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by alan bernanke yellen , donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for abominable yeti affairs

On Thursday 13th August, the last bastion of justice that many thought could be relied upon to save us from PM Grossmajib and his government of thieves, fell with a resounding crash. 

Online comments posted at Mkini, Malaysian Insider, FMT and Malaysia Chronicles reflected the outrage that thousands of citizens felt. They cursed and swore as they never did before.

We knew that we could not rely upon the Executive, Legislative or Judicial arms of government to expose the massive corruption, thievery and fraud by the government under PM Grossmajib, and pressure him to resign from office immediately. 

We now know that the Attorney General, Chief of Police, Chief Justice and Judges and the Central Bank, WILL NOT lift a finger to deliver justice as opposed to merely going by the letter of the statutes and laws.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The law, no matter what it says, cannot, shall not, be used to conceal a massive crime and protect the perpetrators. There is not one set of laws for the ordinary citizens and another when it comes to prime ministers and the ruling class.

Remember, we the PEOPLE, empower the Executive to administer the country, by voting at the elections. And we can just as easily take that empowerment away when there is CBT, corruption, fraud, looting and plundering by the Executive class, on a pandemic scale!

And, we do not have to wait till the next elections to unseat PM Grossmajib, as pathetically and imbecilically argued by him. When your house is on fire, will you wait for the fire engine, knowing in your heart of hearts that it will never arrive and that your house will be burnt to cinders, or, try and douse the conflagration out, with the help of your neighbours and friends?

I am of course talking about the lately silent and missing-in-inaction Central Bank Chairman, the Abominal Yeti, who passed the buck about the Task Farce supposedly investigating allegations of financial misfeasance at 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Bunkum) over its $46 billion debt and $51 billion assets, and by PM Grossmajib over $2.6 billion TT'd by "brotherly Arabs" from abroad into his personal bank account in Malaysia, in 2013.

Abominal Yeti claimed that she had been filing reports about 1GDB's money movements for over 2 years, and that the ball was now in the Attorney General's court.

As to the $2.6 billion and PM Grossmajib, she maintained that as it involved an individual's bank account, it was protected by BAFIA (Banking and Financial Institutions Act). CLICK HERE for a brief on BAFIA. Abominable Yeti feigned fear that she could be arrested if she commented on press queries about the movements in PM Grossmajib's bank account.

When the allegations against PM Grossmajib surfaced on 2nd July through an expose by the Wall St. Journal, he did not deny it, but maintained that he did not personally benefit from that $2.6 billion. Backed by BUMNO/SCUMNO, his latest "admission" is that the $2.6 billion was a "brotherly donation" from the Arabs keen to ensure that "friendly parties" won the 2013 General Election. CLICK HERE.

What was shocking about Abominable Yeti was the nonchalance with which she dismissed the entire issue. Her statement that the $2.6 billion "did not come under the purview of the Central Bank (CB)" is unbelievable. How on earth could this person so shamelessly let down an entire nation? Abominable Yeti's answers pose more questions which we suppose she will never answer:

1.  Her answers seem to suggest that the Task Farce was more intent on identifying the whistleblowers than taking action against anyone involved in massive financial misfeasance, corruption and fraud. What is your priority Abominable Yeti? Catching multi-billion ringgit money-laundering and corrupt and fraud perpetrators and sending them to jail or going after whistleblowers?

2. How could this $2.6 billion not come under the CB's purview when the PM and BUMNO/SCUMNO have admitted that, with the connivance of shady foreign Arabs, money was used to influence the outcome of the 2013 General Election? Who else is supposed to monitor and take action against suspicious in and out movements of mega bucks? Someone's Nenek Tua in Terengganu or the corner-stall Cendol seller? 

More so, when PM Grossmajib lied that he did not benefit personally from the $2.6 billion, when, clearly, he would have lost the 2013 elections and his prime minister's post, without the massive war chest. 

No one believes that this money came from any Arab and his rich camel. The smart money is betting that it was an advance by a certain USA merchant bank (who charged $600 million in fees for it) who said 'the client needed the money urgently". Then it was routed from USA through Switzerland, and laundered through Malaysian parties to friendly Saudi Arabian and other parties in the Middle East and the Cayman Islands, to PM Grossmajib's account in KL.

