikom degree course I had dropped out of. The PM later lied about it, twice. The rest as they say, is the football team's history.


Big Dog at K9@$
It’s not the university degree there’s important. It’s the degree of frequent flier mileage points you accumulate under AA-MAS “family member discount” 10% fares subsidy you get that’s important. How else you thinks I cans afford go has lunch with RPK in London? Don’t tell the AA-MAS Unions, yah, please!

Che Det at and also at
The apanama Malays forget easily! Once, only I had a foreign university medical degree from the land on the other side of the Causeway - no, not India. Now many Malays have degrees. Once we had no chinese DAP. Now we have chinese DAP. They will rob the Malays of their degrees, land, religion, king, 30% ytl, ak, vince baby and side mokh alibaba billion $ contracts money and country. That's racialism, but not racial. We must take everything back by slow degrees. Najib's 1 Bolihland is on the right track and working out stupendously well - for Mukhriz. Way to go, Jibby!

Din Merican the DJ blogger at
Forget the degree! Here's the week-end entertainment from dinobean, clfamiliaris, phua kai lit, mr.bean, reeperbahn, danilaud, tok cik, abnizar, mak cik, kathy, didi and the gang. 

Jebat Must Died? at hangtuahischinese@profemerituskkk.nohistory.con
Yes, it’s true UMNO/MCA/MIC have been in power as the federal government since 1957 and formulated and implemented the national education and vernacular schools policy 100% with taxpayers’ money. But, it’s all the racist DAP (who have never formed the federal government) and Long John Dong Zong’s fault to a degree. Certainly not MCA or MIC or UMNO’s fault. We must only write “true facts” in our history books. All the “false facts” in our history books approved by UMNO/MCA/MIC since 1957 – it’s all also the racist DAP’s fault. This is the true truth. 

Get a degree from nature. Live with nature and learn from the real Orang Asal/Orang Asli. Fuck Jibby! 

OutSyed D Masjid India Gold Sukuk Shop Box at
To a great degree, it’s all the fault of the Arabs in Bukit Bintang. Guess who was the PM at that time? All these things happened. So let it be written, so let it be done. By order of ‘The Club of Holy Book Doom.’ 

Parpukari & Dalcha at housepkrotichanaibelumselesai@mahafiraun.con
Gempar the Degree man! Where’s the PANAS KFC chicken skin lard food? Gempar the KFC! Where’s the Nasional Feednotalot Corp $180 a kilo condo beef steak? Gempar the condo beef steak… 

Peoples Parliament at lawbreakerslawmakers@
Get an internationally recognised degree from Anak Bangsa Uni. No, try Uni of Barisan Rakyat or Pakatan Rakyat or KITA or MCLM or Zaid or Third Force or ABU. Just get a degree. Uni of RPK? Let me think about it.

Rocky's Mole Brew at bumnobnpressclub@$
$10 million for a BMW degree? No way, hose. I wish. We only wanted to to give the Sleeping PM a send off of the highest degree as Adviser to Mana Ada Sistem Airlines. Now where do we put the soon to "retire" Rosemajib? Petronas, MASA, Sime Darby, Proton, Maybank - they are all full up with former PM's and DPM's as "advisers". Ambassador to Mongolia or Curtin Uni perhaps?

Rights2Write at
Those with degrees must comment sensibly or else I will close down my blog, again, and again. And again. Have you heard the joke about the two soldiers in the jungle? One says in his walkie-talkie 'This is 1 Melayu. Who is that on the line?" The reply comes back, "This is 10 Punjabi Sikhs. What do you want? Hockey Stick or bar of Lux Soap for the shower? Payment? Belakang kira, woi!" Lol! 

RPK at
Malaysia yesterday, Manchester today. I am reliably informed by PI Bala, the supersleuth private dick, that I am reading for an Oxcam Sun Tzu Tai Chi degree myself. If everyone hates me, then I have earned my degree. 

