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I made one, and my family another stupendous decision today.

First, I decided to go yellow on the blog. ROS and Kerismudin, please take note!

My family then spoke to our daily newspaper delivery boy this morning and gave him the bad news. We decided to cancel with immediate effect our subscriptions to the Star, Sunday Star and the Sunday Times (NST Group).

We felt nothing but regret and sorrow. For the delivery boy, that is. We'd known him for over 10 years.

For the spinmeisters, we felt nothing but contempt, loathing and disgust.

I was particularly incensed after reading excerpts in these cat litterliners that DSAI was guilty of a crime, er..., what exactly I don't know.

It had been alleged by the AG, his deputy AND Defence Counsel in open court that certain unknown "experts" in USA and/or Korea had identified DSAI 99.99% as a participant in an a sex video by using high tech facial and body identification techniques.

Hard evidence was not presented by anyone since DSAI was nowhere named as a party to the case! Oh, you beauty!

(About a year or two ago, it was for that precise reason that the Court of Appeals expunged certain statements from a judgement made by Judge Sri Ram that mentioned Tun Daim Zainuddin - that Tun  was not a party to the relevant court case and should not have been been implicated when he could not legally defend himself! That's my amateur interpretation of that matter).

Certain choice expressions leap to mind:

1. Kangaroo Court ( I mean, why did the Honourable judge allow it or not expunge wild flying allegations?)
2. Trial by Innuendo
3. Trial by Media
4. Conspiracy

What's even more beautiful is that a defence lawyer expressed being mega impressed with a former CM's credentials. That former CM was once accused of having sex with a minor, which constitutes STATUTORY RAPE. In that instance, the Government through the AG later withdrew the charges.

I could be wrong, but I vaguely recall that several others were charged and convicted of having sex with the same minor!

It was also the instance when a DAP politician, now CM of Penang, was sent to prison. Here is the summary of that sordid episode in M'sian legal history when a man was sent to prison for defending an under-aged Malay girl on a matter of principle. Refer Wikipedia at

"Lim was arrested by Malaysian police in 1994, following his criticism of the government's handling of allegations of statutory rape of one of his constituents by former Chief Minister of the state of Melaka, Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Thamby Chik

Consequently, while the Attorney General decided not to charge Rahim Thamby Chik, Lim was charged under Section 4(1) (b) of the Sedition Act 1948 for causing 'disaffection with the administration of justice in Malaysia'. 

Lim was also charged under Section 8A (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984 for 'maliciously printing' a pamphlet containing allegedly 'false information' because he had described the alleged rape victim as an 'imprisoned victim' because she was initially detained by Malaysian police without parental consent for 10 days.

During the judicial procedure, Lim was quoted saying:

If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women's rights. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.

After a series of appeals, Lim was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment. He was, however, released after 12 months on August 25, 1999. Due to his incarceration he was disallowed from standing for election to public office for a period of 5 years, and he was therefore ineligible to contest in the 2004 Malaysian General Election."

I am not so naive as to think that all newspapers embrace the middle path. British newspapers like Times, Guardian and Daily Telegraph  all lean towards one political party or another and such is also the case with dailies in USA, Singapore, Australia, you name it.

But I am also reminded of how our some years ago our NST tried to influence voters by front paging a photo of Tengku Razaleigh wearing a Kadazan hat which was spun as him promoting Christianity! That was really scraping the barrel. So, there is a limit that must not be crossed!

Oh for sure too, the STAR and NST are not going to file for bankruptcy from my cancelling my  subscription to their publications.

But, it's my and my wife's hard earned money. We've had enough of lies, lies and more lies.

So, we opened the windows to our home and shouted out for all the world to hear:


So, we'll keep our money in our pockets for a rainy day.

I urge everyone out there to think carefully.

Newspapers have a duty to report the news fairly. They should not become mere propaganda machines for political parties and publish blatant lies. They should not be their political masters' mouthpieces.

When they cross the line, we should act promptly and show them who's the boss!

donplaypuks® with my newspapers, man!
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Anonymous said...


Starmandala said...

What???? You only cancelled your subscription to The Star and the NST... TODAY????

Oh well.... better late than never, hahaha!

Donplaypuks® said...

Hi Anon. Thanks. Maybe more words next time?


