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by Donplaypuks®, intrepid correspondent for Malaysian justly accusing affairs

Once again, I regard it as my duty to pay homage to and keep alive what I regard as the greatest newspaper article of all time - 'J'accuse', written and first published on 13th January 1898 by that great French writer, Emile Zola. As a documentation of all the positive things about us humans - thinking intelligence, inventiveness, creativeness, courage in the face of hopeless odds, inspirational - nothing comes close.

Once again, I draw on Zola and J'accuse to warn you of the dangers of "self-appointed dictators" hiding in laughable patriots' clownish costume. At the risk of being repetitious, let me remind you of that famous cliche that "patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel."

And now, when that scoundrel has been caught in the glare of huge search lights, naked with his pants down (again), he would have us believe that government policy is legal if effected by him, even if it is TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Which begs the question of how our Constitution could reign supreme as the protector of the rights of Malaysian citizens, if Mahathirism could blatantly be allowed to ride rough-shod over it. 

And make no mistake. Dr. Mahathir Mohamad is in self-denial and wallowing in classic CYA (cover your ass) mode, when he shamelessly whimpers that he had the power to give away blue Identity Cards (IC) and citizenships to illegal immigrants in Sabah, as part of legal government policy when he was Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981-2003. 

Article 19(3) of our Federal Constitution states"The periods of residence in the federation ... required for the grant of a certificate of naturalisation are periods which amount in the aggregate to not less than 10 years in the 12 years immediately preceding the date of the application....". Was this complied with? What skills could these ILLEGAL immgrants have brought that could pass the "desirable skills" citizenship test in Malaysia? 

Let me be even more accusatorial. Mahathir is plain lying, and he knows too that he is lying. Traitorus and treasonous conduct? You bet! Gross abuse of power? Totally!

Mahathir did that to ensure that his grip on power would not lapse, if and when, and now they surely have, Sabahans realise that Mahathir was just as much a colonialist, as the British and others we replaced, were!

For no government policy can sanction the award of citizenships to illegal immigrants, with the right to vote in State and general elections, if it is tainted with the broad brush of racial and religious bigotry! And that's exactly what Mahathir set out to achieve. His aim was to re-engineer the population mix of Sabah, by secretly awarding citizenships to mainly Filipino and Indonesian illegal Muslim immigrants, some of whom were clearly terrorists! 

To achieve this, he and his Cabinet Ministers illegally ordered and approved the forging of birth certificates, and relaxed the rules for issuing blue IC's.

It it was all that legal, why was it done in completely secrecy? Why has he been denying anything of that nature occurred all these years?

But there is something even more despicable of the man dubbed 'Maha Firaun' or 'Great Pharaoh" which monicker I am told is something that Dr.M loathes even more than being labelled a 'self-appointed dictator.' 

He claims his actions were no different from that of Tunku Abdul Rahman, the Prime Minister at Independence in 1957, in awarding citizenships to Chinese, Indians and Others. 

And therein lies the GREAT LIE

The great and much-loved Tunku, regarded universally as the one true Prime Minister of ALL Malaysians, his Ministers and administration:-

1. DID NOT secretly award Malaysian citizenships based on whether anyone was a Muslim or not. Religion and race did not come into the equation.

2. Awarded citizenships in 1957 AFTER open discussions and agreement by  all the Sultans (Rulers), UMNO, MCA, MIC, the British Administration and various NGO's and prominent individuals. This was seen as social justice to a group of (largely) immigrants who had been brought in under contract labour tems from China, India, Sri Lanka, etc., to develope Malaya. 

These immigrants had contributed spectacularly to the Malayan economy over a period of some 150 years, in developing an advanced infrastructure and catapulting the country on to the world stage in the production of  (primarily) rubber and tin, the priciple export commodities of Malaya. Only an insane man would deny the Indian/Chinese nexus in the road, railway, port and plantation and mining industries. Many had fought to defend the country against the Japanese, and later, the Communists.

They were not the children of the 'come here, gone tomorrow' class of 'get rich quick' immigrants. Malaya owed them, and the Tunku and Rulers rewarded them for their loyalty, with a non-religious and non-racial embrace that was surpassed only by its magnanimity

And this senile old self-induced selective amnesia suffering shrivelling old goat and bigot would have us believe that his despicable manipulations were in the same class as that of the Tunku and the Rulers?

There, I have warned you of our, the Malaysian Peoples', real enemy. He is this waxing and waning demagogue, whose deliberate policy all these years, has been to divide the Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sarawakians, Sabahans and others and the Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Taosist too, in order to cling on to power and destroy us completely. His party, the new one that illegally transferred assets of that of the old honoured one, no longer represents the majority of the Malaysian Malays, or decent human beings! How can it, when it will not even bring murderers (who ordered the killing of Altantuya?) to book!