SakmongkolAK47 at
It’s a 180-degree political u-turn of course. But the truth must prevail. Better DAP  than the party and PM to which serially lying has become second nature (keperangaian kedua), i.e. Rosemajib and BUMNO. I am not related to Steadtaku47 or AK - Ananada Krishnan.

uppercaise at
Is it 'DEGREE' or 'degree'? Find out at Selangor Times at 
Truth is not important. What is important is you support Buntutsan, Perkosong and boikot (language makhluk mana ini?) Mkini which is anti-Malay and anti-Muslim because they criticise the PM and government even and especially if they spin and lie. How unfair and bigoted of them!

Steadyaku47 at somewheredownunder@idreamofthingsthatneverwereandaskwhynot?
I have an Oz degree. What do you have and wgaf about your give-away watered down degree in Bolihland anyway? And make no mistake. I am not RPK and no relation to SakmongkolAK47 or AK- Ananada Krishnan.
If it’s 3%-12% proof, that’s beer degree. If it’s > 20% proof, that’s black label degree. Lol! Anything less, it’s time to throw the power-drunk BUMNO/BN government out on its ears. ABU.

Donplaypuks® with our degrees, man!


Taikohtai said...

Holy cow! You're a run away, take no prisoners speeding truck with no brakes!!

goplaypukees said...

This man think he is funny, humorous but he is just mentally unstable.

Dick Farlatt said...

No he's not, goplaypukees. It's just that you've lost your sense of humour due to over-licking

Lulu said...

What is the purpose of this article?

Has it got any intellectual content? Is this a reflection of Malaysians' state of mind and mentality? No wonder you are all so stupid and cannot compete intellectually internationally.

You have feeble minds. a country full of wierdos with strange sense of humour. Consult a psychiatrist if you have one in your country. The owner of this blog included.

Anon said...

Lulu and goplaypukees

Either you don't live in M'sia and don't ustand the issues or the level of english being what it is today here, you don't get the humour. What a waste.

Anti-intellectual and mentally stable said...

Hey gpp

Look at the BUM logo and names of Bloggers. You don't think its funny? You never heard of Rocky, Parpukari or Unspinners and the others? Mentally unstable? The joke is on you.

and Lulu, if you don't see the funny side and "intellectual content" I guess it is because you probably spend all your time reading the "high class" NST, STAR and wakaka "Buntutsan"!

Purple Haze said...


You are cracking me up.

Some folks may not get your humour but that's their shortcoming, not yours.

But really, for those folks who are critical, consider that DPP whacked everyone but in jest. So lighten up lah.

RPK-fanclub said...

Thumbs Up! Enjoyed reading your article...Hilarious..he..he..

Would like to add to the one on RPK...Nit as funny as yours version nevertheless..


"I am reliably informed by my deepthroats that I'm a very good "COOK"! An exceptional one..OF COURSE..Dont you stupid readers know?

I've cooked up the figures of my readership at MT. See article Where do Malaysia Todays readers come from.

I've cooked up comments in my blog to show how many readers I have.. Also you know how my readers prostate to me..Why you're laughing?...oh sorry not prostate but prostrate... Aiyah! Why so bodoh one ah?
Going back to how people prostate aka prostrate to me look at how they glorify my prostateness with calling me "Yang Mulia" and with comments like this..."TQ RPK, I try not to abuse the privilege this time.."
Ah you see how people especially my readers shake in their pants with their prostate kecut? all so fearful of me...(The Great RPK says with chest thumping actions like Kong...).........
I'm the Greatest...Yeah The Greatest cook author of the book "How to COOK UP a sellable story in 5 mins"

Dont believe me ah? Wait till I spit out some more what my Deepthroats tell me....I'm a great fact the greatest among all the bloggers the world over thats why I got so many readers from all over the world including those places you never know the tiny nook and corners of my crotch! Bodoh lah you semua...KONON!"

VirtueNetz said...

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