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Or, Will The Real Papa Gomo Stand Up, Please!

by papa profumo, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for manufactured political sex scandal affairs.

I wonder if Papa Gomo is aware of the connotations the online Urban Dictionary definition of "Gomo" has with his self-chosen pseudonym:

"Gomo: Short for "Gomosexual. Means Guido Homo.. or the gay version of what the male cast of Jersey Shore is when the camera's are not on them. A homosexual who is also geeky, or into geeky things."

Is Papa Gomo subconsciously trying to hint to us something about his own dark sexual inclinations and identity? I wonder!

And what does it say about Prime Minister Najib, his (wooden) Cabinet and Ministers, who have allowed Papa Gomo, allegedly an ex-traffic cop with a conviction for bribery (CLICK HERE), to worm his way into their confidence? How could Papa Gomo, a nobody as far as the general public is concerned, have wangled an invitation on board the Navy's controversial and highly classified Scorpene submarine, a move clearly calculated to insult and belittle Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng? CLICK HERE and HERE

Whatever Defence Minister Zahedi was thinking about, it sure as hell compromised national security. It also smacked of some kind of damage-limitation scrambling by Najib's administration against Lim Guan Eng's comprehensive victory in proving the completely fabricated accusations by UMNO-linked bloggers and politicians, that his teenage son had been involved in a sex molestation incident that was covered up by him. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE. Note that in this sordid incident too, Papa Gomo was implicated, while the toothless UMNO Youth Chief KJ once again proved that an Oxford education is no barrier to the mouth moving faster than the (in any event, a very limited) brain. If you employ monkeys, what else can you expect but, gibberish!

We can see too in the case of the blatantly false accusations about LGE's son, that if rumours on the apevine are true that the conspirators were part of the 10,000-strong paid UMNO cybertroopers (CLICK HERE), they are guilty of wanton waste of public money and strong on congenital stupidity. I mean, who with a gram of brain matter, would post a picture of English teenage chess champion Anya Corke as the alleged sex victim, when she had never stepped foot in Malaysia, let alone the inside of a Penang school? 

PM Najib and his UMNO/BN government have to-date spent over RM100 million illegally in trying to blacken Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) and the Opposition's names. The beneficiaries of this Malaysian Taxpayer funded largesse are foreign outfits like Fact Based Communications (FBC) UK. CLICK HERE. How much of the money filtered down to pro-UMNO bloggers from FBC and payout of RM1.2 million to Josh Trevino (CLICK HERE), is anybody's guess. Imagine the success UMNO/BN might have enjoyed if, instead of spindoctoring and plain lying, they had concentrated on winning hearts and minds by embracing truth, honesty, transparency and integrity.

And we can see this same lack of brain matter in those who persist in trying to poison voters' minds by repeatedly posting grainy black and white photos and videos with obviously dubbed voice recordings, of, purportedly, DSAI "engaging in compromising sexual acts" and "seduction" conversations. Once, and you can be forgiven for gross incompetency and shoddiness. But, twice, thrice, four times,....? Indications are, they are nothing but desperately planned and manufactured conspiracies executed by totally money-crazy and amoral men and women.

Papa Gomo would have us believe that he had access to rooms in pricey 4 and 5-star hotels like Hilton Sentral and Holiday Villa Subang Jaya, to plant pin-hole video cameras, all by himself. No way could these have been one-man black ops. There had to be the involvement of rogue elements from within our police force, security agencies and Government, to get past hotel security. It could well be that they are all in it, arse deep! But is that what actually happened, or was it like the Datuk Trio incident, a movie shot in a studio in southern Thailand, with seedy look-alike Thai actors and porn stars? CLICK HERE.

For Papa Gomo then to further drag in Nurul Izzah's husband as a driver/implied pimp for Anwar without furnishing an iota of evidence, is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Add to this the recent attack by an ex-Anwar aide that Nurul and her mother, the pristine Wan Azizah, were harassing him because of his "extremely close association" with Anwar, suggests UMNO and its cybertroopers have all lost the plot. It's all about the economy, take home pay and affordable housing, transport, education and health, stupid!

How, you may ask, can these bloggers and UMNO/BN supporters truly believe that sane Malaysians will choose to vote back in those who have stolen hundreds of billions of ringgit from our national reserves, been implicated in murder, fraud and economic looting and plundering, and lying repeatedly to the nation? Well, yesterday's statement by ex-Finance Minister Diam Diam Daim that he would prefer Najib to DSAI, reveals glaringly why - they are quivering and shivering in their undergarments as their day of reckoning draws near. That's why they would rather vote in any Satan and his cohorts, when faced with the alternative of being absolutely without power, convicted and serving a long sentence in Bamboo River Resort for an eternity!