Donplaypuks® said...

Hi Antares

NST canx long, long ago. Only Sunday Times, now.

As for the other unmentionable paper, my son followed the sports pages keenly while a close relative wrote for the supplement.

But, no more. Let the spinners go to hell!


Anonymous said...

You finally woke up! I stopped reading, let alone buying those papers. They would be worse than shit if you use them as shit-wrapper.

DPP, tell your son, sports news are more up to date and better written on the net.

Many congratulations on your decision.

Quiet Despair said...

Haha it took you so long to cancel your subscriptions, ya DPP.
I understand why. These rags are the most useful and accurate for your source of news.
Bloggers and people in cyber space can't function without the papers. They are not the first hand receiver of news. They just spin the truth after reading the newspapers.
Bloggers cannot be trusted. People alive are even reported as dead.
Give me MSM anytime.

Donplaypuks® said...

Quiet Despair

I despair when I read comments such as yours.

"They are not the first hand receiver of news."

More often than not, we receive news earlier than our MSM.

I did not condemn all MSM. Only some in 1 Malaysia (no more).

If we spin at all, it comes free and not with a $100 million tag as per APCO and PM Najib where you and I and fellow citizens end up footing the bill!


Mej. A R Ramachandran (Retired) said...

How dare you cancel!!! they are firm,soft and absorbent. Right up my alley actually.

donplaypuks said...

Major R

Ha, ha, ha! Good one. Great penmanship and pun - right up the alley where the sun don't shine.

Time you started blogging.

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Dick Tracy said...


from M Chronicle

Citizen of Bolihland said...

All Malaysians who subscribe to STAR, NST and all the gomen controlled newspapers should stop subscribing IMMEDIATELY...TOTAL BOYCOTT ! LET THEIR SALES PLUNGE AND LET THE USELESS SO CALLED JOURNALISTS WHO PROMOTE THIS APARTHEID BE JOBLESS...!!!


from M Chronicle

Ex-STAR Columnist said...

I was a columnist in the Star in the 1980s through the heady days of Operation Lalang into the 1990s when the Star was a courageous and decent newspaper. But the down slide began when Star editors made the mistake of accepting datukships, and there was too much political interference in editorial policy. I have not had a subscription to the Star, nor to the NST for years. I occasionally will read the Star On-Line. I shall only return to reading the Star when these phony "journalists" who now rule the roost as editors quit, or are booted out.

from M Chronicle

Boycott Mainmedia said...




from M Chronicle

Benar said...

All should boycott the newspapers.

from M Chronicle

haha said...

High time. Now the rest of Malaysia can do it.

from M Chronicle

Mamakthir said...

excellent. Good on you. I have done this 2 years ago when I got fed up of the crap and lies I was paying to read! Boycott the crap and bring on the TRUTH. BERSIH!

from M Chronicle

Al Khatmisaia said...

I don't buy star reguar, only weekends but with all the crap news reporting, make one get angry after reading its bullshit contents specially the local political front scene.

My advice is what to buy those crap bullshitting stories while you can't even get back the amount that you're spending for that crap paper when you sell it off to the old newspaper vendor!

from M Chronicle

Anon said...

I stopped the Star, in favour of MC :) Doesn't cost a sen and very newsworthy. Keep up the great job!

from M Chrronicle

Ahmad Zainal said...

If you have access to online media, there really is no need to subscribe to any crap MSM thrashpaper.

Yes, show these papers and their so-called reporters what you think of their junk handiwork.

They really are working on the devil's behalf.

from M Chronicle

SS2 Girl said...

ust for laughs, I flipped through a copy of yesterday's Sunday Star. I was not disappointed. Article after article was nothing but government propoganda about the so-called "illegal rally", amazing stuff the government is doing to transform the economy, thoughtful government politicians doing good things for the public.

Good for you for choosing to save your hard-earned cash. A friend of mine used her copy of the Star to thwack a cockroach to death. I say, sorry to the cockroach. The last thing it saw was lies.

from M Chronicle

John Hardic K said...

You were right about the pedophile former CM and Lim Guan Eng had to go to jail for taking up the cause of the victim

from M Chronicle

millionth citizen said...

Well said brother, I have already done that about 5 years more to buying paper that writes garbage...

