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In March 2017, I had revealed details of RM15 billion looted from 1MDB by Najib, Rosmah and her son Riza Aziz, crony Jho Low and the Arab gang of Qubaisy, Husseiny, Prince Turki and Tarik Obaidi, assisted by other minor players. CLICK HERE.

However, details of what exactly Najib and his family had blown their share of the loot on, were not too clear then. It is only in recent months that more specific details have emerged from documents leaked by a whistleblower from MACC, to Sarawak Report and PKR MP Rafizi Ramli.

The total amount embezzled from 1MDB that we know of is about RM16 billion. See table below.

The amount stolen by Najib alone is about RM4.2 billion. This is based on information published earlier by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) that between 2011-2015, some US$1,050,795,451.58 @ average exchange rate 4 = RM4.2 billion, had flowed through Najib's personal bank account with AMMB!! CLICK HERE.

Many have asked why it was necessary for Najib to have the infamous RM2.6 billion (US$681 million) transferred to his bank account, and then, approximately RM2 billion (US$620 million) transferred out again in 2013.

This was necessary to "cleanse" the money that was stolen from 1MDB. Earlier, Jho Low had trouble with Deutsche Bank's due diligence department, in transferring money raised in the USA by Goldman Sachs, to non-Government of Malaysia bank accounts. He somehow managed to bluff his way out. He could not risk it a second time. So, Najib misused his position as Finance Minister, to transfer the RM2.6 billion to his bank account and out again, as once it had been established that the source of the money was from Malaysia's Prime Minister and Finance Minister, no one abroad would question its legitimacy. Of course, Yeti at Bank Negara closed an eye to that massive crime by Najib and Jho Low. It was wholly an exercise in international money-laundering by Najib and Jho Low!

It is now very, very clear that Najib broke every law in Malaysia, and several others in many other countries too, to buy his way to victory at the 2013 general election. The main beneficiaries of the RM4.2 billion were of course UMNO and component parties of BN. More than that, there is every probability that Najib deployed stolen money to bribe judges and enrich himself and his family. Many UMNO/BN MP's are hiding behind the fact that the money they received and pocketed did not come directly from Najib's bank account, but (was illegally laundered) through Party and third-party bank accounts e.g. Nazir Razak, Najib's younger brother.

How on earth could Najib bring himself to use stolen and horribly tainted money to "donate" RM7.5 million to his mother's Toh Puan Rahah foundation? What was the money used for by the foundation? It only goes to show that Najib has lost all sense of right and wrong in the pursuit of power.

Riza Aziz's bank account was also used by Jho Low to launder many of his expenses.

The good news is that more and more information is emerging with each passing day.

The bad news is we still do not know exactly how much of MoF's debt of RM 46 billion, comprising RM42 billion of bond debt and other 1MDB borrowings and RM4 billion of KWAP loan parked under SRC, is lost forever. The truth is being expertly covered-up by Najib and his civil service henchmen.

More bad news is that Najib has to come up with another RM15 billion (US$3.5 billion) by Dccember 2017 to settle 1MDB's additional debt owed to Abu Dhabi's IPIC, arising from the arbitration case it lost in London in April. 

But have no doubt, this is the heist of the century by Najib and no one from UMNO/BN dares ask him to step down as they have, together with our top cop and the judiciary, all been hopelessly compromised (bribed). More than that, as Asia Sentinel remarked, 3 murders - Altantuya, Hussain Najadi and Kevin Morais - revolve around Najib and Rosmah.

And have no doubt, they will ALL pay for it with long stints at Bamboo River Resort!


OC said...

Now that it is proven beyond any reasonable doubt that Najib n Jho Low were the main crooks behind the 1MDB, MAS of Spore must issue warrant of arrests for these two culprits immediately, otherwise the reputation and integrity of MAS as the world financial centre and hub is at stake and questionable. By electing Mahathir as the next PM, can this criminal MO1 Najib be put in jail?