A little birds tells me that Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng, may now himself be initiating defamation suits against a number of these UMNO-linked bloggers and politicians, seeing as to how after one year of investigations, neither the MCMC nor the police, has filed charges against anyone for that criminally co-ordinated defamatory attacks against him! Watch out guys and gals, we'll be seeing you in the docks, soon.

As for Papa Gomo or Papa BUMNO/SCUMNO, whoever you may be, no one believes you. (It may even be that Papa Gomo does not exist as any individual; he may well be the virtual world product of a certain political party or that of a few of its devil-may-care and reckless rogue members hiding behind some naive and handsomely paid nominee's identity)! The more sex videos and photos you post, the more you will be chasing voters into Pakatan camps! Fight like real men and women, with reasoned and logical blog posts and at the ballot box, not like proverbial pondans and paid eunuchs!

Thank you. With friends and sympathisers like you, UMNO needs no enemies.

Keep it up, pal! 

Donplaypuks® with fake and doctored videos, photos and recordings, man!


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you ! We are truly sick of all this. Cheap gimmicks and undermines the voters intelligence.

Ellese A said...

Your write is terribly short of credibility. You cannot call a kettle black. Your lies and support for racist regime and policy negate whatever call you're making. To you right or wrong depends on who says it. If accusation is made against bn the burden of prove is dispense and the slightest probability of truth is sufficient. But against pr, it must be proven to the max without which its a lie. Your deplorable value has been told time and time again but apa nak buat when skewered blind partisanship override any modicum of intelligence notwithstanding your proud UK degree.

Similarly in this matter. There is no possibility at all by you to consider the person in video being Anwar even if conveyed by his dear friend Datuk Eskay. To you the video is insufficient prove. To you you must attack the person conveyIng it simply on the ground that its against pr. But if against umno any stupid persons claim is credible especially from stupid racist blogger of pro DAP.

You're sick to the core with hypocrisy and double standard. And you can't see why people hate you and your ilk double tounge argument.

Donplaypuks® said...

And those proven doctored pictures and libellous posts to try and ruin LGE, they lend credibility to the BUMNO cybertroopers and Papa Gomo?

Eskay and Datuk Trio - what burden of proof? Was there a court case where anything was proven? But Eskay and Dato Trio were fined for publicising and distributing porn!! Remember the Thai subtitles? Where are the witnesses? Wan Azizah and Nurul's word are good enough for me. For you Ellesse - your wife's or daughter's words is not good enough?

we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

Ellese A said...

Man, you just prove again what I've said. You cannot apply different standard of burden of prove ikut suka hati. You're worse than our AG. You cannot be selective. Azizah and Nurul can never be relied coz they're not witness and has no knowledge. Every wife and daughter of a criminal don't believe their husband/dad did the crime. No court of law will rely on such testimony. Man you're sick. You know what I say is the truth. You claim you're UK grad. How can you be so far off in terms of basic knowledge. Stop the hate in you and fill with love man. Start this by taking off the hypocritical slogan you're one race and start condemning racist dap policy of segregating our youngs by race. These two stands of yours are inconsistent and symptomatic of your moral deficit. Then you can see the big picture with fairness and not hate. Don't support gutter politics like what you did in the last posting.

Donplaypuks® said...

You have in your reply completely ignored the proven case of Papa Gomo and other pro-UMNO bloggers 100% fabricating the accusations and photo about LGE's son being involved in a sex molestation and cover up incident. That tells you these kind of bloggers are congenital liars. Yet you believe and support them? It's your value system that needs examining!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Ellese A said...

There you go again. Kindly point out which part of my statement that I believe and support papagomo? How in the world is Papagomo related to Datuk Eskay video?

I think you're sick. To me you and papagomo are most likely of same level but supporting different camp only. You lie big time by proclaiming a righteous position against racism but perpetuate and support racist education policy of segregating our youngs based on race.

Ellese's worse nightmares said...

Ellese A,

or may I call you Elysa.You are a real pain in the ass where ever you go.Did your ass hurt when you shoot all the garbage through your nosetrils.You are papagomo can go bonk each other.

Anonymous said...