I came out of it earlier otherwise my brain will be damaged...I have also saved enough from buying them and now being blessed with a lap top and an ipad...partly due to the savings from those paper that fits the description of toilet paper called NST, The Star and Sunday my brain is good , plus done some savings....

less crap and more of the fair views from the new age electronic media. Bet you for the next 100 years all these toilet bound crap papers from umno , mca , mic will not be able to keep up....

So, Bro you have NOT made a wrong move...thanks for sharing.

from M Chronicle

citizen 88 said...

The Star and NST should consider carefully what is brewing now. You have been warned what NOT to print. Are you stooges?

Wake up, you the wiser journalists. Now is the time, even at the risk of having your licenses revoked, to bravely free yourselves of this shameful bondage, and start reporting only truths.

Believe it or not, soon, you are going to have to do so. Just remember, TRUTH will set you free.

from M Chronicle

Mana Ada Star said...

Istopped buying The Star over 10 years ago.

Recently I have also stopped visiting Star Online.

I hope Wong Chun Wai can find the guts to call it a day in The Star too. He is selling his soul.

from M Chronicle

Peekay 47 said...

The Star used to be my favourite newspaper for more than 20 years.

Of late it has descended to such a low level that I have decided not to subscribe this "crap" newspaper any more.

from M Chronicle

Anonymous said...

I stopped the Star, in favour of MC :) Doesn't cost a sen and very newsworthy. Keep up the great job!

from M Chronicle

Babylon said...

How can Wong Chun Wai ever consider himself an honest Christian when day in and day out, he is a party to outright lies, covering up the truth, not speaking out against injustice??

Why is Wong Chun Wai's church not talking to him about his participation in wickedness of the government and his employer?

What an outstanding Christian liar. Can there be a Christian liar? He can't be really be a Christian. He is just a worldly man pleaser.

That is the state of today's Christians and Churches - no truth in them. Nothing wrong with the bible teachings. Just that the church is filled with liars and even the church lies.

from M Chronicle

CAL said...


from M Chronicle

CAL said...

DPP, you said you have now cancelled the Star & NST after subscribing for about 10 years. FYI, my friends & I have stopped reading them more than 10 years ago. Anyway, good move.

from M Chronicle

Pirate 001 said...

Newspapers are supposed to enlighten, and maybe entertain, and at the least don't damage the grey matter up in your head. But reading the crap that NST and now Star continuously churns out, it may actually cause some permanent head damage. Some of you who are academicians, please do some research.

For those of you who want to play it safe, say bye bye to Star & NST and sing along guys and gals .. ( to the tune of don't cry for me argentina..)

Dont cry for me NST / Star,
The truth is I never read you
All through my child days
My mod existence
I kept my promise
Please keep your distance

As for lies, and excuses lame
I never believed them
Though it seemed that was what they (BN) desired
They are illusions
They are not the solutions they promised to be
T'was the same crap all the time
I hate you and hope you fade away

Don't cry for me NST / Star

from M Chronicle

Cerah said...

Come on Malaysians, are you still subscribing to the Star, NST, Utusan and others?

The writer Don P Puks is living behind time. Sad that many also are still living behind time.

from M chronicle

Non UMNO said...

Newspapers are supposed to be the first to fight for freedom but not a word from the editors supporting the Bersih march..

Well, Star and NST are no longer relevant as they are nothing but propaganda mouth piece of UMNO and BN..
Dont waste time reading.

from M chronicle

righteous said...

After reading the articles from 2 bitchy writer from the The Star - WCW & J. tan, I cancelled the paper effective today.

from M Chronicle

millionth citizen said...

Thinking aloud...they may make you a bankrupt for cancelling them....because if they can make a person a criminal for wearing
yellow "T" shirt and and can say a person can strangle himself with a neck tie ....any thing is possible you know....after all this Malaysia a country run by rotten scoundrels.

from M Chronicle

Tellow said...

I used to reserve my weekend STAR at my regular mamak shop and without fail dropby to pick it up by Sat/sun noon and paid 1mth IN ADVANCE for the flwg weekends faithful just to get a copy of it.

Few occasion I missed my advance payment and have to hunt around for copy .But past 1year ,I choosed not to read any STaR nor Nst for they only spin their feel good proBN story and mislead info.

