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by kamel el mega shagger, donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for middle east brotherly donation affairs


It is now certain beyond a shadow of doubt that the Wall St.Journal and Sarawak Report were 100% accurate in reporting that $2.6 billion had been TT'd into the personal bank account of Malaysian Prime Minister, Finance Minister and Chief Advisor to 1MDB, Najib Tun Razak, from abroad, in 2013. Their suspicions that the money was used to buy votes and rig the 2013 General Elections has also been more or less vindicated.

It only remains for the $2.6 billion money trail to be exposed. Regardless of all the bull-shit, smokescreens and red herrings coming from PMO and UMNO, the starting point is likely to be from a certain merchant bank in the USA which earned some $600 million in fees and remited some $3 billion because "the client wanted it in a hurry"!! Then, it must have been laundered through several layers of off-shore companies involving "brotherly and totally altruistic Arabs" and their Malaysian charity partners, before it arrived in PM Najib's personal bank account in Malaysia. 

So, talk by PM Najib about suing WSJ for defamation and libel is farty nonsense, designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the pak ciks and mak ciks in the boondocks.

This includes $42 million of $50 million transferred from Ministry of Finance wholly owned company SRC.

The latest explanation from PM Najib about that money from abroad, equivalent to US$700 million, is that it was a "donation" to UMNO from a friendly Middle East nation and/or individuals.  

A "donation" that only 1 person in the whole Universe knew about until WSJ and SR broke the news a few weeks ago - PM Najib. Not a single person in BN/UMNO knew anything about it, not even the Deputy President of UMNO and Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin!!

PM Najib, ahem, had also claimed he did not personally benefit from the $2.6 billion.

UMNO Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers and party hacks had been tripping over themselves, rushing with indecent haste to defend PM Najib. First, they bleated that the PM would not be that stupid as to transfer $2.6 billion of government money into his personal bank a/c. CLICK HERE

Then, they croaked that UMNO by-laws allowed such "donations" to be banked into Najib's bank a/c, although these bank accounts were never designated as UMNO Trustee bank accounts. 

UMNO's Constitution and revelations by ex-prime minister Mahathir reveal that the currrent crop pf PM Najib's bootlickers are living in a dream world, defending the indefensible to stay in their gaji buta (sinecure) office and exercise power as a government of serial liars, thieves, looters and plunderers. 

PM Najib and UMNO's "donation" claim has made Malaysia THE laughing stock of the world, as well as being branded a rogue government being led by a rogue prime minister.

PM Najib has maintained a deafening silence as to why $42 million of government money should have been transferred to his personal bank a/c by SRC. Regardless of the massive $2.6 billion "donation", it is this $42 million which is first going to see a warrant of arrest being issued by the MACC against Najib for money-laundering, CBT, fraud and economic looting and plundering.

But, perennial foot-in-mouth Minister for Tourism, Nazri went further and confirmed that:

"..the $2.6 billion deposited into Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's personal (bank) account comes from a brotherly nation in the Middle East which wanted the party BN/UMNO) to win the previous (2013) general elections"!!

CLICK HERE  for a full report from Astro Awani. 

And there you have it, proof that a foreign country was allowed by the consent and wholly wilful actions of PM Najib, the Cabinet and UMNO, to intefere in the internal affairs of Malaysia, to subvert national security by sabotaging the 2013 General Elections. They bought votes and rigged elections.

There is no need to go any further. There is no need to deliberate on Nazri's contention that:

"The $2.6 billion donation UMNO received from the Middle East will not influence the party or the government's behaviour as the source country is not much stronger than Malaysia...unlike the USA which can influence us...this is just a brotherly nation that wants to see certain parties win the General Elections because we are friendly to them". CLICK HERE for the Malay Mails report.

Yeah, sure, like pigs can fly. Purely altruistic Arabs who were willing to bankroll PM Najib to break our laws to buy votes and rig elections. Such wonderfully honest and fraternal friends who want nothing in return for $2.6 billion, which we must suppose is petty cash to them. 

Phew! The garbage these Ministers expect the Rakyat to swallow! 

Nevertheless, here is clear evidence of TREASON by PM Najib, his Cabinet and UMNO. What is the AG and IGP waiting for? A police report, when a government Minister has confirmed it publicly to the whole world? Get on with it IGP. Make that arrest or resign forthwith!