In KT's,KKP,Zorro,everywhere this suckogomo Ellese A went,she needs a big stick to shut her mouth up.She really needs a real BJ to satisfy her ego.Go look for a bhai,lah.

Anonymous said...

The nerve of Ellese coming into people s blog and calling the author names. The author has every right to be dap just like you have every right to be member of umno perkasa mca or whatever you belong to.
There s a lot of evidence available that Dato T trio conspired to frame DSAI for monetary gains- so they are not reliable people .Its available on you tube on a video by Johari Abdul. He makes a very convincing case.
Anwar who is umno’s arch enemy is followed by SB and umno spies everywhere. He has been accused of sodomy 2X and the charges did not stick. If he is really is such a perve Umno would have caught him for khalwat or zina by now and sentenced him to jail. These sex accusations are all lies. Why use grainy doctored videos when a simple raid to a hotel room will do. Even if you use videos why not clear HD ones.
By the way Donny Ellese has been banned on many blogs due to his/her provocative nature

the mean machine said...

Ellese A,

go rub yourself against the lamp post.Then come back and tell us how you felt,and how wet your undies were.Hahaha.Gidi-up,gidi-up,Elysa.

bruno said...

Ellese A,

A rolling stone gathers no moss.So you have finally found a new home,landed and settled down here.Enjoy the most of your stay and the kind hospitality of your host.Be well mannered,polite and humble and you will be a permanent resident here.Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Ellese is a man. An old man. Ellese, you must meet your match Quiet Despair. he is a young jambu boy. But he is smarter and writes better than you. Used to be Bruno's best buddy.

the mean machine said...

Ellese A,

Honey,the guys are waiting for you at Pirates of Putrajaya.Try wandering there at your own risk.

Anonymous said...

Pirates got scared of Ellesee and closed down the blog

Ellese's worst nightmare said...

It is true.Pirates closed down his blog in anticipation of the announced arrival of Ellese.What a big letdown,dissapointment and big chicken Wenger is.

Gaylord said...

Papa Gomo is a prime example of what UMNO's main character is like.
If he is really gay, he would have sucked many in UMNO and made them happy!

Malaysia Garbage! said...

Bekas Korporal polis makan suap dibuang kerja boleh berkawan baik dengan pemimpin negara?

GW said...

Compare the gomo's black white granny video to Global Witness' clear video and audio.

PKR said...

Can't wait to see whole Anwar video.. I will judge whether the video is fake or not..

Realised voter said...

Those grainy black n white sex videos after the very 1st sodomy charges agst DSAI were construed by many as fake, damn fake!
My only simple n logical explanation to all those videos AFTER the 1st video is:
Why did they fail to bring along the relevant authority or personnel like JAWI n police to raid those places in order to nab those involved red-handed?

Do u want to know why?

Because all those grainy black n white sex videos are fake videos, damn fake videos compared to CSL's sex video!!!






Najib is truly filthy rich and shameless!

JohanssmKhunPana said...

Confirmed case of umno hiring corrupted cops or corrupted ex -cops or corrupted civil servants to do their malicious jobs.

***Papagomo is a paid umno cybertrooper.

Mthief said...

Papa Gomo is one ugly faggot retained and entertained by Umno and gets paid handsomely. See pictures and judge for yourself.

Ellese A said...

Didn't realise there's many nuts here. How come DPP can go to pro bn blog and leave his shit and you guys have no issue. Your values are pits which will only destroy our nation.

dAP and PR cybertroopers are worst scum. Go to my blog and see the shit they leave behind. Most pro pr blog ban me coz they can't counter my points. I point to them how hypocrital they are and they are stump to reply. They don't have anything upstairs to rebut. I'm okay coz I got it recorded. If you guys want to show your stupidity please go to my blog. I've met all of your rubbish kind over many years. Remember that I will respond in kind. Hakbersuara. Wordpress.

Anonymous said...


That is why you should change your style of response. People would normally respond in kind to provocation. Your first and third paragraphs of your first comment were very provocative and especially ill-mannered and rude to DPP the blog-owner.

You went into this blog with your guns blazing and would you expect to walk out without a scratch? Not likely. Looking at the various comments, you have indeed a "strong following". DPP has been very civil in his response to you and when he knows there is no point in responding further, he would just let you have the last say and let others respond to you.

You should have just make do with the second paragraph and add in points on why you think Papagomo and Datuk Eskay are credible. We would then have a more civil discourse.

Anyway, I personally think that you purposely do that for reasons best known to you. Perhaps, you crave for attention and you got it. Congratulations for a job well done.