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by lord of where the sun don't shine out of or in, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for analeptic affairs.

Truth will out! I have been vindicated for my stance from day 1 that there was a clear POLITICAL CONSPIRACY to frame PKR and Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim with sodomy, a second time. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

Anwar, acquitted by Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohamad Diah on 9th January 2012, has now been absolved further by none other than complainant Saiful's father, Azlan Mohamad Lazim!! Azlan revealed that the conspiracy was co-ordinated by an aide,  Khairil Anas Jusoh, stationed at PM Najib's office. Najib himself originally lied twice about meeting Saiful and then retracted it when proof was furnished (by RPK) of their encounters. In open court, Saiful also testified of having met PM Najib and his wife Rosmah at their residence, prior to the date of lodging his police report of having been sodomised on 26th June 2008. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

RPK has questioned Khairil Anas Jusoh's sexual preferences before. CLICK HERE

I will go even further and say that was also the case with Sodomy 1 under ex-Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Despite two Federal Court judges ruling that Anwar was innocent, and finding the one and only complainant, Azizan, totally unbelievable and unreliable as a witness, they wrote that they believed that sodomous actions had taken place. It's obvious those judges, even with overwhelmingly and incredibly unprofessional and unsafe testimonies by government doctors, wanted to save Mahathir's face, and stuck in that rider! Ultimately, one has to ask how a judge (Augustine Paul) could have allowed the charges to be amended, when Anwar had a clear alibi that the Tivoli Villa apartment had not been standing constructed on the date he was accused of committing sexual crimes?  CLICK HERE FOR SODOMY 1 .

Of course, Saiful will next claim that his father has been bought over by the Opposition, or perhaps, that the devil had possessed him! After all, Saiful, (as did PM Najib over the Altantuya murder), had sworn on the Koran, in front of TV cameras, that his accusation was true. But then, we do know that even the devil can quote the scriptures!

There is wild speculation that perhaps Anwar bought over Saiful's father. But this defies belief. Logically, Anwar might have attempted to buy over Azlan long before Saiful's case went to the courts. Why would Anwar now wish to resurrect memories of that trial and sodomy, with elections on the horizon? More so, since stunningly, the Solicitor General who prosecuted Anwar over Saiful's complaint, Datuk Yusof Zainal Abiden, suddenly resigned his post in May last year, and joined Anwar's team!! That alone should indicate that Anwar's prosecution had all along been political, and there is something fundamentally flawed in this shoddy episode in our legal history - all roads lead to Putrajaya and the Prime Minister's Office!

It would also do all well to remember that despite all his trials and tribulations, Anwar has placed his implicit and absolute trust in our Judiciary system and due process. Others have rushed to bypass the Rule of Law to garner public trust and support by swearing on holy books. Let's reflect on one piece of testimony under oath by Saiful - that although he campaigned under UMNO's banner when in Uni, he voted for Anwar/PKR at GE 12. Anyone believe that? He was planted at PKR's office and that was no accident. Saiful gambled and played with fire, and has now got burnt to the marrow. What's the worth of any religious oath now in Malaysia, by those facing court ordeals?

How does it all augur from PM Naib and his coalition UMNO/BN Government? Again, I have repeatedly maintained that this is a ROGUE REGIME. Any Prime Minister and Government administration that protects murderers, as it does by not investigating to uncover the name of the person(s) who ordered Altantuya's killing (and for sure, the IGP and Police are aware of who is responsible), has lost his and their mandate to rule. This revelation by Saiful's father hammers home resoundingly the Mafia that poses as our Government.

And if they will not resign immediately of their own accord, or the King order their forcible sacking, then the PEOPLE must act swiftly.

ABU - Anything But UMNO!

Donplaypuks® with political conspiracies and murder, man!


Mr Bojangles said...

Najib asked Anus to do his dirty work! Originality has never been his strong point. Nor intelligence. Just plain stupidity and greed. Must be the company he keeps.

Ellese A said...

Isn't it gutter politics to get a biological father who abandoned the son since young to condemn the son openly near election? You decide the worth of this as it reflects your values.

Donplaypuks® said...

Neither the Saiful affair nor his father's conduct has anything to do with my values.

Saiful's father has always been a big-time BUMNO fan who supported Saiful throught his trial and also the Koran swearing incident. If now he says he has proof that Saiful lied, why blame gutter politics, implying the Opposition and Anwar had something to do with his U-turn?

Could it not be that his religious principles will not allow him to live a lie or see an injustice done - the higher moral ground you all so readily swallowed in Sodomy 1 with complainant Azizan? Or is a person only a true Muslim if he is pro-BUMNO and anti-Opposition / Anwar?

Near the elections? By all accounts, GE 13 will take place in June. Saiful's appeal is scheduled for April. Th AG should take note an act accordingly if he does not wish to embarass himself and BUMNO/BN!!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

the father did not abandoned the son. he was there when the son made the sumpah laknat.

Ellese A said...

I can't find myself to provide any modicum of respect to parents who condemn children publicly or vice versa. Similarly with umi hafilda n mum publicly condemning azmin no matter how true they feel. Just not on with this gutter politics.

We must be better than this. It's a reflection of your own values. Look at how people justify dirty politics above as if one or two months make a difference. Shameful. Do go on as you wish. I'm clear now this is not the two party system I want. It does not benefit anybody at all but just to satisfy the deep seated hatred.