I though Spore publish Strait Times is good at that but now seems like Local Press is catching up fast FYI Strait Times ranks down at bottom in world Press Freedom ranking so for bad example to emulate BNUmno is doing very WELL!

Bravo syabas

from M Chronicle

oppodeh said...

Every one else must also cancel these toilet editions like stars, NST,even the chinese papers and especially those politically inclined and also utusan..... because they damage your your brain.

from M Chronicle

ukumar said...

Well done Don

from M Chronicle

PC Tan said...

Not only Boycott the Star and NST, but also those advertisers using these 2 papers.

Lets pick one, say Starbuck, to start off the campaign. Then when we dont see the Starbuck anymore, we'll withdraw our boycot

from M Chronicle

Raymond W said...

I have also cancel my subscription and only just maintain the Sunday star out of Pity to the newspaper vendor. So just give him a little income.

But i never read the new page as all are lies to please the political master. I only just read the sports apge and them throw off the newsapaper.

from M Chronicle

Just said...

My wife who is a Korean used to share reading STAR with me eagerly on weekend when we got a copy in hand.

Despite busy time we managed to flip over the pages with much anticipatio.

But SADLY enough for the past 2 years or so we have completely give it a miss and saved our RM 1.50 for better cause for Star has degenerated into a bad garment mouth piece and full of junk news.

For now MI ,MC ,FMT is my favorite while my wife prefers her K pop and dramas news which I get to enjoy too.

No more Star ever again.

from M Chronicle

Anthony Low said...

I have completely cancel off my full subscription of the Star 3 months ago.

All the reporting are mere shit & lies and full of negative news to create fear to the readers.

Let join hand and stop buying Star & NST.

from M Chronicle

cvf said...

I stopped them 5 Years ago.

How come you opnly stoped now?

M Chronicle

Richard Lim said...

I have stopped buying Star & NST since 2009. All the reporting new are smear campaign against the Good guys but promote all the Evil doing of their political master.

Don't be fooled by this STAR & NST , let unite and boycott them, so that all the apple polishing journalist will be punish once the sales drop. Pleasing their Political master at our expense.

from M Chronicle

honestehr said...

Yesterday I happen to pickup a copy of STAr ,I got to finish browsing in less than 5 min and I bet yesterday Sunday copy was the worth ever content I ever have.

Probably the editor or senior writer know very well who is the real dark hand behind instrumented to write whole junk nothing but junk.

I would like to ask these writer where the hack their conscience go by being manipulated and since when they became so low life propaganda machine of bn.

from M Chronicle

iknow said...

I hope Selangor Times comes out with a classified section so that more 2 liner advertisers can switch over.

from M Chronicle

Choose the path of said...

I would not blame the journalists BUT those editors who decide whats to publish and what need not be publish, spinning various statement or speeches in order to favor certain groups or party.

Columnists of these newspapers writing up articles that are lop sided. There was one article during the run up to the recent Sarawak state election about George Chan of SUPP.

The article was written in such a way,one can help but to think its a campaign in boosting his contribution towards Miri.

from M Chronicle

GANDHI said...

I will also cancell mine too. Too much spin and nonsense by journalists and editors who are forced by BN politicians to spin for rewards and survival.

No better than Hitler's propaganda machine. EVIL MACHINERY BY EVIL MEN.

from M Chronicle

Whylike This said...

Whenever I arrived any town or city for business or leisure fm Spore ,without fail a must get The Star newspaper fm stall at bus terminal ,airport kiosk,hotel concierge anywhere.

A true blue hardcore STAR addict if to be labelled but since past few years I gave up reading it as it had failed completely to portray as people mirror and cant apprehend why becoming such a sorry state of disarray news reporting.

Probably I won't miss Star any longer as it's just waste my time to flip the pages.

from M Chronicle

Alex said...

I agree with you. My family will do the same.

We have enough news source on the internet than to read trash.

Tomorrow will be our last day buying STAR.

Sam said...

I have stop buying The Star except for The Sunday Star and of recently developments.

I decided to stop buying even that The Sunday Star ........hope my friends who are reading this will follow

from M Chronicle

Chinamei said...


from M Chronicle

Nony said...

Why need a Star when you have the Sun?. Free...but I don't mind paying.

from M Chronicle

Elva said...

