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by sherlock poirot charlie chan dario FO, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for dick’s minds

It's happening again. And frighteningly so!

Even as the ghosts of Francis Udyappan, Kugan, Teoh Boon Hock, Altantuya, Ahmad Sarbani, R.Gunasegaran and 1,500 more who died while in the custody of various government authorities and police continue to haunt us, we have, within the space of a month, two more unexplained deaths - that of Cheah Chin Lee in Penang, and now, C.Sugumaran, in Selangor. Their death certificates say they died from cardiac (heart) arrest. But after Kugan's death where the government initiated post mortem missed 45 serious injuries, no one in Malaysia pays the slightest heed to them anymore.

In C.Sugumaran's case, we are left to ponder how the cardiac arrest cause of death verdict was delivered, after several eye-witnesses clearly saw him being handcuffed by police and assaulted by some 20 men, including some cops.

"More than 50 people protested at a police station here today the alleged police killing of a handcuffed security guard (C.Sugumaran).....Cops blasted for covering up 'turmeric murder' case...The lawyers also slammed Serdang Hospital - that they accused of having a “history of falsifying post-mortem findings in favour of the police authorities” - for attempting to prohibit them from accessing the victim’s remains.Yesterday, Serdang Hospital once again breached medical ethics by refusing to let Sugumar’s family see the body, on instructions from the police. The family were only allowed to see the body upon the insistence of lawyers and activists, after four hours of waiting. They cited how in the past the hospital had falsely claimed that A.Kugan died of water in the lungs when in fact he had been beaten to death in police custody. The Serdang pathologist Prof Dr Abdul Karim Tajuddin was subsequently found guilty by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) of professional misconduct for falsifying Kugan’s post-mortem findings. They said Sugumar’s family intends to lodge complaints against Serdang Hospital and its pathologists with the MMC. We also urge the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) to allow and facilitate the carrying out of a second post-mortem upon Sugumar’s remains. Until the second post-mortem is carried out satisfactorily, the family will not claim the body," the headlines and online news portals reports blaze.

The testimonies into the ongoing inquests of Kugan and Gunasegaran provide a chilling insight into corruption and massive cover ups by our men in blue. Rogue police officers have been systematically allowed to run amok within our security system. So-called good cops have bent the rules and looked the other way where it mattered they act true to their pledge of aleegiance to serve the PEOPLE.

Successive former and current IGP's have been instrumental in blocking the setting up of an 'Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission' (ICPMC), as recommended by a Royal Commission of Inquiry in 2005. And successive Prime Ministers and Home Ministers have not had the testicular will to overrule the machinations of our ill-directed IGP's. But if countries like UK, HK and Australia could have set up their ICPMC's many years ago,what's been holding up Malaysia, where deaths in custody have reached epidemic proportions?

One can only hazard a guess as to the kind of blackmail that took place behind the scenes, in the corridors of power, between the police and UMNO/BN!

But if the Prime Minister and Home Minister do not rein in the IGP and rogue policemen, the day is not far off when this plague affects someone high up in government, like a Prime Minister or Minister. The Government must ensure the IGP and his brethren get the message clear - they serve the PEOPLE and are firstly answerable to the Home Minister, and ultimately the PEOPLE. That's how fully democratic and non-fascist and non-police States are supposed to function. If anyone does not understand this, they should be made to take a long walk on a short pier over the Straits of Malacca!

My views on this issue have been regular and consistent. I reproduce below my satirical blog post of 2009 as proof. This is what regularly happens in a country when the Executive branch of government capitulates to the Mafia:




by sherlock poirot charlie chan dario FO, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for dick’s minds

The August Post Mortem Commission of the greatest detectives and medical minds in the World rose as one body to acclaim, applaud and congratulate the outstanding, sole and unchallenged winner of the ‘2009 Nobel Correct,Correct,Correct Prize’, I. American M.D.

The Commission, chaired by I. American M.D., had been ably assisted by Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Charlie Chan with watching briefs held by AG Ganesh Patel, I Raja Polis Big Moose, eleven I Polis Raja from Peace Hill Resort district and Kapak Singh MP for Altant.., opps sorry can't say that, I mean that Chinese Mongolian blackmailing bitch Aminah Baginda.

