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by after the horse has bolted, Donplaypuks® intrepid correspondent for CYA affairs

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It was Sarawak Report that first broke the news early this year that 1GDB (1Grossmajib Development Board) had misled BNM over the US$1.83 billion (about RM5.5 billion) that it first said was in assets, then in cash and then in unidentified and mysterious "units".

The fraud committed at 1GDB over misuse, CBT (Criminal Breach of Trust), thievery and outright fraud from its RM46 billion borrowings (now reduced to RM42 billion with MOF taking over RM4 billion in loans and investment losses from KWAP) all took place between 2009 and 2014.

RM2.6 billion was transferred from abroad into PM Najib's personal bank account in Malaysia. Najib and BUMNO/SCUMNO have blatantly lied to the world that this money constituted "a donation from a friendly Arab party' and that Najib "did not personally benefit" from the money laundered through his own bank account. This RM2.6 billion transaction, at the very least an in your face money-laundering act by Najib, took place in 2013.

During this time 1GDB had changed auditors twice. 

So, the $64,000 question is why the alarm bells and whistles did not blast away at BNM and Yeti's office 2 years ago? 

How is it that rank and non-financial amateurs at Sarawak Report (and this blog, among a few) were able to smell the rotten fumes billowing out from the HQ of the nest of vipers at 1GDB, but not BNM and governor Yeti, so-called "icon of banking" (my foot)?  

Why didn't Yeti and her BNM top watchdogs who all hold PhD's and all sorts of degrees question that serially lying Najib and the Chairman, CEO and Finance Director at 1GDB about what would have appeared suspicious to a blind person? 

Surely, it was a simple matter for Yeti to telephone her counterpart in Singapore for co-operation and information to verify if 1GDB and its CEO Arul Kaunda Kundi had told the truth about cash having been transferred to Deutsche Bank in Singapore. Surely, with so much stink about 1GDB, BNM and Yeti should have done proper verification and audit work instead of taking the word of "one of us"?

Instead it required honest journeyman work from Sarawak Report to uncover the shocking news that there was no US$1.83 billion - not even 1 cent - in 1GDB's bank account in Singapore. That led to SR accusing Arul Kaunda Kund of blatant lying (by now, an epidemic in the world of 1GDB and Najib). Arul Kaunda Kundi responded that it was an honest mistake and thought he had gotten away with it.

However, now, with SR leaking the minutes of 1GDB's board of directors meeting (CLICK HERE), Arul Kaunda Kundi's plea of "misunderstanding" will fall on deaf ears. He could swear on a stack of holy books, but the public perception is that Arul Kaunda Kundi, Najib and the board of directors of 1GDB are a bunch of inveterate, congenital liars.

Bur perhaps the clearest indication that BNM and Yeti are covering-up a lot more of billion ringgit thievery committed by Najib and his government of thieves, is the answer she gave when asked last month whether AMMB had notified BNM and been given approval for that infamous RM2.6 billion deposited in Najib's bank account. 

Her answer was that she was "looking into it".

Looking into it? Looking into an event that took place in 2013 and the answer to which is either "yes' or "no", and about which another BNM lackey, running dog officer told us that BNM could not investigate deposits into personal bank accounts?

Don't take the public for fools Yeti! Surely, it's not everyday RM2.6 billion gets deposited into a prime minister's personal bank account. It has NEVER happened before in Malaysian history, and yet you dare give us half-assed and dishonest answers. You call yourself a faithful Muslim? Surely, you did not buy Najib's lie that it was a donation? 

This one incident shows us that:

1. Either AMMB broke the law and illegally did not inform BNM about possible corruption and/or money-laundering by PM Najib. 


2. AMMB did inform BNM and Yeti chose to close an eye and  covered up for Najib, thinking that no one would ever find out about it. 

Either way, Yeti was covering up for her and BNM's partisanship and complicity.

And this brings us to the crux of the matter. 

It is very, very obvious that BNM and Yeti are fully aware of all the big sums of money-laundering that have taken place in Malaysia over the last 10 years at least, and have chosen to keep quiet about it due to misplaced loyalty to crooks like the serially lying Najib, his government of thieves, BUMNO/SCUMNO and their cronies. They may even have aided and abetted in some of these criminal acts of plundering and looting, no doubt emboldened by the arrogance that comes with almost absolute power in a country where transparency and accountability have become dirty words.

In the final analysis, Yeti's CYA disclosure that she had asked the AG to prosecute 1GDB for being economical with the truth (read as blatant lying), comes after the horse has bolted. Coming as it does after BNM had approved 1GDB's lie in December 2014, and been contradicted in March 2015 by Sarawak Report's brilliant investigative journalism, it makes Yeti look like the southern view of a north-bound donkey!

Nothing will persuade AG Apandi, the latest in a long list of Najib's lackeys and running dogs, to back-track on his decision that there was no case for 1GDB to answer.

Yeti (and her aides at BNM too) has without a shadow of a doubt failed in  her duty to the Rakyat to, failed to protect us from the evil and plain dishonesty of PM Najib and his government of thieves.

But, is that it? Yeti to be consigned to the footnotes of history?

No, I think Yeti can redeem herself in the eyes of the public. She has to come clean.

For starters, she should reveal all the money-laundering acts committed by PM Najib and his wife Rosmah (RM2 million was also banked into her  personal account) since he became prime minister in 2009. That would be the straw that broke Najib's back. She owes this duty to the Rakyat for all the years of incompetency and shirking that has bedevilled all our public institutions for a good 30 years. She owes us that much at the very least.

She has nothing to lose. She has more than enough wealth to live through another lifetime in complete comfort if Najib dares to sack her. Her sagging and totally deflated esteem will receive a boost if Najib and his Mafia continue making insinuations and go after her husband and children for alleged "corruption" - CLICK HERE - .

So, Yeti, do you have the balls to do what is morally and ethically right, never mind the mindless laws promoted by a government of thieves?

Or, will you continue with your disgraceful and shameful cover-your-ass acts and cover-up for that serially lying PM Najib and his government of thieves, while Malaysia burns? 

Donplaypuks® with billion ringgit frauds, woman!


Anonymous said...

Imagine this scenario of big bro standing over you, telling lies and saying all the safe and comforting words, like don't worry, I will CYA in case anything happens or info got leaked, don't worry, as the most powerful man in this country no one dares to go against me, don't worry I have covered everyone to look the other way. So now, get it done pronto. And it was done.

What has gone wrong now is that fella held a press conference to press home the point that Yeti didn't do her homework, didn't shout out loud, so it's not 1GDB's fault, their hands are clean. A press relations disaster for big bro, got panicky.
Lesson learnt the very hard way, promises are meant to be broken especially by big bro. All guilty ones take note and repent, it's not too late.

The said...

What a hideous cast - we have a Yeti and an Abominable Grossman.