I've stopped subscribing to The Star since 2008. Never bothered with NST in the first place.

In any case, if anyone of you are from a business which requires to advertise in the papers, TRY ONLINE.

Don't give MCA the pleasure of your company's hard earned money to churn out garbage day in day out.

Sink them and one day, WCW and JT will be out of their cushy job of demonizing all that is PR and ass-licking all that is BN.

from M Chronicle

Mandrake said...

Good decision Don. I got rid of these trash from my house long time ago.

Believe me, you will find the air fresher and your days brighter.

Am now trying to memorise Pirate 001s' version of Dont Cry for Me NST/STAR.

Good when you are in a traffic jam!

from M Chronicle

Anton said...

Thank you for your decision, which I myself made last year wrt both STAR n NST.

I hope more and more do the same NOW.

That would be one effective action that would hurt these evil forces which are employed to fitnah and support corrupt govt.

from M Chronicle

Colin said...

Hi I did that long ago.

But do collect some free copies from Banks for my dogs to use

from M Chronicle

RAKYAT said...

You are right about NST & STAR Newspapers. These papers not worth your $$$$$ and to make matter worse they have been spinning lies after lies for many many years and very disgusting.

I have stop buying these garbage papers for more than 18 years. During Tunku Abdul Rahman time these papers have the integrity

from M Chronicle

CH Wong said...

Dont la. My dogs are trained to use them indoors which I collect from banks (free copies)

from M Chronicle

iconoclast said...

Wish there are more Malaysians like you.

from M chronicle

Wah Lau said...

Pirate 001, I like your song, well chosen, fits every bit. NST and Star publications can go fly kites.

By the way I stopped subscribing them 23 years ago. They were thrash even back then.

from M Chronicle

TRUTH said...

The editor of Star, Datuk Wong Chun Wai, should be castrated for all the lies his paper, which is nothing but a broadSHIT of MCA, has fed the people all these years.


from M Chronicle

kschen said...

I don't even go into the internet to see the Star or the NST.

All are pro BN.News has to be reported,but must be true.

Don't simply write "It is DSAI" on the front page,when it has not been verified.

Where are the professors now?

from M Chronicle

Concerbed Citizen said...

I am surprised you took that long - still better late than never!!

Good on you, me old son. you can use the remnants as toilet papers.

from M Chrinicles

M Zaini said...

Those papers are toxic, you should have been stop touching them long time ago, ask all your friends and relative to stop their subscription also.

from M Chronicle

they spin sweet, subtle lies sugarcoating the heart of darkness said...

Don, that sure was a long time coming.

Still it is never too late. As for the rest who are still buying and lapping them up, and that includes utusan and tv1-9, join in to terminate these leeches so that they wake up to the horror of their abetment of a regime gone to hell.

from M Chronicle

LookingatU said...

Good on you Don! Way to go, God blessed

from M Chronicle

More should be like you said...

It is amazing that you guys took so long to discard trash.

I stopped reading them during Mamak Kutty times. Can't stand the trash then, and still can't stand the trash now. Nothing but propaganda.

Get my blood boiling every time I read them. More peaceful for me. This one reason I don't get high blood pressure.

from M Chronicle

WTF said...

I've said many times that the whole system sucks,remember when the late VK Chin of STAR was put behind bars when he tried to be impartial during mamakkuttu reign of terror.

Now, these greedy bastards are willing even to sell their souls in exchange for fame & fortune.

from M Chronicles

Fair Minded said...

Like most of us educated in English and does not read Chinese (compound with little grasp of BM), we are a victim of controlled press in this beloved country.

The habit of picking up a paper to read is so entrenched and when I recently stopped my subscription, I actually felt a withdrawal symptom like in any addictions.

However the greater good of doing something that can have an positive impact on our future is something I am prepared to do, even at the expense of compromising my business for I will miss out competitive advertisements (only reason for my subscription).

P C Tan has a very valid idea. That's for a start and I am sure along the way, we will get more effective ones.

But let's all start with a simple step: terminate or stop buying all these propaganda papers!

from M Chronicle

Billy said...

Strange that you now only decided to cease your subscription with these propaganda sheets.

Well, better late than never. I have stopped buying and reading these papers for almost four years now and no regrets.