You have been warned. I have stuck this warning label on every article I have produced. Caveat Emptor! Read it. Memorise it. Vote our enemies out. That is our duty to our children and to those yet to be born in Malaysia.

I accuse Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, and I accuse justly!

Donplaypuks® with citizenships and Malaysians, O' Maha Firaun!


Anonymous said...

Well Written...hope MM gets to read it. Best send it to Rocky Bru or RPK and it will get to him.
Keep it up Anak Bangsa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Anonymous said...

This mamak is extremely clever 2 twist and turn the malays like puppets to his advantage. Please kick him out..

Ellese A said...

This is one of your better argued write than your typical unsubstantiated rantings.

I agree with you that it's wrong for us to give out citizenship for political purposes. What is wrong is wrong. Though I think it's legally correct and constitutional where many have been there for a long time since the Moro's insurgency but still its morally wrong.

The other thing is your argument to secrecy or otherwise is shallow. It makes no difference. The fact it's done transparently does not make the issue clearer. For example whether you rob a person in daylight or at night (quietly) makes no difference to the issue of robbing.

Your further justification that those who contribute to business is better than those fishermen and plantations workers is downright prejudice. Mind you The Indians were placed then by the British in the estates too.. There's a number of the sabahan immigrants in estates and various industries like fishing. And please, The British resorted to imposing the immigrants into Malaysia was not because of their contribution. It's pure politics. They did not want to give British citizenship to them because it will affect the British voting patterns. Its a fact.

Donplaypuks® said...


I realy don't know what and how you read. Please feel free to quote where exactly I stated my preference for businessmen over fishermen and plantation workers.

And don't you think there is one hell of a difference between offering citizenships in 1957 to long-serving immigrant workers legally brought in under contract labour terms, and offering citizenships to totally illegal immigrants based mainly on whether they were Muslims or not?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Ellese A said...

You have made the distinction between the contribution of the Sabah immigrants whom you questioned their skill and the contribution of those in 57. I reminded you that there's many similarities. The Indians were at estates similar to those "illegal immigrants" in Sabah. The "illegal immigrants" of Sabah are also not only in the estates but other industries like in the fisheries industry.. The major difference is that in 57 there were many in business and trade which I don't see many in the "illegal immigrants". Hope I've explained the reference.

I will not support Mahathir if he did this purely for political purpose. But as in 57, many of them then were a by product of historical policy. Though british refused to give citizenship even to those in straits settlements based on politics, it is only right that all of them have to be accepted on humane grounds. It is inhumane to ask for all to go back to their original country as they have come to make malaya their homes. Its similar to the Many illegal immigrants of Sabah who are in sabah due to the historical nature. The Moros insurgencies as well as the porous border allowing the free movement of people for years have made Sabah their homes. Lets see how the rci progress. But if for pure political decision I repeat it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Lately there has been articles floating in the net that our beloved Maha Firaun has 44 Billion, way ahead of Suharto, Marcos. Facts coming from an undisputed source.

We have not seen any denial from Maha Firaun. Tell us Is it true?
Maha Firaun salary was only 18,000 a monh, He can never make 1 Billion with the best of the bestest investment in stock Market and Currency Market.

Follow the the gravy trail, you will find answers, waiting to jump up to present itself in full glory.

But the Administrator do not follow the gravy trail, choosing to follow, by shouting "Oppressed Majority"

our Crime buster force is ignorant?
MACC sleeping? )ur Guni Petai got selective amnesia? Seems incompetent. Deserves to be PECAT immediately for
1) pecah amanah and
2) mingkir ikrar pada Agung

but some royalty implicated also ... Alamak.
The BN Administrators can grease & buy those royalty. Can it get more corrupt that that ...

The smell is overwhelming and revolting, when the shit hit the fan

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 3.12

Much as we would like like to believe Mahathir corruptly amassed RM44 billion, it's not likely.

Someone in Malaysia Chronicle worked out that if Mubarak of Egypt had accumulated $2billion a year, then Mahathir could have made $44 billion over 22 years. That reference which was also quoted in Wikipedia has been removed.

But you are right, the stink from BUMNO/BN is over-powering!

Anonymous said...


Have you filed a police report on what you accussed?

Donplaypuks® said...

Anon 9.17

Many police reports have been made, but no action.

E.g. The $10 billion Bank Negara forex loss scandal first covered up by Mahathir in the early '90's. Why is the sacked BN trader Nor Mohd Yapkop back in Govt and heading the Economic Plundering Unit? Can such a thing be allowed in any other civilized country?