The Commission had just concluded its unanimous finding that the death of suspected but surely guilty one Anarchist A. Coogie was wholly, exclusively and necessarily due to a regrettable ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE and that it was a true and fair verdict. Coogie had been arrested as a suspected but surely guilty one Anarchist, Al Qaeda General and peddler of illegal DVD’s of the popular computer game ‘Grand Theft Auto.’

Coogie had been collared the previous month at the Klang Hitman Pasar Malam (Night Market) near the abandoned $30 million new Bus Station and taken to the Peace Hill Resort People Friendly Incarceration and Interrogation Tea Party Centre, for counselling and ‘friendly’ advice. At some point in time of a murky and hazy night, Coogie had, overcome by remorse and deep shame, suddenly cut loose from a ring of 11 interrogators and flung himself to death through the 3rd Floor window of the tea room.

The findings of the Commission are classified under the draconian OSIBISA – Official Secrets, Intelligence, Banking and Internal Security Act. However, donplaypuks® managed to obtain loose transcripts of the Commission of Inquiry’s proceedings from its garbage disposal can and after piecing them together, has decided to share these excerpts with the Public in the interest of justice, at the risk of being sub-judice and being invited via a Mareva Injunction to take a friendly tour of the picturesque Peace Hill Resort.
I.American M.D.
So, we can ignore the 2 PM’s?

11 I Polis Raja chorus
Absolutely! Ignore them! Don lah korek, korek, korek!

I Raja Polis
That’s right. Maha Firaun and Maharosemajib have nothing to do with it.

I American M.D.
Idiot! I meant the two Post Mortems, not Prime Ministers. The cause of death was Pulmonary Enema.

AG Ganesh Patel
You mean they beat the shit out of Coogie? That’s MURDER!!

Sherlock Holmes
I say old chap, what’s Pulmonary Enema? Watson?

Alimentary, my dear Holmes!

I.American M.D.
Imbeciles! I meant Pulmonary Edema exacerbated by Myocardial Infarction aggravated by acute malfunction of the Renal Sub-Filtrate System with possible contributory factors arising from External Blunt Force Trauma.

I Raja Polis/AG Ganesh Patel
We no spik German. Please translate to English.

Charlie Chan
Water accumulation in the lungs caused by failure of the kidneys and a swelling of the heart due to having the shit beaten out of him by a rubber truncheon, perhaps?

I.American M.D.
No! No! No! No rubber truncheons. It was suicide. He jumped of his own accord from the 3rd Floor window at Peace Hill Resort.

11 I Police Raja chorus
Fell of his own accord! Accidental Suicide!

AG Ganesh Patel
Even though he was handcuffed behind his back and there were 11 I Polis Raja with him at that time?

I.American M.D.
That’s right. He was apparently a sprinter of some renown having been trained by Olympic and World Champ, Usain Bolt.

Hercule Poirot
And managed to leap 15 feet high and slip through the iron bars of the window on the 3rd Floor, while handcuffed behind his back?

I.American M.D.
Sounds incredible, I confess. But you know these oily Indians from Klang. The ‘Orang Minyak’ (Oily Man) is a well known Gang of thieves. They are superbly fit and can slip through the eye of a needle.

Sherlock Holmes
But the PM does not state anything about broken bones, only numerous torture lacerations on the skin and blunt trauma marks.

I.American M.D.
You will recall that the body was compromised by members of Coogie’s family and two Members of Parliament when they barged into the morgue at the hospital. They fixed the bones, planted the scars and engineered gaping holes and bruises on the body.

11 I Police Raja chorus
They fixed it! Shame and Perfidy! Red Card, MP’s!

Dr. House
What about the 2nd Independent Post Mortem. The provisional cause of death (pending toxicology) was stated as due to acute renal failure due to Rhabdomyolysis?

I.American M.D.
I no spik Bangla!

Dr. Mark ‘Ace’ Kolmar
Breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue due to having the shit beaten out of him by blunt force trauma rubber truncheons, perhaps?

I.American M.D.
Well, these foreign doctors from Bangladesh and Burma. What can we say? It may be common in Dhaka, but not here in 1 Malaysia, 1 Nation, Just Do it. Kami Bolih!

11 I Polis Raja chorus
Common in Dhaka, Bangladesh. How sad!

Dr. Kildare
What did your inspection of Coogie’s body reveal?

