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On 15 June 2017, in a 251-page charge sheet, the Money Laundering and Assets Recovery Section (MLARS) of the US Department of Justice served notice to interested parties, that it had filed civil cases to recover some RM5 billion of assets bought with 1MDB funds stolen by Najib, Rosmah, Riza Aziz (Rosmah's son and Najib's step-son), Jho Low and their cronies/nominees. CLICK HERE. 

This includes some additional 17 asset-items to the 20 already listed in their earlier 136-page charge sheet filed on 20 July 2016. CLICK HERE. 

Based on this latest DoJ document, we can trace that RM19 billion was stolen from 1MDB, as follows:

The Us DoJ has yet to file cases to recover the entire RM19 billion. This is presumably because much of it was spent outside the US where it has no jurisdiction to prosecute or seize assets. One can also assume that they are still in the process of identifying the location of many assets.

This is of course the heist of the century. More than that, at least another RM11 billion is missing from the books and bank accounts of 1MDB and another RM 4 billion from SRC.

What is breath-taking is the complete denial by Najib and Rosmah of the staggering scale of theft, looting and spending spree they have been indulging in.

Najib, as is the trademark of a mad serial liar, had denied in Parliament that Jho Low had any position in 1MDB!! And yet, he is now a fugitive apparently hiding in Taiwan, operating from his RM1 billion super-yacht, Equanimity, bought with our stolen money!

When Najib and Rosmah's complicity was exposed by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) in 2015, he threatened to sue. Even schoolchildren know that this well never happen.

Najib, Rosmah, Riza and Jho Low are the very epitome of greed, vanity and immorality. Their scale of corruption has gone off the charts.

It's incredible that for an ageing, short, fat and balding woman who looks like the back end of a worn-out bus (not that its front-end would be any prettier), our so-called FLOM should entertain the slightest notion that RM130 million of diamonds and gold jewellery would somehow make her look more attractive and endearing to a seething public. Now, she can only run her fingers through them in private, as she dares not be seen in public wearing her ill-begotten gains. The US DoJ has not listed this RM130 million bought for her by Jho Low as among the items they wish to seize. Rosmah is identified by them as 'Wife of MO1' i.e wife of Najib!

However, they are seeking seizure of RM44 million of pink diamonds and jewellery Jho Low lavished on Australian model Miranda Kerr, in a wooing spree that might make even a Rockefeller look like a cheapskate. Alas, she ditched him and married Snapchat billionaire Evan Speigel in May 2017. Having oodles of (stolen) money is one thing; looking like a shorter version of (a crooked) Billy Bunter is another. Perhaps, Miranda Kerr is a lot smarter than your average Victoria's Secret model on the lookout for a billionaire sugar daddy or meal-ticket for life. Who'd want to hitch-up with an ugly version of a Teletubby, who could soon be pacing a cell-space in San Quentin State Prison,  California, US of A?

What should concern us most is that Najib is no longer mentally fit to be PM. Not only has he brought government and the office of the prime minister into utter disrepute, he is openly promoting a culture of thievery and corruption in UMNO/BN and the civil service. He is completely insane! He belongs in Tanjung Rambutan (mental asylum). He can no longer distinguish between right and wrong or integrity and honesty. The same applies to Rosmah. The fact that their names keep cropping up in 3 murders - Altantuya, Hussein Najadi and Kevin Morais - only adds to our wretchedly gloomy outlook for Malaysia's future

It is therefore the duty of the King and the Council of Rulers to do what is right, and send them all to where they really belong - Bamboo River Resort or Tanjung Rambutan, for the rest of their natural lives.

There is of course the democratic route to disposing of Najib; but with the money he has plundered from 1MDB and SRC, he is capable of buying himself another term as PM. We MUST NOT allow that; we cannot take that chance. The religious extremism and racism we see galloping away in Malaysia is the result of Najib willing to turn us into an Iran or Taliban/ISIS State, if that is what it will take to keep himself in power.

We are at a cross-roads. If we do not throw Najib and his government of thieves, plunderers, looters and murderers out by taking the bull by its horns, then get ready your boat!


PM said...

What manner of believers who support such lunacy and thievery on a scale never seen before.
For sure if man cannot bring this regime down then God's Judgement will bring it down with all its supporters of such crimes. Yes for sure.

Whee are the "Holy Men" who are guardians of God's Laws ? Why are they so silent? And why is the head of a political party issuing proclamations on the guilt or innocence if guilty leaders?

Where is the morality and conscience of the believers? Have they all sold out to the total and complete destruction of this blessed land?

So many questions - yes where oh where are God's people . My last question , who is greater God or man? Who is pure holy and sinless? Who pray tell who.

Shame shame shame!

YT said...

Tak malu punya pencuri, perasuah, penyayak, perombak, pendedak, etc.

Better jump down from Petronas Tower to hide your shames and disgraces.

TST said...

OMG world greatest corruption of the century, shame to the bottom of the ocean, DOJ warrant arrest for stolen diamonds..where to hide..

CML said...

I do not have enough exclamation marks to make as even the Oxford Dictionary is limited in its vocabury.

"Wow!" is the most appropriate meanwhile. As the facts emerges little by little on the theft of money belonging to sovereign Malaysia via a company called 1 MDB, the scale goes well beyond US$5 billion. The complicity and the amount of stolen money involved overshadows anything the world has ever known.

It will never be repeated for a thousand years as the coming together of an elected PM conspiring with a bunch of international crooks to rob the country of its billions of dollars wealth meant for the country's development will never take place in the wildest of our imagination.

This maybe a well placed phrase for all eternity, "IT CAN ONLY HAPPEN IN MALAYSIA!"

EAW said...

I hope DoJ also found that money for Rosmah hairdo is traceable to money from 1MDB, so that that Rosmah is made botak when the hair is to be confiscated. Must strip that family naked and shamed them.

R turner said...

It's stupefying and really enervating that this incorrigible lying charade is being nonchalantly played out with the actors masquerading as nation builders. What will it take to bring back some semblance of sanity and good old fashioned society which values moral ethics such as honesty, graciousness in thoughts, words and deeds, fostering a culture of peace and fellowship among the different Malaysian communities, the belief in moderateness in all aspects and a judicious government.

I reminisce about the humaness and nobility of the past generation where violence in thought, word or deed was unheard of.

MAM said...

Although nearly everybody longs for the ouster of Jibby, I am personally, totally against any form of undemocratic or illegal means to achieve it. In most cases, this course of action will in itself, create another set of problems which may not be expected by the planners in the first place.

Donplaypuks® said...


We are only obliged to follow the rules if Najib & his govt of thieves also follow the rules.

But since Najib has broken every law in Malaysia and many abroad, we are entitled to do whatever it takes to put him in jail.

Loh CM said...

All you guys elected him democratically but he had acted acted undemocratically how? If he sold off the country, is still ok? You have your Mahathir as an alternative. That's a blessing!

LTS said...

Those who embezzled state funds should be flogged in Dataran Merdeka a thousand lashes n jailed for the length of their natural life in solitary confinement to serve as a warning to all who has any motion of plundering the wealth of the nation by exploiting racial n religious divide to turn our harmonious country into a Taliban state.

A Ali said...

Such blatant thieves and yet they are still around flaunting their stolen assets.