That's not enough for the CB to investigate and charge PM Grossmajib?

3. The $2.6 billion clearly comes under the CB's purview, as without in-depth investigations, how can it be sure this is not illegal or tainted money (from international drug, human trafficking or prostitution cartels and rings)  that is being laundered through the account of a sitting prime minister?

4. This may only be the tip of the proverbial ice-berg. There are allegations that much. much more money than $2.6 billion from abroad, sloshed through PM Grossmajib's and his wife's accounts! What say you, Abominable Zeti?

5. Equally important are:

(a) The persons to whom PM Grossmajib paid out part of the $2.6 billion. What did they use it for? Did they put a portion of it in their own back-pockets?
(b) Was any money transferred to the accounts of PM Grossmajib's family members?
(c) Where and to whose account was the balance of money transferred to by PM Grossmajib when the account was closed in March 2015? According to Dr.Mahathir, it was transferred to an account in Singapore. Such massive amounts of money cannot be TT'd out of the country without the CB's approval, can it? Did the CB approve it?

6. When asked about whether in 2013 Ambank had notified the CB about the $2.6 billion, Abominable Yeti replied:

"We are investigating on the compliance of financial institutions on this requirement"

Really? After 2 years, only now you are getting round to it? On  $2.6 billion, when ordinary citizens get harassed daily by banks for receiving or sending out small amounts like $15,000 and threatened with Big Brother CB? What internal control system is this, what sort of monitoring, if banks can hide massive money-laundering taking place under the CB's very nose!

So, this is a blatant lie. You know the answer, but will cover up for PM Grossmajib. For that, Abominable Yeti, you are shit!

7. What do you mean Abominable Yeti, when you say BNM has no enforcement powers? In 2012, did not the CB raid Genneva offices and freeze $146 million of cash in their bank accounts, allegedly for operating a giant ponzi scheme and illegal deposit taking? CLICK HERE.

Here is a list of various cases instituted by the CB against many companies. CLICK HERE. Most of these are kucing kurap, chicken-feed, when you compare the allegations against PM Grossmajib and his $2.6 billion. Yet, you maintain you have no enforcement power? Who do you think you are kidding?

8. You submitted reports for 2 years. When no action was taken within 6 months, it did not occur in you that nothing would be done by PM Grossmajib? It did not occur to you, a PhD holder, that you owe a greater duty of care, AMANAH, to the Rakyat than the PM or BUMNO/ SCUMNO? Would not a person in your exalted position of responsibility to the PEOPLE, or anyone with a modicum of self-respect, dignity and integrity threaten PM Grossmajib with going public or resign? Why do you support and protect this government of thieves by remaining silent?

And what is the reward for all that loyalty to thieves, Abominable Yeti? Why, Grossmajib's prepaid bloggers are now accusing you and you family of corruption and operating suspicious off-shore companies. CLICK HERE and HERE.

That's what you get when you seem to be chummy with the Mafia of PM Grossmajib and his sycophants. Or, have you always been one of them?

And Nasir of Chimbank - Abominable Yeti, an international banking icon? My ass! Looks more like icon without the 'i' and a country without the tree!!

Never in the history of human endeavour have so few fought so much to cover-up for so few against the interest of so many!

Donplaypuks® with central bank cover-ups and cop outs, man!


Anonymous said...

No Balls! Nothing. Best CB manager? Stop pretending and "fo"!!

Anonymous said...

No one should be so naive to really believe that there would be GE14. The Low Yat incident was but a rehearsal, and comes 2017, there would be the real thing engineered for the purposes of declaration of emergency and suspension of Parliament.
We have to be prepared to be soaked in the current cess pool for another 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Hello again DPP!

Regarding the behaviour of the various yes men and hangers on surrounding the Dear Leader:

I think that the ruling caste (that's probably putting it mildly) is a sort of shady cabal where the centre holds some dirt on every member. If you were to be admitted into this charmed (cursed) circle, you must give up some skeletons in your closet so that they have some leverage to force you to toe the party line.

