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by ISAmabin laden , Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for fully armed non-militant and non-terrorist guerrilla invasion affairs.

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Second, let us dispense with these amusing flights of fancy by those miserable and libellous sub-zero IQ'd hacks at Buntutsan, Ibrahim Ali and BUMNO paid bloggers (sub-zero IQ'd as well). Neither Anwar Ibrahim nor any "opposition member" is associated with the ongoing saga of the "Filipino Muslim incursion" at Lahad Datu any more than say, Najib with the discovery of the Theory of Relativity. (For 'Einstein's Theory of Relative Titty' or E=MC2 or Erotica = Mammary Cup-size squared CLICK HERE).

So, imagine it's 1940. Imagine a rag-tag bunch constituting an advance party of 100-300 Nazi Germans landing on the beaches against the backdrop of the white cliffs of Dover, as a precursor to the Battle of Britain. Imagine they arrive armed to their eyeteeth with rifles, grenades, rocket and mortar launchers and wiener schnitzels. Imagine their claim that as descendants of Germanic tribes who had occupied Britain before 1066, they wished to peacefully negotiate with King George for the keys to Westminster (Parliament) and The Tower of London which houses the crown jewels.

You think Churchill would have said, "Ya wohl, Mein Fuehrer! Wilkommen to Britain. Surely, allzo you haf enuff fire power to make ze Hiroshima atom bombing look like a tea party, ve vill regard you as friendly, non-militant and non-terrorist peace-minded guerrilla fighters. Come ya, first, let's break bread with nasi lemak washed down with oodles of mamak teh tarik! Ya, zis is fun. I will put PC Plod and his Keystone Cops in charge of your peaceful and totally provoked (by us) invasion of our sovereign territory. Come, ya! Schnell! Schnell!"??

Or, would Churchill have reeled off something along the lines of "We shall fight them on the beaches, we shall fight them on the landing grounds, we shall fight the in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight them in the hills...."? 
Okay. Let us dispense with the hyperbole. 

I weep that innocent Malaysian Police Commandos have been killed by these worthless invaders claiming sovereign ownership of Sabah. They have been betrayed by Putrajaya! What should clearly have been a military response and action from day one, was compromised by clueless, dithering generals – PM Najib and his Wooden Cabinet - sitting in air-conditioned offices in Putrajaya. The integrity and dignity of the defence of our nation now lies in tatters and ruins. Army, navy and air-force generals, admirals and their professionally trained men and women have had to swallow their pride and hang their heads in shame as Putrajaya panicked and failed miserably in crisis management. The Defence Minister was conspicuous, by his absence, and deafening, by his silence. Could this man, who has overseen the defence portfolio and procurement in the order of hundreds of billions of ringgit for over five years now, ever again be trusted to take charge of even an invasion of cockroaches in his toilet? No, never again!

They should all be sacked by our King and replaced forthwith!

Decisive, prompt, swift and bold action by our military would have sent a clear message to these terrorists - DON'T MESS WITH US! Instead, Putrajaya responded like wimps and pussies, as though it was somehow our fault and that we should apologise to these Filipino Muslim terrorists for holding up their march to Kota Kinabalu!

Now, it is too late. More Malaysian blood will flow. Remember, that's how the Vietnam War, and a hundred others, started - by lily-livered, flabby and big-buttocked politicians sitting far away in holiday resorts calling the shots, and ignoring and over-ruling trained professionals.
From an awareness and tactical point of view, PM Najib and his Wooden Cabinet failed big time, comparable to the Trojan acceptance of the Wooden Horse trick-gift by the Greeks. CLICK HERE. 

Now, prepare yourselves for more body bags!

Malaysians, especially Sabahans, please take note. The hundreds and billions of ringgit spent on defence, (often fraudulently) by UMNO/BN has gone to utter waste. After Project M, instant blue IC's and instant citizenships, UMNO/BN has made you a minority in your own backyard. Is this what you have been casting your votes for all these years?

Know thine true enemy. ABU - Anything BUT UMNO!

Donplaypuks® with our sovereignty and defence of the realm, man!


Purple Haze said...

Bilions of Ringgit spent on defence and we have the Police repelling foreign intruders.

The Wooden Cabinet could not figure out if this incursion was one of the following :-

a) immigration issue
b) use of illegal firearms
c) intrusion of sovereign property
d) all of the above

Probably waiting for the Attorney General to bring up charges arising from historical agreements first. Problem is that the AG was waiting for his instructions.

Sad day for Malaysia when some of its own have to pay the ultimate sacrifice. My condolences to the families of the fallen.

Ellese A said...

Bullshit. You're sick to the core. You are thinking with your dick politicizing this issue. We have dick Malaysians.

You think this is a short war ke bodoh. The border is long and porous. We have never ever effectively control the access. Neither can the Philippines. Before giving bullshit statement think first bodoh.

Donplaypuks® said...

If Bs, dick and bodoh is your best shot at reasoned discourse, you should really quit trawling the blogs. Do remember that some of us may be well-connected enough to have information that you don't.

Many countries have long and porous borders. But if they have spent $ billions on sophisticated detection and early warning systems and $8 billion submarines, how did so many armed terrorists slip in unnoticed? Somebody goofed up big time, and it sure as ain't Pakatan!


Ellese A said...

Ok Dpp. You posted this ridiculous posting and so I replied in the manner it deserves. It didn't give any intelligent manner so it does not deserve one. I'm surprise that everyone from pr can always give unintelligent or ridiculous argument while you ask me to give intellectual one.

Lets clear the whole issue and build the argument. You're a uk grad so lets have some decency.

I have been to east coast Sabah town and for decades I took cognizant that the border is too long to have effective control. People for ages have come in and out to meet each others families. The army can chase so much before they easily go into the philipinos territory.

Now tho debunk this, suddenly those who objected to navy capabilities and submarine purchase suddenly wants us tu buy many more ships. They will be the first to argue there's no purpose of buying this many lah and corrupt lah. There is no threat lah. I don't buy this chicken shit argument style.

Now before I put a further position you tell me how many ships that our army must buy just to safeguard the east coast Sabah. Tell me how many we have now? Tell me what's your interval of time and space between each ship and patrol. How much spending that you agree that our budget should make for this? Bearing in mind prior to this there was no attack. Weved been solving this through other non military ways. Show me your intelligent argument so that you don't change goalposts. Pray tell us.

Yes Huahuahua! Yes YESSS! said...

My country spends about a trillion dollars per year on its military - not counting "black budget" funds redirected from other federal and state programs. That amounts to 90% of what all other nations spend on their military.
It hasn't made us more safe. In fact, military overspending on our 'national defense' wound up being the greatest threat that our county has ever faced. Our nation will devolve into Civil War soon - although it may also try to start World War III beforehand, just because it still has the military power to do so. Use us as a cautionary tale. Use diplomacy, not bullets. Islam will grow in number by 1.3 billion Muslims from 2010 to 2050, and will fly by Christians who only will grow by about 750 million in the same time (despite being a far large global population right now.) What this means is they can throw wave after wave at you if they want. To survive in the long term, ally yourself with Muslim leftists/Doves. I give the same advice to my brothers and sisters in Israel, the UK, and everywhere else. The future is Islam. I don't like it- but what I like is unimportant. The same thing goes for what you like.