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by government sex tax, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for burdensome tax affairs

It really defies belief that PM Grossmeldajib should merely silence the Deputy Finance Minister charged with the handling of the Goods & Services Tax (GST) implementation, instead of unceremoniously sacking him on the spot. He had 18 months to fine-tune it, and the screw up,  especially over the GST on pre-paid telephone cards, is unbelievable and completely unacceptable. 

If there is one piece of evidence confirming that our education system and standards are 3rd world, it is that this deputy minister is reputed to have a degree with a 3.8 GPA! Good God, how and from where did he earn that Grade Point Average and then exhibit a level of intelligence that would be insulting to a cacing (earthworm)?

More than that, what does it say about the intelligence of PM Grossmeldajib, who then delegated the job of resolving GST on pre-paid reload cards to Blubbery Lips who immediately made a hash of it?

How can such a simple matter as this be messed up so much by so few with so much stupidity?

Prior to the introduction of GST, 6% Sales & Service Tax (SST) was included in the price of prepaid cards. The telcos absorbed it because they were making a killing. It's as simple as that.

With the introduction of 6% GST, it is a simple matter of replacing the term SST with GST, and the status quo as to who bears the tax (the telcos) remain unchanged.

Yet Blubbery Lips has got his knickers in a twist and defended Mr.3.8 GPA that the 6% should be added on to the prepaid cards. So, what previously cost the consumer RM10 is now being sold at RM10.60. To add to the idiocy, Blubbery Lips says that the law has to be checked to see if it telcos can voluntarily absorb the 6% GST.

I have worked in 4 countries where GST was implemented long ago - UK, Australia, NZ and Singapore. There is no law anywhere, including Malaysia, that bars the retailer from absorbing GST. In fact, it would be a totally positive move for retailers to absorb GST since prices would not rise i.e. inflation would be contained, while the government would collect the revenue it intended to.

It does not matter to the government whether the consumer pays the tax or the retailer absorbs it. At the end of each quarter, the retailer will either way have to account and pay over to the government the difference between output and input tax. What does it matter to Blubbery Lips or PM Grossmeldajib who bears the tax, as long as the GST is accounted for and paid over correctly to the government? As Chairman Mao once said, "What does it matter if the cat is black or white, as long as it catches the mouse?"

In rushing with indecent haste to protect big businesses and screw the consumers in the process, Blubbery Lips further compounded his show of low IQ by lying that the telcos may have difficulty in absorbing the cost of "systems change". Wtf is he talking about? The system is already there! It would take all of 5 minutes at a cost of RM1 for the telcos to replace the words 'SST' with 'GST'. No more, no less. The system to calculate 6% GST and print out receipts is already there and that is all that would be need to be done. No more, no less!

What has the fact, if Blubbery Lips is correct, and I suspect he is totally wrong, that most prepaid cards are bought by foreigners, got to do with anything? Even if the telcos absorb the 6% GST, they will still have to pay the same amount of money to the government as they used to under the SST system. So, the only reason Blubbery Lips is dithering about a very basic issue is that he too must have got his degree from the same Uni Mr.3.8 GPA went to - the proton mana ada sistem school of

Here is sheer absolute proof that we have a government that is run by incompetent, low IQ and plain stupid and ignorant ministers, who in a free market situation, would be hard pushed to find jobs as road sweepers.

If you vote for BUMNO/SCUMNO/Barang Naik come the next general election, be prepared to sink to 4th world status. You can kiss Mahathir's 2020 goodbye!

 Donplaypuks® with simple tax, man!


Anonymous said...

3.8 for Bumis in local U is easy.

They are given exam papers,

have chance to attend special classes.

Graded differently

Dean and HOD pressured to give higher marks to Bumi.

If you don't believe this, talk to U students in Malaysia.

So the 3.8 for a Bumi in Malaysian U is very rare like a "white Elephant" but in Malaysia there are plenty of those.

Anonymous said...

Do the telcos have to absorb the input tax now as well (if any). So if they do they will now have to pay 60 sen for the output gst and if their cost to manufacture and distribute the top up value is rm5 then they have to fork out another 30 sen as their input tax. Maybe they don't want to pay 90 sen (60+30). Just wondering

Donplaypuks® said...

Anonymous 4.00pm

The telcos have always borne the 6% SST and paid it over to the government. For a $10 card, previously the telco would take $9.43 and pay to the government $0.57 ($10 x 6/106)as SST. Talk time is therefore based on $9.43

So, under the GST system, the same maths applies and it will not cost them 1 cent more. They are merely collecting agents for the government.

As to any additional cost of manufacturing and distributinh new cards, they can legally claim 100% of the Input 6% GST on these expenses by deducting it from the Output Tax (6%) on sale of cards. They only pay net to the government.

In simple words. there is no additional GST cost to the telcos whatsoever. They will not need to change their accounting, billing or receipt issuing systems whatsoever.

Your calculating of 90 cents cost to the telco is wrong and will not apply. That's not how GST works. Search for my earlier article on GST and you will find out how it applies to businesses.

Anonymous said...

Blubbery lips wanted to make his task look so difficult like climbing Mt Everest so that in the end when GST replaces SST in the printout, he will become the hero in PM's eyes.
As for Mr 3.8, he had more than a year to get the GST implementation right, that's why he got it wrong.
Birds of feather fly together.