I pray the day will come when Pakatan takes over and give these fellas a taste of their own medicine. Especially to The Star, please bear in mind, UMNO cannot protect you forever.

from M Chronicle

Jeyan said...

I know journalists have to make a living and they have to write within the limits of what their editors allow.

However , what u find in NST, Utusan, star etc are not just spin but blatant outright lies. How do these so called journalists go to sleep at night, sacrificing their journalistic principles for writing trash.

The only local MSM with some degree of intergrity is the Sun. I am surprised the Evil Empire has allowed some degree of leeway with the sun who have writers of caliber like Terence Fernandez and nadeswaran.

Maybe their small readership makes the regime not view their articles as threats to their plans to hold on to power to eternity.

from M Chronicle

Freedom Road said...

By now everyone who believes in freedom of expression and the truth should stop buying The Star and NST or any publications that are owned by Umno.

By now, many homes and almost everyone has access to a computer and the Internet, so that's where you can get the real news. You don't need to read the trash in the MSM anymore.

For five years now I have not read a single newspaper that's published by the you-know-who. I can read all the news I want online. And that's where you can see what's really going on in the world and all the information you never get to read about in the MSM.

And let me tell you I'm a former journalist who decided to drop out more than five years ago after realising all the falsehood and spins that are being published in the local press.

The truth is on the Internet. Be awaken.

from M Chronicle

yellow submarine said...

I stopped buying NST more than 30 years ago, Star past 7 years.

In my home you can't get TV3 on the tube. My kids will get the LCD tv of their choice (price not a problem) if the BN gomen falls because I wont want my kids to watch Roast- pork- -mah face.

from M Chronicle

jpler said...

I don't know what is NST and STAR and not forgetting UTUSAN.

It's no more in my mind - already erase for good.

from M Chronicle

Wack said...

Actually I do have some respect for Wong Chun Wai for his 'unbiased' articles.

But this respect has turned to a big zero when he asked Anwar to resign over a dubious video!

For goodness sake, there is not proof and all he did was base his conclusion on some american software expert and of course the kangaroo court.

Abandoning the Star is the least we can do.

from M Chronicle

Mike said...

I remember reading an article by WC wong of his visit to the Holy Land and Jerusalem.

Now this spin doctor tells lies in his favourite newspaper. The trip to the Holy Land was a wasted trip as people who make such trips are supposed to come back more enlightened and God fearing.

However this jerk lies daily to make a living. May God Look down and forgive u for all the spins that you make up daily and may HE make u see the the light at the end of the tunnel soon.

from M Chronicle

Unknown said...

Whoa! You are a very patient man, DPP, to have persisted till now...:-)
Agree with Antares..better now than never.

Thanks for this post - your honesty, sincerity and views expressed.

Take care and as always, please write more often!

Victory Mama said...

dvise your friends, relatives and people in your circle of trust to stop reading malaysian newspapers. Tell them where to find the real news on the internet. advise them to stop watching malaysian news programmes. They are full of spin.

Besides who wants to see polticians do a bit of digging during ground breaking ceremonies or opening something or signing a deal when we all know they are jsut showing off their big fat commissions for doing sod all.

from M Chronicle

The Sun said...

Yeah Don what took you so long to make a simple decision like that? Anyway congratulations!

And for those who have yet to take this simple stept of freeing yourself from half truths, you will never regret it when you do.

I quite honestly do not remember when i rid myself of these trash an am enjoying everyday without them, i mean the trash.

from M Chronicle

fed up said...

I had to give up Spidermans comic daily and also the Audiofile write-ups which I never thought of giving up reading.

Well,I,ve recently canceled my subs.It wont hurt them,I supposed,,.but I felt its just the right thing to do..Why be fed with trash, lies ,and cover-ups.....

from M Chronicle

Tab Kah Beng said...

you been fired !

what is the news if the news been twisted and the reader been misinformed?

it is as good as toilet paper.

the fear of man , the samseng, the manipulator - all these add up to bring destruction into mankind itself !


from M Chronicle
this will made life more enjoyable !

earthwelive said...

