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by armand egon michelin, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for gastronomic affairs

Competition has hotted up in the instant noodles market with the timely introduction of a saucy new range under the brand name Nookie, produced and marketed by glocal aspiring Indian enterpreneurs, Mamaggi. Denied any assistance from official Entrepreneurial Schemers, local and foreign banks, the Mamaggi Group from Port Kelang started a unique Kutu funding finance scheme to set up its factory and commence production in November 2007 with a start-up capital of $100 mil.

The response to Nookie Noodles has surpassed all expectations and Mamaggi is planning to set up new factories in Sg. Siput, Melaka and Iskandar Regional Development in Johor Bahru. In order to keep overheads low and to bypass the ususal middleman mafia, Mamaggi has embarked on a novel telemarketing direct selling scheme for their Nokkie instant noodles.

Get a 6-pack now for only $ 5 + for p&p add $1 to anywhere in the country and enjoy special free gifts!! HURRY before stocks run out !! CALL NOW !!! Refer to our catalogue below. Same day delivery by . All products are guaranteed Melamine Free.

CALL 1-300-916-1016-1116-1216 NOW to place your orders with one of their friendly telemarketeers. CALL NOW or forever hold your piece!!

and more flavours are in the production pipe-line to suit all tastes.

donplaypuks® with my Nookie Noodles, man !!

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art harun said...

As a not very glocal Malayu, I will not buy this even though they give me free Maybank shares as free gift. No 'halal" certification wut...

A bit of suggestion. You know lah, I am full of it. We Malays nowadays (sorry, it rhymes unintentionally) dig tongkat ali. Apa lagi. Roll out the tongkat ali special flavour la. If it is marked "tongkat ali added", I will buy it even though the "halal" thingy is not there.
Tongkat Ali rules okay!