And, who is PM Najib kidding? He did personally benefit from the $2.6 billion "brotherly donation" by BN/UMNO winning the 2013 GE and him continuing as PM, against every poll prediction that the Opposition would succeed for the first time in unseating BN/UMNO!!

Well, Election Commission, you can stop your gerrymandering activities and appealing that court decision in Sarawak. Pull your fucking finger out and declare GE 2013 as null and void. Charge PM Najib with election fraud, vote buying and rigging. Call for fresh elections, NOW!

1MDB's $46 billion fiasco reeks of corruption. Why is MACC so slow and lethargic? You can bet your bottom ringgit that along the way,  every leader who received part of the $2.6 billion, would have pocketed at least 10% for themselves. Regarding the $2.6 billion, MACC should investigate to find out:

1. The true identity of the "brotherly donor(s)".
2. The persons whom PM Najib distributed money to.
3. If any money was transferred to members of PM Najib's family.
4. What all that money was used for by PM Najib and the recipients.
5. If Mahathir is right, the balance of this money was transferred in March 2015 by PM Najib to a bank in Singapore. How much? Why? Surely this cannot be for CSR projects or return of "brotherly donations" to the source? This again clearly smells of CBT and money-laundering!


Once again 1MDB has issued a press release that gives information without reporting the whole truth or revealing much. In other words spindoctoring and playing around loosely with semantics:

"1MDB has taken a number of concrete steps to reduce the company's debts and ensure that maximum value was generated. Among others, on 8 June 2015, it completed the repayment of a US975 million loan (RM3.6 billion).

This was on the back of a binding term sheet agreement with International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) that will ultimately result in a reduction of approximately RM16 billion of 1MDB's debt." CLICK HERE for a NST report.  

1. It does not state how they were going to repay a MoF standby line of credit of RM950 million it had drawn down on. Complete write-off (read as bailout) by MoF?

2, It did not clarify how it would repay RM2 billion that Malaysian tycoon Ananada Krishnan had negotiated for 1MDB to pay debt interest when faced with cashflow problems.

3. IPIC is a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Group. It is also linked to Jho Low who has been accused of all sorts of fraud and CBT regarding 1MDB's funds derived from the humongous and unheard of $46 billion of bond and bank debts. Why is 1MDB continuing to deal with IPIC and such companies?

4 (a) PM Najib and 1MDB have deliberately refrained from revealing what assets 1MDB will have to sacrifice to ADCB Group in exchange for the rescue/bailout package of $16 billion. 

(b) How is 1MDB's charter of wholly benefiting Malaysia in the long-term fulfilled, if prime assets like land in the prime commercials districts of KL are flogged off to foreigners, who will take the cream of realising huge sales revenues and repatriating it to the Middle East?

(c) Given that 1MDB has only IPPs and the people's land gifted to them, it simply means that $16 billion of these assets will have their ownership transferred to these Arabs. We do not have a clear picture if any traitorous Malaysians are acting in cahoots and hiding behind this Arab front, but there are some obvious candidates which any average Malaysian today will be able to take a stab at in identifying!!

5. How is "maximum value" generated when you sell of land for short-term gains, instead of developing it with local expertise and raking in sales revenues from building office skyscrapers, creating townships, condos etc over the longer term? Who needs 1MDB to merely sell government land at a huge debt cost of $2.5 billion a year? We have many civil servants at the Ministry of Land and Mines who could do that easily, at no extra salary cost, couldn't they? Why engage $1 million+ CEO's of the general manager standard, who know nothing about real estate development or IPPs, to do specialist work?

6. 1MDB acquired its IPP assets at a hugely inflated RM18 billion only a couple of years ago, with the rationale that Malaysians, as a matter of national security, should have total control over their power resources. Now, 1MDB is looking at flogging off these same IPPs to Arabs and foreigners! What happened to being "masters of our own destiny"?

7. How is this all linked to the $2.6 billion "donation by Middle East brotherly nations and individuals"  Are you really that stupid and demented PM Najib as to ask as to believe that there is a free lunch after all?

PM Najib, in justifying his stubborness in not resigning, claims he has the support of 3 million UMNO members. This is false bravado, hogwash talk of the khinzir species. I'd be surprised if  he'll have 3 supporters backing him when the cops arrive at his doorstep with the handcuffs!

Donplaypuks® with the kamel shaggers, man. You are likely to find sand in your well where the sun don't shine!