I can't think of any other explanation. I know this sounds a little conspiracy-theory-esque but there is some heavy duty cognitive dissonance going on here. I can't believe that simple stupidity is behind this. Why would these guys show up for work everyday spouting the most insane, contradictory things just to shore up the boss? Why would all the coalition parties pledge support to the Dear Leader? Why hasn't a single member of the supersized cabinet resigned in the face of all the facts and evidence brought up so far?

What do you think? Have I been reading too many James Clavell novels, watched too many Veronica Mars episodes?

Donplaypuks® said...


While I name-call them as idiots, imbeciles etc., make no mistake, the reality is we have a cunning lot who want to eat their cake and have it too. They are prepared to amass personal wealth by hook or by crook, tens of $millions each, without sweat AND stay in power at any cost.

Yes, the PM has a lot of dirt on the inner circle, and the cabal has compromised itself by taking illicit (haram) and corrupt money. The plan to use 1GDB to leverage $billions for themselves and BUMNO/SCUMNO, was hatched way back in 2008, i.e. day 1 !!

So, the Mafia Omerta, silence and no squealing is a culture within BUMNO/SCUMNO!

Anonymous said...

Can someone report the Abominable Yeti's "misdemeanours" to the regulating body of global banking and finance and the World Bank? If this party cannot be brought to court, at least the person's international standing and credibility can be questioned. Malaysia is now the laughing stock of everyone at the way shady financial transactions are covered up by the authorities.

Donplaypuks® said...


Also, the day they resign, they will be history, nobodies, and lose all the free perks of a Govt Ministerial and other gaji buta jobs. You would already have noted that we have the largest group of freeloaders in world history, and the "govt largesse" extends to their wives and family members. And the biggest, shameless cheapskater is none other than PM Grossmajib who wears the pants, and her husband who wears the skirts!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. So I suppose the ruling clique's self-interest overrides everything else, even (or should I say, especially) the well being of the country and its denizens. It's all rather embarrassing and not a bit shameful, really. All that effort just for mere self enrichment. I can almost half forgive UMNO if it did all this to entrench racial dominance or some ideological thing or other, but no, it's all just to fill their own pockets.

Ugh. Such low class, narrow minded ambitions. It brings to mind the sort of spy / defector stories from the Cold War era - some people turn their coat for grand ideological reasons, others because of some personal grievance, and then there are those to do it for cold hard cash. Thirty pieces of silver. Yeeesh.

Yeah, I read a lot of Le Carré.

To Anon 5.11pm:

National sovereignty being what it is, I wouldn't expect any response from the outside world regarding yeti's or anyone else's actions in the government. The powers that be aren't concerned that our country is already a laughing stock in the eyes of the world, anyway. One thing that I think would happen is our economy would continue to slide further as investors lose confidence and start to pull out their money. And yes, in your words, Malaysia's international standing and credibility will start to tank. If it hasn't already.

Think about it this way: in any other developed (or halfway developed) country, a leader of similar position who's mired in scandal like this would have resigned long ago and the markets wouldn't even twitch. The institutions work as intended and life goes on. But in our country ... Who would want to put up money, to invest in a place so messed up like this?

In the end, it's the common people who suffer though.

Anonymous said...


Also, someone made a GST parody video with the Spanish laughing guy I mentioned earlier. It's not bad, but I'm sure you can make a better one with the source material. Here:

Donplaypuks® said...


Thanks. Saw the GST spoof as well. My brain's a bit frazzled at the moment. Need to take a week's break before tackling SGLHAO!

MockingYou said...

Steadylah, @Dpp! Darn jolly good piece, Aisayman. Socked 'em good especially me favourite topic on point #3

3. The $2.6 billion clearly comes under the CB's purview, as without in-depth investigations, how can it be sure this is not illegal or tainted money (from international drug, human trafficking or prostitution cartels and rings) that is being laundered through the account of a sitting prime minister?

Keep writing, Champion! for Truth, Honour, Justice & Loyalty (macam Code of Thundera pulak), add Respect (then it'll sound like Al-Rajhi's corporate values, ewah-cewah). Cheers!!!!!