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by peoplebinrakyat, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for tahrir square affairs

I don't really care, by whoevers estimate, if 250,000 or 100,000 or 80,000 or 45,0000 attended the event at the historic Merdeka Stadium (Independence Stadium) on Saturday 12th January 2013. It might just as well have been a lone dissenter. I wish it had been a lone dissenter! There's nothing that strikes more terror in the hearts and minds of fascist Governments then when a single person stands up in full public view (with the international Press, TV and their camera men and women waiting in attendance) for everyone's democratic inalienable human and political rights. Remember how the Peoples' Republic of China went into epileptic convulsions, fits and cardiac arrest with that guy holding a cheap white plastic bag in front of mammoth tanks at Tiananmen Square? (See picture below).

But first things first. I am calling it HKR12012013 (Himpunan Kebangkitan Rakyat or Peoples' Uprising Rally)  because I am sick of  us following this Americanism of stating the month first when someone asks for the date.Let's stick to our own fine traditions. And fuck that 'have a fine day' phoney mannerism.

To get back to the main topic, in fact, I was hoping they - the evil triumvirate of Grossemajib, Kerismudin and whichever supine civil serpent they promoted last week from the ranks of clerks to head KL City Hall Mayorship (pending 24-hour instant, strictly non-political, transfer as genius head of Economic Plundering Unit or "special adviser" to the PM - would ban HKR12012013. Because there's nothing to 'uprise' about if the Government agrees with you. You need an edge. Good God, what kind of a Government agrees to an uprising against it? Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA)? My arse! This Act will not survive the new Pakatan Government that is destined to take over Putrajaya, come a few months! The PAA was designed to rob us of our rights, not protect it!

But of course, Grossemajib and Kerismudin proved true to form and provided us the edge. Again, the undynamic duo abused their powers by interfering with I Raja Polis' (IRP) jurisdiction. They revealed their thieving, crooked mentality by manipulating the scenes behind the scenes by getting IRP to attempt to change the HKR12012013 venue from Merdeka Stadium to Bukit Jalail Stadium, at the eleventh hour. The HKR12012013 organizers bravely stuck two fine fingers in the air and stuck to their guns.

In the end, everything ended well for a nation of anti-BUMNO/BN dissenters. As for the much anticipated downplaying by paid BUMNO Bloggers and that loathsome forked-tongued reptilian Mahathir and his apologists, here's a photo from PDRM which shows, that at its peak, Merdeka Stadium was full and overflowing. So, an estimate of 100,000 in not unreasonable, is it? 

Of course, IRP confirmed the pathetic state of education in Malaysia, especialy Maths & Science, by talking about "double counting" and proving themselves incapable of using a simple $10 casio calculator! (DPM Muhy, this is just for information only, not action, since your time will be up in a few months, and you can retire peacefully to Melbourne, provided that is, you don't end up in Bamboo River Resort courtesy of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission for having unexplained wealth, post GE 2013).

So, Goldfinger (to paraphrase him) was right again. 

Once is, Happenstance. Twice, Coincidence. Thrice and more, a bloody big LIE. So it is written, and so shall it come to pass. Caught at it again, o' paid BUMNO/BN blogger preacher Arab-hater man of the book and your cohorts, who shall by the words of your own holy book, fry in HELL? Oh boy, am I enjoying this!

Donplaypuks® with the truth, man, for you shall soon cross swords with SATAN, not the  understanding and compassionate God you were hoping for!

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