Anonymous said...

Zeti said Bank Negara has completed its probe of 1MDB and the probe papers have been submitted to the AG to take appropriate action. Let us all pray it is not a watered down version of investigation because that would call her credibility into question. Black is black, white is white, she cannot and must not accept any compromise of grey. Circumstances leading to the removal of the former AG, charge sheet prepared against the PM, etc etc., would these have been created out of thin air if the charges have not been so strong as to warrant perhaps even an arrest?

Time is running out for Zeti even as she insists she will complete her 5 year term to April 2016. She will have all the rakyat's support as the last bastion (besides MACC) to withstand the enormous pressure from the "hidden hands" as the MACC director so hinted.
For the time remaining, her holy duty is to clear up the gigantic 1MDB mess, the 2.6 billion ringgit in PM's personal bank accounts, and we demand that these be carried out honestly, openly and transparently with the rakyat who she vowed never to betray!

Donplaypuks® said...

That's the trouble with these BUMNO/SCUMNO high-office appointees. They don't see that their duty is to the Rakyat and country, not the PM.

The $2.6 billion was transferred to PM Najib's personal bank a/c in M'sia, IN 2013!!!

Yet, after 2 years. Zeti says she has pushed the envelope to Najib's stooge AG, and her duty is done!

It does not absolve Zeti from explaning why no investigation was launched in 2013. Remember, originally, the Task Force was investigating the leaks. The TF only said they were looking at the $2.6 billion AFTER the WSJ and Sarawak Report expose.

Zeti has not explained why the balance of the $2.6 billion was allowed to be transferred to a bank in Singapore, by Najib. This cannot be CSR related or return of "brotherly donation" ccould it? Looks more like CBT and money-laundering!

Everything concerning 1MDB stinks to high heaven, and Zeti doesn't exactly emerge from this $46 billion fiasco, smelling of roses!

Anonymous said...

Treason?! That's a grave charge to be levelling at our Dear Leader Grossmajibby indeed! (Sorry, got carried away there a bit)
That fake-but-leaked charge sheet from Sarawak Misreports (see, I've been influenced by your parody video DPP!) mentioned a maximum penalty of 20 years for CBT.
Pray tell, in Malaysia, what is the punishment for treason such as this during peacetime? Can his actions be construed as treason in a court of law? Breaking his oath of office ... Can that be counted as treasonous?

Donplaypuks® said...

OpenID atomique2shy

Love your slipping into my parody lingo.

Selling out the country to foreigners to stay in power by buying votes and rigging GE, is treason.

Punishment for treason in peacetime?

Chopping off the bollocks (which Grossmajibby does not have I'm told - tak ada teloq) or the head should be acceptable, don't you think, given a large chunk of $46 billion has gone missing or been illegally laundered? Or, an arm or leg or two?

Anonymous said...

DPP, She hasn't come out smelling of roses yet.
If Zeti has not learnt her lesson the hard way, didn't she see how her fellow task force member Gani was treated after years of loyal service to the gomen, and she herself and her BN staff being "hounded" by the dogs of ***, then public opinion will be that she is betraying the rakyat in spite of her oath. She cannot absolve herself by passing the buck and say her duty's done like Pontius Pilate; the rakyat are the only ones who can do that. Her legacy to the country irrespective of what good she's done before will count for zilch. And in the rakyat eyes, she will have brought shame and ridicule to herself, her family and to our beloved country. Zeti if one doesn't learn from history, then history will keep on repeating itself.
Do the one right thing now, your past misdeeds will be forgiven.
That is how we and history will judge you.
In the words of that MACC director, Fear God above anything else, so do your holy duty to the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

RM2.6 billions may not be all that you-know-who got from 1MDB. After all, so many billions more have failed to be backed up with real assets. With no yearly revaluation done to their assets, the amount pocketed can be made certain. Another thing, the act of pocketing of 1MDB billions has appeared to be backed up by that two year period of observation which Zeti mentioned and which she and the AG Chambers(?) have failed to stop - until the World Street Journal's report came out. Talk about the illusions played out in Malaysia by what supposed to be strong and respected institutions! Indeed, the phantasmagoric Malaysia!

And, not to forget, 1MDB and SRC are not the only chances in pocketing the cash... Meanwhile, the poor, the unemployed and the young in the country continue to suffer. When will Allah's swt help come? But, are we really deserving of such help?