I.American M.D.
No, no.There was no need. I just went through the files and photos of the 2 PM’s and expertly deduced from my armchair that there was no foul play whatsoever!

11 I Polis Raja chorus
Expertly deduced from his armchair. No foul play whatsoever. Nudge, Nudge! Wink, Wink!

Kapak Singh MP
Why did the kidneys, lungs and heart fail? Surely, the cause of death must be determined?

I.American M.D.
The cause of death was the heart stopped beating and the brain stopped functioning. But of course we could not establish the heart had expanded. But this is normal in the case of Malaysian Indian 'Grand Theft Auto' suspects but surely guilty one !

Charlie Chan
Whoa, so congvingnience one, ah? Even if police bullet is found in body, you only conclude 'died from bleeding, heart stopped beating?'

Dr. Ben Casey
What was the clincher? I mean what was THE evidence that led you to your learned opinion?

I.American M.D.
The Suicide Note.

11 IPR chorus
Suicide Note? That’s rum!

Sherlock Holmes
He wrote a Suicide Note while fully handcuffed behind his back and in the presence of 11 I Polis Raja and they don’t know about it? Can I take a look at it?

I.American M.D.
Sorry, no can do. Barred by OSIBISA, I’m afraid. And sub-judice.

11 I Polis Raja chorus
Barred by OSIBISA, Whew!

I.American M.D.
But I can read excerpts from it. Here goes:
‘Yang benar Appa, Amma and Sujatha (my beloved mistress).. jika you receiving this letter you vill be knoving dat I yam kaput. But, I must telling the truth to the whole verld.......I yam yaddicted to ‘Grand Theft Auto’ video game and yam on a mission to make yit a Glocal success selling yit in the Night Markets of the world............11 I Polis Raja have nothing to do with beating the shit out of my body with blunt force trauma rubber truncheons leading to Pulmonary Enema exacerbated by Myocardial Infarction aggravated by acute malfunction of the Renal Sub-Filtrate System or Rhabdomyolysis Breakdown of skeletal muscle tissue, pending toxicology.....I yam deeply ashamed by my yactions and have decided to yaccidentally kammit swiside!.There’s nothing more I can say........

11 I Polis Raja chorus
Yaccidentally kammit swiside! What more is there to say!

Sherlock Holmes
Brilliant I.American M.D. You have convinced us. A true Professional. It felt like, looked like and smelled like Murder or Beating the shit out of the body with blunt force trauma rubber truncheons. But I was so obviously wrong. You have covered up all the angles beautifully.

I.American M.D.
Yes, we have covered it all up exceedingly well, what Holmes!

11 I Polis Raja chorus, I Raja Polis and AG Ganesh Patel
Yes! Covered it all up exceedingly well! Correct, correct, correct. Hip, hip hooray to I.American M.D.!

donplaypuks® with my post mortems, man!!


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Ellese A said...

Though we have disagreed in the past, on the score of death in custody, I am in agreement. There cannot be death in custody. It's not acceptable. While this also happen elsewhere, if this happen, the police must take account of it. The police must show more than statements of denial. They must view this seriously and conduct investigation every time this happens. It should be transparent as otherwise people question their conflict.

On umno being involved its a figment of imagination as it doesn't make sense. But umno should ask for proper investigation.

Having said that on tbh, proceedings have been undertaken. All stones have been turned. No credible/conclusive evidence the police caused it. You should make clear in your write.

We public wants fairness. We don't want death under custody. If this happens we want transparent investigation. If proven we want police to account.


The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, during a visit to Malaysian prisons and detention centres, found that between 2003 and 2007 “over 1,500 people died while being held by authorities”. There were less than 200 deaths officially reported by our Authorities. When pressed for explanation, our Deputy Home Minister had the cheek to reply that no police report were made to warrant further investigation against police officers involved.

This Deputy Minister is really playing a cruel and insane joke. Any person of good standing will rationalize that it take a lot of courage for a police officer to to report against their colleagues for alleged murder?

No wonder PDRM today can get away with murder! BN and PDRM are partners in good, bad andn ugly. They BN government is always there to shelter them. Likewise PDRM is always there to shelter BN.

Our Deputy Home Minister is definitely not stupid . He is an accomplice in the cover up to protect himself and BN.

How do we trust PDRM and BN? They are always right and never wrong.