W Robert said...

Only the Malays need to decide, their population is the largest. All the stolen money that are now found to be official debts of the country need to be repaid, not by the thieves in the UMNO/BN government or UMNO & their chosen ones but the people. And since the Malay community is the largest, they will be the hardest hit including the next generation!

M Ali said...

Since the money has already been received, credited to their bank accounts and then transferred out, they are now in the cover-up stage. Because the authorities have failed to investigate most of the money is now gone.

A lot of the money was never used to pay elections expenses. Instead the money went into the respective BN, UMNO and MCA politicians personal banks accounts from the initial recipients.

Most the UMNO and MCA politicians used the money for the own personal expenses and have given the money to their family members for safe keeping.

Many of the Malay voters didn't receive any money at all. The UMNO division and state heads kept the money for themselves. A lot of the money is in the PERSONAL accounts of BN politicians. Some in Singapore bank accounts.

Donplaypuks® said...

Agreed. Knowing that the money is stolen, the warlords will keep the money for themselves knowing that their boss dare not question them on their action. Indirectly, the warlords are holding the boss ransom. True to what is being circulated " Gua tolong loo, loo tolong gua".

A Rahman said...

Even Zeti and the Bank Negara personnel must be made to pay for these complicities!

B Ahmad said...

Guess with the emerging and damaging disclosures, he won't have to wait for GE14 to quit and bring his house down together with the 'who's who' recipients of the stolen and laundered money. A complete disgrace to the nation and his leadership credibility has all but lost in the greed and gluttony of it all. Public trust in him and his party has gone with the wind.

T Philip said...

Tabung the Razak family belongs to them... bequested to them by his late father Tun Razak....saya punya suka...buat apa apa dan bekin macam macam...Saya Jibby suka! So, What are you going to do about it?

SKK said...

All those on the list have been receiving stolen money from 1MDB/SRC. They should be honest to return the rakyats' money or face charges when PAKATAN HARAPAN took over to govern the country. No way out. Shame on all those on the list.

YKY said...

Wow...all wannabe corrupt PMs please take note. Step 1, compromise all the officials/ministers/judges and what have you, Step 2, scam your country wealth through and through, Step 3 disappear somewhere no one can catch you. No charge for this information (please donate to my bank account instead, prefer from Saudi...hehehehe).

R Johan said...

Macam hakim ni....bukti dah ada semuanya jelas. Najib pula tidak bela hakim silap jatuhkan hukuman....

Ganesh said...

Johan Ramli, apa boleh buat HAKIM MATA BUTA, EARS PEKAH& BISU tapi HATI BESAR untuk curi.

Y Tan said...

When stupidities and greed overcame Najib and Rosmah, they did not think with their brains anymore but with their emotions. They forgot they came into this world naked and will leave naked when they die. They will surely leave a legacy of shames and disgraces for their children and siblings when they pass on. Not sure whether the next government will build them a tomb where the Rakyat can urinates and spit on them?

P Man said...

Every last one of these people who took this stolen money has to pay. Judges should be dealt with double the punishment, as they were given a solemn and important role of upholding the laws of this country, their abdication does not absolve them of any wrong doing.

Justice will prevail and everyone who partook of this will pay heavily and are traitors to the religion, king, country and people.

SKK said...

All those on the list have been receiving stolen money from 1MDB/SRC. They should be honest to return the Rakyats' money or face charges when PAKATAN HARAPAN took over to govern the country. No way out. Shame on all those on the list.

L Daniel said...

Imagine MCA is supposed to be No. 2 in BN but get 5 million less than MIC. (MCA no bargaining power all lost) what a shame. Indians seem to do better than Chinese now under BN

CY Ng said...

But how come that Apa_pandi said MO1 returned the money to the donor!!!!

S Chan said...

In our Penal Code, retention of stolen properties is a criminal act punishable with a jail sentence. The least they can do is to return the stolen properties back to the rightful owner as a mitigation factor.