“…All mainstream media are directly controlled by either the government, such as Radio and Television Malaysia (RTM), or by companies that have a close link with the BN’s top leadership, such as Utusan Malaysia, New Straits Times, TV3, and Ntv7. Their relationships with leadership make them favourable to the ruling BN…”


from M Chronicle

alikhan said...

Biased citation of studies to support an argument

Chandra Muzaffar asserts that elections in Malaysia have been “largely fair and just — given that no electoral system in the world is totally devoid of flaws”. He cites only one source to justify his claim, Election Watch, a group to which he himself belonged. He does not cite peer-reviewed studies by local or foreign social scientists that give evidence to the contrary, that “the country’s record on free and fair elections has been abysmal” (see a review of the evidence by the Centre For Policy Initiatives, entitled ‘Academic consensus on unfair elections: reinforcing the case for Bersih’s march’). Muzaffar also commits the logical error of concluding that elections have been “large fair and just” based on an inferior and unacceptable criterion (that there are flaws in all electoral systems everywhere).

These are just a selection of numerous argumentative tactics employed by political commentators to safeguard or further their partisan interests. The Bersih 2.0 debate is only one of the many victims.

The public should be inoculated against such insidious tactics aimed at shaping public opinion and political outcomes. I would propose that the news media endeavour to solicit alternative viewpoints to debate about an issue rather than limiting themselves to publishing only one side of the story. This would curb the incentive to brazenly use faulty arguments and deceptive logic. Avenue for reply would also allow for quick rebuttal. It would bring out quality discussions. Online news media such as The Malaysian Insider should be commended for allowing space for opposing views and giving both equal prominence. The mainstream news media such as The Star have yet to show that they are capable of this higher level of discourse.

from M Chronicle

Anonymous said...

Welldone, pal !

It's worthless to spend money on these worse than toilet roll paper.

Cheers !

Anonymous said...

but I need to read obituary(s)

Anonymous said...

I stopped many many moons ago. Better to read my own palm if there's nothing else to read.
Have seen many times at my regular shop, the newspapers were left cold and in a sad state...taklah laku!!
Read MT...

Anonymous said...

sorry ..but i need the STAR for my cleaners to clean my glass windows etc..I only buy on weekends...guilty as charged..

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no way I will give up Star and NST.

I will continue to buy them ... by the kilos. They make good wrappers and liners for rubbish bins, dog house, chicken-coops, etc.

Pegasus said...

Just stop the process, then you can use newspaper money, for something else, after all its not cheap month fork out rm36.00 which includes weekdays and weekends rates!

from M2Day

JustJobe said...

To unsubscribe in protest is fine by me, just remember that you should not ignore them completely since the online media is still there at least, lest you risk being the one that is uninformed in your understanding of the hot-topics of choice that the government wants to feed the masses.

What is in or what is missing from the papers can be a very good indicator as to who and who is interested in doing what over the next few days.

Don't be so overrun by emotional hate that you throw the baby out with the bathwater.

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Kaneeneh said...

Long overdue. Good riddance.

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Concerned Citizen said...

What took you so long?! I have stopped buying all these shits 7 years ago!

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Malsia said...

Both NST and The Star are now craps. Akin to the twin sisters of Utusan. Professional unbiased journalism or gutter politics?

The answer is fairly obvious without a second thought.

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Claude said...

I am surprised it took you this long. I canceled my subscription to the Star back in 1999, meaning I stopped contributing more than RM4K to the Star, and MCA (by averaging Rm1 per day X 12 years).

But better late than never.

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pinsyu said...

wat took you so long to come to this decision?? if you wish to throw good money away, throw them to me. heex3!!

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Ashraf said...

Toilet paper rolls manufacturers are grumbling that their sales had taken a drastic dip.

Research has it that people prefer to wipe their ass with the Star, NST, Utusan & Berita Harian as free copes are handed over, even when people refuse to accept it. Ha! Ha!

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Roti Sunshine said...

I have stopped buying The Star a long time ago. I still read it for free on line but I only believe the TV programme section. Hahaha!

mt3 said...

You should also mention that as a result of the guilty verdict, LGE also lost his professional licence, and his family had to depend on his wife as the sole bread earner.

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Anonymous said...

what took you so long? what were you waiting for. Most of us did it in 2008/9. but I guess like Antares said, oh, well, better late than never.

Anonymous said...

I hate that lardy Wong Chun Toi