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by shut the fcukup TAFKAPC (the artist formerly known as prince charles), Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for royals screwing affairs

Just a couple quick jokes. 


Dolly Parton and Queen E die on the same day and meet St. Peter at the stairway to heaven. St.Peter tells them there's room for only one of them.

Dolly Parton rips off her blouse and shows her pectorals to St.Peter. 

"I've got the most perfect pair of breasts God ever made. I'm touched and shaped by divine hands. So, it should be me that's going to heaven.

Queen E whips out a bottle of Perrier, drinks half of it, empties the rest down the toilet and flushes it away.

St.Peter laughs and announces that Queen E gets to go to heaven, not Dolly Parton.

"What!" screams Dolly, "How's that fair?"

"Hello Dolly, I'm afraid a Royal Flush beats a Pair, no mater how good, any time, any day, hands down! Didn't you know that?" St. Peter declares.


Queen Elizabeth, Bush & Rosemajib died & went straight to hell.

Queen Elizabeth said "I miss England. I want to call England and see how everybody is doing there. She called and talked for about 5 minutes, then she asked "Well, devil how much do I owe you????

The devil said "Five million dollars." She wrote him a cheque and went to sit back on her chair.

Bush was soooo jealous, he started screaming, "My turn! I wanna call the United States, I want to see how everybody is doing there too." He called and talked for about 2 minutes, then he asked "Well, devil how much do I owe you????

The devil said "Ten million dollars." With a smug look on his face, he wrote a cheque and went back to sit on his chair.

Rosemajib was even more jealous & started screaming, "I want to call too. I wanna talk to the ministers, to the deputy. I wanna talk to everybody from Bumno and Buntutsan in Malaysia."

He called and he talked for about twenty hours. He talked & talked & talked, then he asked "Well, devil how much do I owe you???? 

The devil said "Twenty dollars".
Rosemajib was stunned & said "Twenty dollars??? Only ??"

The devil said "Well, a call from one hell to another hell, it's local" 

Donplaypuks® with my yellow royal state visits, man!


Anonymous said...

" your highness, we hate YELLOW but you on purpose are wearing yellow to greet us ! wat lah you @#$%^&* !"

ros in blues !

Anonymous said...

hey, i see the 'Bersih' on her YELLOW
dress lah ...she is 'too-much' already !

son bin ali , are you blind ? do something lah , lu @#$%^&* !!

tochemat said...

Think this picture is more disrespect to the Queen than it is to Najib. It just shows how immature we are in our call for fair democracy. Fanatics taking any way necessary to make the other party look bad.

SFGEMS said...

Absolutely hilarious. :)

galadriel said...

Hello, this be galadriel. Nice to meet u the other day at Premis Bersih :P

And I know ur making a statement with this yellow background. But at least make sure that the writing font is not in such a clashing colour la. Black might work better than blue. Right now...sakit mata la bro.
might reduce your readership, this little detail.

Ghab said...

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